Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009.12.24 Thursday

Last work day of the year.

Also, not much happening today. Probably doesn't help that there is only a handful of people on the entire campus.

Did my own thing for some of the evening, hung out with family and friends the rest.

Pretty chill day.

2009.12.23 Wednesday

Not much happening today.

Took care of some things, ran errands.

Went over to Kelc's to play some Catan.

Then sleep.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009.12.22 Tuesday

Groggy morning. Maybe staying up late eating unhealthy food wasn't such a great idea.

Early morning meetings should be outlawed. Just a suggestion.

Went to the gym over lunch, maxed out on flat bench. Totally threw up 165 without much of an issue. I can also press sets of 135 without a problem. Mark this down though, without access to the gym, and all the good holiday grub I'll be eating.. this is likely to not be true once in the new year.

I started to feel the soreness set in in the late evening. Sweet. It's pretty evident that I'm not ready for the holiday season at all.

Monday, December 21, 2009

2009.12.21 Monday

Last week of the first year that I work full time. Amazing how fast it has come and gone.

Work is picking up, or slowing down depending on how you look at it. Other things in my life are definitely picking up though. Multiple trips in line, lots to prepare for. Friends wanting to celebrate the holidays.

Twenty Twelve will be here before you know it.

2009.12.20 Sunday

Woke up much earlier today. Not so headache consumed. We played some Mario Bros. Wii and ate breffix.

For lunch, we went to see Avatar. 3 hours later, the sun was gone and we were walking out of the movie. It was alright. There are a lot of underlying themes that either they "stole" to put in the movie, or they put in there to make a point. Some of the scenes were pretty well done, some were cheesy, but overall its pretty impressive that an entire world was created for the movie. Lol @ unobtainium.

Went back to the mall to fix some shopping decisions, and cruised on home.

The drive felt longer this time around.

2009.12.19 Saturday

Red wine will produce headaches. It's not that I had all the much, but I think it was more a combination of dehydration and exhaustion.

Went to ihop for breffix. Ray said something along the lines of 'true gangsters dont cry'.

Marisa showed us around the cyclotron. I could tell Ray was slightly entertained for a few minutes, Kelc kept interest a tad longer, and I was ready to go explore every nook and cranny. The amount of resources and technology (and money) that went into the cyclotron is pretty amazing. It's awesome how far man has gotten with understanding the world around us.

After that we went home to watch Primer. Wait what? My mind just exploded. Check out that movie.

Ray and Marisa went to a party, Kelc and I went shopping for the holidays. After that, rendezvous and party.

Friday, December 18, 2009

2009.12.18 Friday

Potluck day at work. Well actually, they titled it a "Pig-out feast". It is more correct that way.

Good day at work, mostly relaxing and remembering my roots.

Went home, ate a bunch then crashed. Packed up and headed out to college station.

The drive went by pretty quickly. Listened to some radio shows and fresh albums.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009.12.17 Thursday

Sore today? My Achilles tendons are. Cant remember that ever happening. How much would it suck to have one suddenly snap while trying to walk? I thought about it for a second this morning and gave myself the shivers.

Went to the gym anyways. Did chest and triceps and a few other random areas.

Once home, at some of the chicken taco soup/chili that I made. Busted butt getting some chores done, worked on music. That's about all I had time for. Time flies by so fast in the winter. The sun is hardly up any more.

Watched some IT Crowd and passed out.

2009.12.16 Wednesday

Hump day atlas.

Got through meetings and fun stuff.

Did back and bicep stuff at the gym, hopefully that doesnt affect my plans of helping Taylor move tonight. Seems like the gyms aren't being utilized as much anymore. I guess people are preparing for the winter and putting on a layer of fat.

Had a quick apple for dinner, then went to go help move.
Apple beats the pear, circle gets the square.

Back home I ate a bunch of random things until I felt mostly full. Kelc helped me make a crock pot chicken taco soup. We'll see how it goes this time.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009.12.15 Tuesday


Accomplished some things, and just got through work the best I could. Skipped the gym today to treat myself to a nice serving of Popeye's chicken. Mmm Mmm.

Cooked up a nice meal for dinner. Pasta, salad, bread, cheese, meat.

And worked on some music.

Monday, December 14, 2009

2009.12.14 Monday

Work again. Seems to be a recurring theme.

Went to the gym and got a good burn and rip going.

Worked on some music, relaxed most of the evening.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

2009.12.13 Sunday

Woke up in a cold and dark room in the house. Really didnt want to get out of bed, but also couldnt stand being trapped any more.

Played some more games, watched tv and just chilled all day.

Eventually some family photos were taken.

Then Kelc helped Kev with some homework, I went and got ready for the upcoming work week. My time schedule is all messed up.

2009.12.12 Saturday

Woke up just in time for Kev's gym meet. He did really well, and was the only representative from his gym. Met some long lost friends of the Fraser family.

Afterward, we helped Kelc pack up to move home for the winter break. Then started the short trip home.

Once home, we unpacked some stuff, then got ready to head on out to the lakehouse. Yay more car ride. Luckily the fog started to roll in, and my green laser was able to keep my amused very easily.

On the trek to the lakehouse, Kevin stalled his car and panicked. Really funny, and the donkey showed up to say hello.

Games and fun all night...

Friday, December 11, 2009

2009.12.11 Friday

Woke up and felt pretty groggy and gross. Sucks having a cold.

Spent an hour and half fixing my record player. This thing has been spinning closer to 34.5-35 rpm instead of 33.3333. And the way sony made it sucks. The speed adjustment screws are on the bottom of the player, but you need to adjust it so you also want to have stuff playing while adjusting. Sucks.

I got it sounding pretty good. After about 1.5-2 minutes, a song played simultaneously digitally will start to un-sync and give a heavy echo sound. Good enough for me. the high speed made some songs sound weird, but now all is well.

I should really just get a new turntable instead of wasting time on this, but I'll wait till after Christmas, maybe even after vacation, to buy a new player. There are so many choices, I can't decide.

Worked on my car some, and music the rest.

Then began the long and treacherous trek to Arlington.

2009.12.10 Thursday

Spent a long day at work to finish up some End-Year paperwork. Bleh.

Went home to help my family move stuff for the carpet installation, but they worked too fast and were done by the time I got there. Spent time talking to everybody and helped out with a couple things. Tried consuming some apple cider vinegar, talk about yum.

Pretty much just went to bed then.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2009.12.09 Wednesday

Hump day, and day of meetings. Thank goodness tomorrow is the last day of the week for me.

Went to the gym later than normal. Lots of stuff came up to get taken care of. I pushed myself even though nobody was around to save me if I got into trouble with weights. I did my normal gradual increase on bench up to 5 reps of 140 lbs on bench. That's a 5 lb increase. I think I'll be able to do 8 of the same weight by next week. Did other chest and tricep exercises, plus some abs and bike-cardio.

Work is starting to get really fun. All the different facets of having a corporation job are coming together for some epic ending.

Watched Mythbusters and took care of stuff around the house.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2009.12.08 Tuesday

Happy half birthday to me,
Happy half birthday to me,
Happy real birthday dear Mark,
Happy half birthday to me.

You know what sucks about this celebratory day? I'm starting to get a sore throat and feel sick. Not good.

Skipped the gym because I didn't want my body to work overtime trying to heal.

For dinner, celebrating Hasbro's bday with Benihana. Yum I finished my meal.

Worked on some music. This song I'm working on is almost done. Very exciting.

Monday, December 7, 2009

2009.12.07 Monday

I think half of my body is starting to enjoy getting up early each day, but I'm still groggy as heck for at least 10 minutes.

Went to the gym, did a bit of cardio, mostly bicep and back stuff.

At home I just goofed around. Helped Travis get a futon. Ate a nice dinner. Not much happening.

2009.12.06 Sunday

Slept in a fair amount today. Goofed around and did my own thing. I guess it was mostly a recovery day since everything was so action packed all weekend.

Went to a surprise b-day party for Mark and had a great time. I need to try and take my family out to Karaoke at some point and make them feel awkward.

Went to the Union to bowl and billiard it up.

Then more sleep. Thanks for being here so soon, work week.

2009.12.05 Saturday

Woke up early to go all the way downtown. Watched Trey graduate. Can't believe he made it. So proud of him. In your face Patt?

Went out with his family to Rudy's afterwards. His family reminds me of mine.

Off to HEB to start cooking up some chicken recipe I found online. Ended up forgetting a few ingredients and just saying screw it.

Took a nap during the Florida - Alabama game. Alabama came out victorious by a large margin, which I feel surprised a lot of people.

The Texas - Nebraska game was pretty disgusting how badly both teams were playing. It all came down to a last-second 46 yard field goal. Wow.

Went to a party after that, Boy Taylor and Andrea. Didnt stay for long because I was so tired.

Friday, December 4, 2009

2009.12.04 Friday

Supposed to snow today, but I'm a skeptic.

Work flew by. Went to the gym and lifted quite a bit, hopefully to compensate for the next two days that I won't be doing much physical activity.

Cooked up a lot of veggies for dinner and did my own thing. Kelc stayed in Arlington for a few things. Ray and Marisa came over to hang out. They helped me finish up the talkbox rewiring. Then we went to Kerbey Lane for late night snack with D.

2009.12.03 Thursday

Just another day. Oh wait, no its not. I get to go to the oral surgeon today.

Had a bit of confusion trying to figure out which door led to the correct oral surgeon, but I got it right on the first try. Woo woo, go me. They made me fill out a ton of paperwork and wait around. Then I took a panoramic x-ray and SURPRISE I really have all 4 wisdom teeth. Dentist never saw that one coming.

Back at work I just happened to be more productive than normal. Weird. No gym today. Guess its a recovery day.

Worked on my laptop at home, hoping to get it up soon and use it as a recording station.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2009.12.02 Wednesday

Whats that? Yeah thats what. It's hump day. Bow chicka bow wow.

Woke up way before my alarm today. Talk about sucking.

Not too much happened today. Went to the gym and did cardio. That includes leg workout, plus elliptical, plus ab workouts, plus bicycle machine. Pretty sure I hate cardio, but I need to force myself to do this for my heart. It's kinda broken.

Watched a bunch of mythbusters, ate some tortellini, nearly passed out on the couch.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2009.12.01 Tuesday

The days of Christmas are upon us. I remember this time last year when I was winding down my classes and preparing for finals/graduation. The weather was not so cold and not so rainy. Ending my senior year with only a few classes and part-time job definitely made me grow up a lot. Heck, college in general is what really launched me into life and such.

Anyways, more work today. I had a good feeling about this before it even happened, but they are shifting me off the project I've been on for the past 10 months because of some silly management. I'm actually not upset or surprised, but I think what other people in the company are doing is silly. At least with the new year comes new tasks and changes. Change is good.

Went to discount tire co after work today to get my tires rotated. They tried to sell me some protection plans and balancing stuff, just said no and my total came out to $0.00 I also had to drive my car out of the garage because the guy who did my tires didnt want to drive a stick shift. I appreciate him not trying and messing something up, and I think he did a good job too. Speedy and precise (or is it accurate).

Ate an entire pizza for dinner. Close to 1500 calories, 68g fat, 48g protein. Holla!

Messed with recording equipment around the house, yadda yadda yadda.