Monday, October 13, 2008

2008.10.04 Saturday

Wow what a day! Woke up and grabbed some delicious donuts. I had the Orange Iced and Cinnamon-Sugar, Kelc had the Chocolate Iced and Strawberry Iced. All excellent choices in my opinion. Throw in a milk, and the total came out to a whopping $3.68 I really don't understand how they are still in business. The donuts are so filling and fresh, and the price is non-existent.
We came home to work on a puzzle. A very lovely puzzle, but I did the hard parts and was frustrated at first. I don't remember ever trying to do a puzzle so early in the morning; definitely an eye-opener. After that, we got busy with some school/work/life stuff that needed taking care of. October is going to be crazy with concerts. Shiny Toy Guns, Dredg, Edgefest (fall), and Thrice/Rise Against.
Then we went shopping for Kelc. I'm actually jealous of all the delicious (and semi-healthy) food she gets to eat. We grabbed some PapaJ's and went home to watch the game. Well done Horns! A 38-14 win against Colorado. Keep up the work; next weekend is going to be big.

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