Monday, June 30, 2014

2014.06.27 Friday

Another working Friday.  The work I was doing wasn't properly scoped, so that task I'm working on isn't going to happen this week.

Home.  Cooked up random things for dinner.  Played some games online and tried cleaning some leather.

2014.06.26 Thursday

Worked late

Stopped by Costco for a few goodies

Home, cooked up a frozen meal and rice.

Played some L4D2, crashed a server, then went to bed.  Had difficulty sleeping.  Probably didn't really fall asleep until about 1:50a.  Sucks man.

2014.06.25 Wednesday

Gloomy weather
Trivia (we won, and Habs called it)
Home, massage and sleep

2014.06.24 Tuesday


Home, cooked up some grub
Finished up homework
A bit of L4D2, then snoozer

2014.06.23 Monday

In work a little on the early side.  Worked a little on the late side.

Home, leftovers and homework.

2014.06.22 Sunday

Yardwork.  Head still hurting, what gives.  Worked until I didn't feel good.

Showered up.



2014.06.21 Saturday

PEC Annual meeting.  Didnt win prizes.  Met quite a few crazies.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Home, lunch, BSG.

Habs to help with fan.  No help.

Home, tired.

2014.06.20 Friday

Vacuumed and mopped the house

Shopped around numerous stores

Watched daytime tv and sharpened some knives

Had a headache.

2014.06.19 Thursday

Worked late, stupid bug

Home. Games, snooze.

2014.06.18 Wednesday



Trivia (we won)


Home, a bit of gaming, bed

2014.06.17 Tuesday

Worked a really long day

Home late, ate random junk and finished up a homework assignment

Chatted with Kelc, then bedtime.

2014.06.16 Monday

Work, late

Leftovers, homework, some gaming

2014.06.15 Sunday

Brunch with the fam.

Home.  Finally got a chance to play with the bday gift.

Then homework, Games and BSG.

2014.06.14 Saturday




Kelc went to GoT trivia

Watched some Louie

Kelc back, watched some BSG

2014.06.13 Friday

Quite stormy last night. Quite.

Stayed later than I wanted to at work.

Cooked up some birthday treats for my mom, and watched some more x-games stuff.

2014.06.12 Thursday

Work, Grocery, Home.

Cooked up soup, then played a little bit of L4D2.

Storming out, some tornadoes (SO SCURRY). Snoozer

2014.06.11 Wednesday

Work,Class,Trivia,Home, researching some web programming, L4D2, sleep

2014.06.10 Tuesday

Worked another long day

Home, frozen dinner, finished schoolwork, l4d2, sleep

2014.06.09 Monday

Back to work.

Computer crapped out on me

Drove home, little bit of rain.  Worked on homework all evening, then played a round of L4D2, then bed time.

2014.06.08 Sunday

Breakfast at Kettle. Drove home, listened to Radiolab mostly.

Watched a ton of xgames and Louie to wind down a bit.

Played some L4D2, showered up, prepared for the work week.

2014.06.07 Saturday

Packed up and headed out for a BCS trip.

HEB for grub.

Grilling, games, good times.  Met some new friends.

2014.06.06 Friday

Spent the morning doing yardwork

Spent some of mid-day working around the house on stuff.

Helped Habibi with some deck work.  Big projects are best tackled in pieces.

2014.06.05 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Feels good man.

2014.06.04 Wednesday

Work. Class. Trivia. Home. Snooze.

2014.06.03 Tuesday

Worked a mostly normal day.

Went home and cut up some pineapple, cooked up a bunch of veggies and made a batch of mac and cheese... because I really didn't feel like doing homework.

Played a round of L4D2, then called it quits.

2014.06.02 Monday

Back to work.  Stayed late getting some stuff working.

Home, leftovers and homework.  Then tiny bit of gaming and sleep.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2014.06.01 Sunday

Already June.  Crazy.

Not sure what I have to do today.  I tried looking into xqemu some more, but I just couldn't get it to work with xubuntu.

Played more L4D2.

Picked up some groceries.

Watched BSG until sleep time.

2014.05.31 Saturday

Worked on homework.

Watched BSG.

Spent most of the afternoon / evening working on the driveway expansion joints.

2014.05.30 Friday

Not feeling so great this morning, took a sick day.  Ended up working from home a bit, not really accomplishing much.

Later on, started feeling better.  Took a trip to home depot to pick up some supplies for some weekend projects.

Evening came, I decided to do yardwork.  Taylor and Seth came over to watch So You Think You Can Dance.

I played games.

2014.05.29 Thursday

Work.  Felt like nobody was around most of the day.  I was able to make some progress with less interruptions happening.

2014.05.28 Wednesday

Work, class, trivia, home, sleep.

2014.05.27 Tuesday

Back to work.  Not really feeling it this week.  Ended up working a longer day.  Lots of interruptions.

Home, homework and leftovers.  Then bedtime.

2014.05.26 Monday

Enjoyed the day off from work.  Watched some BSG.

Cleaned up my office area and worked on homework


2014.05.25 Sunday

Worked on some homework.

Weather kinda gloomy this weekend.

Watched Contact with Kelc.  Something about this movie just clicks with me.

2014.05.24 Saturday


Worked some on expansion joints.  This seemingly small project may take longer than I originally expected.

Attended the HOA meeting, but got rained out.

Finished the shower that nature started. Played games.  Worked on puzzles.

2014.05.23 Friday

A day off.  Went over to the parent's house to borrow the truck.  Stopped by Home depot and Lowes to pick up some materials for a project.

Picked up a lawnmower from Hasbro.

Watched some Battlestar Gallactica to kill time, then headed over to bro+sisInLaw's to pick up a freezer and coffee table.  Returned the truck.

2014.05.22 Thursday

Work. Blah.

2014.05.21 Wednesday

Work - Class - Trivia, did really well in the last round but had to give up winnings because we had too many people - Home - sleep

2014.05.20 Tuesday

In work later, left work later.

Worked on the midterm some more.

Insisted on playing some L4D2 before going to bed.

2014.05.19 Monday

In work a bit late, wasn't able to get much done with all the interrupts and distractions.  Finally got a little done, then left early.

Home, took care of a few things just to unwind a bit, then started really grinding away at the midterm.

2014.05.18 Sunday

Watched last night's SNL, pretty good one.

Met up with some of the family to celebrate my father's b-day.  First stop, Top Golf.  Pretty fun.  It's like bowling, but you get to smack the crap out of golf balls.  Then we went out to lunch at Bellini's.  Also good.

Home, tired.

2014.05.17 Saturday

Spent about half the day working on yardwork. Cut, edged, trimmed a few things, then fixed up the rock part at the front door.

Kelc went to hang out with friends.  I stayed at home and got to be lazy, watched the end of season 3 of Louie, and played a few games.

2014.05.16 Friday

Wrapped up the work week.  Probably stayed later than I really should have.

Home, cleaned up a few things.  Mostly relaxed.

2014.05.15 Thursday

Went in to work and nothing works.  Great. Worked a longer day to make up for it.

Home, chillaxed.

2014.05.14 Wednesday

Work, class, trivia.  Did alright at trivia.


2014.05.13 Tuesday

In early again, not totally sure why.

Long day, ending with homework and sleep.

2014.05.12 Monday

Back2Grind early.

Working late, noticed a storm approaching.  Time to go home and work on homework instead.  The storm ended up hitting late in the night.

2014.05.11 Sunday

Morning prep work, then spent the day out at the park in my sister+broInLaw's neighborhood for mother's day.  Played outdoor games, ate delicious food, enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Watched a few Louie, trimmed trees, grocery shop, more Louie, Battlestar Galactica.

2014.05.10 Saturday

Started off the day with some yardwork, then did laundry.

Went out to the lakehouse for a graduation party celebration.  Lots of craziness.

2014.05.09 Friday

Day off.  Did various things around the house.

2014.05.08 Thursday

At work early, Ice cream!

Pretty simple day.

2014.05.07 Wednesday

Dentist appointment. Stopped by home to finish getting ready for work, chatted with neighbor.

Worked a bit, then attended class.

Trivia, Sleep.

2014.05.06 Tuesday

Work. Schoolwork. Sleep.

2014.05.05 Monday

In work a bit earlier than normal.  I struggled to accomplish anything all day.

Went home and watched Kelc work on a project.  I attempted to work on homework for a bit.

Cooked up some tacos and guacamole to celebrate 5th of May.  Gracias.

2014.05.04 Sunday

May the forth.  Neat.

Did a little checkout of the sprinkler system.  Chatted with the neighbor for a bit.  Went around the house and measured the windows, thinking about building some solar screens.

Watched more BSG.

Washed and detailed my car.  First time trying out Mother's Back-to-Black.  It's awesome.

Watched a Louie and another BSG, then showered up and went to bed.

2014.05.03 Saturday

Cut yard.  Met up with the kids at Kobe for graduation celebration.  Congratulations.

Kelc took a nap. I played some games and researched a few things.

Watched some more BSG.  Not a bad premise for a show.

2014.05.02 Friday

Went in early, tried to leave early but someone decided to have a meeting run later into the evening

Still home at a reasonable time.  Made smoothies. More BSG.

2014.05.01 Thursday

Work. Costco trip. Battlestar Gallactica.

2014.04.30 Wednesday

Wrapping up the fourth month of the two thousand fourteenth year (roughly) since some humans decided to start keeping track.

Work was mostly normal day.  Attended class after.  It really does seem like the lectures and homework assignments aren't sync'd correctly.  It's like the lectures are behind what we need to know for the homework.

Went to trivia late since class ran late.  We didn't do so great, but not terrible either.  Considering we had 6 people, not too great.

Home, tried to connect to work.  Nope.  Went to bed a bit early.

2014.04.29 Tuesday

At work early for a change.  Stayed semi late.

Home, homework, sleep. Typical Tuesday.

2014.04.28 Monday

Back to work.  Somewhat productive, somewhat distracted.

Home, ate some leftovers, worked on some homework and played some TF2.  Kelc gave Kitty some treats, so we had to clean up puke at night.

2014.04.27 Sunday

Tried polishing up some old flatware.

Cleaned and waxed the table.

Washed my car cleaning rags and towels.

Played quite a bit of TF2 today.

Tried working on some homework. Sigh.

2014.04.26 Saturday

Cut yard

Then loaded up my car with "hazardous waste" and went to the Hazardous Collection day hosted by the city.  Kinda weird how they treat all the vehicles as if they are contaminated, and don't let you get out of your vehicle.

Louie, soup, shower.

2014.04.25 Friday

Went through closet, piled up clothes I no longer wanted.  Goodwill trip.

Started Battlestar Gallactica with Kelc. PeiWei dinner.