Monday, October 13, 2008

2008.09.19 Friday

Yum, Friday. Went to a concert tonight, but first a surprise for a special someone. Took Kelc to Bennigan's. You've read correctly ladies and gentlemens. The Lakeline location is still open and churning up a good country chicken wrap, and warm pretzel turkey sandwich. Our waitress looked like Shawn Johnson, that awesome gymnast from the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
We headed downtown to La Zona Rosa to catch the concert. They opened with (and I could be wrong) I Hate Kate, then Cory Lamb, then Thriving Ivory (they stole the show, in my opinion), and the headliner Secondhand Serenade. According to Kelc, Secondhand played the same setlist; I think that is semi-lame, but he definitely did a good job singing. His inter-song lines could use some work though :-P
Came back home to start watching The Big Lebowski, but we just couldn't handle that much awesomeness in one night. Another time...

Concert - I Hate Kate, Cory Lamb, Thriving Ivory, Secondhand Serenade - La Zona Rosa

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