Friday, December 31, 2010

2010.12.31 Friday

Started the day off pretty solid. Nobody knows what is going on for celebrating the New Year.

Kelc spent the day reading a book while I played Minecraft and watched Clerks.

Later, we ran an errand to Lowe's, then Walmart, then out to the lakehouse to shoot off fireworks and celebrate with friends. Some fireworks were duds, others almost caught some of us on fire. Good times.

Ate more unhealthy food and played games, then I passed out around 4am.

2010.12.30 Thursday

After getting in at 4am, I was able to sleep in quite well.

Cooked up a limited edition pizza for lunch/dinner, then watched the Back To The Future trilogy while playing Minecraft.

Also took a quick spin by the gym to see a monster inflatable slide set up, and got to jump around on trampolines.

Kelc came over to watch Inception. I drank some remaining wine and fell asleep easily.

2010.12.29 Wednesday

Today, lots of things going on.

A friend having a dress-up party, a concert downtown, and a birthday party. What to do...

Well, the plan was to go to the birthday party for a little bit, then to the concert downtown, then the remainder at the dress-up party if time permitted. Unfortunately, we only were able to get to step one of that plan.

We played games, ate fajitas, played more games, broke picture frames, and popped balloons. Also played Smash Bros into the "wii" hours of the morning. Har har, I kill me.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010.12.28 Tuesday

Woke up and went to my house. Been a long time since I had been around here.

Took care of chores: cleaning kitchen, dishes, shower, laundry.

Steam had a sale on the Doom Pack, for $8. I snatched that up. Played Doom 3 for about 30 minutes then remembered how annoying the game gets. Everything is always jumping out at you, instead of the classic "shoot everything always" game style.

For dinner, Kelc's dad took a group of us out to County Line BBQ to enjoy an all-you-can-eat platter of meat. The pork ribs are fantastic.

Took a pit stop on the porcelain throne, then over to hang out with the happy couple and watch Inception. Pretty neat movie; feels rather epic. I feel like there were specific pieces missing, but for good reason.

2010.12.27 Monday

Spent the morning out at the lakehouse again. Slept much more comfortably on a regular bed. Watched tv most of the morning, got pretty bored since mid-day television sucks. Left to go home and do other things.

Kelc and I went over to her dad's house to put together furniture and organize things since she is still in the process of getting settled.

Made a quick trip over to my parent's house to pick up those leftovers. Kelc had a burger instead.

Spent the evening rearranging furniture and setting up a new living room. Then bedtime.

2010.12.26 Sunday

Spent today out at the lakehouse. More games, and watched the move Defiance.

Some of Kelc's family was stuck in Austin because flights were cancelled from a snow storm.

Went back home to take care of a few things, then back out to the lakehouse.


2010.12.25 Saturday X-mas

Merry Christmas world.

Woke up, cleaned myself up a bit and headed to the parent's house to spend the day with family. Patsy and Robert drove into town and enjoyed a feast with us. There was enough food for about 15 people, and there were only 7 there. Guess who is having leftovers for the next week.

Played games most of the day, including a Xbox Kinect. It's kinda fun, but I feel like this technology was possible years ago.

Later on, drove out to the lakehouse to hang out with Kelc's family and play games.

Didn't take long before I fell asleep.

Friday, December 24, 2010

2010.12.24 Friday

Woke up early to get ready for a road trip. My family was running late so I started playing Minecraft.

On the way to Houston, we stopped for food at McDonalds. Breakfast of champions. I started watching East Bound and Down.

At my grandma's, we were there semi-early. We prepared some food and set out the snacks, then the rest of the family arrived. The meal commenced, enough food for a small army.

Then sleep.

On the way home I watched some more East Bound and Down, and had some discussions with the family.

Home... more sleep.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010.12.23 Thursday

The roads were a lot more clear this morning. I managed to wake up early today somehow. That extra time was quickly used up by a pre-work break on the porcelain throne. Yeah, I just said that. Online.

Around the office, things matched the roads rather well... emptier than normal. Lunch was also less option-filled, but I still ate it. Finished up everything and went home.

Good to be done...for the year.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010.12.22 Wednesday

Groggy, of course. Hump day is here.

Work flew by kinda quickly, but not at the same time. I'm getting more and more restless about getting a break from work.

I left work ON TIME for the first time in what feels like weeks. At home, I took care of some things, and cooked myself a nice mashed taters and hot dog dinner, with a small side of tortellini.

Watched some Mythbusters and worked on things in my room. It still doesn't feel like winter outside.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010.12.21 Tuesday

It's hard to believe that Christmas is so close. Work is winding down, the days are short. Oddly though, the high temperature for today is in the 80s. Welcome To Texas.. YEE HAW!

Worked a half-day today. In the afternoon I had an appointment set up to get new tires. I hope these tires last a long time because they are a bit pricey.

After that, I met up with some friends at the Cedar Park HS tennis courts to play vennis (combo of volleyball and tennis). Tyler was on the winning team every time... interesting. Stopped by Wendy's for a quick dinner. Kelc was kind enough to offer her house for evening activities. These activities involved a handful of sessions of Busy Streets, NeverHaveIEver, and Murder In The Dark Xmas Edition.

The group decided to continue the fun at Ihop and other places, but I decided to split off and get some sleep. Work is really important these days.

Monday, December 20, 2010

2010.12.20 Monday

Woke up on time for work today, but had a splitting headache. I took an advil and hopped in the shower thinking that would help the medicine get into my bloodstream faster. Nope. Got out of the shower, dried off and hopped back into bed. Need to start today over...

I ended up dreaming some really random stuff. I remember discovering a rather large terrarium, only this one had many walls and divisions in it. The purpose of the divisions was to separate the various creatures. There were bugs, critters, mice, snakes... just about anything that could be contained. Well somehow the divisions started falling down, and everything started eating each other. I started freaking out and yelling for help, but nobody came. Then I woke up. Time for work.

Work went by slow and fast at the same time. For lunch I had a grilled cheese with bacon. The lunch lady is starting to recognize my patterns of diet. Gotta throw in some curveballs.

Once at home, I made a dinner consisting of green beans and tortelini. Then left to run errands with Kelc. I can't go into too many details about where I shopped, until after Saturday.

Back home, looked up some more info about the potential lunar eclipse tonight. Not sure if I should try to wake up and see it.

In other news, Minecraft is now out of Alpha.. in Beta. As promised, I will continue to get updates until the game is complete. New players that purchase in Beta will get updates until final release.. but not the final. Early adopter FTW.

2010.12.19 Sunday

Good morning. Time to wake up. We need to pack up most of kelc's bulk items into her dad's vehicle so they can begin the drive back to Austin.

We packed up a lot of the big stuff, then said our goodbye's to family as they left to go home.

For lunch we went over to Sweet Tomatoes. Salad, soups, breads, pizza. After that, we went back to Kelc's, and said our goodbye's to Ray and Marisa. After that, Kelc and I went to Plucker's to watch the Steelers game. It really doesn't feel like Sunday already. Even though we just went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch, I ended up eating 2 baskets of chips, 3 fried pickles, 10 wings and a few celery sticks.

Back home, we were too full, but still had to pack and prepare for the drive home. Considering how small both of our cars are, we fit quite a bit. Only two things we left behind, a bed frame and a microwave.

The drive home was uneventful. I listened to various albums, sang to a good chunk of songs so my voice is probably going to be a little scratchy tomorrow.

In bed by...2 ish.

2010.12.18 Saturday

Woke up mid morning. Air mattresses are not the most comfortable things in the world.

Today we had an agenda, and we didn't really have many options to the day. So the day started off with mostly waiting. Extended and direct family was on their way from ATX to meet us for lunch.

For out late lunch, Candlelight Inn in Arlington. Really close to the new Cowboy's stadium. This place has been around for something like 50 years. Pretty impressive. The food was pretty good for the price. They also had a charcoal grill. Very cool.

After the meal, we went back to Kelc's to get changed and take some pictures before the ceremony. The ceremony was in the same building as the nutcracker play we went to just a handful of days ago. So I keep calling it a ceremony because this event was quite a bit more dressy than most graduations. One thing to note was the jazz band and singer that were playing prior to the ceremony when all the parents are waiting. The presenters insisted on reminding everybody to be considerate of others and the length of celebration, and that any noisemaker of any kind will be grounds for dismissal from the ceremony. The college of liberal arts split up their schools between ceremonies since there are so many people. Once Kelc's name was called, the entire family celebrated. I feel like she was more focused on walking than listening to us.

The ceremony ended, but finding Kelc was rather difficult. Everybody was being forced into a small area at the exit. Eventually we found her and left. Back at the apartment, Ray and Marisa had been waiting patiently (unfortunately we didn't have enough tickets to bring everybody, but it was probably better that they had some free time). They got Kelc a gift card and balloons to celebrate the occasion.

From there, we piled into a car and went over to hotel Nylo, a New York styled loft-room simulation with modern decorations. We had a few drinks at the bar, then left. Stopped by Wendy's on the way home for a late-night snack. We saw a homeless man run into the bushes from the drive-thru, weird.

Back home, listened to some music, watched some youtube videos, ate food, and then started Toy Story 3. I couldn't stay awake for very long.

2010.12.17 Friday

Brought in my special entree to work today. Very excited to see people's reactions.

Great Success! Lots of comments around the office. I guess it was such a weird creation that people had to give it a try. I, on the other hand, was enjoying the rum balls.

I left work mid-day to meet up with my parents. From there, we drove to San Marcos to attend my sister's graduation from Texas State. The ceremony went by rather quickly. There wasn't any motivational speaker, so they jumped right into the names. For the names, they read them off rather quickly. Very efficient.

For graduation dinner, we went to Madola's Italian Market in the Triangle. Good food.

Went home, socialized a bit, ate some pecans, then back to my place. Packed up my junk then began the trip to Arlington late in the night.

Arrived around 1am, which marked the dissolving of the party that was already in session. Set up some beds, Ray and Marisa arrived soon after, and we all crashed.

Friday, December 17, 2010

2010.12.16 Thursday

Thor's day. Work is really starting to wind down. People are discussing vacations and holiday plans. Work ethic is shot.

Over lunch, a group of the guys went out to play some flag football. We only had enough for 3v3, but it was still fun. The cool air was making my throat close up some.

After work, I got to work on my dish for tomorrow's potluck at work. This year it's all about chocolate covered bacon, so of course I had to share the stuff with work people. I cooked up just under 2 pounds of bacon, half was hickory smoked, half was regular. S.o.a.B. I have burns on my hands and neck from oil splash. Damn you hickory smoked bacon.

I ate random stuff I had in the pantry, and played some minecraft. The house is quiet this evening. *yawn* it's only 8:30 and I'm ready to sleep. Unfortunately, I still have to finish the chocolate part of the dish.

Watched some of the office and delicately hand-covered the pieces, then topped it off with some sprinkles.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010.12.15 Wednesday

The sun seems to be rising later and later in the day. Winter solstice.. please hurry up. I also slept in later than normal, so I had a delayed start to my day. Cool.

Work was more documents and meetings.

Popped into Too Hotties for a haircut. I really was hoping to get it cut yesterday, so I would have extra time this evening, but they were pretty busy. Instead, I got a really good haircut by a new hairdresser. She was really nice, and we chit-chatted about H-town and ATX.

So I did one thing that really made me feel like an engineer: started to change my oil at 9:30p at night. Yeah, pretty crazy I know. Considering how the wind was gusty, I was able to stay relatively clean and not spill much. It seemed like my car was at the full marker with only 4 quarts (instead of the prescribed 4.25 quarts). I'll have to check on this later.

Cleaned myself up, and off to bed.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010.12.14 Tuesday

Work was full of meetings and low activity/excitement levels.

At home, I started off with the mission of running some errands, but that fell apart quickly. Instead I ended up finishing my minecraft "mob grinder" based on plans others have posted online. I have to admit that I'm really happy with the results. I'm already collecting a lot of resources from it.

I ended up running some errands late into the evening anyways. I really need to perform an oil change, so I picked up all the gear for that, plus some food items.

Back home, cooked dinner at 11pm, then wrapped up the day.

Monday, December 13, 2010

2010.12.13 Monday

Ah, a Monday. Hmmph.

After work, I got to work on vacuuming my room, and cleaning my bathroom. I also picked up some around my room, but didn't spend too much time on that because I knew I was going to end up making a mess later anyways.

Cleaned up in the kitchen. I am still under the impression that colanders and pots take up too much space in the dishwasher, so I hand wash them. The pots are usually easy because they are non stick. So weird thing I've noticed, if there are dishes in the sink, people will add to the pile in the sink, even when the dishwasher is empty. But if the sink is empty, people will crack open the dishwasher to find space (typically speaking). I guess they are assuming the dishwasher is full.. and you know what they say about assuming. LOLZ

Cooked a grilled hot dog on the cast iron skillet. Also cooked up some potatoes. I was originally planning on the potatoes to be "mashed", but they came out more like potato soup. Milk floweth fast.

Post dinner, I went back to my room to watch the rest of MNF and work on the guitar circuit I've been talking about for so long. I was able to verify some of the wiring and build a little part of the circuit.. everything looked good... applied power (with my awesome DC power supply).


Oh sh*t. WHAT IS GOING ON? Capacitor just blew up in my face. That's weird, it doesn't smell that ba... oh there is the smell. Gross.

So what did I do wrong? Well people might say this is a common mistake. I put in an electrolytic capacitor with the leads reversed, or wrong polarity. Alright, so yes that was a pretty silly mistake. In my defense, I was using a military-grade electrolytic that doesn't have the standard (-) sign marking down an entire side. What does it have? A tiny tiny plus sign that is slightly closer to one lead than the other. I actually had two caps in the circuit, but I lucked out and the other one was installed correctly.

Now the bread board has a burnt spot. Hooray. I also get to sleep in a room that smells like terrible burnt electronics. Hooray!

2010.12.12 Sunday

Woke up normal time. Korey and Josh were heading to a wedding today, Kelc, her mom and I were going to see the Nutcracker.

Kelc's mom decided to head over to Florida to spend time with her dad, whose health has been in steady decline. I hope everything is ok.

Packed up some of Kelc's stuff in Josh's truck to take back to Austin. Picked up the other Josh to go see the Nutcracker with us.

I've got to say, the Nutcracker, or any ballet, is still hard to interpret as an adult (until I read the synopsis) so I have no idea why a kid would enjoy watching. As a matter of fact, there were numerous kids that began crying throughout the performance. Even hundreds of years ago, I could see how the ballet would be a terrifying experience. Seems like a demented art form.

After the show, went back home and checked the flights. The flights to Austin didn't look so good, so Kelc rushed me off to the airport. I flew through security (no body scanning this time) and was at the gate early. Made it on, and First Class again (but remember, short flights show little to no benefit from this).

Landed in Austin, bussed over to my car, drove home, unpacked, watched SNF and cooked dinner. Then called up Rudy and talked for about an hour. We had a lot to catch up on. Didn't take long for me to pass out.

2010.12.11 Saturday

Woke up and took a shower. The morning didn't have anything pertinent happening, so everybody had a rather leisurely mood. Drank some coffee and had toast for breakfast.

Packed up our stuff and headed out to explore some of the campus in the daylight. Michigan has been spending most of the week setting up for a hockey game against their rivals, Michigan State. This event, even in the middle of winter, was drawing fans from all over. Even in morning, people were tailgating and selling their front yards as parking space.

Little did we know, this hockey game would set the new record attendance at the stadium.

Off we went to the airport. Dropped off the rental car, grabbed our bags and bussed over to the terminal. We checked out bags without an issue, but once we saw the security line, we started to wonder if we should have skipped that part. The security line was taking an abnormal amount of time... until you studied what was going on. They had to x-ray machines for bags and belongings, one metal detector, and one infamous body scanner machine, and about 12 TSA agents that hardly looked busy. You could easily feel the frustration in the room; people were needing to get to their flights and not deal with this invasion of privacy. Well, we were getting really close to our flight time by the time I got near the front of the line, so as you might have guessed by now... I went through a body scanner. Yep. I did it. It is done. My NAKED BODY is on a computer somewhere. I really hope they liked looking at my junk, although it probably wasn't as big as it normally is (I SWEAR IT WAS COLD IN DETROIT). Looking back at the experience, I'm kinda disappointed that my first digital nude was that. I could have done something a lot more epic for my first naked picture. Instead, it was an image of me (figuratively) bending over and taking it from TSA. So turns out that 3 out of the 4 of us went through the body scanners. Yeah that's a whopping 75% scan rate. It was my understanding that the body scanners are supposed to be used if the metal detectors aren't functioning, or picking up something that may be questionable.


Arrived at the gate, everybody already boarded the plane. We squeezed on before the shut the doors. First class back to Dallas, on a 2.5 hour flight. Yessss. Chicken sandwich, caesar vinaigrette salad, pita chips and cheese dip. Also, warm nuts and a cranberry cookie. Room to recline your chair and stretch your legs. Yessss.

In Dallas, bussed out to Kelc's car, then to her apartment. Spent some time around there, then went to the mall to kill some time. Ate a quick bite, then off to Lindsey's dance show.

The UTA Dance Ensemble puts on a show at the end of every semester. This year's show was titled Nuts 'n' Bolts, Rock 'n' Roll. Some of the dances made no sense, others were high entertainment, others more mature and skillful.

After that, we went out to Pappasito's Cantina. I ate a ton of queso, ruined my dinner, but hey leftovers are good too. I saw what appeared to be a group of females at a table, looked like they were a dance team or gymnastics team, but no adults. Weird that they all looked a little young to be there without a way to drive.

Went back to the apartment. Quickly fell asleep again.

2010.12.10 Friday

Woke up before I really needed to today. Took a shower and was getting my things ready for some fun travels. Well once I got out of the shower, I received a text message saying that Kelc's mom was outside already ready to go. Yikes! Let's roll.

I drove us to the airport, then we bussed in to the terminal. There we had to check bags, go through security, then head to our gate. We had some time to spare, so Kelc's mom went to see how other flights were looking to make sure we were going to make it to Michigan. The flight to DFW wasn't that crowded, so we were able to sit in First Class. Yeah that sounds great and all, but on such a short flight, you don't really see any benefits of First. Flying standby, you get to wait while everybody boards the plane. If you are ever flying and see people that look like they are running late to their flight, and just barely making it... good chance they weren't running late, but are actually flying standby. Anyways.. my main point to make is that as standby you get on at the last second, and the flight to DFW is 15 minutes of ascent, 10 minutes of cruising, and 15 minutes of descent. Not a lot of time to get pampered.

At DFW, we met up with Kelc. The flight to Detroit didn't look so good like it did yesterday. Now it looks like we might need to start figuring out some backup plans, or wait for later flights. Well, we ended up lucking out and they assigned the very last seat on the plane to me. *phew* That was a close one.

Two and a half hours later we arrived at Detroit's airport. Balloons everywhere! Well, just in the part of the terminal we entered. Guess they were celebrating something.

Picked up our bags at baggage claim, then bussed over to the rental car place. A compact will do just fine. Kelc's dad met up with us at the rental place, and off we went to Ann Arbor.

On the way, we hit a rather large clump of traffic. Turns out Detroit doesn't know how to deal with accidents. A fender-bender between two cars, which was already on the left shoulder, closed down the left shoulder, left lane, middle lane, and part of the right lane. A fire truck spanned almost all three lanes. THANKS GUYS. Keeping us safe by having more people slam on their brakes.

We went straight to the gym. Some of us changed clothes in the car. Really nice how rentals don't have any window tint. Even with the snowy/icy ground, it didn't really feel that cold.

At the gym meet, Kevin performed on floor and vault. He did well on both. Somewhat surprising was the audience. A flock of females hovered closely, and were yelling out the names of the gymnasts as they performed their routines.

Later, we went to the world-famous Zingerman's Deli. I really feel like Austin needs a place like this. They have a huge assortment of meats, breads and cheeses. Everything looked fantastic, except the prices. Upon receiving my sandwich, the price was justified. A small is easily filling, and a large is really two sandwiches with meat piled high.

After dinner, we went to check in at the hotel. Spent a few minutes there, and changed clothing, then out to Starbuck's to meet up with Kevin his friend Alex. About halfway through this, I was ready for bed.

Went back to the hotel room and promptly closed my eyes.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010.12.09 Thursday

End of the work week already? Sweet. Feels like a long time since I had a 3-day weekend, unless you count Thanksgiving weekend as an extended weekend.

I spent the evening today finishing up the power supply. I have multiple voltage terminals available, pretty exciting.

Black: Gnd
Yellow: +12v
Red: +5v
Blue/White: +3.3v
Blue: -5v
White: -12v

Also stuck in an extra ground terminal for added flexibility. I should be able to make some progress with my guitar effects project now.

Mark came over and we ended up discussing some of the finer points of the Disney Channel.

Packed up my junk and went to bed.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010.12.08 Wednesday

Today is a special day to me. Why is today special? Well for one, it is my half-birthday. Yeah I know that most people don't care at all about half-birthdays. There have been a handful of pivotal moments in my past that occurred around the time of my half-birthday, so I consider this time special. It's not really about "feeling older" but just a state-of-mind shift.

An extended work day went by sorta quickly. I started getting pretty restless by the end.

At home, I didn't really bother to do much. I had some leftovers for dinner, watched Mythbusters, and played Minecraft. So about Mythbusters, President Obama appeared as a guest to personally ask for a myth to be revisited. I feel like they made a huge deal about the 10 seconds he appeared, and then opponents of Obama will say how unprofessional it is for him to appear on a TV show. I personally feel like the US in general needs to be more excited about math and sciences. There is a lot of misinformation/sly-marketing out there that people abuse on misinformed consumers. Anything for a quick buck, right?

I spent the majority of the evening playing Minecraft while multitasking in other things. I actually kicked up the amount I'm playing lately to try and finish a project. I'm about 70% done building a rather large "machine" that will help me acquire materials that aren't as common. I hope it works when I'm done *crosses fingers*. After that, I only have a few mindless tasks going on around the world, so I may stop spending so much time with it.

2010.12.07 Tuesday

Another day of work. Another day of school.

But not just any day of school. Today is the final exam. Very exciting if you ask me. I can't wait to be done with this semester. I dislike having that responsibility hanging over my head. It really isn't that fun mixing school and work in the same schedule.

At home, I cooked up some dinner. Nothing fancy, mac'n'cheese and a hot dog. Just like mom used to make! Lol.

In my free time, I looked online about the differences between the various op-amps I have collected over the years. The thing I'm more concerned about is the maximum limit on supply voltage, and I started confusing myself more and more.

I have a handful of TLC2274AC rail-to-rail operational amplifiers, and tons of resistors and capacitors, so I should be able to build some 2nd-order filters and some distortion effects. Just need to wire it all up now.

Monday, December 6, 2010

2010.12.06 Monday

Well, I found out that I have a TPMS on my car. Good to know that something is monitoring my tires. But that also means I found out that my tires are low on air, so I had to sit out in the cold watching them inflate.

By the time I was on the road heading to work, there was some sort of major backup on the normal highways, so I had to find an alternate route, and got to work much later than expected.

Work was highly uneventful. Around the end of the year, things are either in a scramble to finish, or there is nothing to do. So far I've flip-flopped between those two extremes twice.

At home, cooked up a bunch of potatoes for dinner and watched some Monday Night Football. The Patriots were dominating too much, so the game became pretty boring to watch. I guess I shall study for my final exam instead...

Plus a little minecraft to relieve the stress.

2010.12.05 Sunday

Woke up and hurried up to get out the door. Picked up Josh and went to go see Black Swan.

For lunch we went to Abuelo's. A nice Mexican restaurant that seems somewhat intimidating on the outside. Happy B-day Josh!

Back home, we took a nap during football. Mexican food always makes me sleepy.

Ended up staying later than expected, but still made the drive home. I have a hard time finding the right temperature that has my body comfortable and eyes not drying out. Stupid dry heat.

2010.12.04 Saturday

Slept in some. Watched TV, ran some errands with Kelc.

Dino's Subs for lunch. Yummy yum. Then went grocery shopping.

Took an afternoon nap, then watched Memento. It's been a long time since I had seen that movie. I forgot most of it, but I think this time it made more sense.

After that I went to go pick up some Little Caesar's for later. Drove really far down the road I know it was on, but didn't see it. Turns out their sign was only lit up enough to say "Lit____" and it was tucked away in a corner of a shopping center. Cheap don't come easy.

Friends came over in the evening for food fun and games. Had a lot of fun playing games.

2010.12.03 Friday

Work again. Should be close to wrapping up the week.

Over lunch, a group of us work guys went out to play some football. I miss playing football every day like I used to in 7th grade. I lucked out and had a gym period right after the real middle school football team's time, and the coaches just wanted to go and talk about football. So every day... EVERY DAY we put on our white shirts and black or red shorts and went out to the fields. Most of the time we played tackle football. Yes, without pads. And yes, while it was practically snowing outside. Once in a blue moon we would have to run a couple laps before we could play, and one day it was raining too hard so we played dodgeball. Good times.

Back to work. Finish this week strong.

For dinner, another couple of steaks. Packed up my stuff, ran some errands, and began the drive to Arlington.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

2010.12.02 Thursday

Pretty darn tired this morning.

Work was pretty epic again. Stayed late into the evening finishing up things. I'm going to need a vacation pretty soon.

Cooked up a couple steaks and potatoes for dinner, then rest. My days are pretty simple when the majority of my time is spent at work.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2010.12.01 Wednesday

Woah. Last month of 2010. Woah. Here we go.

I worked rather late today, then came home and cooked up some leftover turducken and potatoes. I'm starting to wonder how long that turducken will last in the refrigerator.

Took care of some paperwork, played some minecraft and mostly took it easy. I have a feeling the rest of this week is going to be long days.