Monday, November 26, 2012

2012.11.23 Friday

Not sure what to do with myself today.  Hmm black friday? No thanks.

Met up with happy couple for a lunch at torchy's.  Always delicious.

Met up with Tyler and some of his family to play some sand volleyball and vennis.  Good times.

Home, showered up.  Amanda and Josh came over to hang out. We watched Dodgeball.

I played some Perfect Dark Zero.  Ray and Marisa came over to hang out and chat.  Late night.

2012.11.22 Thursday (Turkey Day)

Cooked up some food.  Kelc and I split ways.  To each their own (family).

Hung out with family and ate a ton of food.  As expected.

Watched the UT game with my pops.  Kinda depressing, but at least we got to chat most of the game.

Eventually headed home.  I feel a weird mix of energetic and exhausted.  I choose sleep.

2012.11.21 Wednesday

Minimal traffic, and a quiet day at work.  Intern showed up to work, and silly for him, asked for help on the day before thanksgiving.  I'll let it slide this time.

Left work a tiny bit early, just in case there were any potential for traffic.  Wrapped up the week from home, started relaxing a bit.

Tried to take a nap, but then before I knew it, time to head over to the Texas Stars game.  A lot more fun than I thought it was going to be.

2012.11.20 Tuesday

Semi quiet day at work.  Ran 1.6 miles after work.  Legs feel a bit weaker than usual.  Might be joint pain.

Cooked up some fish and veggies.  Watched Sportsnight, then bed.

2012.11.19 Monday

Grumpy day at work.  Home late too.  Cheer myself up with distraction, Trivia.

Played some Perfect Dark Zero on the 360, then bed.

2012.11.18 Sunday

Pulled apart some pipes.  The clog looked like a dead animal.  Hair + hair products + mouth discharge = andy nearly puking the entire time.

HEB trip for goodies.  Steelers game with Kelc and her mom and sis.  Cooked up some queso blanco that turned out pretty good, little bit of a kick.

2012.11.17 Saturday

Drilled some holes in the dvd cabinet.  Sounds easy in theory, but it was awkward angles and hinged work.

Cooked bison and eggs for breakfast.

Watched some college football.  Watched some more Sportsnight until Kelc fell asleep.  Then she left to go watch a movie.

I watched more sports, cooked up bacon, and looked at some source code.  Thinking about jumping onto an open source project to get some more exposure to coding styles.

2012.11.16 Friday

Football.  Yessss.

Left a tad early.  Very unusual for this week.  By the time Kelc came home, I was in my around-the-house comfortable clothing.

Started watching Sportsnight.  Looks old, shows are short, and grainy.

2012.11.15 Thursday

Today wasn't as quiet as yesterday, but still not a normal day by my standards.

I worked on a ton of documentation, and started using my stand-up workstation more.  I think my feet are getting used to standing for longer chunks of time again.  Didn't take long to adjust at all.

Swung by Hasbro House on the way home to drop of some things.  We went out to some asian place for a quick bite, then over to Hobby Lobby and Home Depot to look at what they have in stock.

Back home, and back to work remotely.

2012.11.14 Wednesday

A bit late getting started today.

All quiet on the work front.  Then worked later than I wanted to.

Cooked up a nice meal of ground bison, baked potatoes, and scrambled eggs.  Caught up on some tv shows with Kelc.

Worked a little from home, then called it a night.

2012.11.13 Tuesday

Day of meetings, when I really would rather be productive in other ways.

Late day at work.  Home, cooked up a meal, then didn't really do much, then bed.  I'm so boring.

2012.11.12 Monday

Long work day.  Cold weather.  Starting to feel like fall.

MNF at pluckers, go steelers.

2012.11.11 Sunday

Up early.  Go brain go!

Ihop for breakfast.  Back to the house to play some games.  Old school snes.

Drive home.  Watched some SNF, picked up some groceries and did some laundry, and this weekend is over.

2012.11.10 Saturday

Watched the game.  Did things around the house.  Left for BCS

Ate some Fuego.  Met up with Kevin.  What are the odds of that happening?

2012.11.09 Friday

Ahh a day off.  What should I do?  I still dont really know.  Tried to work remotely, but it's not working.  Thanks IT.

Made some coffee.  Cleaned up the kitchen.  Took care of some bills.

2012.11.08 Thursday

Ran a bit early this morning, but ended up getting on the road a bit late.  The accidents and resulting traffic wasn't pleasant, but wasn't terrible.  When are we going to get more highways?

Lunch at La Palapa.  First time for that.  Also the last time I might see some of these people.

Home late, sorta.  Dark outside so it felt really late.  Quick costco trip with Kelc.  Back home, cooked up some ground bison and mac+cheese.  Both very yummy. Then we finished Studio 60.  Half sad and half glad to be over.

2012.11.07 Wednesday

Decided to try Sonic for lunch.  Pretty quickly regretted that decision.  I have to be pretty hungry to find some of their items appetizing, and they couldn't get my order right, so I think I over paid.

Worked a late day.

Watched some Studio 60 plus some work at home.

2012.11.06 Tuesday

Late start, with a purpose.  Today is that magical day when tons of people go to and put their slice of opinion into a huge bucket, when most state's buckets are already pretty much decided.  Then we try to forget about it for 3 years.  Went and did my civic duty at the local elementary, ran into an old friend.  What are the odds?

Back to work, already busy.

Broke up the day with some vball.  Met up with people after work for Plucker's and discussion about who is going to win.

Watched some election results, fell asleep early.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012.11.05 Monday

Bloody Monday.  What a depressing day.

Stopped by HEB on the way home for some fruits.  Went for a 1.8 mile run.  Not bad, but I'm still sore from flag football on friday.  What gives?

Talked some politics with Kelc, then watched Studio 60.

I went to bed, Kelc went out for the late night.

2012.11.04 Sunday

More breakfast tacos for, well, breakfast.

Kelc ran errands, I did some more things around the house.  (Cleaned off some furniture, vacuumed, laid some stones, put up a flag pole bracket, hung some wall art, dishes.)

Went out to Serrano's for dinner with the parents.  Exciting times ahead for my dad, starting up a new job.

Home, goofed around with some coding while watching SNF.  My internal clock is all off.  Stupid daylight saving.

2012.11.03 Saturday

Cooked up breakfast and watched Studio 60.

Kelc ran errands, then out with friends.

I did yard work, stuff around the house.

Got some food at Torchy's

Watched the last chunk of the UT game

Ran errands, had to make some returns (Home Depot, Kohls, Target, Bed Bath Beyond, TJ Max, Ross)  Blah.

2012.11.02 Friday

Late start in the morning, had to rush to get packed up.

Flag football today.  It was very awesome, but very exhausting.

Mark planned a farewell event for Nick at the Flying Saucer.  He's not leaving forever, but he is going out of town for a while.  We will miss him.

Followed up some unhealthy food with some unhealthy frozen yogurt.  Back home late, passed out.

2012.11.01 Thursday

Slept in a bit today.  Hopefully that gives me enough juice to make it through the day.  Traffic sucked though.

Long day.  Lots of meetings. Which means, late day.

Home.  Bison steaks, a bit on the rare side.  Yum?

2012.10.31 Wednesday


Tedious day at work. Home, quick nap. Dressed up, tended to some scavengers.  Eventually just left the bowl outside.

Picked up Fred and met up at Coleman's.  There we played Pandemic for a bit, then decided to get some cheap burritos at Chipotle.

Back to Coleman's for some MiTD, then back home to get sleep for work.

2012.10.30 Tuesday

Pretty tired this morning.  Still need more sleep.

Vball day at work.  I had a pretty good day.  Lots of lucky hits.

Home late.  Decided to spend some time making pecan butter.  It went pretty well, but by the time I finished it was near bed time.  So much for multi-tasking.

2012.10.29 Monday

Slow getting up this morning.  I think I need more sleep.  The weekend wore me out.

Things at work got rolling quickly once the meetings started happening.

Home, did laundry. Cooked up a good mahi mahi dinner. Quick HEB run for some fresh fruit.

Finally updated some blog stuff (sorry, I've been getting behind on this).

2012.10.28 Sunday

Woke up early, loaded up the car and headed out.  Riding 4-deep to h-town.  Once in town, picked up the Uhaul, then right over to my Aunt's place.  Scoped out some of the goods, then rode over to Robert's place, then back to my Aunt's place.  Load 'er up.

Lunch at James Coney Island.  I started getting very sleepy after eating so much flour and corn product.

Over to my Aunt's storage place for some more goods.  The off we go to drive home.  Obviously a stop at Dairy Queen was going to happen.

Stopped at my place first to unload.
Stopped at parent's place to unload and load
Stopped at C+E's place to unload.

Home.  Tired and headache.

Tried to put together some furniture and move some things around.  Watched a bit of Studio60 then crashed hard.

2012.10.27 Saturday

Neighborhood garage sale.

So all that house cleaning, yeah scrap that plan.  Game viewing at my parent's house instead.  Silly fox sports net.

Ran some errands with Kelc (big lots, hobby lobby, michaels, target, kohls).  Holla holla, spend that dolla.

Texadelphia for dinner.  Bed.

2012.10.26 Friday

Chilly morning.

Ran some errands.  Cleaned house (mop, sweep, vacuum) in preparation for family to come over.

Wore myself out.