Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012.03.22 Thursday

Groggy. Semi long day at work, but at least it included east side pies.

Played racquetball after work.

Some home searching. Kelc came over and we chatted for a bit.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2012.03.21 Wednesday

Woke up with a very different sore throat today. Instead of aching it was more of a pain, but not like strep. I started thinking that maybe a spider crawled in and bit me on my tonsils or something. That would be pretty sweet. Otherwise, pretty darn groggy this morning.

Semi short day at work.

Class - Bike ride - Shaved - cleaned bathroom - More working out - Sleep

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012.03.20 Tuesday

Stormy night, didn't sleep that well. That turned into a less-than-energetic day at work. But hey, at least we had donuts for breakfast.

For lunch, the infamous 2-piece for .99 deal at Popeye's. It always sounds like a good deal at first.

Finished up the day pretty strong, then headed home. There I made a couple tilapia fillets and ate some leftover macaroni+cheese, felt pretty stuffed from that.

Then my school group got together to finish up some homework assignment. That took most of the evening. When am I supposed to have time to buy a house? Or more importantly, when do I get some "me" time? Some day...

2012.03.19 Monday

Work was both normal and quiet. Then lunch rolled around; I got to eat the BBQ leftovers of another meeting. I probably had like 3 plates... did not feel so great after the third.

Picked up Kelc then spent the evening helping Taylor move the last of her stuff out of a 3rd floor apartment into a house.

Quick errands then sleep.

Monday, March 19, 2012

2012.03.18 Sunday

I woke abruptly to an accident happening on the floor. Rather entertaining after the initial shock wore off. Otherwise, the house looked like a complete disaster zone. No idea how I slept through all that. I couldn't really sleep much, so I started cleaning things up.

Ray and I fixed up the fence and a few things, then went to The Villiage to get away from everything. Also stopped by Earth Art.

Back home, people were just waking up. Nice

Played some more Mario Galaxy

Went to watch Chase's soccer game.

Fuego for dinner.

Then home.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012.03.17 Saturday

Woke, played games for a good chunk of the morning.

I was pretty energetic and wanted to get a start on the day. R+M and myself went over to the campus to finish up some experiment, then over to Lowes to pick up some crafting materials.

Then we went to Lenny's and picked up some 16-17" subs. Yum.

Chris and Maddie arrived, then we all walked over to the nearby park. Ray said he swore there were basketball courts at the park; alas, there were not. Instead, we played vennis with a kickball (slightly painful).

Paul, Chase, Chris and myself went over to an elementary school to play some 2v2. I'm pretty terrible with bball, mostly because I dislike being on offense.

Later on in the evening, we had a melted spatula, cancer floating around the house. Jam session

Played more games, music, hookah, late night.

2012.03.16 Friday

I had some goals for the day.

Goal 1: Take a few hours to work on the volleyball court. Try to cut out some of the encroaching grass, rake out some junk, and re-level the playing field.

Goal 1 Result: The campus security reluctantly said I should go home. Their boss ended up not wanting me to be there, or fix up the property for free. Whatevs man, whatevs. I got in a few hours anyways and was getting pretty tired. I also forgot gloves so I have a pretty blister.

Goal 2: Take some measurements and adjust the power consumption of the TV/Media server I have running in another room.

Goal 2 Result: Initially the server was consuming about 142 watts; I got that down to 82 watts. How? you might ask. Well, I did a few odd ball things. I disconnected the optical drive, I took out the tv card that wasn't working, and I removed the graphics card. (Yeah, the computer is now completely "headless" and maybe even "neckless" because you can't even connect a monitor). In addition to the unplugging of unnecessary devices, I underclocked the processor. Originally it was running at 3.0Ghz (200Mhz bus with an x15 multiplier) and I took that down to 2.25Ghz (150Mhz bus). That should also reduce the amount of heat billowing out of the system. I actually tinkered with going down to 1.5Ghz, but I felt like I was killing the potential of the processor at that point. Maybe at some point this machine will be doing some transcoding. Maybe not.

Goal 3: Drive to BCS.

Goal 3 Result: Had a slow start, and had to loop back around to take care of some things forgotten, but we made it while the night was still young.

2012.03.15 Thursday

Last day of the work week. Feels great man. Even was able to play some volleyball over lunch.

On the way home, Habs and I went to try out racquetball this time. We lost a ball on the roof, but otherwise it was an awesome workout. Great weather too. On our way home, we noticed some live music coming from a nearby building. A neat little jazz band was playing.

Did stuff at home, then Kelc spent the night over.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012.03.14 Wednesday

Happy Pi day to everybody.

Less tired this morning, slightly more sleep last night, and about the same workout performed. Nice.

The good thing about today is no class because of spring break. The bad thing is that I've been working all through spring break. What gives? Why does working in the US consist of working just about every day of the year? Makes me a sad panda.

Went for another bike ride. I can already tell a difference in my legs; they aren't clogging up with lactic acid when I really push for just a few strokes.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012.03.13 Tuesday

As expected after doing a good workout, I'm extremely groggy this morning. I shall have coffee.

Work was slightly hectic. I'm still cranking through and getting stuff done though.

After work, Habs and I went over to the tennis courts to play around. My first few hits were all over the place, but I eventually tightened up my grip and smacked a couple of good ones. The rest was bleh. Backhand was atrocious.

I added to that workout by doing some things at home, like pulls-ups and push-ups. A little goes a long way.

Monday, March 12, 2012

2012.03.12 Monday

Bleh. At least this should be a short week, right?

I decided it would be a good day for a nice bike ride. Only went a few miles, but it felt great zooming along. I added some pushups to that to try and get some arm workout too.

By the way, I joined a site called fitocracy to track my exercises and activity. It's a neat little point system that has awards and achievements, so it's a little motivation. "Follow" me if you want.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012.03.11 Sunday

Coffee. Gimme coffee. Slurrrp.

Stuffed bell peppers for lunch.

Quick stop by Torchy's to catch up with happy couple. Kelcey was able to join this time around.

Back home for a cat nap. Speaking of cat, my C+E's cat has been experiencing vertigo for the past couple days. It hasn't eaten much, and just hides under my bed. Poor thing.

The weekend is winding down. Feels like I didn't accomplish much. Then I couldn't fall asleep.

2012.03.10 Saturday

Woke up, went straight for the coffee. Mmmm. Once the bacon was cooked, the boys left for a boys-only outing for brunch to Los Pinos. I wasn't really that hungry, but the one breakfast taco I had was delicious, and the chips+salsa were pretty good.

Worked on some applications, searching, linux media server, stuff around the house and laundry.

Met up with happy couple, Paul and J+A. Watched some of Tron Legacy and chatted. I finally was able to give those Adio skate shoes to Ray. They have been sitting around unused for way too long. Such a travesty.

Off to Kerbey Lane. (It's borderline tradition now.) We went for an appetizer-heavy approach: double order of sweat potato fries, kerbey queso, and I added a soup to that.

Back to Paul's, played some Beatles Rock Band. Felt like I haven't played rockband/guitarhero in forever. Back home by... super late. Thanks daylight saving.

Friday, March 9, 2012

2012.03.09 Friday

Totally ready for the end of the week.

I pushed pretty hard to get a lot done today. I also had an entire lab to myself. A group of people also went out for lunch while I cranked away at things.

Left at a reasonable time. (Almost forgot what that was like.)

Home. Had a broiled tilapia dinner with the clan. Didn't take long before I fell asleep.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012.03.08 Thursday

Someone bailed on carpooling again.

Work was a super long day.

Arrived at home and had to make myself something to eat. C+E are staying at the house now since they were able to rent out their place for sxsw.

A little house hunting and L4D2, then sleep. Simple day.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2012.03.07 Wednesday

As I took my morning shower, I couldn't help but think about how work is taking over my life. I was still connected to my work computer late into last night. I've got people bashing on me for updates, and no time to do them. I've put a lot of my own personal projects and goals aside, and that is pretty upsetting. Hopefully this wave of frustration will pass. If this is the direction that businesses out there are taking... (push your employees to do as much as possible for the least amount of compensation)... I think the country or world is heading down a dark path.

I sure do think a lot in the shower.

Worked a pretty long day, then went to class after all that. We had chinese food once again; I'm starting to get burnt out on it. Next week is spring break, so our professor made sure to assign something over the break, and talk about the upcoming midterm.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012.03.06 Tuesday

All that extra activity yesterday makes it really hard to get out of bed.

Back at work, the craziness toned down a bit. I was actually able to get in the lab and start to figure out some things. About midway through the day, Habs wasn't feeling well so (since we carpooled) we headed home.

I worked from home, with different types of interruptions and distractions. Most of these distractions are more desirable, like food or girlfriends coming over. Kelc actually went to trivia later on while I worked some more. Eventually I got to the point where my brain refused to pay attention, so I had to take breaks and get snacks. or watch tv.

Back to bed.

Monday, March 5, 2012

2012.03.05 Monday - Main Event

Can't say that I'm very excited to get back into the office. Oh, and things are going down the pooper. Fantastic. At least I was able to play vball over lunch to get out some frustration. Ended up leaving later, as expected.

Quick change at home, then over to Main Event for their Monday night event. We did some shuffleboard, then laser tag, then rock climbing, then bowling. The rock climbing really drained me of energy, and I will probably be sore for a few days.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012.03.04 Sunday

Woke after a semi-solid 8 hours. That is unusual for me.

Did some work from home. Everybody seems to be flipping out lately, and that is my only sanctuary of being productive.

Went for a bike ride. Felt awesome, but my legs are not used to it.

Put up a folding door in the upstairs bathroom.

Worked on inputting some data. Trying to do the number crunching to get statistics about my music listening experience, but I have quite a bit more to input still.

Kelc came over and we watched some of Kill Bill on tv.

2012.03.03 Saturday

Awoke early with Kelc. Then went home and almost back to sleep.

Installed some Qt applications on my linux lappy. Hoping to pick up a thing or two about GUIs.

Searched for some houses online. Feels like I'm seeing a lot of the same ones for the same price, and a few new ones that are over priced. I know this is going to happen, but nothing really fits my criteria.

Went out to the lakehouse with Kelc, Kor, and Celeste.

The water level is still super low, but according to the news it has actually come up quite a bit. To give you a point of reference (sort of), the anchor from their old dock that kept a line out towards the middle of the lake was about 20 feet from the shore...on dry land.

Cooked up a big meal with Kelc's mom.

Back home, sleepy time.

2012.03.02 Friday

Felt like taking care of some paperwork that has been piling up. Didn't take long before I regretted that.

Went out to lunch with my pops to Taco Shack. Yum.

Since Mark went and snagged a bike, I finally got around to taking in my dad's bike to get an estimate on fixing 'er up. The shops pretty much said it wasn't worth it. Bummer.

Back at home, I got some tools and started taking apart the issue area (the back wheel). Turns out the "cone" that holds in the ball bearings is all chewed up. There is also a shield flange that attaches to the cone that has snapped off and was probably wedging itself between the balls and the cone. In addition to all that, it looks as if the axle itself is bent. Hmm.

Went over to Kelc's for what should have been a quick pit-stop to pick her and her sister up for bowling, but then that took forever. Eventually made our way over to Habs, to which the sister then said "I don't want to go, drop me off". Awesome.

Highland lanes. Crazy packed with some big brother/big sister event, then crazy empty when that ended.

Home, bed.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012.03.01 Thursday

Woke up early to be sure I was on time for carpool... then Habs cancelled on me. Thanks bra. Guess I'll go to work.

What a crappy day at work. I left the same time I arrived... 12 hrs.

Stopped by Habs on the way home.

Made myself a small dinner. Then went and did some finances, bill paying, and house hunting all while listening to music and then....


I hit a big round number in my quest to listen to music. A whopping 2000 albums have been listened to. (And I haven't even put much of a dent in the book I have.)