Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2008.10.28 Tuesday

Good ol' Tuesday. Nothing better than waking up at 6am and going to bed past 1am. How fun it is to be a college student.

Work today wasn't that bad. Every now and then, I get emails from people complaining to others about how nobody really knows how to use MS Outlook, and blame all their problems on the software. Lunch was especially fun today. I needed to get out of the office for more than just a slice of time, so I followed the Habibi home after picking up some TacoB. We played a few songs on Guitar Hero World Tour; pretty fun, lots of new things going on with the faux-music scene.

After lunch, I had a meeting with a co-worker to redefine my assignment and tell me about a previous one. Apparently a lot of work I had done early in the summer went to waste, so that's somewhat a bummer. It's always good to know what is expected of you BEFORE you start doing work. Oh well, at least to the company I'm just chump change.

Kelc and I watched the Virgin Suicides. Well actually, I thought my disc was severly scratched, so I didnt think we would be able to watch it. NOPE, actually the video drivers for my video card are STILL in development stages and things are very unreliable. Thanks ASUS, I thought that was a respectable brand name. The card just came out in July though, so I guess having new technology means you pay for it monetarily and in time. The movie was pretty good, easy to watch, but semi depressing. In some ways, it makes me worried about what type of parent I may be in the future. Just more to think about.

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