Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2010.06.30 Wednesday

Hump dizzle 4 shizzle.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night. Very random. I think it was 3 or 4 in the morning, I went downstairs and turned off the slow cooker, then took a tinkle. Laid back down in bed, and just kinda sat there. Cooool.

Ate my garlic chicken potato creation for lunch. I swear that had to do something to my urine. You know how asparagus makes pee smell terrible? Well I think this garlic stuff made it smell like salsa. Weird yeah.

I maintained a good level of grogginess throughout the day. Upon coming home I managed getting nowhere with Zelda, then passed out. Nothing is wrong with a good nap right? Made myself a rather filling dinner of green beans, pasta, hummus and strawberries.

No kickball tonight. Rain :-(

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010.06.29 Tuesday

yup. it's a Tuesday.

Work went by pretty smoothly. For lunch we took the interns out to Rudy's BBQ. Great food. I got a jalapeno and was taking bites from it directly instead of slicing it up into something. Yeah, that pretty much destroyed my mouth. I miss having my face burnt like that. Who's up for some plucker's fire-in-the-hole? That's a burn you get to enjoy twice ;-)

So I just want to point out something that struck a chord with me today. A guy posted online how he got something in the mail for a Weapons Systems Engineer position, and how he's learning to become an engineer to save lives, not destroy the less fortunate. He goes on to ramble about how we have always been the instigators of war, how we kill innocent people, and how our government is evil because of the insistence that we go to war illegally and immorally.


Ok, so I'm pretty sure we can all agree that war is pretty terrible. It is extremely unfortunate that things escalate to the point that somebody ends up dying for different beliefs. I think taking someone's life is an ultimate injustice. However, this guy kept rambling on in some delusional mindset. It is completely unreasonable to believe that there aren't people out there that want to kill us. Just as this doofus was coaxed into this mindset that the US is wrong for engaging military activity, other people in the world are coaxed into believing that killing Americans is the right thing to do. But this, unbeknownst to the original poster, was off topic and thusly creating a schism to which he could continue proclaiming something along the lines of "the US is killing innocents".

Ultimately, it seems like he was trying to pass the blame. To him, the government, congress, the military, people who sign up for the military, and engineers who design anything for the military... all are part of "the problem". This is where I disagree with what he is saying yet again. Living in America, you essentially are buying-in to the representative democracy system that is in place. Everybody pays taxes. Everybody (above voting age) has the ability to vote. You can't just pick on certain job positions to blame them for something that may or may not be the right thing to do. Everybody is in the same boat. Let's take for example, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. With this guy's logic: the people who pushed the button to release the bomb are at fault because they made that choice, the person who designed the B-29 plane that delivered the bomb shouldn't have designed a plane to deliver such a load, the engineers and scientists that were making breakthroughs in nuclear science shouldn't have done that because it would end up killing people. Essentially, this guy was saying that anybody that did anything to support any aspect of the war is doing something morally wrong. The atomic bombings are also a good example of how many many innocent lives were taken. I have to be honest, the atomic bombings were pretty over-the-top.

But even today, the question still remains of whether or not such an act was necessary to end the war. I think the actions were justified at the time. What do you think would have happened if we DIDN'T involve ourselves in WWII? Sometimes the rest of the world needs our involvement, because heck, we need them too. We need to have imports and exports. We need there to be other great nations. Consumers want technology that isn't just American (think PS3 and Wii). Life isn't black and white, it is many many shades of grey. It is very hard to determine if we need to spend money and interest on other countries around the world, because as I said before, we need those other countries.

Technology is leagues beyond what it was back then. Today, we have the capability and communication systems in place to be pro-active in stopping injustices around the world. In addition to these newfound abilities, advances in technology have made it possible to deliver a missile with accuracy of something ridiculous like a square foot or so. This is an alternative to just bombing the crap out of an area that we think there might be an enemy. How is this not reducing the amount of innocent lives taken? Are we right in stepping up and policing the world? Maybe, maybe not. Is it the right thing to do? I'm leaning more towards a yes on that one. The fact of the matter is that we have a much better life than many others around the world, and there are people out there that hate us for it. So much that they are willing to kill or be killed to express that.

Another argument that I have, albeit a much weaker one, is that the global economy historically does better when money is spent on defense (a nice way of saying war stuff). It sure does look like a money sink, but I'm pretty sure many countries after WWI (most notably Germany) were having a hard time economically. Part of Hitler's rise to power was through science and defense budgeting, and promises of a great nation. Without this turn-around of slumped economy with government spending, modern rockets that we used in the 60's to reach the moon would not have existed. Much of the technology that reaches the consumer market started off as research from government spending.

So the real question here, would there still be any drive to push the economy and technology without this type of spending?

And ultimately, can you blame an engineer for designing something that could potentially kill someone? If you said yes, then I hope you never drive a car, fire any weapon, ride any roller coaster, use a computer, or step foot in any type of home or building.


I went home and took care of a lot of things. First, started laundry. Second, prepared music for mp3 player. Third, cooked some garlic chicken and potatoes in the slow cooker. Fourth, cooked a frozen pizza in the oven. Fifth, prepared a fruity topping of strawberries and plum. Sixth, watched an episode of smallville with Kelc.


Monday, June 28, 2010

2010.06.28 Monday

Sorry everybody. I'm bombarding you with blog updates because I've been pretty lax lately about getting around to this.

Pretty darn groggy this morning. That is unusual for me. Probably has something to do with the amount of food I've been eating lately.

Finally made myself get back in the gym. A few minutes on the bike, bench presses, crunches, and various tricep workouts. And a protein shake so hopefully I'm not super sore later.

Played around with more Zelda after work. I can't find the remaining 5 gold skultulas. Bummer. I have 3 pieces of heart also that I haven't gotten yet. Dubble Bummer.

Cooked up some basic pasta for dinner, just to fill me up a bit. Went to the grocery store and stocked up on some good eats.

Played around on guitar for a bit. I need to force myself to get a good 15-20 minutes each day. Seems simple, but I get distracted so easily.

2010.06.27 Sunday

Woke up pretty early. Leaving with my family to attend my cousin's graduation celebration. Not the official ceremony, but just a feast with friends.

On the way there, we stopped at the Burton Meat Market. One of the very few real butcher places I know of. My mom prefers getting her ground chunk from here, so she put in an order of about 20 pounds. My dad just grabbed a bag of beef jerky, which we all proceeded to eat on the remainder of the trip into Chappell Hill TX.

We arrived at the Chappell Hill Volunteer Fire House right on time. I began fixing myself plate after plate of finger foods until the main course was served. I had all kinds of vegetables and party mixes, chips and salsa, candies and desserts.

The main course was some awesome juicy pork chops, smoky grilled chicken, and sausage links. For sides, corn, green beans, buttery potatoes, jalapeƱos, macaroni salad, onions, and some awesome pickles. I ate sooo much that I was starting to fall asleep on my plate. Not even kidding. I eventually woke myself up to eat cake and hopefully ride a sugar rush until we had to leave. On the way home, I passed the F out. Comatose.

Still full from lunch, I didn't bother really eating a dinner. I handed off one of my beefsteak tomato plants to my dad to raise, since I had one more than expected. Need to germinate a jalapeƱo plant soon.

Played a good amount of Zelda and made it to where I only need to beat the final temple/boss. I have to decide now if I should go back and find all the secret things, and can be able to say I did this game 100%, or just finish it and move on. I'll probably go back for the easy 'hidden' things.

After I'm done with this game, should I jump right into FFVII, or take a break? I know I should be cutting back on my TV time, but mythbusters is just so hard to pass up. Getting a guitar pedal working was pretty exciting, kinda inspires me to make something else. I have all these parts...

2010.06.26 Saturday

Slept in a good amount. Kelc ended up leaving to go run more errands. She's been taking care of a lot of things lately. Pretty awesome.

I played some more Zelda. Kelc packed up and left for Florida to hang out with family.

I finished up things with the guitar pedal, and made some serious progress with Zelda. Eventually made myself some dinner, leftovers from TxLC and a bushel of >10 day old asparagus. Actually turned out to be quite a bit of food, but I scarfed that down.

Tried to get some sleep.

2010.06.25 Friday

Today is the day, a day for the record books.

I spent the morning playing Zelda and goofing around. Kelc had to leave to join up with the ladies.

Eventually got off my butt and went over to Radioshack. Bought myself a LM741 operational amplifier. The op-amp that came with they DIY kit I got was borked. Could be my fault, or just one of those fluke manufacturing defects, or one of those crappy suppliers that sends chips with nothing in them.

Cleaned myself up, spent 15 minutes getting dressed up for the wedding (one of the cases in which it's awesome being a guy). Arrived at the church... and didn't see anyone around. Awkward.

The ceremony went by pretty smoothly. Supposedly there were a handful of people with wet faces up at the alter, but I didn't see that.

Made our way over to the reception. The country club at The Hills. It's near Lakeway. Pretty sweet. The married couple went off into the golf course to take pictures, and as the sun was setting, the sprinkler system came on right on top of them. Awesome.

Good food and fun dancing (although slightly awkward and very white-person style). And they're off...

2010.06.24 Thursday

Rehearsal dinner day.

Work just like any other day. Until I ended up staying late. Booo.

I ended up missing the rehearsal, but made it to the rehearsal dinner part of Amanda and Josh's wedding. I'm still in disbelief that Amanda is tying the knot, but at the same time, really happy that she found somebody that she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Weddings always send me into a spiral. I get into a reflection mood. I think back about a lot of things in the past.

For dinner, we had some Texas Land and Cattle. Great choice, although I've gone a few times and every time they undercook everything. The groom even sent back the raw meat they served him. I would too if I was supposed to be getting married the next day; don't want to have food poisoning.

Ran a couple errands and grabbed some ice cream for dessert.

Watched some Dexter's Laboratory and Smallville, then snooze.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010.06.23 Wednesday

I woke up with less discomfort today. I wouldn't say that everything is fine though. My skin is just terribly dry by morning. Guess I'll lotion up.

Work went by without an issue.

Went to our kickball game. And damn, we kicked some balls. After the first 10 points, I didn't feel so happy about scoring anymore. The team we played against just played right before; they had a double-header. I also think they were part of some corporate team, so probably didn't have the best selection of players. Not that that is a bad thing, we're all here to play for fun right? I could tell that they were feeling pretty beat up, but they did a good job. After a few more games, they'll do just fine. Just gotta keep at it.

Went home, and eventually rested my self on top of the object of slumber whereupon I closed my eyes and proceeded to adjust into different cycles of brainwave activity.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010.06.22 Tuesday

Did something a bit unusual, and don't know if I really should be this open... but I skipped a shower. Trying to see if maybe I'm drying out my skin by showering too much. Also, I'll probably try switching body washes, and washing my sheets, and vacuuming soon. It seems like I have minor cases of Eczema, and it's just around my lips and eyes now. Which, I guess makes sense. Those are sensitive areas of skin; easy to start there with problems. My eyes are starting too look weird, but nobody else thinks so. When I open my eyes all they way, the way they fold into the socket feels different.

I want to fix this, but should I try changing everything all at once, or should I be scientific and only change one variable at a time? I could just switch body wash, try that for a week, and then if that doesn't work, try something else. It just sucks living in discomfort. Or I guess I could go backwards, try everything all at once, and if that works, I can start undoing some of those things until the conditions pop up again. Interesting idea...

Alright, so here's the plan. Tonight it the Tool concert, and I opted to not go to this; everybody else in the house opted-in. This is a perfect opportunity to do some aggressive cleaning in my living area. I dusted a bit of my room, did all my laundry, then tossed my sheets, pillow cases and towels in for a wash after the clothes. While the washer and dryer will being utilized, I vacuumed my room, and did a vacuum bag technique on the pillows and comforter. I have no idea if doing a vacuum bag on pillows has much of an effect on cleanliness, but I think it would still up and suck out dust particulate. As an added measure, I flipped my mattress. While the bathroom was without towels, I took some cleaners and went to work on most of the surfaces in there. The only thing of mine that I didn't bother much with is the pink chair. I hope it's not the culprit.

I'm also starting to think that sleeping right underneath the air vent probably isn't the best if I'm trying to keep my skin from drying out. Speaking of air venting, when was the last time the air filter was changed? When was YOUR air filter last changed? Remember there is one in your vehicle too.

Eventually put all my stuff back in order. Also cleared off my desk from the paperwork that always creeps up out of nowhere. Reveled in my accomplishments, then began working on the DIY guitar pedal that I only barely started.

Managed to plow through some tedious wiring. Double checked the connections, pulled out a power adapter, plugged in my amp, wired things up, flipped the switch and... well... the pass-through works. That's about it. Crap. The LED wasn't even coming on. That means power isn't getting to the circuit board at all. Guess I'll be tinkering for a while on this.

Probably should post some pictures and notes about things I figure out, huh? Maybe a fresh set of eyes can see something I can not. After debugging some, I was able to get the LED to come on and the op-amp is definitely getting its 4.5V. Things that I didn't quite understand the point of before now makes a lot more sense, and is really ingenious. For instance, the ground connection is disconnected from the circuitry if there is nothing plugged into the input jack. Here I thought they made some special jacks that flipped a switch to detect when something is inserted, but nope, it's a stereo female jack and mono male jack fitting in it. The long sleeve of the mono jack actually shorts two leads on the female jack and that provides continuity when something is plugged in.

And snooze.

2010.06.21 Monday

A typical day at work, or atypical day at work? Something is still messed up with my skin. It seems like every morning I wake up inflamed and irritated (my skin, not my mood).

Went home and relaxed some with Zelda Ocarina of Time. Kelc and I prepared some jolly rancher vodka for an upcoming party.

A bit later, we went to Chili's for a late dinner. Mmmmm sodium.

Late, watched some Dexter's Laboratory. Awesome show.

2010.06.20 Sunday

Got myself up early and hurried myself over to the parent's house. Happy Father's Day. From there, we left together to go eat at Moonshine for a buffet brunch.

Stuffed myself so well that I passed out pretty hardcore.

Eventually got up and played some games with the family. Picked up some Saccone's Pizza for dinner. Yum.

Went home, talked with the roomies, and called it a night. Wtf is up with my face.

2010.06.19 Saturday

Woke up. Well I only sorta woke up today. Lindsey left to go back to Arlington. I didn't really get out of bed until 1pm or so. Besides my face still feeling messed up, I feel somewhat refreshed.

Lounged around for a bit, then headed home. Ate a late lunch / early dinner of Rudy's BBQ.

Spent some of the evening jamming with JJ and BB. We actually made some stuff that sounded like actual songs.

Also went for a food run to whataburger. That place is surprisingly close, and open 24hrs. I'll have to remember that next time...

Friday, June 18, 2010

2010.06.18 Friday

The end is near. It's so close, I can taste it.

I managed to finish out the week, but man was I tired from working. Can't wait to just zone out for a bit over this short 2-day weekend.

Got home and worked a bit on a guitar pedal, and also tried taking a nap.

Eventually made my way out to the lakehouse. It's tricky to rock a rhyme.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010.06.17 Thursday

Super tired today. It's only Thursday and my body is giving out on me. Knowing that there is today, plus one more day, plus some tedious work, plus a softball game tonight...*deep breath*

Work wasn't that bad. The day did feel long, but as least it was productive and effective.

Went home, tried to rest up a bit. The softball game is much earlier than the kickball game yesterday. Thus, the sun was out and just happened to be placed right behind the pitcher (making batting very difficult). Overall, as a team that has only come together for the first time... at the first game... I think we did well. The first inning or two, we had some bobbles and let some runs through. After that, we were able to step up the defense and hold back those runs.

Went home, ate food, watched a bit of the NBA finals. Can't say that most of the country is interested in that game. Nothing impressive to see there.

Played a little bit of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (for those of you that know the game, I just finished the forest temple as adult link (not the great deku tree temple at the beginning)). Showered, then sleep. I surprised my body by actually going to bed at a more reasonable time (near midnight).

2010.06.16 Wednesday

Long day.

Went to work early for some event happening at 7am. Bleh. Also started doing some pretty hefty amount of lab work. That's not so bad, unless something goes wrong. And it did.

After work, went home and rested up a bit. Had a late 9pm game of kickball. We've actually played this team before, and they were also good last time. I like how they have some good strategy going. And it's weird that they have an older guy and a bunch of younger girls. Kinda ... interesting ... cool. We ended up losing because we never got a good rhythm down, and we were playing with people who haven't played before.

Cooked some food when I got home, and passed out.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010.06.15 Tuesday

Haven't felt this tired in a while. Also haven't gone to the gym in a while. I think that is a definitive connection right there.

Oh great, we get to go to work in SOME STUPID LOOKING CAR. Thanks stupid driver for hitting Hasbro and causing his car to go to the shop.

Things are picking up at work. Things are picking up at home too. Lindsey and Kelc are in town, and they keep asking me to do things, but my schedule gets packed before they ask. For instance, my brother asked me over the weekend if I could come over to help him fix his blu-ray player, so I tried that on monday (along with going to the grocery store). Then today, they want me to see a movie or karaoke, but I have softball practice. Tomorrow I have a kickball game, Thursday a softball game, Saturday and Sunday I'll probably celebrate Father's Day.

I might reserve Friday for catching up on sleep. When am I going to put together a guitar pedal in this time span? Dang, I don't know.

Practice went pretty well. It's a good thing we practiced because everybody was a bit rusty.

Cooked myself a steak for dinner, with some broccoli. This steak was a New York Strip, USDA prime. I slightly over cooked it, but I almost ate it while it was near raw in the middle. Better too much than not enough.

Monday, June 14, 2010

2010.06.14 Monday

Doesn't quite feel like a Monday. Also, even though I'm on some basic antibiotic, I feel like everything is just different. WHAT IS IT DOING TO ME?

The workday went by kinda fast. That's what happens when you have to run around and talk to people.

Finally updated my profile picture. It's been months. I wanted to try out an 'integrated' look with facebook, but the way facebook scales pictures down wasn't perfect, so it's a tad off. I still like the results though.

Went over to my parents house to help my brother. Only half helped him.

Then went shopping for groceries. I saw Megan at the store, but either she didn't see me, or she was just awkward about it. Oh well. It's about time I got some food to eat. Living on scraps for a bit there.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

2010.06.13 Sunday

Semi slept in. 5-6 hours is good enough right? Snacked a bit, then headed off to work.

It's pretty crazy going in on a Sunday. Nobody was there. At least I treated myself to some freebirds.

Got home pretty late. Hot Rod was on comedy central, so I watched. Mostly took it easy the rest of the night.

2010.06.12 Saturday

Company picnic today. Good to know the company has enough money to treat its employees, but was it a good use of money? I guess that depends. Sure it's great to have a company that provides benefits and all the flashy stuff. And it's also great to work at a place that puts the profits in employee's pockets.

Oh well. I had a good time. Hasbro and I got to the finals in a washers tournament. Lost 19-21. Dang. Only like 50 bucks riding on the game.

The weather turned out really awesome since I already have a sunburn from yesterday.

Went home and tried to take a nap, but that didn't happen. Also played some Zelda OoT.

Went to Justin's concert along with a bunch of other people. Things went pretty late into the night.

2010.06.11 Friday

A day off.

Washed/vacuumed/waxed my car. It was nice and overcast for the first half. I was actually worried it might rain. Then the sun came out and slapped me.

After that, went with HabTay to Woods Fun Center. Mmmm motorbikes.

Ran some errands, then spent some time with MarRay. They got me a pretty sweet bday gift.

Bed time, gotta wake up early tomorrow.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

2010.06.10 Thursday

*yawn balls* Well I can't really yawn that well because of my mouth. Still have no idea what is wrong with it.

Today, I hit the 700 album mark. That's pretty damn good and amazing, if I do say so myself.
Started 02/02/2010
Album Count: 700
Tracks Listened: 8101
Average Number of Tracks per Album: 11.572
Average Year Album was Released: 1999.184
Time Listened: 558hrs 40mins 35secs
Days Listened: 23.278 days
Digital Size of Music: ~61.3GB

Wrapped up the work week. Sorta. Stayed late and then got requested to work this weekend. But wait.. if I can't work Friday, and Saturday is the picnic.... oh I see what's going on here.

Guess today is my real Friday now.

Habs took the initiative to teach me some bike stuff. Knowing how manual works really helped me pick things up. I still have to take a second to think about where the levers and buttons are. I think I like it. I like it a lot. Guess I need to sign up for formal classes and start shopping...

2010.06.09 Wednesday

Back to work. The day went pretty smoothly.

Once home, I played some Zelda and made it a lot further along this time. After a quick nap, Kelc and I went shopping for various items that she needed. I couldn't help myself, and picked up a few things that I wanted.

Smallville, mythbusters and sleep. Simple day.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010.06.08 Tuesday

Just another day. Face still hurts.

Work flew by faster than expected. Not that much happened, but I noticed that my energy levels are dropping. That can happen when you aren't able to eat satisfying meals. Lunch was french fries and a shake from P.Terry's. Sad that I could not get a burger.

Played some FFVII and Zelda:OoT at home. What else should I do to celebrate today? Listen to a bunch of records, watch Smallville.

Dinner was shells+cheese with asparagus and broccoli. New Yankee Workshop still comes on TV. I cannot believe it. Great show, great craftsman. I feel like my creative edge on life is slowly fading away. Wish I had a workshop and lots of hours to kill.

2010.06.07 Monday

Ow. Ow. Ow.

My face hurts. Not my entire face, just my lips. To be even more acurate, the vermillion border of my face hurts. What time is it? 4am. What time did I start to fall asleep? 2am. Ffffffffffffffffffff

Guess I'm going to the doctor today. Which one should I go to? Hmm I don't really care, just make me feel better.

Took my prescriptions (yes I got all kinds of fun things to try) to my local pharmacy. Told me it would be ready by 1p, it was ready by 2:45p. Thanks guys.

Back at home, I just tried to keep myself occupied with simple tasks to keep my mind from focusing on the pain. The medicines didn't actually address the pain at all. Great.

Kelc came over and gave me a birthday present. Neon Indian for the 101x Homegrown Live concert, with Survive and Cry Blood Apache. Plus, some books to jumpstart me back into music. I actually recently started writing some new things, but I don't mind mixing things up.

2010.06.06 Sunday

Well, poo. My mouth hurts. To be more specific, the lip region.

Woke up, ate a quick taco soup breakfast then jumped on the road to get things ready for the party. Whose party? Kevin's party. He only graduated high school. He's done. Their family has sent all their kids through high school successfully. I'm proud of them. Also proud of my family for sending all of us through college. We played games with family and friends. Kelc actually made an awesome graduation video. Lots of good pictures and videos made it on there (a few were lost at some point), and some good music. Looking back, I've known Kevin for a lot longer than it feels. He's a smart kid. He's also in really good shape. I can see him going places.

Ended the day with some Hand'N'Foot.

2010.06.05 Saturday

Woke up reasonably early. Today is Kevin's graduation, but Kelc doesn't even know if she is going. I don't mind the first half, but the name calling part is too boring.

I brought the chicken taco soup, and the ingredients to make guacamole over to my parents house. Both recipes turned out really good this time.

Then helped my dad clean up the mustang some. It's weird to see how much that car has deteriorated in just 10 years. The truck is a '95 and still runs like a champ. The 4-runner is an '01 and is in very good shape (but it was also in a garage just sitting).

Spent some time with the family. My brother had a fever or something that was going around his office. People should learn to take sick time when they are sick, instead of endangering the entire office. Or we should all do business electronically? I contend that this will eventually be how business shifts, but it might take a while to do that.

Back to my place, more games and fun. Then snooze.

Friday, June 4, 2010

2010.06.04 Friday

This morning was interesting. *knock knock*
" awake?"
"yeah?.... fffffffffuuuuuuuu" (it's time to leave for work)

Good day at work though. Lots of things to mark off as DONE.

At home, started relaxing and preparing for the weekend. The slow-cooker chicken taco soup is cooling off, going to share that with my family tomorrow.

Took a nap, then the happy couple came over. All in all, a good night. Ray and I spent what felt like an hour looking for Marisa's phone, and she had it the whole time.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

2010.06.03 Thursday

The week is already rolling to its end. Quite painlessly actually.Super groggy in the morning. To be expected, but not desired.

Skipped the gym and lunch today. I should stop doing that.

After work, stopped by HEB and had to help myself to another steak. I got a top round steak (bit tougher than most cuts) for a bit over 3 bucks. Also cooked up some fresh corn, leftover rice, and made a gravy. Balluh!

Worked on some music for the first time in months. Makes sense how artists come out with albums so spread out. Capitalism encourages shitty music. Artists know what's up.

Took some pictures of my plants for you guys.
Group (and some foot)Tomato #1
Tomato #2Jalapeno Pepper
Cayenne Pepper

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2010.06.02 Wednesday

Hump day? Doesn't feel like that at all. What. The. Deuce.

I didn't hop into the shower until late. Yeah I'm crazy. Surviving on a handful of hours of sleep. I actually woke up before my alarm, but went back to sleep. Will most def need coffee today.

For dinner... well dinner was a bit different than normal. I went all out and I'm very proud of what I produced. The main course was a 14oz new york strip steak, pan fried to medium with sunflower oil, a steak rub and a dollop of dijon mustard. For side 1, fresh chopped green beans with olive oil and garlic salt cooked until tender. For side 2, left over rice from yesterday, drizzled with gravy from the steak. For dessert, chopped peaches in a caramelized in a brown sugar sauce.

F yeah, that was delicious.

The rest of the evening was a haze.

2010.06.01 Tuesday

Back to work. Things definitely felt a bit slower to get going today, but hey, 4 days off will mess with the momentum of business.

Decided I have nothing to eat at the house. I cooked some rice for dinner. That's right, just rice. I need to go to the store soon. Took care of some chores around the house, paid bills, etc.

On my way home from the grocery store, consider that this was around 10:30-11pm at night, I was taken aback by something. So much, in fact, that I decided to write a little poem about it.
Crazy girl walking around at night
With your tight pants and top of white
Surprised to see you in my headlight

What were you doing out so late
Were you visiting a favorite mate
And is the name they call you Kate

You are such a stranger
Putting yourself out in such danger
And I 'aint no Texas Ranger

I would offer you a ride
And doubt you would abide
But then I could say I tried

I hope you made it home
Not raped by some small gnome
Things get crazy past gloam

Finished up some artwork. It's replacing a print that was given to me a long time ago by a long gone friend. Well, not replacing, but covering up.
*update* Decided to post a picture of the final results. I realize there is no size reference, but I'm pretty sure it's 16"x20". There is also a slight glare since it is covered with a shiny plastic cover. Enjoy...

Wide awake, but it's bed time. Hmm...