Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2012.04.23 Monday

Ready for a fun and short work week?  Me neither.  I have a huge pile of stuff to get finished as fast as possible. Volleyball didn't happen.  I think we just couldn't get enough people together.

Post-work, went for a bike ride.  It was fun, but at the beginning I already felt tired so I knew I wasn't going to go for very long.  I saw 4 different rabbits along the 6 or so miles.  I also went pretty fast over an open man hole.  I almost flew off the bike, but ended up just smashing my ass into the seat.  I need to work on my land-scanning rate so I don't fall down some hole of off a cliff.

Cooked up a big pot of shells and cheese for dinner, and supplemented that with beef jerky.  Not the greatest dinner, but I was stuffed.

I played some Just Cause 2, you know, just 'cause.  I installed a mod called Superman flying mod 4.  It essentially lets you fly around the islands.  Super sweet.  It would have been more awesome if you had to earn the flying capability and then got to use it later for missions, but it's icing on the cake of a very awesome cake.

Stayed up a bit to see if Kelc would be done with work... nope.

2012.04.22 Sunday

Rather groggy this morning.  Mostly because I went to bed late and woke up early.

Remote connected in to work to try and get some things done.  When my computer abruptly reset, I decided it was time to move on to other things.  Went to play a little bit of Ace Combat, then got to work on the cupcake project.  It's awesome how fast and straight cuts are with a table saw.  Seems silly to not have one now.

Took a detour in the evening to work on a homework assignment with fellow classmates.  We are so close to being done with everything.  So close...

Mapped out some more cuts for the cupcake project.  That sounds simple, but it is time consuming.  For one section, it takes about 30-40 minutes to just map out the lines.  There are 6 sections planned.  Yikes.

2012.04.21 Saturday

Had a morning coffee and a breakfast taco.  Great way to start off the day.  My brother visited for a bit, and played some Tiger Woods golf on Kinect.

I cleaned up the house and helped my dad with some bathroom work.  It's getting closer to being complete.

Went with my mom to help at a self-service car wash place.  Ive never been too happy with the equipment they have there, but I do like that they try to recycle everything, and collect the runoff.

Ate a protein-heavy dinner of chik-fil-a and whataburger.  Yeah that's right, double fast food.  Bam.

Spent some time mapping out some cuts for the cupcake project for tomorrow.  This involved me installing Sketchup through Wine on my ubuntu laptop.  I didn't have high hopes, but it worked and did the job, albeit slightly slow in responsiveness.  That could be my ubuntu installation though.

I finished off the night looking up information about Android phones and geeking out.

2012.04.20 Friday

Enjoyable breakfast with some coworkers.  Then a semi-productive day.  Meetings getting in the way,

After work I went for a bike ride around rocky terrain, or at least attempted to.  One area that I used to be able to bike is gated off as "Travis County Preserve".  That's silly, they have dirt roads for vehicles to access various utility stations, at least I could have some fun and ride bikes around.  Bummer.  Instead, I went around the new construction area of a shopping complex that is being put in near the entrance to my parent's neighborhood.  Seems like they are exploiting college students.

Relaxed for the evening.

2012.04.19 Thursday

Semi long day at work.  Solution? Go home, and go for a bike ride.  Felt great.

What's for dinner? Leftover Chinese.  Dinner of champions.  That makes two days in a row of chinese food.

Friday, April 20, 2012

2012.04.18 Wednesday

Today we were able to get enough people together to play a game of volleyball.  Feels great to get out and get some sun.  My feet have some weird tan lines.

Spent the evening in class.  Habs had to do some presenting and ended up spending way too much time because people kept asking questions (Feels bad man).  Had a ton of Chinese food, so much that I felt pretty gross.

I went for a bike ride once I got home; hoping to burn through some of those calories I just ingested.

Did some workouts, then shut dem eyes.

2012.04.17 Tuesday

Work, another long day.

Once home, had quick dinner then spent the evening working on homework.

Then sleep.  Pretty uneventful, yeah?

2012.04.16 Monday


Then home, got a technical phone call about circuits.  I must be missing something because I wasn't very helpful.  Something about dual power supplies and high voltages.  I'm a tad rusty.

Went bowling with some of Kelc's coworkers.  We only played one game, so we weren't there for very long.

Back home, feels like I didn't get anything done.  Might as well sleep.

2012.04.15 Sunday

My cousin did a 10mile race today.  Pretty impressive!  The race

I met up with Kelc for some Torchy's, then we went to see some houses with a Realtor.  Pretty sure anything is going to be better than the house we saw yesterday.

There is a lot of things to note for the six houses we saw.  I am going to be lazy and not type out anything in particular unless someone asks.

We grabbed some Dairy Queen to discuss everything afterwards.  Essentially, we both agree that 3 stand out on top from the rest.  The way I rank my top 3 differs from how Kelc ranks it.  I also am having a hard time balancing the pros and cons from each one to really pick out what is better.  Ugh.

Then we stopped by Torchy's (again) so I could get some food.

Home, winding down for the work week.

2012.04.14 Saturday

Played some Ace Combat 6 for breakfast.  Pretty fun.  I'm a bit rusty.

Tried going to Schlotsky's again for the Grand Opening event.  The idea was that the first 100 people get free Schlotzsky's for a year.  I showed up way too late, as the line was already wrapped around the building.  Nice.  My dad went to the opening of a UFCU branch to meet Mack Brown, get some things signed, and get a picture taken.  Pretty sweet.

In the afternoon, I took Kelc and my dad to check out an open house.  (I generally name the houses I look at by the street they are on.)  I'm calling this house the Spiderlily house.  Let's just say this house is overpriced, and the photos online are very much photoshopped.  Lesson learned: Do not buy a house based on pictures online.  I felt contaminated by mold spores after leaving.

Stopped by Torchy's on the way home, for a late lunch.

Went over to Kelcs for the evening to watch Like Crazy, and write up some emails.  I purchased tickets to the upcoming Thrice concert, then started second-guessing myself because Washed Out is playing the same night at another venue.  What should I do?

Monday, April 16, 2012

2012.04.13 Friday

Yet another Friday the 13th.  What will happen today?  Probably nothing too spectacular.

Today started off on a funky note.  I was planning on doing an oil change in the morning, then going to do a car inspection, then was my car, etc.  Just a day dedicated to taking care of my car.  Well it ended up being rainy outside, which means the ground was wet, which means an oil change would be pretty gross.  Thought about going to do an inspection, but supposedly they don't do inspections with wet concrete.  Also kind of pointless to wash a car that is getting rained on.  Bummer.

Instead, I spent a good chunk of the day working on a sketchup model of the cupcake project my dad and I are working on.  Things are looking pretty sweet, just need to start making some cuts and screwing things together.  Also took a little trip over to Walmart to pick up some supplies for a future oil change.

Went to Schlotzky's over lunch for part of their Grand Opening weekend.  They were giving away free meals; kind of hard to turn down free.

I spent a couple hours on the phone talking with a Realtor and a health coach.  Realtor seemed nice.  Health coach too, although I don't like having to jump through hoops to get the most out of insurance.

Later on in the evening, I decided to go ahead and try to tackle the oil change task.  The ground was just dry enough that I wasn't going to get disgusting crawling around on the ground.  Everything was going smoothly until I realized I didn't have a proper wrench to get the oil filter assembly off.  F**k?  My car now has almost no oil, and I can't finish the oil change.  Go me.  My dad came to the rescue and picked up a few options for oil filter wrenches to I could complete the job.

Kelc went to Jewish church and hung out with friends.  I worked on more sketchup and played around on computer things.

2012.04.12 Thursday

This morning started off pretty abruptly when I logged in I already had a visitor to talk about project status.  Didn't even get a chance to check my emails.

Today at work, we are having a 5k run for charity.  This year, I didn't prepare myself at all, so I'm not even bothering.  I know I can run 5k, I just haven't done an official race.

Plowed through some work that was pushed to the end of the week.  Keep those gears goin'.

Home, ready for the weekend.

2012.04.11 Wednesday

The day started off a bit hectic.  Trying to get lots of mini tasks done all at the same time.  No vball today, also no lunch (just worked right through it).

Enjoyed some pizza and class for the evening.  Also worked a little while in class.

Home, relaxed a little then went to sleep early.

2012.04.10 Tuesday

Today started off with sleeping in.  Nice.  I had a dentist appointment in the morning.  The rest of the day turned into a blur rather quickly.

Dentist appointment, then work, then taking on a new project, then supporting an old project, then vball, then another support effort, then a meeting, then leaving work.

I left work to... *drum roll* a suite at the UT baseball game.  SCORE.  It was pretty nice; food, drinks, air conditioning (if desired), radio, tv.  And UT did pretty well.

Went back to pick up my car from work, then drove through some late night traffic to go home and sleep.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

2012.04.09 Monday

The work day went by quickly.  I was in and out of meetings and juggling 3 projects and lunchtime sports.  Nice.

Habs and I stopped at Delaware Subs on the way home.  I've probably driven past that place countless times, but don't think I've ever tried it.  Well that all changed today.  I got their small (7 inches) italian sub.  I enjoyed it.  The price was a tad more than I would be paying at subway (the 5 dollar footlong is a lie).

At home, I did some laundry, checked up on some car things, moved in a bathroom vanity, then read some reference material for software development.  Kelc came over and fell asleep.  How nice.

2012.04.08 Sunday

Woke up late.  Completely missed church.  Go me.

Spent most of the day with family plus Eric (soon to be family as well).  Ben made an awesome Mediterranean style dip that had cilantro pesto, hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, cucumber, and feta cheese.  Late lunch consisted of a beef roase, corn, mashed potatoes, bread, broccoli cheese casserole, and lemon meringue pie.

Kelc came over just as we were finishing.  There was also some dancing going on.  I'm thinking about posting a video to show how white we dance.

Drove Kelc and myself over to her mom's place to spend some of easter with her.  We played some Pictionary and chatted.  I felt weird not bringing anything.

Drove back home, prepped for the work week.

2012.04.07 Saturday

Met up with Ray and Paul at Torchy's for lunch.  Yummmmm.

Went with my dad to Home Depot for supplies.  Soon we will start on our cupcake project.  Soon.

Met up with Ray and Scottie at Torchy's for dinner.  Yummmm again.  Stopped by HEB to pick up some snacks. There were some ladies shopping around the ice cream section that sounded like they were drunk, then some dudes came out of nowhere to get them to go.

Went to Paul's to hang out.  I chatted with Marisa about sciencey stuff for most of the night.  Everybody else was trying to block out the techno-jargon.

2012.04.06 Friday

Time to wrap up the week.  No carpooling today, since my fellow pooler decided to take the day off.  Started the day off strong with a trip to the cafe.  Seems like nobody is here today.  Is Good Friday really that big?

Played vball at work.  It was fun.

Ate a quick meal at home, then went to play some vennis with friends.  Good times.  Glad that it is the weekend.

2012.04.05 Thursday

Actually got a decent amount of sleep last night.

Today at work, we are celebrating a fellow co-worker's departure.  He is moving on to bigger and better things for a company that he isn't sure what the work is going to be like.  To celebrate, we are going to Seadragon for a delicious buffet meal.

After lunch, I was pretty tired.  It seemed like a perfect time to take a nap, but then I had to deal with some issues and things, while being super groggy.  Good times.

After work I went for a bike ride.  This time around, I wanted to work on getting my pace up, not necessarily going a longer distance.  Previous rides have been about the 6.5 minute/mile pace; this time around I got that down to 5.75 minute/mile.  Not surprisingly, my average bpm was higher since my legs were pumping away, but my peak heart rate didn't hit as high so I think that is good.

Back home, ate some chicken fried steak and two kinds of mashed potatoes, then cleaned up the mess.

Not much time left in the evening for anything else.  Tried going to bed early.

2012.04.04 Wednesday

I woke up before my alarm today, but stayed in a complete groggy state for way too long.

I tried focusing on work for most of the morning.  I know if I think about presenting too much I will make myself feel like crap.  I think I actually worked faster by trying to avoid thinking about it.

Spent lunch playing vball.  Was a pretty good distraction and adrenaline inducer.  We had some really good volleys today, but then I started getting worn out by the 3rd game.

There wasn't much time between lunch and class.  This is when I started feeling the pressure kick in.  I took some coworker's advice and did some out-loud practice runs to really get a feel for what I'm going to say.  This helped some.

Class started, and I had to wait through another group's presentation.  They were bombarded with questions and their presentation took about a half-hour.  I started pacing around the room a bit.  Eventually it was my turn.  I think I did pretty good, had a few awkward pauses, and my vocal chords started drying up near the end.  Not too bad; done in about 8-10 minutes.  Score!

Then I pigged out on chinese food, multiple times throughout the evening.  Went home and ate an avocado.

Stopped by Walmart to pick up a USB cable for my phone.  Then back home ate some carrots and hummus.  Why am I so hungry?

I started getting Kelc hooked on Tiny Tower.

Friday, April 6, 2012

2012.04.03 Tuesday

Woke up to the radio alarm, so I was ahead by 10 minutes or so.

Another work day zoomed by.  No sports or anything today, but I did take some time here and there to do some push-ups.  After work, I grabbed a quick dinner then started working on homework.  Our group took almost an hour trying to figure out what we needed to do.  That was awesome.

Finished up homework, then in bed.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012.04.02 Monday

Late starting the drive to work.  I didn't have a hard time waking up, I just didn't have any motivation.

The day ended up going by pretty fast.  I even stayed later than expected.

Went straight over to Kelc's to hang out.  I had the idea of going to the new Flores restaurant that opened up.  We extended the trip offer to Korey and her friend Shannon.  Now we had a solid foursome to check out the new place.  Shannon reminded me of a girl I knew in college, I kept thinking her doppleganger's name was Stephanie but I was really thinking of a girl named Kate.  Feels like so long ago.

Went home and watched Episode 1 of Game of Thrones.  Not sure what it is, but I don't see myself being vested in the story.  Maybe I have a distaste for monarchies, maybe I don't like the fantasy elements, maybe it's too serious.  The entertainment industry has me burnt out.

2012.04.01 Sunday

I've decided it's about time I go ahead and call it quits with the blog.


I wish April Fool's had fallen on a work day, when I'm forced to be behind a computer and more likely to see more of the craziness that happens.

Went over to Habs to finish up some wiring and dremel work.  This involved another trip over to Lowe's.  Home improvement hardly ever goes like planned.

Back home, I got some food in me and finished up some laundry.  As the weekend is coming to an end, I'm not really sure what to do.  Kelc is having a little gathering at her place to watch the Game of Thrones season premier.  I supposed I can do that.

2012.03.31 Saturday

I had some crazy dreams last night.  In my dream, I started thinking that I should try some techniques for lucid dreaming.  Maybe I'm on my way to some fun things.  Then I started dreaming about my phone's camera being used as a tool to capture ghosts and spirits, and at some point I started making noise in the real world so Kelc jabbed me in the side to stop it. Tee hee.

Went home, and my brother was there with Julissa.  They brought Round Rock doughnuts. Score!

Took a shower, finally.  Headed over to Mark's place to check on his cat.  It poked its head out when I came in, but then I couldn't find him.  Went to Sprouts to pick up some goodies, then Chik fil a for the obvious.  The entire round trip took a lot longer than I thought it would have.

Spent the evening helping Habs with a wiring project.  We didnt finish.  :-(

2012.03.30 Friday

Woke up late.  Felt great.

Started playing Tiny Tower today.  GAME ON.  I still have some learning and configuring to do with my phone.

Took a little trip over to the mall to pick up some new polo shirts.  My daily attire for work is slacks and polo.  Some of my polos are getting to the point of retirement.  I picked up a nice orange color, plus a green and blue.

At home, I took a nap.  Nice.

I helped my dad with some gardening.  I hauled a bunch of 40lb bags of mulch around the house, then helped spread it around the plants.  Also planted another tomato plant.  We now have some basil, potatoes, 3 cucumber plants, 4 tomato plants, and I think rosemary.

Later Kelc came over to talk about some things.  Then we went over to her place to sleep.

Monday, April 2, 2012

2012.03.29 Thursday

A tad sluggish getting up this morning, but somehow still made it out on time. On the drive to work, and most of the morning I was pretty distracted with my new toy.

The day was rather productive.  It seems like a lot of people are out today or something.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Had an afternoon meeting with the group.  Things are (as usual) changing.  We will see how this goes.

Went home and went for a really long bike ride (10.75miles).  Felt great.  Except that I'm only running on antibiotics right now.

2012.03.28 Wednesday

Somehow I went through the morning mindlessly and came out ahead of schedule.  Off to work I go...

Work went by rather quickly.  Then the midterm came and went quickly too.  Back to work for a small chunk, then home.

Habs and my typical post-test mentality kicked in and we were being goobers on the ride home.

My new phone had arrived while I was testing.  Time to play around with it for many hours.

2012.03.27 Tuesday

Sort of back to the normal grind. I'm back on antibiotics, except this time they though it was a brilliant idea to give me mega large pills when I'm having difficulty swallowing nothing.

Work was normal, stayed a tad late.

Went for a bike ride after work. I hit all the roads of the neighborhood this time, totalled up over 7 miles (over 10k) of riding. Booyah.

Home, loaded up on food and started studying.

Kelc came over unexpectedly, but only for a few minutes.

Tried to finish up studying. Tried to fall asleep.

2012.03.26 Monday

Spent a few minutes with Kelc, her car, and a laptop. Took about 2 minutes and we had the cabin air filter replaced. I am super jelly. Changing the cabin air filter in my car takes at least an hour if you know what you are doing, and more if you don't have the right tools.

Then I kicked Kelc out so I could do some work, and schedule a doctor's appointment.  I got in a few solid hours. It helped take my mind off the pain.  Then I went to spend some time at Kelc's.  We finished up the movie we started last night.

The clinic I went to was a lot bigger than I was expecting.  Everybody seemed pretty confused about me being there too, and I provided insurance information after they already had a prescription sent.

Back to Kelc's to hang out.  Her sister really wanted us to go shopping with her for some reason, so off we went to HEB.  Apparently I'm some sort of healthy food expert so she kept asking what was healthy.  I helped out there, then helped unload their groceries, then hit some nerve and was sent home.  Cool.

Guess I'll do some studying.

2012.03.25 Sunday

Had a difficult time waking up. My throat is killing me. I don't know what is wrong with it.

I had a rough day. Couldn't really focus on one thing, so I did lots of little things. I shopped for phones, I finished Super Mario World, I tried figuring out what is wrong with my computer (random rebooting).

Went over to the ATT store. Some goober decided to put Justin Bieber on a stereo system that was set up. BABY BABY BABY BABY BABY BABY.

Went over to Academy and picked up some new shades. Stylin'

Kelc came over later on in the evening. We fell asleep to The Emperor's New Groove.

2012.03.24 Saturday

Woke up to play some tennis with Hasbro.

Then home to work on some yard stuff with the parents. Planted some tomato, cucumbers, and potatoes.

Watched some more of The Dark Knight.

Went out to the Lake House. Hung out on the dock for a bit. Korey lost her sunglasses. Ate some dinner and played some Super Mario World. Went back down to try some fishing.  No luck.

Slept at Kelc's house.

2012.03.23 Friday

Surprisingly not that groggy today, even though I didn't get much sleep.

Enjoyed a breakfast at the cafeteria.

Really cranked out some work today, then left on the early side for once.

I wanted to see what streaming 1080p was like from my media server, then ended up watching a good chunk of The Dark Knight.

Kelc came over. We had some deep discussions, then went out for a tasty late-night treat of Taco Bell.