Monday, May 31, 2010

2010.05.31 Monday

Memorial Day Holiday.

I woke up rather early somehow. No alarm necessary. Went out and cut the yard. Pretty happy with the results, but pretty unhappy with how hot it was by 11. Also did the dishes and took care of my baby plants. They won't be babies for much longer.

Spent the day with the family. Parents made some hamburgers and fresh corn. Good to catch up with my parents. They had the pleasure of spending time in Europe. My dad actually spent more time than he wanted to.

I crashed after lunch. Guess that lack of sleep caught up with me. The Wii they have hooked up to the TV now has Netflix on it, so we wasted time watching random things. I actually watched the first episode of season 4 of weeds, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and a Jeff Dunham comedy show.

Before I knew it, night was here. Time to get ready for work.

2010.05.30 Sunday

For breakfast, Ihop. Did things around the new apartment. Watched some tosh.0 with Kelc.

Drove home in the afternoon. *yawn*

Got home in time to participate in a cookout with the guys. I made a nice steak. Put a little olive oil on it, little bit of rub, and a nice dallop of mustard. Yeah that's right, mustard.

Went out to Sherlock's for a drink with the guys. Came home and had some friends over. Doesn't really feel like a Sunday.

2010.05.29 Saturday

Woke up and did things around the apartment. Hooked up the tv to a spare coax connection at the apartment, and boom, free basic cable. Nice.

Relaxed a bit, but still ran errands and took care of business. We watched some show about America's Next Ninja. People have to do some ridiculous things to qualify as a ninja. Nobody succeeded.

For lunch, chik-fil-a. For dinner, q'doba and a movie. Which movie? The Goonies. Can't believe I've made it this far in life without seeing it. Overall, the movie was ok. Had I watched it as a kid, the movie would be epic.

2010.05.28 Friday

Moving day #1.

Woke up to find some Shipley do-nuts waiting to be eaten. Thanks Lindsey. A good portion of small stuff was already gone, but things still needed to be moved and consolidated, plus stuff taken off the walls (nails, screws, curtains). In addition to moving stuff, we were cleaning. Turtle was freaking out.

After a few carloads, we started getting low on things to pack. All that was left: huge heavy couch, washing machine, dryer, futon, bookcase, beds. Good thing Josh just got off work so he can help us out.

Ended up breaking up the bookcase and throwing that away. :-( Thing was held together by crappy plastic pieces. Kelc, if you want another bookcase, I'll get you something better.

I still don't understand how we got that couch down 2.5 flights of stairs... yeah I said 2.5 because we tossed it down the last half. What!

After all that movie, I was ready to pass out. Oh wait, no we had to rush moving the large heavy stuff so we could make it to Lindsey's b-day dinner on time... what? Not exactly polite planning that out, and pushing people who are volunteering to help you.

I forgot the name of the place we went to, but it was pretty good. I wasn't even hungry because I skipped right over lunch. I had some fried pickles and a bowl of baked potato soup. I stole some of Kelc's asparagus too.

Kelc and I went back to the new place. Put together the entertainment center. It sucked, but we got that feeling of accomplishment when it was all over.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

2010.05.27 Thursday

Reoccurring theme: groggy.

I apologize in advance for these next few days. I got busy with things, and was actually unable to get on the internet, so there is a build-up of blog material. But I'll keep it short and sweet.

Went to work today. Did not go to the gym because I went yesterday (and I'll be moving things this weekend). Had a free lunch meeting with yummy pizza, thanks work. Ended up staying late at work trying to get things done because I know I'll forget about things over the weekend.

Relaxed at home for a bit. Kelc came over. We discussed some music for a little bit. We need to watch The Wall (the movie) at some point. Anybody interested? Could turn this into a viewing/discussion party.

Took both our cars to HEB for snacks, then Arlington. I started losing it near the end of the trip.

2010.05.26 Wednesday


Got a pretty good amount of work done. Went to the gym and did some more random workouts. I'm starting to slack off with my gym attendance, and it is showing.

Went straight from work to the fields for our last kickball game of the season. Unfortunately we did not win this one. The team we played, I'll have to give credit, was pretty good and were sportsmen during the game. That alone is enough to make me happy that we tried and had fun. Both of our teams were pretty darn good at defense, but we let a couple plays slide and that gave them some runs. We never really got any breaks to get any runs in. So yeah, we got "shut out" even though we loaded the bases a handful of times. Final score, 4-0. Total number of runs we lost to for the season: i think 7. Thats pretty darn good.

Went to docs after for some dollar tacos and drink specials. The happy couple met up and got to hang out with the team. Fun was had.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2010.05.25 Tuesday

I fell behind with my posts a tad. I got carried away with things.

Work went smoothly, got a lot done. At leftover taco meat for lunch. Nice protein. Ended up staying late at work too, just to get stuff done.

After work, worked on a project again. Simple dinner.

Monday, May 24, 2010

2010.05.24 Monday

So, holy crap it's almost the end of May already. Where did the time go?

Work was a bit quieter than usual today. Certain people chose to come to work later than usual. Oh well. I got more done.

Went to the gym and did some new workout exercises. I'd like to try and do more compound workouts, and if possible use natural weight. The problem with using natural weight, for me at least, is that I don't do well with repetitive movements and motion. I do much better with high intensity exertion.

At home, made myself some taco meat. Took care of my plants too. They look to be doing well. Went to get a much needed haircut.

Worked on a project. While in the middle of that, I get a phone call from Rudy. Surprise! Haven't gotten a chance to talk to this guy much lately. A few times we tried to meet up, but things didn't pan out. Talked a bunch about college and life and how things are going. Sure do miss that guy.

Then bed.

2010.05.23 Sunday

Plenty of sleep last night and also a pretty laid back morning. Lunch consisted of Boston Market. Good, but good for you? Probably not that great.

Kelc headed home around midday. I watched the mythbusters marathon. Thanks Discovery Channel for picking the correct show for a marathon.

Did some house things. We now are harboring some nice fruit flies. By nice, I mean little pieces of sh*t. I hate them so much it hurts. Once they start breeding, it's hard to stop them. What sucks more is how I have to deal with them at work too. People can be just completely disgusting and lazy, and the rest suffer. Cutting costs sucks.

I did laundry, watched the Lost series finale, and started up a project. I'm pretty happy with the project *jab jab*

2010.05.22 Saturday

Slept a bunch lately. Nap in the evening yesterday, then slept for a good 10-12 hours after that.

Watched some Smallville and didn't do much for the first part of the day.

Travis graduated. Well, he already graduated with a degree in RTF, but now he has graduated the UT Law school. Pretty badass if I do say so myself. Afterward we got hooked up with some free chik-fil-a at his law building. Took some pictures and did all that good stuff. Everything ended up taking longer than expected, but it's not something you get to celebrate that often. Also means I had to miss out on other's celebrations and festivities; win some lose some.

After that, the plan was to head out to Trudy's for drinks and hanging out, but I was already set on other plans. I really wanted to work on some crafts, so I did. Actually, Kelc helped me out with this too. I built up a box for the horn driver, so now it looks like a wooden talkbox. Now I just need to putty the gaps, sand and paint.

Went home, cleaned up, Smallvilled and sleep.

Friday, May 21, 2010

2010.05.21 Friday

Work flew by again. Looking back at things, I'm pretty happy with the place I work. The first few months were a bit shaky because I wasn't sure if I could do this for the rest of my life. But really, everyday is something new, something to figure out, something to engage my mind...if I choose to.

Hit the next music milestone:
Started 02/02/2010
Days passed: 109
Album Count: 601
Tracks Listened: 6992
Average Number of Tracks per Album: 11.63
Average Year Album was Released: 1999.943
Time Listened: 483hrs 41mins 50secs
Days Listened: 20.154 days
Digital Size of Music: ~53.4GB

Took a nice nap this evening.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

2010.05.20 Thursday

Oh what a day.

Work went by faster than expected. Kinda blew right through lunch and hopes of working out.

Went to get my eyes checked at an optometrist. Found a new one that is closer to home, and rather nice. I also got to try out wearing a contact for the first time. Rather quickly determined that it isn't for me.

Took a nap when I got home. It's really uncomfortable doing anything with dilated pupils. After that, played some guitar, checked up on my vegetables, snacked and called it a night.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010.05.19 Wednesday

Didn't even notice that it's hump day until I started writing this.

Alright, so I'm just going to jot this down so it's out there and kept historically.
Short term to-do list:
- Kickball games (tonight)
- Plan out and gather materials to finish talk box
- Research more how the Gakken works
- Practice guitar more
- Keep my veggie garden growing
- Bathe car

Long term to-do list:
- Mod the Gakken
- Play/perform songs with guitar
- Finish up some music projects that have been put on hiatus
(I can think of at least 3)
- Build DIY guitar pedal
- Research more on car sound deadening
- Install after-market tweeters
- Poster art
- Listen to EVERYTHING (close to 600 albums now)

Work was alright. Not a lot I can really say about it, except that it happened.

Quick pit stop at HEB to pick up some grillin goods for the game. Ended up getting some free papa murphy's pizza. The cheese was a little dry.

Packed my crap and went to the kickball game. We won the RPS battle at the beginning, picked defense first (this is also called being the Home team, thanks Habs). So we ended up starting the game with only 9 people on field because we had some late people. No big deal. Got 2 outs pretty quickly, the third took a while. Then we were up to bat and... wtf. The other team's pitcher (mysteriously not pictured) is like a professional or something. He throws the ball with some crazy spin, and it doesn't make contact with the ground until like halfway to home plate. This also doesn't allow the ball to bounce much off the bumpy terrain. These pitches are at least 2.5x faster than anything I've ever hit.

The second time I went up to bat, I stood roughly centered and the pitcher threw one that was severely on the inside (so much that I thought it was a ball, but nope, a strike). So I scooted over and was ready for an inside or middle pitch, and he pitched far on the outside, but not enough to be a "ball" so I swung and missed. Fannnnnnntastic.

I'm not totally sure about the rules of baseball, but I thought that if you are playing at first base, and you catch the ball with your foot on the base BEFORE the runner gets there, then they are out. I did this, but pulled my foot off (after I caught the ball) because I was already stretching to catch the ball. So I'm going to admit, I was kinda falling off the base because of how far I was stretching, but I still know for a fact I made that play. This falling action made it impossible for me to throw the ball to the other base to get other another player out, so now they just got two freebies. I'll be fair about this though, and say that I got screwed over here, but later on I caught a ball at first and the ump called the kicker out even though I think they beat the ball there.

Those two things don't sound so bad. I could probably be satisfied with a game which those two things happened. But MORE than that happened. In our second-to-last inning: Michael kicked (and made it home), Molly kicked and was on third, Tyree kicked and was on second, Erin kicked an out, Kari kicked an out. If you know how to count, that is only 2 outs. TWO. Our batting order never changes during a game, and is written down clearly. The ump said we had three. Fine whatever, yeah that sucks. The part that really grinds my gears is that the other team knew they only had 2 outs on us, and said "hey guys, you messed up counting, the inning is over". Well, *middle fingers way up* to you guys. So much for being super social. A fair game is worth more to me than winning. If they are going to be that dickish about winning, maybe they are in the wrong league.

So yeah, maybe it's easy for me to complain about the other team because we lost. Sure. I'll go along with that. I'm sure that some of the teams we beat thought we were dicks when we were super happy and cheered for our team scoring and whatnot. I like to believe we were still had proper sportsmanship. I genuinely commented on various opponents for the players they had that were better than others. This team we played tonight, with the cold-blood running through their veins, actually said "You suck" to our teammates during the post-game handshaking. That right there... is completely uncalled for. There is no reason to act like that. There is no honor in that. That should show you that I'm trying to be as unbiased as I could in reviewing this game, and just completely dislike the attitude of the other team.

Sure, winning is fun. I don't care about winning. I want to have a fun, fair game in a super-social atmosphere. They stole that from me tonight.

At least we got to grill out after the game. Food+fun = MOAR FUN.

Went home, showered, mythbusters, sleep.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010.05.18 Tuesday

Another day. Work was slow and steady progress.

After work, I spent a good deal of time wiring and soldering some stuff for the talkbox project I've been working on. Then late into the night I decided to have dinner. This wasn't the greatest ideas, as it made me sleepy. Matt called because he was in town, but by the time he could hang out I was already hopping into bed.

Monday, May 17, 2010

2010.05.17 Monday

Woke up before my alarm today. Also got cold in the middle of the night. That's a first. I suspect some thermostat fluctuations...

At least I wasn't completely groggy. Only a 5-day work week.

Kelc ended up staying in Austin for an extra day. For the evening, we went out for a nice personal dinner. I've been meaning to do more events with just the two of us, but we are either watching Smallville by ourselves or hanging out with people. Need to throw a change-up or two.

I think my protein shakes after work outs may be screwing up my appetite. Solution? Eat protein from other sources. Like meat. Steaks are meat. Well, I think they are mostly meat. Heb didnt have any good looking steaks when we went. Next time...

Watched some Smallville and went to bed on the early side.

2010.05.16 Sunday

Another sleep-in day.

Watched more Smallville of course. So close to the end of season 3. Only 5 or 6 more to go...

Went over to Kelc's house to hang out with the family. Went on a Taco C run. Those have become a bit more rare.

One of my more laid-back days...

2010.05.15 Saturday

Woke up slightly hungover. An entire bottle of wine to one body will do that.

Watched some Smallville and took it easy for most of the day. Kelc and I went out to home depot to jump start my gardening attempt. I trying my hand at some tomatoes, cayenne peppers, cilantro and jalapenos. The guy at home depot was a bit too excited to help me out, but at least he had some good advice for soil mixing.

My intentions to go grocery shopping after home depot was demolished. I'd rather get started with some transplanting.

Watched some more Smallville and took it easy.

Went to Weirdos later for a few beverages and live music. Played some washers.

Then went back home and continued fun and festivities. Paul was able to hang out too. The night was over too fast.

2010.05.14 Friday

Slept in a fair amount this morning. I was actually hoping to check out a park that has been on my to-do list for a while, but that didn't pan out. Probably for the better too, since I was a pretty crappy weather day.

I watched Blazing Saddles, and converted music for my mp3 player. Played some games.

Didn't really do much. Took a nap.

Later on, had some people over to chill. Kelc came in to town eventually. Had some wine and got silly.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

2010.05.13 Thursday

Snoozed twice today. That severely cuts into my prep time, but I still managed to get ready in time (mostly). Makes me wonder if I could squeeze in some more slumber in the morning.

Work rolled right along. Finally had me some Crawfish Etoufee at the one and only, Little Deli. Highly recommended. Would go again.

Got home and finally started to unwind from the work week. Actually, I started to get restless that I didn't know what to do with myself since my weekend had begun. Then out of nowhere I get a phone call from Paul - a friend from high school. He comes over to hang out and catch up on things. I hadn't seen him since the wedding.

Life is always full of surprises.

The more we talked, the more I realized how thankful I am to have such wonderful people in my life. My family supported me through many years of education, even when I chose to be a rebellious teenager. My friends still come around my way even when I flake out on them.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2010.05.12 Wednesday

hump, hump, hump a delphia.

I took off the word verification for comments. If I start getting spam bots, I'm turning it back on. Otherwise, feel free to comment your heart out.

Work was another one of those days that seem to drag on too long.

After work I watched a bit of Weeds, then went off to the kickball game. We ended up doing pretty well. Obviously both teams made their share of mistakes, but our score was just larger at the end of it all. There was a part of the game where the score was still close, but then we changed that. So I'm not trying to brag, just tell it like it is... my teammates started calling me MVP for all the people I was bringing home. First time up to kick, I brought home Kari and made it to 2nd base.. then the batters after me brought me home. Second time up to kick, I pushed 2 or 3 people home, while getting to 3rd base myself. I really lucked out with where I kicked the balls, and the batting order definitely help set me up to come on home.

Went out to Doc's after. Good times. Good food. Good beverages.

And that's a wrap.

2010.05.11 Tuesday

Long day. Very long day. Things hit a slump and the day just drags on forever.

Doing some research on filters and electronics. I might order up some parts for various projects I have. Also trying to decide if I should jump into a DIY stompbox project with a kit (all the parts necessary, just put it together) or buy all the parts myself and try rigging something up.

Went out to the Salt Lick for Girl Taylor's b-day. Happy Day of Birth! Travis, Habs and I had to do the "family style" meal - all you can eat meat. Takes commitment.

Back at home, finished laundry, watched a couple episodes of Weeds and crashed hardcore. Too much BBQ.

Monday, May 10, 2010

2010.05.10 Monday

The weather is a changin'. Humid as heck this morning, but at least it's cloudy instead of sunny and humid.

Groggy at work, but hey free Jason's Deli for lunch. Rock on.

On the way home from work, I was almost hit by a few birds. Yeah, you read that correctly. Seems like they were aiming for my car. Also, at lot of people drive like a-holes, and they almost hit me too but that's starting to become a common occurrence.

Ate some leftovers for dinner. I guess you could call this one of my more laid back days, or even a lazy day, but I still felt productive. Watched about 6 episodes of It's Always Sunny, and 6 episodes of Weeds. But not only that, but I cleaned up my room too. Clean environments help clear the mind.

I also need to update my profile pic... but that seems so useless since I've stopped caring to check facebook.

2010.05.09 Sunday

Got a good session of sleeping in.

Ended up having to go back home to fix the TV again. Upon some of the repair work, we managed to forget to plug in a chunk of cable to the video board, and the infrared circuitry stopped working. A quick snap back into place and things started working like normal (minus the startup problems and pink dots everywhere like before).

Spent some time with my mom for mother's day. I took some seeds from my jalapeno plant that I got a few years back. Let's see if I can grow some more.

Also spent some time with Kelc's family. Kev is in the process of creating a graduation video. Only about a month left for him. Kelc has 2 finals and then is done. I... have no break in sight.

Taco C run, then watched Iron Man. It was ok. I'll say that it was nice that it had humor elements in it, but really it's hard for me to get excited with such a ridiculous story. And with no end in sight with the movie industry... seems like I should be disappointed for a while.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

2010.05.08 Saturday

Mmm bacon. So bad, yet so good.

I propped my car up on some ramps and dove underneath to take a peek. I want to put the plastic shield back on my car, but still retain the ability to do oil changes. The original shield has one small hole that could have been used to change the filter, but it is off center from the actual filter housing. So I dremel'd out some plastic, then put the shield back on. Guess we will see how it goes next oil change.

Met my brother at Fry's to pick up some replacement capacitors. Turns out most Samsung flat panel LCD tvs fail right about the time the warranty runs out. Surprise! The problem has been narrowed down by a lot of disgruntled consumers to a set of capacitors on a power switching board that are clearly underrated. I think they said the voltage rail is running at 12-15V but they only put on electrolytic capacitors rated at 10V, so they will rather quickly fail. I believe there is also a class-action lawsuit against Samsung for selling a faulty design without fixing it. Anyways, a quick solder session and the TV is up and running like a champ.

Went back to my place later on and played some poker whilst drinking some nice wine. I suck at poker.

2010.05.07 Friday

The end of the work week. Awesome. I'd have to say this week has been a weird one. I ended up missing gym and lunch time by cruising right through it with work. Our kickball team is no longer undefeated.

All things, good or bad, come to an end. Our time here is short and precious.

Ran some errands after work. Stopped by my house to pick up some mail and packages, then helped crack open my brother's tv to see if we could find the faulty capacitors. This should be a fun little project.

After that, to W-mart. Everybody I saw there looked unhappy to be there. The concept is just depressing, but they have everything at such low prices and one-stop convenience.

I still ended up going to HEB after that to pick up some produce because I just cant trust it elsewhere.

The happy couple came over and we left to celebrate Courtney's bday. I hardly knew anybody there, but still had a good time.

Glad the weekend is finally here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

2010.05.06 Thursday

Only semi groggy today. I noticed some lights on the cable box that I normally don't see on... and turns out they updated the OS finally. Will need to play around with this later.

Work flew by really fast. A couple meetings and next thing you know, it's time to start winding down to make departure time (which I'm notorious for missing).

Spent the evening on the phone, and watching Smallville. I played some Foosball with J and probably got about 5 points over the course of the 5-6 games we played. Oh well.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2010.05.05 Wednesday

Seenko Da Miyo. Also, hUMp day.

Work went by rather quickly. I'm doing pretty good at staying busy these days.

For lunch, went out to Mann's BBQ. Used a coupon, cost $5 but gives you $15 off, so essentially it's 10 bucks for free. Their plates are huge and delicious. I had to take a breather in the middle of the meal.

Went home after work for a bit, then off to the kickball game. Unfortunately we didn't do so hot. I would definitely attribute this to just an "off day" where we didn't sync up as a team. Others might blame it on the ah ah ah ah ah alcohol, or the sombreros, or the bugs, the lights, the injured teammates. Really though, when you are at the top, the only way to go is down. I'd rather understand that we are imperfect and learn from mistakes now, rather than in the middle of playoffs.

Went home, took a tequila shot and called it a night.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2010.05.04 Tuesday

Choose day, Tuesday.

Work was more on the productive side, so the hours really flew by.

After work, I went skateboarding some more. I'm starting to get my balance back, slowly. I actually am really close to landing a varial flip, but my kickflip is all over the place.

I started doing some research into DIY stompboxes, or effects pedals, or whatever you may want to call them. They look like a lot of fun to put together and tweak, but as far as I can tell they are just as expensive as the retail pedals. That makes me question whether it is worth the time and money. This researching and internet searching naturally progressed into Gakken Mods. Time to start poking and prodding.

Ate some leftover taco meat from yesterday. Mmm protein.

Watched some United By Fate, cleaned up some music files and organized. Then called it a day.

Monday, May 3, 2010

2010.05.03 Monday

I really did not sleep well last night. I couldn't get myself into a deep sleep. I woke up before my alarm to pee, and then just laid there waiting for my alarm to go off.

Even though the day started off rough, I would have to say it ended quite well. Today was a day of achievements, milestones, and changes

First, I hit the 500-album mark. Hooray! Celebration!
Here are the stats:
Started 02/02/2010
Days passed: 90
Album Count: 500
Tracks Listened: 5794
Average Number of Tracks per Album: 11.59
Average Year Album was Released: 2000.613
Time Listened: 405hrs 2mins 33secs
Days Listened: 16.877 days
Digital Size of Music: ~44.7GB

At work, I finished a task that had been lingering in the background for a while. Felt good to knock it down.

Also went to the gym; tore up my chest muscles. It's the start of some more specific muscle focus that I'd like to try.

After work, came home and started skateboarding. Yeah that's right, Andy-Sk8in-Man. All the muscles I used to have to help me with skating have atrophied enough that I can't do much anymore, but the mind still knows what's going on. I'm going to try and keep myself riding more regularly. I feel like I don't have the agility that I used to.

After that, I made myself some rather delicious taco meat. Mmm, protein. Ate that with tortilla chips, plus some hummus and pita chips, for more nutrients and (some) protein.

Post-dinner, I picked up my guitar and learned how to play a song that I've been meaning to learn for months now. It only took me a few minutes to learn it, so I should slap myself for taking so long.

After that, I played some THPS3 for a bit, then took the extra cable box of the house to the TWC drop-off location. Takin' care of business.

I went back home, popped out the dremel tool, and started carving up some PVC for my talkbox project that has been semi-complete for a while now. I did a pretty awesome job of taking off just enough plastic so that the coupling fits snugly on the horn-driver's threads. Now the only thing left is to figure out if i want this attached to the guitar amp, or to make a standalone box. Hmm...

Played some more THPS3 and was able to beat all the goals for Tony, my primary choice character. I'm feeling more inspired to skate, and get back into it like I used to so I researched the place that I used to skate the most... Ramp Ranch. Apparently, they are moving into Austin more. Liberty Hill isn't all that populated with skaters and bmx'ers. They've also been tweeting that the park is empty on some days. That makes me sad. If they still had an old-guy's night, I would highly consider going. And if they still had the huge vert ramp, I would want to go all the time. These days, nobody wants to use the space on vert ramps. I think my legs enjoy vert a lot better.

Took a fast shower, ready for bed before midnight. Well done Andy. How long can you keep up this pace?

2010.05.02 Sunday

Slept in a fair amount. Today was mostly a Smallville day. Had some tortellini and leftovers for lunch, and Schlotzsky's for dinner.

Then spent the evening driving back to Austin. It was another uneventful drive. Definitely spaced out.

Got home late and didn't feel that sleepy. Weird.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

2010.05.01 Saturday

Edgefest baby yeah.

Drove out to Edgefest in Frisco at Pizza Hut park. Here's a list of the bands I saw:
10 Years (slightly disappointed in their performance)
Crash Kings (suprisingly good)
Neon Summer
Cage The Elephant
Deftones (slightly disappointed)
30 Seconds To Mars
Three Days Grace
Limp Bizkit (highly entertaining)

Ate a bunch of junk food there. Drove back late and went out to Applebee's. Eatin' good in the neighborhood right? Maybe.

Went home, watched an episode of Smallville and fell asleep.