Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 Week 4 (18-24)

Cooked up some tasty cinnamon bread stuff for breakfast (not exactly healthy, but tasty).  Then watched a 9-11 truth/conspiracy film on Netflix, then watched last night's Saturday Night Live episode.

Disappointed about the Seahawks making it to the Super Bowl.  Then disappointed about the Patriots making it to the Super Bowl.  I guess that's a fitting end to this football season, eh?

Spent some time back at Pop's house to check out some fishing gear and things as of lately.

Mostly normal day of work.  Home later, Kelc made some food for dinner.  Watched a few episodes of Friends, played some games, then bedtime.  Have to admit it's nice coming home to food.

Went to an Eye appointment this morning.  At the point where the eye doctor is talking about various stuff, my phone started exploding with text messages.  I wrapped up, then headed out to my car and checked the messaged.  Turns out my grandmother has passed on.  Disappointing to hear, but I can't say that I'm all that surprised; things had been teetering for a while now.

Ended up going to work anyways, the funeral and stuff will need to be planned out.  I worked later than I wanted to, because everybody decided to hang out while I was debugging some stuff.

Picked up Kelc, then over to the parent's house to talk about plans and get a bite.

Home, sleep

Crappy weather out.  Went to work for about a half day.

Home, packed up, moved furniture, cleaned up.

Picked up bro and sis-in-law, then drove to Houston.

Up early.  Had a delicious breakfast, then mostly sat around all day.

Drove Kelc to walmart to get some leg things, then had lunch at James Coney Island.

Met up with the family at the funeral home.  Tons of flower arrangements, tons of people I don't know, lots of waiting around.  We had a few family members speak during the funeral, and that was probably the hardest part to make it through.

Home late, hungry, tired.

Up early again.  Quick breakfast then off to the church for mass.  I was a pallbearer, along with 5 more of us.  Unfortunately that means we sit off by ourselves in church, and it became quite obvious that we were rusty with how the church routines go.

Procession to the cemetery,  taking her to her final resting place.  Outside was cold and wet, but that didn't matter too much.

Back to the church for a lunch gathering, cleanup, then back to grandma's house for pictures.

Then back to the rental home. Played a few games, chit-chatted, then bedtime.

Up semi-early.  Picked up all my junk and packed the car. Pumped up the tires just in case.

Drove home without any issues.  Picked up chicken express for lunch.  My house was a bit of a mess.  Smelled like cat pee and trash.

Cleaned up and watched some x-games.

2015 Week 3 (11-17)

More football

Kelc is cooking more often.  It's weird.

Looked up some info about class.

Work long day

Went over to Hab+Tay's to watch the first National Championship game that was from a playoff bracket.  Not terribly into it, but somewhat entertaining.  Unfortunately a bracket doesn't guarantee that the games you watch will be good, or that the best team comes out on top.

Dentist appointment for a cavity.  Most of the time was spent waiting around.  The operation itself was relatively quick, and they even let me watch some Transformer movie that I didn't recognize at all.

Then off to work for a chunk of the day.

Home, ate the best bison steak I've ever made.  Totally perfect. Hooked up a replacement hard drive to get that ball rolling.

Worked late into the evening

Trivia, late because the wait staff was a bit overwhelmed.

Had to stop at Sonic, ended up with mediocre food. (kinda cold and bland)

Wrapping up this short work week.  Feeling accomplished, yet not at the same time.  I've been working on a chunk of code for a while now, and I feel like I should have been done a few weeks ago, but the time just keeps zooming by.

Took care of stuff and ran errands today.  Finished up a gift card, got some supplies, and tried out Bush's Chicken.  I don't know why, but Kelc does not like it.

Cooked up another bison steak for lunch, but this time with green beans and mashed potatoes.  It was good, just not as good as Tuesday's steak.  Hard to repeat perfection, especially when I'm out of practice.

Went for a walk to Walgreen's, took the quadcopter for a flight through the park.

Kelc went to go watch a movie.  I stayed at home and played games and did a few random project things.  I'm trying to convert a wallclock record that Kelc got me back into being an actual vinyl record, but the adhesive on the numbers she uses is stubborn.  The back side sounds nearly flawless.