Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2008.10.26 Sunday

Super Sunday. Kelc and I woke up fashionably late. We cleaned up and went to get some Papa John's instead of Shipley's. We used a coupon and got to keep it, yay!

Steelers played and were winning for most of the game, but ended up dropping the ball and lost. Oh well, their record is still good. I couldn't be in that bad of a mood because I had been sipping on Vanilla Coke all day... my addiction is coming back. Kelc an I then went to Braum's to get some ice cream, then went to fill up my tires with air. Most of my tires were around 20psi and I'm pretty sure they need to be around 32-35psi, causing the edges to bald faster on the tires. No joke, it felt like the car was 4-6 inches higher.

We went back to Kelc's and started studying. She has an astronomy test tomorrow, I needed to take a DSP quiz online. I borrowed Lindsey's laptop, and internet explorer crashed in the middle of my quiz, so I had to email my professor about taking it tomorrow. In the middle of studying, we watch the Neverending Story. Not a bad movie, but there are clear points where they were trying to pull tricks with a very low budget; very clever ideas and good effort! Story on the other hand....

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