Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2008.11.25 Tuesday

I woke up this morning to some dude ringing the doorbell every couple of minutes. First thing he said was "err uhh uhh ummmmm uhh uh do you speak Spanish?" Sorry buddy, I took French in high school. I was told more places in the world speak French anyways. Could be wrong, but I still feel like French is a prettier language than Spanish (and yes, I just said prettier). When I think of Spanish speaking, I think of those raunchy soap-operas on telemundo and the like.

Anyways, the guy was trying to do some grout work in my bathroom. My dad has been remodeling and updating my bathroom so that sorta made sense. I called up my dad, and the guy was supposed to have come yesterday... and my dad already did his work for him... goodbye dude.

I spent the day working mostly on one problem of that take-home exam, and finishing up the code to that lab.

I made a grilled-turkey sandwich. It was just like a grilled cheese sandwich, but had turkey instead of cheese. There should be a name for that; it was pretty good. Whenever I say "grilled-turkey", it sounds like the turkey is what is getting grilled, but it's really just the bread.

I did some tasks around the house, and cleaned up my room some. Kelc tried to sneak up on me, but I caught on to her game. She's home for the holidays, and I get to go to school tomorrow.

2008.11.24 Monday

School. This week should be fun, right?

Classes were alright. I spent my evening working on a take-home exam and a lab that I couldn't finish last week.

I wasn't able to finish that exam, so I'm taking the day off of work tomorrow. That's what I'm really excited about.

Monday, November 24, 2008

2008.11.23 Sunday

Another week has begun. At least Sunday has football on all day. I really will be depressed once football season is over.

Kelc and I spent the night at my house again. Quite unusual. My pops made some chili, that of which we consumed quite happily. Then we headed over to Kelc's. There we watched some TV and football. Eventually, Kelc started reading a book that she has been working on the past week or so. Apparently, the book was banned from libraries at some point. It talks about a boy having wet dreams and his friend stealing all the time. I played some GH2 and made some snowflakes.

I worked on my take-home-exam some too... bleh.

Later on, we took Kip out for a walk and played some baskteball. Then went out to Bennigan's for some delicious foods. Kelc practiced a presentation in front of me that she will be giving tomorrow (good luck babe). We got caught up with The Office and not too long after, we called it a night.

2008.11.22 Saturday

The day was half gone by the time Kelc and I woke up. The remodeling in my bathroom that my dad warned me about being noisy was already complete.

I sat around and watched some football, then played Ace Combat, Geometry Wars, and Hexic. Hexic has a few modes, and one of them was too freaking long. I think it was survival mode, but you should try them out and see what I mean.

Later we went over to Kelc's to work on homework/take-home-exams. I actually made a good chunk of progress on my take home exam, but there is still a good chunk of stuff that I don't understand; essentially I just did the easy stuff. We took a break to pick up some Rudy's BBQ for Kelc's-Mom's Birthday; Happy Birthday Sharon. We then ate the food and watched the OU vs Texas Tech game.

Is there a doctor in the house? Texas Tech needs to go into surgery, because they got TORE UP.

Later, I went looking at some apartments that I was hoping to move into, and then ran into some more buddies I knew. Happy Birthday Habibi. Go get some fresh air.

2008.11.21 Friday

Finishing up the week... multiple assignments due. Funtastic. Acoustics isn't that bad, DSP is that bad. Oh well, partial credit is your friend.

Kelc came into town today. I set up the XB360 in my room on my 1080p TV to check out how everything looks and performs. I feel like my TV doesn't have that 'lag' like most other LCD TVs do, and I have audio being sent over optical to my speaker system, which is awesome.

Kelc and I went out to TacoC after other dinner plans kinda dissolved. Later we headed out to a party and caught up with some friends. Happy birthday Chris. I'd like to go ahead and take some credit for Ray, Kelc, some girl, and I for keeping that fire going for most of the night. The Boy Scout in me wanted to keep that going. Took Chad home, and went to my house to slumber. Once we got home, we noticed how our clothes smelt like campfire... sweet.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

2008.11.20 Thursday

Interesting turn of events. Woke up late courtesy of the snooze button. Somehow I was ready to go in 10 mins and shot out the door.

Work was alright. I still was not able to resolve the issues I was having with the software I'm working with. There's still one missing piece to this puzzle, and it shall soon be mine.

I spoke to Chris on the phone, congratulations on making it into the music program. Matt also texted me, congratulations to him on getting accepted to graduate school. To celebrate, I made myself some tortellini and chowed down. (Meal ended up providing roughly 1200 calories, 130g of carbs, 30g of fat, and 32g of protein)

Since then, I've been cracking down on homework. The homework assignments are severely unfair to those who have had no quality 313 background, and some matlab background.


2008.11.19 Wednesday

'Twas a long school day. DSP class was alright, Gov quiz was invigorating, and Acoustics was enjoyable. Usually, my day would be over after that, but Wednesday has the privilege of including an evening lab. My partner and I got a huge portion of the code written, but before we were 'allowed' to test any of the code, we had to write hundreds of lines. This pretty much made debugging very difficult, so we used 1.5 hours trying to figure out some anomalies that occurr randomly.

Worked on some acoustics homework and watched It'sAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia with Kelc. Good job on the paper, and don't worry about school so much ma'lady.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2008.11.18 Tuesday

Worked today, not much happened. I hit two new roadblocks, and I kind of left it like that.

When I arrived at home, I studied and ate food. Before bedtime, Kelc and I watched 308 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2008.11.17 Monday

Woke up at 5:30a to drive home. Surprisingly, even after not getting much sleep, I wasn't drowsy at all. Wish that happened more often.

School flew by rather quickly. Nothing noteworthy happened, so I shall spare you the boredom.

Got home and got to work on an assignment, and watched a weird MondayNightFootball game.

Yeah, sometimes I am boring like that.

Monday, November 17, 2008

2008.11.16 Sunday

Shipley's? FOR BREAKFAST!??!? Hellz yea. I got a strawberry-iced and a orange-iced and a chocolate milk. Breakfast of champions.

We spent most of the day just watching football and catching up on school work. Snacked on goldfish until...

Went to Chicken Express for late lunch/dinner. Sarah was actually the mastermind behind dinner. I could not pick anything; everything sounded good, and everything sounded not-good at the same time. After the meal, we headed over to Fayrouz to hookah. Fun! I found out that I really enjoy not even thinking about the week that is coming up, or school in general on Sunday evenings. It was most definitely the best way to deal with the end of the weekend.

When we got back home, Kelc and I realized all the school work that we managed to avoid by going out... whoops. Oh well. Let's see how this week unravels.

2008.11.15 Saturday

Woke up mostly late today. Actually, woke up right before halftime of the Texas v. Kansas game. (Good job Horns!) Went out to lunch with Lindsey and Kelc to Nizza Pizza. The waitress there is definitely lol-tastic.

Later we took a trip over to the mall to shop around and get out. I tried on some shirts for Lindsey's dance people. I did not end up buying anything, but I still enjoyed myself. Later we went home; Kelc and I were trying to think of a restaurant to go out for dinner. We ended up picking On The Border, which ironically, Lindsey and Joshy went to maybe an hour before us. I got a Mojito, and was pretty sloshed, but wanted to keep going.

Went back home, made some drinks and watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, then crashed.

2008.11.14 Friday

Fun day for school. Two HW assignments due, both nearly impossible to complete 100% given the lack of information given. Oh well, it will feel good to just turn them in and stop caring. I'm almost done with college... *sigh*

I drove up to Arlington. Joshy, Kelc and I went to Q-doba (Cordoba?) to get some yummy burritos. I like how they have the options of steak and shreded beef, and also queso as a topping. I still 'chickened' out and didn't get the queso, but next time for sure.

We met up with Lindsey and headed to the movie theaters to see Changeling. I like how the trailers and the synopsis on various websites made the movie seem like it was about something else completely. About an hour and half into the movie, it felt like things were about to end, but NO... the movie was about 2.5 hours long. I guess that is one way to justify the $9.50 tickets (ouch).

Friday, November 14, 2008

2008.11.13 Thursday

C to the R to the A to the W to the F to the I to the S to the H

That's right baby, Crawfish Etoufee at Little Deli. One of the best lunches one could get.

Other things that happened today - not going downtown with work buddies because I have homework (still partially incomplete) - working on a program most of the day, and crashing before being able to save correctly.

I guess that's mostly boring stuff. If you are reading this blog through the newly designed website, good job! If you don't know what I'm talking about, head over to to find out what all the talk is about!

(my site isnt that popular, but it looks cool)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2008.11.12 Wednesday

All around the world, it was a hump-day. Before i went to bed last night, I could tell that this morning was not going to be good -- I was correct. I didn't feel like getting up at all; my legs hate me.

I did some simple leg exercises last night (and other exercises too), and of course my legs hate me the most. I'm pretty sure that I ran around and played football a few times in the past few months without having any cramps/soreness. I could have sprinted really well, but now.. no.

School was alright. Finished up a 3-week-long lab, and then started tackling homework. Speaking of that homework, seems like all the assignments I have cover information that was NOT presented in class. If that isn't a bunch of BS, then I don't know what is.

Now, watching an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with Kelc.

2008.11.11 Tuesday

Another day of being just a gear in a large machine. Work. Went to Popeye's for lunch, scrumptious! When I arrived home, more of my bathroom was missing. The only thing I can do in there now is shower. Yay for minor remodeling. I was able to crank through some homework, but I still have a chunk ahead of me. Oh, and I started making gif's. It funny how there is still argument over how "gif" should be pronounced. Some say "gif" like the peanut-butter 'jif', while others say "gif" like the soft 'g' in 'ghost', giff. What is your take?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2008.11.10 Monday

Alright. Monday is here. At least that means Monday-Night-Football is also here.

Once I got home, a headache started brewing in my noggin. I avoided most of my school work because of the pain, but I still stayed busy.

I'm hoping my work ethic will start spiking when I need it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

2008.11.09 Sunday

Kelc and I woke up and sat around for a bit, then headed off to see her little sis working at Starbucks. Mmm coffee. Then we walked around Target and picked up a nice charger kit for her Zune, and found an amazing child's piano toy but didn't buy it. A lady almost ran us over with her cart (that had a kid in it), but at least said "Sorry, potty emergency".

After that, we went back home to toss the football around for a bit and play with her dog. Then we went to my house to watch some more football and I edited her paper. The Steelers came on, so we went over to her house to watch it with her family.

Later on, we went back to my house, watched some late night football, straightened hair, watched the office, then went to bed. Gonna be a long drive in the morning :-\

2008.11.08 Saturday

Went to the Texas vs. Baylor game with my dad. The game was slightly surprising since Baylor scored a few times on Texas. The game was lacking energy; everybody was probably still asleep at 11am :-P The sun was also brighter than expected, so half of my face is burnt.

Kelc stayed at home doing all kinds of stuff around her house and working on a paper due Mon. Later she came over and we watched some more college football; other games were a bit more exciting in my opinion. Kelc's family cooked a delicious dinner and invited me over to join them. Afterwards, I fell asleep on their couch while Kelc continued to work on that paper.

2008.11.07 Friday

Gov test today. I can't seem to get myself to study anymore, so hopefully whatever information in my head will be enough.

Kelc came to ATX this weekend. She got in later than expected. Both of us were exhausted, so we watched a couple episodes of "It's always sunny in philedelphia" and then took a nap. I straightened her hair too. We drove to TacoB and they turned off their lights as we pulled into the drive-thru... thanks people, it was only 12:52.

Friday, November 7, 2008

2008.11.06 Thursday

Day off of work was nice. Actually, it made the day feel a lot shorter for some reason. Oh well.

I did some loads of laundry and studied most of the daytime. My dad took me out to Thundercloud Subs for lunch.

Later on in the evening, I went to some study sessions for the test I have tomorrow. They were informative and made me feel like the information kinda stuck this time.

Came home, ate some pasta, cooked some pasta stuff, and went back to studying. Pretty boring day; I hope me and Kelc change that by watching some 'It's Always Sunny'.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

2008.11.05 Wednesday

Today was mostly uneventful. Turned in an acoustics assignment that, of course, was extended to Friday. Spent a lot of time in the lab working on a 3-week lab, and have finished 13/14ths of it in two weeks, woo woo!

I spend the rest of the day studying for the Government test and DSP hw. Late last night I watched a really good episode of It's Always Sunny with Kelc.

G'night folks.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2008.11.04 Tuesday

Woke up bright and early for work today. It didn't feel too bad to wake up that early since daylight savings occurred over the weekend.

At work, I got a good chunk of work done. Andy and I went out to lunch at some hole-in-the-wall mexican place, delicious and not that expensive. Greasy food made me sluggish and tired afterwards. I stayed late and cranked out a bit more work since I will not be there Thursday.

I sped home and then went to go vote. Yay voting. Actually, I kinda hate how everybody gets all excited and proclaims "let your voice be heard, go out and vote" but if everybody voted, then it would just show how conflicting everybody's view is. I think the real solution here is to change how people deal with winning or losing.

So Obama won. Excellent. I was not an Obama supporter, but I am a supporter now. The real goal for people should be to get excited about politics and encourage debates, not complain about how bad a politician may be. Let's get excited about the next 4 years, no matter who you were originally supporting.

2008.11.03 Monday

Fun week beginning. School wasn't too bad, though I was exhausted through most of it.

Worked most of the evening on school work to prepare for the end of the week. Glanced up at the Steelers game every now and then, well done players!

Work tomorrow... mmmm.

Monday, November 3, 2008

2008.11.02 Sunday

Woke up grumpy today. Ended up going out to Kelc's lakehouse and getting away from everything. Nice mini-vacation. I was told I'm somewhat mechanically smart, yay. For dinner, we had frozen pizza. The pier that Kevin and I started is getting rather large. Then everybody began collaborating on some projects that should be somewhat challenging, but rewarding.

Ha! Thanks BCS rankings? Texas lost to number 7, and is now ranked number 4.... Tech beat number 1 and is now only number 2. And to think, this year was projected to not be that great for Texas... just think about how awesome next year is going to be.

2008.11.01 Saturday

Woke up late today. Felt good to finally get some continuous hours of sleep. Kelc and I parted ways; she went to watch the leander various cheer and dance squads perform at LHS. I went home and watched some football games and dealt with my phone ringing at inopportune times. Lunch consisted of a frozen pizza that I didn't cook quite long enough, but oh well, I was starving.

Later Kelc and I went over to Justin/Habibi/Travis's and watched the football game. Texas's had a rather disappointing first half offensively and defensively. Second half was better offensively, but the defense just didn't not pick up their game very well. Mistakes happened all over the game, and frankly, it was about time Texas showed that we are not flawless. I could go and on about "if only..." but it doesn't matter anymore. We played a good game. I'm still proud of the team. Texas Tech played a great game and kept us on edge the entire time. At least it's nice that we were beat by somebody in the top 10 and not someone ranked much lower.

Later, everybody met up at the yellow-house party. I had a fantastic time. Katie really could have killed somebody, Justin was a rock star, Habibi was about to take flight, Travis was doing ollies over everybody, Ray was the scariest comedian, Taylor was a creep rocker, Marisa was animated, Andrea was from a different country, and Kelc was the little devil she really is. Oh and I was able to drink away the concerns of a loss.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

2008.10.31 Friday

Wow, Halloween already come and gone. There were a ton of kids going around my neighborhood, but they ended up stopping trick-or-treating by like 8:30pm. If I had gone, I would probably have gone till at least 10pm. Such babies. It's all about the candy and the fear of night.

After school (which was mostly uneventful), Kelc and I went to get some Rudy's for dinner. Then we stopped by Hollywood Video and got 5 movies that were being sold for 4 bucks each. I guess DVDs are being thrown out for the new format of the US...Blu-Ray. Funny how everybody though Blu-Ray was going to be a failure along the PS3. Anyways, I think buying those for 4 was a better deal than renting the movies. Last time I rented two movies, it was around 7 bucks. What a waste since I only had them for 5 days.

We watched Elizabethtown, which I know is one of Rudy's favorite movies. I noticed all the music, and a good chunk of lines from all the times he would be watching it while I would be doing homework. Pretty decent movie. The story isn't too involved, so you can just sit back and enjoy the dialog.