Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2013.06.02 Sunday

Watched Hunchback of Notre Dame, while cooking bacon / breakfast.

Worked with Kelc to plan out some things to do with the house.

Ran a few errands

Back home, did some work while watching Mulan

Over to Hab's to watch the second-to-last Game of Thrones for this season

Over to Fred's to play games while people are in town.  Up late and tired.

2013.06.01 Saturday

Spent the majority of the day attending a couple's shower.  Somehow fire was involved, and we hung out for much longer than expected.

Kelc and I went over to Matt's to play Carcass game.  By then it was pretty late.

2013.05.31 Friday


Home...Main Event...Home for games


2013.05.30 Thursday

Stayed later at work because I was actually getting stuff done.

Home, cut the yard.  Productive day all around.

Ate some dinner, then played a little TF2, then bed time.

2013.05.29 Wednesday

Longer day at work, got a lot done.

Went for a walk with Kelc in the evening.

Ate some avocados and played some tf2.  Before I knew it, bed time.

2013.05.28 Tuesday

Back to work.  Yay.

Went to Trivia at Brick House, we did mediocre.

Back home, tired.

2013.05.27 Monday (Memorial Day)

Slept in.  Spent most of the day around the house.  Worked on HyperSpin and various computer things, while taking breaks to play games and watch shows.  A well-rounded relaxing day.

2013.05.26 Sunday

Sat around most of the day.

Went over to my parent's to attend part of the grilling festivities.

Went to Travis's to watch the new Arrested Development episodes.  Quick trip to Whole Foods for ... food.  Watched some more episodes, then called it a night.

2013.05.25 Saturday

Stayed at home most of the day.  Played some games and goofed around with the htpc.

Tried to fix some laptops, but for some reason windows would crap out mid-install.

Did some much needed grocery shopping, then cooked up a big pot of beef soup.

2013.05.24 Friday

A day off.  Made a phone call to set up a vet appointment for kitty, but that wasn't going to happen until later, so I took a little Costco trip to start off the day.

Got home, felt pretty tired.  Before I knew it, time to go and a storm was hitting.  Kitty did not like either of those things.

The vet was interesting, and a quick way of spending 40 bucks for something both kitty and myself did not like.

Rainy most of the evening, watched some Breaking Bad.