Friday, December 13, 2013

2013.12.08 Sunday

Happy b-day to Mark.

Kelcey arrived at home safely from Michigan, we watched the Steelers with her family.  The last play was an amazing effort, but made a mistake.

Played some JC2, and mostly took it easy today.  Not really feeling so great.

2013.12.07 Saturday

Performed some winterization of the house.  Put insulating pieces in the external outlets and switches, added weather strip on the doors, and tried caulking up some gaps in siding.

Watched some football here and there, then went to another "friendsgiving", this time hosted by my sister and brother in law.

Drove home late with icy roads.

2013.12.06 Friday

Enjoying the day off.  Ran some errands.

Watched Zero Dark Thirty by myself late into the night.  Different than what I expected, but pretty darn good.

2013.12.05 Thursday

Another work day, like any other.  Wrapped up with some ping pong.

Home, took some holiday pictures, ate some more leftovers, played some JC2, then bedtime.

2013.12.04 Wednesday

Worked later than needed. Worked on a project for fun. Went to trivia.

Home, little bit of JC2 (I'm about 30% through the game), then sleep. 

2013.12.03 Tuesday

Worked later than I really should have.

Cooked up a stir-fry at home, Kelc went out to a movie.

Tried to work on a project, played a little JC2, then called it a night.

2013.12.02 Monday

Not ready for work, and work is not ready for me.

Left at a reasonable time.

Ate leftovers at home, got caught up on some music processing. 

2013.12.01 Sunday

Hard to believe it is already December.

Cleaned up various things around the house. JC2 and football.

Ate leftovers (the gift of Thanksgiving keeps on giving).

Set up xmas stuff outside, ran some errands, more JC2 and football.

Watched another episode of Ghost In The Shell.  The show doesn't have as much of a hook as the movie, but still neat.

2013.11.30 Saturday

Little football here and there.  JC2.  Friendsgiving at Habs.

2013.11.29 Friday

Not sure what to do with myself now that I'm done with school and the holiday is over.  At least there are more holiday events coming up to look forward to.

Played some games, did a few things around the house.  Tried to stay productive.

2013.11.28 Thursday (Thanksgiving)

Packed up the car and headed over to the parents' house.  First to show up.  Snacked and helped get some food together.

The day consisted of football, games, naps, snacking, football, meal, napping, and football.

Back home, watched the Ravens and Steelers, snacked.

Watched Friends With Benefits with Kelc.  Movie ended as one might expect.

2013.11.27 Wednesday

Work...very quiet.  Almost creepy quiet.  Funny though, as today I was quite productive.  Which then led to me being home slightly earlier since I was able to work consistently.

Prepared for tomorrow's feast. Cooked up a pumpkin pie (much harder than I was expecting) and chopped up some veggies.

2013.11.26 Tuesday

Welp, I submitted my attempt at the Final Exam.  Let's hope for the best and expect the worst.

Worked slightly later than usual. Ran over to Pappasitos for chips and salsa, and made some pie dough in preparation for Thanksgiving events.

Finished watching Serenity with Kelc.

2013.11.25 Monday

Worked a longer day doing a bunch of unnecessary paperwork.

Stopped by HEB for some holiday grub.

Home, ate some leftovers and worked on my final exam.

Wound down with some Just Cause 2 before getting some sleep.

2013.11.24 Sunday

Worked some more on the final.

Watched some Steelers beat the Browns.  Helped Korey with a craft project for school.

Snuck over to Habs for a surprise.  Watched the Cowboys beat the Giants.

Worked on the final, and watched the Patriots barely beat the Broncos.  If only there were a way for both teams to lose...

2013.11.23 Saturday

Watched some college football and played some JC2 today.  The cold weather came on too suddenly.

Spent a chunk of the day working on a final exam.

2013.11.22 Friday

It's kinda cold these days...

Utilized my day off by going in for a haircut. Played some JC2 and cooked up a big pot of soup.

Worked some on the final exam

Watched half of Serenity with Kelc.  She couldn't stay awake.

2013.11.21 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Submitted all that I could do on the homework assignment, and waited around for the final exam to be released. Fun fun.

Went home, Kelc is working a late shift tonight.

I enjoyed some JC2 and worked a little on the final exam.  Storm is supposed to be coming in...

2013.11.20 Wednesday

Work, meetings, another lunch journey for a leaving coworker.

Tack Shack dinner, home late, worked on homework.

Finished up enough, watched some Ted Talks, then played a little JC2 before going to bed.

2013.11.19 Tuesday

Mostly normal Tuesday.  Our class discussion time turned into a mini lecture that seemed to drag on without helping much on the homework, so still mostly normal.

Stopped by Chipotle on the way home for dinner.  Somehow I was supposed to know to ask Kelc if she wanted any, because Pluckers happens every other week.

Worked on homework late into the night.

2013.11.18 Monday

Back to work, things were a bit hectic somehow, so I didn't feel like I could get much work done.

Watched a little of MNF, while cooking up some mac and cheese, and attempting to work on homework.

When I got tired of that, I decided to play a little bit of JC2, then go to bed.

2013.11.17 Sunday

NFL sunday, woo hoo.

Played some JC2 and worked through some homework.

C+E stopped by to drop off the tower and field that they had for their pre-season party.  I guess our football season is over, LOLZ.

Watched some more Firefly, only one more episode to go.

2013.11.16 Saturday

Got some stuff accomplished (like updating this blog thing).

Installed Lubuntu on a laptop to see what it is like.  The wireless wasn't as difficult to install as normal.  QUITE SURPRISED.  Still frustrating that it doesn't work out-of-the-box.

Watched UT lose.  Got through a chunk of school stuff.

Watched some Firefly, then SNL. then bed.

2013.11.15 Friday

Got to work a little earlier than average.  I felt like it was oddly quiet all day.  Ate a late lunch and played a few games of ping pong with a few coworkers.

Stopped by HEB on the way home for some steaks.  Cooked up some nice medium steaks using an early Christmas gift.  Also made some garlic mashed potatoes.

Watched a few episodes of Firefly and did laundry.  Easing into the weekend.

2013.11.14 Thursday

Worked and finished up some homework, arrived at home slightly earlier than usual.

Cooked up a pizza and watched Ghost In The Shell with Kelc.

Played some JC2, bed time.