Friday, May 31, 2013

2013.05.23 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week with... *drum roll* ... meetings. Not very productive overall, but not bad.

Everybody leaving early, I left about normal time.  Trying to squeeze in some extra extension on their weekend.

Went to Highland Lanes to bowl for fun.  My arm was feeling pretty tired after just 1 game.  WEAK.

Taco Cabana after.  Yum.  Went home and watched some cat videos, then Breaking Bad.  Good times.

2013.05.22 Wednesday

Fun meetings all day. Worked late.

Cooked up some dinner, played a tad TF2

Watched some Breaking Bad. Tired.

2013.05.21 Tuesday

Short day of work.  Things were pretty quiet lunch table; I guess everybody was out on travel or busy or something.

Arrived at home "on time".  Started cutting the yard, started raining. Stopped cutting the yard, stopped raining.  Started cutting the yard, started raining. Stopped cutting the yard, stopped raining.

Broke the cycle by playing some tf2, then finished cutting the yard just before it got too dark.

2013.05.20 Monday

Shorter day of work, made shorter by semi-wasteful meetings.

Cooked up some fish for dinner.  Since traditional Sunday plans were postponed, we were able to resume them tonight... so we watched Game of Thrones, then after played Game of Thrones.  The show is infinitely better than the game.

2013.05.19 Sunday

Brunch outing to Luby's to celebrate my dad's birthday.  My brother wasn't feeling to great so he left early, ended up going to the hospital to get checked out.  Sounds serious, but I think he had been feeling crappy for a few days and nothing else is really open on Sundays.  Luby's food looked great while being served, but once at the table it looked lifeless.  At least I think it was somewhat healthy and hearty, instead of over-salted trash food.  If only they cooked the bacon a little better...

Headed back to my place, where Erik and I played some N64 games while Kelc and Crystal went to some garage sale stuff.  I knew that was a bad idea from the start.

Did some remote work.  Watched some Breaking Bad. Went for a walk.  Watched The Fellowship of the Ring.  Snoozer.

2013.05.18 Saturday

Worked outside some.  It's hot a muggy outside, gross.  Felt like I was about to pass out, and it was only morning.

Relaxed some by playing Tf2.

Did some work from home to "catch up".

2013.05.17 Friday

Worked from home for parts of the day.  I had a follow-up doctor's visit scheduled to just quickly chat about lab results.  All the levels are pretty normal, just some are on the edge.  What does it mean?  I have no idea.  Is it a problem?  Probably not, everybody is different.

Later in the afternoon, ran some errands with Habs to HD.  Fixed up his mower a bit.

Kelc and I watched the final chunks of The Office.  Sad to see it go, but it was about time.

2013.05.16 Thursday

Mostly normal work day.  I ended up going halvsies on some pizza for a meeting, then hosting a meeting of my own.

Can't think of anything else about this day.

2013.05.15 Wednesday

Worked on the later side.

Dinner consisted of leftover bbq, which is always nice.  Played a little Tf2, then worked on some Hyperspin configuration before bed.

2013.05.14 Tuesday

Normal work day, then met up at Pluckers after.

The appointment yesterday made me realize that I don't really know too much about my family history, so I ended up talking with with family about what problems run in our genes, if any.  Nothing really looks to be a pattern, but it's just more information to work with.

Took care of the paperwork piles that never stop growing, played a little Tf2, then went to bed.

2013.05.13 Monday

Basic doctor's appointment in the morning.  A routine physical.  It's been a while...

Treated myself to some Jimmy John's for lunch, then headed in to work.

Once home, cooked up some fish, prepped a salad, grilled some veggies, and whipped up some guacamole. Good dinner.

Kelc and I watched some Breaking Bad, then took a detour to Dairy Queen for dessert.

Started a movie, fell asleep rather quickly.  Tired.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013.05.12 Sunday (Mother's Day)

Mother's day brunch at C+E's.  I took all my goodies to share.  Met some cool people and had a fun time.

Went with the guys over to Men's warehouse to pick out some suits and get things lined up for my bro's wedding.

Then spent a good chunk of time being lazy at home.  Felt exhausted.

Watched some Game of Thrones, played some Scattergories, enjoyed some Sleep

2013.05.11 Saturday

Did some more cleanup around the house.

I stayed home instead of going to Taylor's b-day celebration (sorry Taylor).  Didn't feel up to dealing with the environment and waiting and stuff.  It's not fun to have a downer around.

Whilst at home... fried up some bacon for tomorrow's brunch, chopped up a ton of veggies, and cooked up some neat little snacks my mom calls "tempties"

Played TF2 and watched Mythbusters to finish up the day

2013.05.10 Friday

Goodwill trip to drop off the pile of donations.  Home Depot to grab a plant container.  Chipotle to get some lunch.

Cut the yard


Played some games


2013.05.09 Thursday

Pretty good work day.  Skipped the happy hour in the evening.  Lazed around the house.

2013.05.08 Wednesday

Still feeling a bit funky.  Supplemented that with a fun day of work doing some testing.

Left late, went straight to my parent's house to grab a bite and hang out.  Mom makes a good stuffed bell pepper.

Stopped by HEB on the way home

Played a bit of TF2 before getting some shuteye.

2013.05.07 Tuesday

Late to work

Late leaving work, no Pluckers for me.

Thought about going to trivia, but passed because we didn't have enough support.   Played some games, watched some parts of Magic Mike, worked some on emulator stuff

Went to bed feeling funky

2013.05.06 Monday

Kelc starts her new job today.  Hooray.

My job stays the same mostly.  Red tape and hoops to jump through. (normal)

Went for a haircut, then cooked up some dinner and watched Arrested Development episodes with Kelc.

Played some TF2, then worked a bit more on HyperSpin

2013.05.05 Sunday

Slept in a bit again.  Probably throwing me out of whack.

Grilled up some chicken, with the grill.  Yay for functioning grill.

TF2.  HyperSpin. Game of Thrones. Sleep.

2013.05.04 Saturday

Woke up a bit on the late side.  Went to Lyle's graduation ceremony.  He finally got to walk the stage even though he had been done with school for a while now.

I went back home to do house stuff. Kelc went out.  Later I was coerced to go play some card games at Matt's.  Fun, but late.

2013.05.03 Friday

Normal work day, but ran late (common these days).

Picked up some chik-fil-a for dinner.  Yum treat.

Watched some Doctor Who, played games, did laundry, and snoozed.

2013.05.02 Thursday

Kelc's last day of work is a morning shift, so I couldn't stop by anyways.

Mostly normal day for me.

2013.05.01 Wednesday

Already May.  Where does the time go?

Late to work, late to leave.  Stopped by Kelc's work on the way home.  Probably my last chance to do that until her new job.

Cooked up a quick dinner and played some tf2.

2013.04.30 Tuesday

Left work more on time than I have been lately.

Went to trivia with Kelc and Seth at Brick House.  For a 3-person team we did pretty well, not placing, but still pretty good.

2013.04.29 Monday

Late day at work.  Played a little Tf2 at home.  Simple, short.

2013.04.28 Sunday

Watched some Doctor Who for breakfast.  Good way to start the day.

Cleaned house a little.  Then cleaned my desk area.

Picked up pizza for the Game of Thrones viewing.  Afterwards we played some Cards Against Humanity.


2013.04.27 Saturday

Drove Kelc to work because we forgot to pick up her car on the way home.  Oops.

I went grocery shopping since I was up early and didn't really plan out my day yet.  Decided to do a beef pot roast.

Ran a few errands with Habs, replaced his cabin air filter and serpentine belt.  (Man stuff)

Ate the pot roast. I think the slow cooker I'm using cooks too hot.

Watched Breaking Bad and Arrested Development

Played TF2, Korey and Lyle came over to hang out.  Watched half of Rain Man, then left.

2013.04.26 Friday (San Antonio)

Technically, checked in to the hotel "last night", but really it was part of Friday already.  Apparently San Antonio has an event called "Fiesta San Antonio" that is going on right now.  I have no idea what that is, never even heard of it and we don't really live that far away.

Spent late night walking around by the Alamo and Riverwalk.  Cool stuff, surprising amount of people out partying on a "work night".

Headed back to the hotel for some sleep.

Woke up, sort of.  Kelc fed the car meter while I spent a good hour being groggy.  Started the drive towards the first destination, ended up zig-zagging around town because of the parade and festivities of Fiesta San Antonio.

Zoo parking was completely packed.  Spent a chunk of time at the Japanese / Chinese ? garden nearby.  Saw some cool little ducklings and nice variety of plants.

The Zoo parking opened up a bit, we snagged a spot then started the trek in.  Pretty sure we saw all the animals.

Left in the evening, decided that it was too late to do some of the other destinations that we had planned.  Tried stopping by the San Marcos outlets for fun, but we were too exhausted to really care about buying anything.

Headed home.

2013.04.25 Thursday

Interesting day.  Ended up working pretty late.

Went home, packed, cleaned, played a few games, then waited until kitty decided to show back up at home.

Drove to hotel to pick up Kelc, then drove to San Antonio to start the adventure...

2013.04.24 Wednesday

In work early. Late lunch. Late leaving.

Cooked up a nice dinner of chicken, asparagus and salad.  Spent the evening watching a little Doctor Who, playing a little bit of TF2, configuring some HyperSpin, little more Doctor Who, then...