Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wrapping up my 2015

I fell behind on my blogging.  Took multiple months for somebody to say something (thanks Kelc) then another month or two for the next person to notice (the Happy Couple™).

I don't really blame anybody for not reading anymore.  My writing slowly transitioned into a really monotonous, almost robotic, data collection.  The only nice thing about being boring-and-diligent was that I could search back through the blog to figure out when something happened, or where I have been.  That's great... if I actually went places and did things.  Soooo yeah I've been pretty boring lately.  I feel like I'm getting old.  Things just don't sound fun anymore, or worth the effort.

  • On the work side of life, I started the year working on a high visibility project, then transitioned to driving the software development on another high visibility + short schedule project, all while multi-tasking another solo development effort.  Obviously I'm going to be ambiguous with my descriptions, the rest would bore you to death.  I've been at the same company for a while now, seeing people come and go, mostly go.
  • On the school side of life, I took a class between Jan and May, and then another between Aug and Dec.  Both classes ended up being more time-intensive than originally planned.  They weren't exactly challenging with the content, just lots of manual work.  In theory, I have completed all the necessary classes for the program, but I have yet to receive confirmation on that.
  • On the family side of life, I lost my last grandparent :( my slightly-younger-than-me cousin got married, the Happy Couple™ moved out of state for greater things, my brother and sis-in-law got a house and a puppy, and my sister and bro-in-law traveled the world and lost a cat.  Kelc hosted another annual murder mystery party, also traveled the world, stood in her Lindsey and Jon's wedding, and performed the wedding of Michael and Taylor.
  • On the health side of life, I have given up coffee and soda, and only unintentionally get caffeine from chocolate, which is also infrequent.  I don't drink much in general, other than trying a sip of other's drinks.  I can't even remember the last time I drank an entire beer.  I've been getting better about putting time in at the gym, but the results are dismal.  I've been slowly incorporating sushi into my diet, and trying to eat clean in general.  I definitely feel better when I eat healthy.  I started seeing a chiropractor, with positive results in relieving chronic aching and fixing the curves in my spine.  I know that the chiropractic industry is seen as "hokey" by a good portion of the medical industry, and sure it might not work for everybody.  A spot in my mid-upper back was consistently tender, and ached pretty bad (especially after a jog).  Turns out all the muscles in the area were constantly constricted trying to keep the joint from moving.  Us bipedal creatures are meant to move.

Now, to turn things into something a bit more engineering-like.  I spent a majority of the year using a time tracking application on my old-school smart phone.  This is a pretty cool little app, as you can make tasks and sub-tasks, helping to organize everything.  It actually works out really well for the way things happen at work. To be a bit more precise, I tracked between March 2nd and December 31st (304 days, or 7296 hours).

First up, I spent 2371.5 hours in bed.  Now that isn't necessarily sleeping time, as I tend to watch some TV or play a little on the phone before getting tired.  This averages out to about 7.8 hours every night, not bad.

If I'm spending 7.8 hours in bed every day, then that means I have 16.2 hours to work with for the rest of the day. Turns out, on average I spend over an hour every day driving.  Yuck.  There is a huge category of "unaccounted", which is a polite way of saying that I wasn't tracking anything during this time.  I know for sure that some of that unaccounted time should be in the work category, but fell out probably due to me deleting projects/tasks in the program.  There are also times when I forget to start tracking when starting to commute, exercise, or doing homework for short periods of time.  This pie graph is a mediocre visualization of where my time goes, but spreads everything across the entire time period.  For instance, my work time tracked likely falls only between Monday and Friday, but the below graph showing ~36.6% would have you believe that I spend ~5.93 hours every day working, which obviously doesn't make sense.  Similarly, yardwork is usually a chunk of time just spent on Saturday xor Sunday.

If anybody wants other analysis of the data, just let me know what you would like to see and I'll make it happen.  The "unaccounted" category is pretty alarming to me, as it definitely does not feel like I have that much free time.  Maybe I can track time spent on various forms of entertainment.  I definitely waste time surfing the internet, playing video games, and watching tv/movies/netflix.  Who knows, maybe that time will go to a pet.

"News" of 2015

Since my blog has been degrading over the last few years, I decided to do something a bit different that might be more interesting to read.  Over the course of this year, I have been keeping track of various news topics that is I felt were getting an greater than usual amount of coverage or attention.

Looking back, some of these stories were probably deserving of the coverage, and some were clearly just "news" in attempt to get people outraged.  It's weird to look back on this and how irrelevant some of these are, or or quickly everybody just forgot about it.

Thank me for not making this a shitty slideshow that you have to click through.

Terrorist shooting in Paris at a magazine office, killing numerous staff at Charlie Hebdo.

Deflategate.  Patriots are cheaters (along with all NFL teams) and were called out on under-inflated balls, supposedly giving an extra advantage.

Super Mega Blizzard hits area of country that normally gets hit by winter storms, State of Emergency declared before storm hits.

Disney Land and other parts of the country are having outbreaks of measles because some people are afraid of vaccines.  Luckily this appears to be over.

Nobody can believe that a football team might do a passing play from the 1-yard line.

A movie released made from a book that was an adaptation/fan-fiction version of a teeny-bopper book.  50 Shades of Grey, which could be described as a porno disguised as film/literature. released just in time for Valentine's Day.  Make sure you give thanks if you forced your significant other in to this.

ISIS burns a guy alive.  Media emphasizing the event to make lots of people upset.

Everybody is colorblind and can't agree on the colors of a fucking dress.  I still cannot believe how crazy this was.

Net Neutrality was passed, some big companies put out bitter statements, while smaller companies put out statements of joy and welcome.  People on the internet say the war has just begun.

Waco biker gang shooting happens at a restaurant, lots of people killed and injured.  Media spinning this to have people outraged at biker gangs, or outraged at SWAT/police, or outraged at the coverage by the media.  Outrages for everybody.

Hefty storms rolling through Texas, now dubbed the "Memorial Day Floods".  Tons of water falling from the skies at a higher rate than the landscape can handle.  Lots of damages.  On the plus side, the lakes are getting back to normal levels.

Lake Levels of the previous 5 years

I probably spend too much time surfing the internet, and one of the portals I frequent is reddit.  Early June, reddit decided it was time to start rolling out subreddit bans for "behavior" issues.  Tons of people are threatening to leave the site.  (Many do end up leaving.)  Many people openly expressing how much they hate the subreddit that hates on _____.  I really don't get this, as I see hate as hate.  You can't fix hate with hate.  Furthermore, suppressing thoughts and ideas is seen as terrorism when it is an attempt to shut down a magazine (see above), but seen as heroism when shutting down a website.  I don't get it.

Cobra loose in Austin... then found dead.

Jared accused of inappropriate conduct related to pornography and children.  Further solidifying his fade into obscurity.

Amazon Prime Day was hyped as "a new black Friday" and turned out to be a garage sale of junk, with little or no discernible discount.  I didn't actually participate; part of my gut instinct to go against the norm.

News journalists killed during live reporting by crazy person.

Irving student gets taken out of school due to electronics project, also called "bomb clock".  (Hey, I have that NASA shirt too!)  Student is non-white, allowing the media to latch on and turn this into a racism/stereotyping event, but also a safety-for-everybody-always thing.   The part that upsets me the most is the lack of understanding of electronics.

Dog bites unattended child. "Irresponsible parents" want dog put down.  "Animal activists" want parents put down.

Black female student gets pulled out of her chair aggressively by a white male cop.  We are presented a whopping 15 second video, and get to judge and analyze the entire situation.  People upset about police brutality, and violence in schools.  Yay everybody, let's get outraged.

The media tells us ISIS brings down a flight, attacks France.  France sends missiles to ISIS.  Merry Christmas.

A person that the majority of humans will never interact with, announces on TV that he has had HIV for years (but not AIDS). People have no sympathy and start the blame game.

San Bernardino experienced a mass shooting at a company holiday party.  First reaction is to play the blame game (guns, FBI, encryption(?), mental illness, Obama, etc.)  Obama actually made a public statement in response to this because of all the outrage. -- I personally tried to really get away from the media around this time, as I was wrapping up class and work projects, eliminating anything that wasn't crucial to life.  It is highly likely that there is a ton of misinformation going around.

That wraps up everything that I got wind of.  There are likely missed stories as you can see from the gaps in dates... or maybe outrageous news is seasonal... or maybe the media floods us with junk news to hide the real good stuff.

What do you remember from 2015?
Do you think any of the above stories are worthy of our history books?
Have I made a good argument for turning off the TV and getting some fresh air?

Saturday, July 18, 2015

2015 Week 27 (28-04)

Not much ending the weekend


Went in to the doctor to check out my throat.  Not strep.

Stayed at home to prevent transmissions, if possible.


Off today.  Errands and chores, mostly took it easy.

Out at the lakehouse to enjoy the 4th.  Lots of people hanging around and enjoying the boat.  Kelc ended up crashing pretty hard, so we stayed around and watched fireworks, and made a fire for s'mores.

2015 Week 26 (21-27)

Watched a ton of The Jinx, completing it.  Then watched a Dateline that filled in some gaps.
Went to Chicken Express, HEB, and grilled up some food in between episodes.

Just about all of these days were typical "work".  We had some higher-ups come to see how things were going.  Same ol' same old.  There were a few times were I had to chime in as well, cool to have everybody listening to what I have to say without having to be formal about it.

Mark injured himself, so I went to go see how he was doing one of the evenings.

Brother stopped by to pick up the pressure washer.

Looked kinda gloomy early, so I passed on mowing and vacuumed instead.  Eventually the sun came out and I did actually mow the yard.  It was gross humid, not much wind, and sun beating down.

Watched Bruno; it was hilarious.  Watched Parallels, kinda weird and funny, but kinda not a complete movie.  Pretty sure they planned that to be a start of a series, kind of like Battlestar Galactica.

2015 Week 25 (14-20)

Celebratory brunch


Follow-up eye appointment, errands, then work


Week wrap up

Played around with new toy (vacuum cleaner).  House is extra clean and air filtered now.  Pretty sure I'm getting old when a new vacuum is exciting and fun.

Spent the evening doing yardwork since I wont be wanting to tomorrow.

PEC Annual Meeting
Lunch with parents
Stopped by Sears to gift.

2015 Week 24 (07-13)


Cut the yard later in the day
Cooked up some veggies

Happy b-day to me.  To celebrate, I will go to the eye doctor for some discomfort.

Half-watched Europa Report and ate some Taco Shack.

Watched three episodes of Black Mirror with Kelc.  Pretty awesome.

Woke up in the middle of the night.  Body is rejecting whatever I ate.

Still recovering from stomach problems.

Back to work.  Felt waves of crappy, but better than previous days.

12. Friday
Ready for the weekend. Totally drained.

2015 Week 23 (31-06)

Errands, and preparing for the upcoming week.



Worked a short day to try and beat traffic home.  Only sort of worked.  Picked up a tux for this weekend's events.

Ready for the weekend, and also not ready.

Ran some errands, a few for M+T to prepare for wedding events.

Wedding day!  Long one, but good one.

Friday, June 5, 2015

2015 Week 22 (24-30)

Kelc back home safe and sound.  She went over roughly have of her vacation, then shifted gears to getting caught up on Game of Thrones.  Priorities...right.






Yardwork and chores.  My left eye is starting to feel weird.  Looks like it got scratched, but kind of also like I'm getting pink eye.  Hopefully I don't lose it.

2015 Week 21 (17-23)

Getting ready for another work week






Crazy storms.  Kelc to be arriving tomorrow.

2015 Week 20 (10-16)

Continued various projects




(work) Spent some time with brother-in-law.  Went out to Freebirds for grub.

I started getting into the habit of picking up food to eat, instead of cooking stuff myself.  Not exactly healthy, but it prevents leftovers.

Yardwork and continued projects.  Rainy weather around.

2015 Week 19 (03-09)

Getting ready for another work week.

Lots of changes happening at work.  Which leaves me in a less wordy, less active mood by the time I get a chance to sit at a computer with free time.




Kelc leaves for South America.  That means I get to take care of the cat all by myself...oh wait, that's not different.

Doing random stuff around the house, plus working on a side project of detailing a car.

2015 Week 18 (26-2)

26. Sunday
Woke up and watched some 3rd Rock From the Sun.  Kelc went to a dog festivity today.  I spent a good chunk of the day doing some overdue spring cleaning.  Took a few breaks to play games.

I went grocery shopping later on. Came home and cooked up some roasted veggies and prepared a few work lunches.

27. Monday

28. Tuesday

29. Wednesday
Stopped by HEB on the way home for a few things.

30. Thursday

01. Friday
Took Kelc out to Chili's because I kept driving by and thinking about skillet queso.  Staff was super nice, food was mediocre at best.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.

02. Saturday
Ran a bunch of errands today. Felt accomplished, but drained.

2015 Week 17 (19-25)

19. Sunday
Took care of a bunch of yardwork activities.  Somehow convinced Kelc to help out a bit, and get some sun exposure.  Later I would see that I should have offered sun screen.

PDQ for late lunch

Worked on Final Exam most of the evening

20. Monday
Full day of work, then some wrap-up of a Final Exam.

21. Tuesday
Another full day of work.  Weird going home and not having a homework assignment looming over me.

22. Wednesday
Work.  Skipped trivia and went straight home.  Got some new toys in the mail.  A sort of early gift to myself for getting through another class.

23. Thursday
Wrapping up the work week.  Ended up staying a bit later than expected.

24. Friday
Did some heavy-duty cleaning of the house.
Picked up Kelc for lunch at Pei Wei.

25. Saturday
First order of business today is to get the hazardous materials stuff over to the city collection. The line was long by the time I got there, still haven't figured out how to time that.
I worked on the yard after I got home.  It was a beautiful day out so I had to take advantage of it.  I stayed mostly in the shade, trimmed up the trees and random stuff.

Went inside, ate a late lunch and watched The Dark Knight, because why not.  By the time that was over, it was late afternoon / evening.  Time for me to go at the yard with a mower.

Cleaned up and took Kelc to Schlotzsky's for dinner.

2015 Week 16 (12-18)

Worked on a chunk of homework

Things are a bit crazy at work.  Went out for dinner with some visiting customers.  Delicious meal.

Made sure to finish up homework before committing.

Another crazy hectic day.

Things starting to settle down a bit.  Went to Trivia; contributed nothing.

Finding a new groove.

Wrapping up the work week.  Actually able to get out of the office early.  Ran a quick errand, then home.  Heated up some leftovers, then played some games with Kelc while it rained outside.

Gloomy most of the day.

Rained really hard in the late evening

2015 Week 15 (05-11)

Easter meal with family.

Home late, quick dinner then bed.

I'm starting to fall behind on blog updates.  Life is not all that exciting to share, or if it is I don't want to.

Worked late, going home late, eat taco bell for dinner.

Grabbed some bbq for lunch today.



Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Week 14 (29-04)

Homework, Errands, Little bit of yardwork.

Long work day. Finished up last bits of homework.

Long work day.

Long work day.

Long work day.

Long work day.

Did stuff around the house, watched most of As Good As It Gets, per recommendation from a co-worker.  Had some friends over to play games and hang out.

2015 Week 13 (22-28)

Worked on homework.

Work, and finished up some homework

At this point in the work week I realized why my hours seemed so low... because I totally wasn't here on Friday.  I tried compensating by extending my work days a bit.

Long work day, no trivia for me.

Worked a really long day, glad to put a bow on the end of this week.

Glad to have a day off.  Got a haircut and did various chore things around the house.

Pulled some weeds in the backyard, then decided to do some oil changes on the mowers and bag the rest of the growth.  Ended up mowing the whole yard and crunching through leaves.

Went to Baskin & Robins for dessert.  Watched some Arrested Development, then bed.

Went for a bike ride with Kelc to try out biking to work.  It went...okay.  Saw Ryan on the way back, HEY RYAN.  Hadn't seen him in such a long time, good to know he is doing alright.  Chatted with my neighbor for a bit too.  Good to know he is alright as well.

2015 Week 12 (15-21)

Grumpy getting up, but everybody else was already awake.
Breakfast at diner, then on the road home, tires sounding pretty worn.

Home, homework, veggie dinner, more homework.
Topped off the night with some entertainment, then bedtime.

Tire shop, then work, then homework, then home (late).

Long work day.

Long work day.

Worked a really long day, partially because I had stuff to do, and partially because I didn't want to use my vacation time tomorrow.  It is nice working at a place that has that kind of flexibility.

Did stuff around the house, packed up, then headed off to Murchison.  Lindsey and Jon are getting married today.

The drive on I-35 sucked, the other half was super smooth.

Storm is definitely rolling in.  Had to roll with plan B during the wedding.  The celebration was very similar to the previous wedding I had attended, just a bit smaller.

Woke up late, quick breakfast at the hotel, then on the road back home.  Again, traffic on I-35 sucked.

2015 Week 11 (08-14)

House starting to smell better.

Kelc arrived home earlier than expected.  I spent most of the day cranking through the midterm.  I don't think the professor tried working through the exam prior to assigning it, because there a few places where not enough information was provided.  Maybe I am expecting too much of grad school.

Worked a mostly normal day, except stopping a bit early to finish up some loose ends on the exam.  Yeah so the professor decides to give more information the day the exam is due and thinks everything is ok.  I guess that sucks for anybody who started early and didn't get all the necessary information.  Procrastination pays off every time.

Worked a long day.  Chatted with Kelc at home about stupid work things.

Worked another long day.  No trivia for me

Worked another long day.

Woke up late. Worked on my off Friday to clean up some messes

Home late, packed up the car and clothes

Up at a reasonable hour, finished packing and breakfasting, then on the road

Made it to conroe in good time. Chilled for a bit, then over to the Wedding.

Back late, tired.

2015 Week 10 (01-07)

Worked on HW most of the day.  Ordered some pizza for dinner because I didn't feel like going to HEB or cooking anything

Worked long day.  Trying out a time tracker on my phone, just so I can quantify time spent on things.

Finished up HW assignment late into the evening.

Worked long day

Worked long day.  Cold front and possibility of ice coming through.  Picked up taco bell for dinner, then bed time.

Tried working from home in the morning, but had trouble connecting.

Eventually went in.  Doesn't seem terribly cold out, or icy, or wet.  Not sure what the fuss is all about, but it was enough to keep kids home.

Another work day, left late.

Home, relaxing some while I can.

Spent most of the day cleaning the house because it still smelled like smoke from the potato fire.  I think I may have to just replace the microwave altogether.  Wiped down cabinets, mopped, washed curtains, tried aroma tablets in the humidifier, and lots of airflow.

Started working on my midterm and played some L4D2 to get a break.

2015 Week 9 (22-28)

Brunch with family, worked on hw most of the day

Work, finished up hw, taco bell, home late

Had to wrap up the pipes outside since we are hitting freezing temps again.  Played a bit of L4D2 before going to bed.

Work.  Grocery store, goober suprised me there.
Cooked veggies and played a game with Kelc, then bedtime.

Work.  Actually went to trivia, did mediocre.
Ate a few leftovers, then played a little, then bed.

Woke up with a grumpy tummy. In work later than usual.

Ran a few errands.

Cooked up some chicken wings and mac+cheese for dinner.  Wings didn't come out as great as I imagined, but they were still edible.

Watched some Bill Burr on Netflix

Performed a somewhat large Netflix marathon of The Office.  Took care of random stuff around the house, like putting up and ironing curtains, fixing up a cast iron pan, vacuuming.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2015 Week 8 (15-21)

Worked on homework for a good chunk of the day.

Cooked up a bison steak dinner with Kelc

Got to work late, so I departed late.  Stopped by TacoB on the way home, ate quickly, then worked on homework until late in the night.

Worked longer day, finishing up some homework.

Finished audiobook of Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman. Not sure what book to start next.

In work a bit later because Kelc's schedule shifted around a bit.
Left work late. Started an audiobook of John Dies At The End on my way home.  At some leftovers and played a bit of L4D2 before jumping in bed.

Worked another long day.
Enjoying the new audiobook for my commute.
Cooked myself dinner and cleaned up dishes.

Another long day. Left late.

Cooked up some veggies for dinner, watched some AFV, Demetri Martin standup, and Arrested Development.

Kevin stopped by with friends to pick up CAH.

Enjoyed the weather by doing some yardwork.  Raked up some leaves in the front yard, pulled some weeds all over, and threw down a light sprinkling of fertilizer.

Played a bunch of L4D2 late into the night.

2015 Week 7 (08-14)

Worked another long day.  Kelc made it home safely.

Worked long day. Stayed late finishing a homework assignment, found out it got extended to Wednesday.

Worked a long day.
Stopped by HEB for goodies
Mark came over for dinner, Kelc decided she wanted to cook today, lots of miscommunication, but everything worked out.

Watched a couple episodes of Arrested Development

Work long day
Tail end of trivia, team got first.
Home, leftovers and AFV, then bedtime.

Worked another long day (sigh)
Home, ready for weekend

Cleaned up around the house and did some yardwork.  Feels great to not be at work.

Washed my car, took forever but looks pretty sweet.  I tried out the random orbital polisher I got for xmas, and found it to not really change my clearcoat all that much.  It's not like I had a ton of weathering or swirl marks anyways.

Oh, I guess it's Valentine's day.  Ends up being just another day anyways, so I don't know why I bother recognizing it.

2015 Week 6 (01-07)

Woke up around 5am from being very uncomfortable.  Something in my stomach was not sitting well, and I couldn't tell which end it was wanting to use for evacuation.  I ended up losing a few pounds by sitting on the porcelain throne, other evacuation paths remained unused, although they felt like they could be used at any moment.

Tried to be functional

Today was just off.  Work was dysfunctional due to meetings, weather delays, power outages, and distractions.

Tried shopping at Costco and got denied at the register.  Guess they don't want my business after all.

Worked a long day.  Mostly productive.

Stopped by HEB before going home to pick up some goodies.  Cooked a quick meal and cranked through some lectures for class.

Worked another longer day.  At home I cooked up some veggies for dinner, then installed a aftermarket heatsink/fan in my desktop.  It the first time for me to have aftermarket cpu cooling since i had a Pentium4 3.0ghz HT in the ~2005 time range... so a decade ago. Crazy.

Tried playing some L4D2, but I kept getting randomly thrown into campaigns that were near complete or complete.

Worked a long day.  Ate some leftovers at home, and watched 3 episodes of Arrested Development Season 3 with Kelc.  Played some L4D2, then watched Habs play some L4D2 using ridiculous techniques.

Worked another long day.

Kelc left fo Geek Bowl in NM.  I listened to a bunch of an audiobook while installing a second heatsink/fan.  I started getting some odd video driver issues after installing it.

Woke up and figured I may have not fully installed the video card, so it's getting intermittent connectivity, and freaking out the driver.  Shoved that into the slot more, and reverted drivers and uninstalled sw.  Seems to be stable now.  Annoying.

Worked a long day.  Started off with some Torchy' Breakfast Tacos.  Didn't really need to eat much for the rest of the day because of that.

Home.  Listened to more audio book and hooked up a computer in the bedroom.  I was able to boot it up, then it locked up, and after restarting the hard drive never came back.  Wtf.

2015 Week 5 (25-31)

Did various things around the house.  Kelc's new furniture is nice, but the people who put it together are dolts.

Watched some lectures for school.  Worked on homework, and actually was able to get most of it done.

Went grocery shopping, then ate leftovers from H-town.

Pro Bowl.  I kinda enjoy this game.

Back to work, although maybe a tad late getting in.

Left work late, then wrapped up some homework and cooked dinner.  Then some paperwork and L4D2.

Tried something new this morning: fruit smoothie for the trip in to work, with a waffle.

Worked a semi-longer day.

Home, did a bunch of reading *gasp* and checked back on how the xbox emulation scene is coming along.  (Spoiler, the xbox emulation scene hasn't moved much at all.)  Kitty had an operation today; they put her out, cleaned her teeth, and removed a cyst that was just an unusual bubble on her head.  She seems pretty out of it, and totally doesn't like the cone.

Did my fruit smoothie thing in the morning again.  Ended up making a small mess.  I'll need to refine this process before full adoption takes place.

Work.  Mostly uneventful, except for the part where I went to fly a quadcopter outside.  Also stayed later than normal.

Getting shit done today
A/C Inspection Appointment, cooked soup, moved clothes to new bedroom set, dusted the common areas, cleaned up my desk area a tad, picked up some oil and performed an oil change, rotated my tires.

Watched Transcendence in the evening with Kelc.

Watched a ton of The Office (UK) all day.  Actually finished the series.

Picked up some Pei Wei for dinner.  Kelc and I watched a ton of Arrested Development Season 3, with the intent on actually getting through Season 4 sometime soon.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 Week 4 (18-24)

Cooked up some tasty cinnamon bread stuff for breakfast (not exactly healthy, but tasty).  Then watched a 9-11 truth/conspiracy film on Netflix, then watched last night's Saturday Night Live episode.

Disappointed about the Seahawks making it to the Super Bowl.  Then disappointed about the Patriots making it to the Super Bowl.  I guess that's a fitting end to this football season, eh?

Spent some time back at Pop's house to check out some fishing gear and things as of lately.

Mostly normal day of work.  Home later, Kelc made some food for dinner.  Watched a few episodes of Friends, played some games, then bedtime.  Have to admit it's nice coming home to food.

Went to an Eye appointment this morning.  At the point where the eye doctor is talking about various stuff, my phone started exploding with text messages.  I wrapped up, then headed out to my car and checked the messaged.  Turns out my grandmother has passed on.  Disappointing to hear, but I can't say that I'm all that surprised; things had been teetering for a while now.

Ended up going to work anyways, the funeral and stuff will need to be planned out.  I worked later than I wanted to, because everybody decided to hang out while I was debugging some stuff.

Picked up Kelc, then over to the parent's house to talk about plans and get a bite.

Home, sleep

Crappy weather out.  Went to work for about a half day.

Home, packed up, moved furniture, cleaned up.

Picked up bro and sis-in-law, then drove to Houston.

Up early.  Had a delicious breakfast, then mostly sat around all day.

Drove Kelc to walmart to get some leg things, then had lunch at James Coney Island.

Met up with the family at the funeral home.  Tons of flower arrangements, tons of people I don't know, lots of waiting around.  We had a few family members speak during the funeral, and that was probably the hardest part to make it through.

Home late, hungry, tired.

Up early again.  Quick breakfast then off to the church for mass.  I was a pallbearer, along with 5 more of us.  Unfortunately that means we sit off by ourselves in church, and it became quite obvious that we were rusty with how the church routines go.

Procession to the cemetery,  taking her to her final resting place.  Outside was cold and wet, but that didn't matter too much.

Back to the church for a lunch gathering, cleanup, then back to grandma's house for pictures.

Then back to the rental home. Played a few games, chit-chatted, then bedtime.

Up semi-early.  Picked up all my junk and packed the car. Pumped up the tires just in case.

Drove home without any issues.  Picked up chicken express for lunch.  My house was a bit of a mess.  Smelled like cat pee and trash.

Cleaned up and watched some x-games.

2015 Week 3 (11-17)

More football

Kelc is cooking more often.  It's weird.

Looked up some info about class.

Work long day

Went over to Hab+Tay's to watch the first National Championship game that was from a playoff bracket.  Not terribly into it, but somewhat entertaining.  Unfortunately a bracket doesn't guarantee that the games you watch will be good, or that the best team comes out on top.

Dentist appointment for a cavity.  Most of the time was spent waiting around.  The operation itself was relatively quick, and they even let me watch some Transformer movie that I didn't recognize at all.

Then off to work for a chunk of the day.

Home, ate the best bison steak I've ever made.  Totally perfect. Hooked up a replacement hard drive to get that ball rolling.

Worked late into the evening

Trivia, late because the wait staff was a bit overwhelmed.

Had to stop at Sonic, ended up with mediocre food. (kinda cold and bland)

Wrapping up this short work week.  Feeling accomplished, yet not at the same time.  I've been working on a chunk of code for a while now, and I feel like I should have been done a few weeks ago, but the time just keeps zooming by.

Took care of stuff and ran errands today.  Finished up a gift card, got some supplies, and tried out Bush's Chicken.  I don't know why, but Kelc does not like it.

Cooked up another bison steak for lunch, but this time with green beans and mashed potatoes.  It was good, just not as good as Tuesday's steak.  Hard to repeat perfection, especially when I'm out of practice.

Went for a walk to Walgreen's, took the quadcopter for a flight through the park.

Kelc went to go watch a movie.  I stayed at home and played games and did a few random project things.  I'm trying to convert a wallclock record that Kelc got me back into being an actual vinyl record, but the adhesive on the numbers she uses is stubborn.  The back side sounds nearly flawless.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 Week 2 (04-10)

Playoffs are less exciting now.  Played some L4D2 later.

Ah yes, back to this...grind.  Worked a semi-long day.

Home, quick leftover consumption.  Some researching into music, a few games, then off to bed.

More work.

Errands, more music research, a little more gaming, then bed.

Worked a longer day.

Trivia, smaller team than usual.  I helped out a tad.  We made it to the bonus/tie-breaker round.

Home, sleep.


Costco trip

Home, leftovers and recorded tv shows

Worked a longer day, but luckily working for next week.

Home, Umiya for sushi dinner.

Back home and watched the tale-end of a documentary about a crazy mom who likely killed the father, then herself and the child.  Go go legal system failure.

Weekend! Mostly just watched Football

2015 Week 1 (01-03)

Decided I'm going to try out something a bit different this year.  Instead of having ~365 posts throughout the year with nothing all that exciting to say, I'm switching to week-sized bursts.  Maybe I'll be more consistent with weekly distribution, but maybe not.  We'll see.   I expect the word-count per post to be a little higher.

Weird to have a New Year start on a Thursday.  My brain kept mixing up what day it actually was.  Didn't really do all that much today, but glad I didn't have to go in to work.

Kelc had to go back to work.  Tee Hee.

We met up for lunch at Taco Shack.  Been a while since I've been able to eat there since they stopped being open for dinner.

Went over to Korey and Lyle's later to watch first round of college playoffs.  Apparently this is such a momentous occasion that I will be telling my grand-kids about how "back in my day we didn't have playoffs"... ok ...

Got a computer and printer talking.

Watched some football at Korey and Lyle's place with the Steeler gang.  Kelc was unusually grumpy with me for no reason.  That's fine, guess I don't really need to watch the game anyways.

Home late.

2014.12.31 Wednesday

Finishing up the year with some work.  Weather seems like it's going to be getting cold tonight, maybe even icy.

Went over to C+E's to hang and bring in the new year.

2014.12.30 Tuesday

Worked a longer day.  Tried to stay on target for a full work day, but it's a challenge.

Home, put away dishes.

Gave my work keyboard and mouse a bath.

Worked on a puzzle and jammed out to some tunes.

2014.12.29 Monday

Slept in, got in to work late.

Left normal-ish time.

Home, ate some leftover soup.

Put together an F-22 model.

Watched the UT vs. Arkansas game, poor UT. Oh well, bowl is better than no bowl... right? ... right?

Worked on a puzzle with Kelc, then played some Contagion with peeps online, in bed late.

2014.12.28 Sunday

Watched random NFL games throughout the day.

Finished up the Millennium Falcon model.

Grocery shopping with Kelc.

Steelers vs Bengals with the ladies.

Played some Contagion online, not sure what is going on yet.  The game has a much darker feel and also has a clumsiness to make things realistic/difficult.

2014.12.27 Saturday

Watched some X-Games and Red Bull stuff that was on tv.  People are crazy, riding down mountains.

Took pictures of some furniture I'd like to sell.

Started working on a tiny millennium falcon model and jammed out to some JT.

2014.12.26 Friday

Drove around to a bunch of stores to see what was available at a "discount" from the holiday. Picked up a few things, but mostly underwhelmed.  Maybe the stores aren't really discounting much because they expect people to be doing this...especially since tons of people are doing returns anyways.

Fixed up things around the house.

Had Kelc's friends over to celebrate the holidays and play games.

2014.12.25 Thursday

Spent most of the day out at the lakehouse.  Opened a few gifts, watched gifts being opened.

Played more games and ate some food.

Watched some Mean Girls, then drove home to make sure kitty was alright.  She was a bit grumpy.

2014.12.24 Wednesday

Worked from home.  Not too many people were at work anyways.

Waited for kitty to come home.  Got a package late in the evening. Cool.

Drove out to the lakehouse to play games and hang with Kelc's family.

2014.12.23 Tuesday

Worked. Left later than I wanted to considering today is kinda like Christmas.

Stopped by home to grab a few things, the over to the parent's place to celebrate our family gift exchange.  Mom and Pop had a few tricks up their sleeves with surprises, plus so much food it was overwhelming.