Monday, August 31, 2009

2009.08.31 Monday

Woke up in a jiffy to escort Kelc to the airport, then off to work. Didn't sleep well last night, and I had some crazy dreams.

Today is the big day. The one where people higher up in the company start slicing away people's careers. Interestingly enough, I worked closely with a guy that got cut, and saw friends and coworkers empty out their space. Not exactly the best way to start the week. Very gloomy feeling for the day.

Once I got home, I realized how tired I was. Ate some food, played some ping pong, and mostly just relaxed from such a crazy day.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009.08.30 Sunday

Wow, the end of August is already near.

Today I woke up earlier than expected. Decided to shower and play around with some music writing.

My family went to Estancia for my brother's birthday celebration. It's just like Fogo de Chao, but the salad bar is slightly smaller (who cares about that really). Sure enough, I was filled before leaving.

At first, Kelc and I were going to head from lunch to the Starving Artist sale to get some art, but then plans changed and we headed out to the lake to hop on the boat. Completely opposite side of town. The lake is hardly recognizable anymore, and the Pedernales is withering away.

Drove Kelc back to her place to assist with the coop maintenance. Went back to my place to do laundry and snack and take care of business.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

2009.08.29 Saturday

Slept in pretty well today. Cooked some Mac+Cheese and green beans for lunch. Went to Fry's with Hasbro to get a new ps3, then helped put together a coffee table.

Did some things around the house, took a nap.

Went out with some friends at night.

Friday, August 28, 2009

2009.08.28 Friday

Today, just now, I decided something. I thought about it for a second, and yeah, my entire mind and body totally dislike something. What is that something you might ask? Well, let me tell you what it is. It's a little sub-game called King's Cup. Traditionally this game is played with a full deck of cards, and each card has an assignment/task/game that is played upon drawing. The King card, when drawn, causes the person who drew it to put some of their drink in a cup thats in the middle of the group playing. The last person, or fourth person to draw a King card has to drink that cup. Honestly, thats pretty darn disgusting with all the possibilities of beer and wine and stronger alcohols, plus mixers...bleh. I refuse from this day forth to ever play that game. Not my style.

Mmm, trans fat for lunch! What.. you don't like trans fat? Well neither does your body. Supposedly one of the worst things to ingest; your body doesnt know how to digest it. I would suggest avoiding it at all costs. You'd think packaging that says 0g trans fat would mean it has none in it, but that IS NOT TRUE. Legally, food manufacturers can put 0 when the serving size has less than 0.5g of trans fat. So that means 0.499999999 would show up as '0' on the packaging. Great huh? In addition to looking at the numbers, look at the ingredients list and try to find anything thats "partially hydrogenated". That usually translates into "trans fat". Go ahead and look up what partially hydrogenation is on the internet, and then tell me you'd still want to eat that. So back to the burning question "well what did you eat for lunch Andy?"... let me tell you: I found a microwave meal of Spiral Pasta and Cheese by either Betty Crocker or Kraft or something. It was good until I found out it has 2g of trans fat. Thanks for killing me slowly.

Slow and quiet day.

Crashed hardcore after work, guess thats what less than 5hrs/night will do.

Went out to Taco C for dinner, then to Alamo Drafthouse for Inglourious Basterds.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

2009.08.27 Thursday

I don't understand how I'm actually able to get up for work these days. I do enjoy not being woken up by other people dropping pans or turning on cartoons at 5:30-6 in the morning.

I find one aspect of life slightly bothersome. No matter how hard you try, you can never know somebody 100%. The boundaries of this physical world I mean, of course we all have our own secrets, and there needs to be boundary between where you have your personal space and intimate space and general friend space. I guess what I'm boiling down to is how I don't like secrets, but at the same time I respect the limit of information; just feels like a double edged sword. Then there's another problem when you know something about somebody, but they don't know you know... yikes. How does one deal with that situation? Do you create a new secret by not disclosing that you know, or do you disclose and have an awkward situation? I guess some of that also depends on the the details of said original secret. What are YOUR thoughts?

After work, did things around the house such as food and room cleanup. Trying to explore more musical options. Kelc found her cat (YAY it isn't dead) and then came over. Started watching Reservoir Dogs and fell asleep.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2009.08.26 Wednesday

Somehow, I stayed up later last night, causing a groggy morning.

To sum up today in one word: meetings. Bleh right? I also ate lunch at my desk.

After work, made some ravioli - carrots - crutons at home. Met up with Joe and Erik of The Window Theatre and chillaxed. They leave Friday for a ~20 hour drive back to Chicago. Can't believe I waited till the last minute to hang out with these guys, but they are friggin' awesome. Better late than never. Gonna miss 'em.

Quick stop at fail-mart to get some cleaning supplies, then home to crash. Exhausted.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2009.08.25 Tuesday

Half awake today. Very tired from lack of sleep and constantly doing things all day.

Work starting to pick up again. Didn't really see that coming, more of a 'surprise' thing. Lunch was good, Zen. Serrano peppers are so good, but so dangerous too.

Home, LET MAVERICK OUT (he needed to tinkle), ate food, cleaned, ate more food, more clean, etc. Then sleep.

Monday, August 24, 2009

2009.08.24 Monday

How is it that it's a 5-day work week already? Where did summer go? and how can anybody have Reese's FOR BREAKFAST?

These questions strike fear in many, including me.

Lunch, I had some Hormel Teriyaki Chicken. Microwaved for 90 seconds and it's ready, that simple. So simple in fact, that it also gives you 51% of your DV of sodium in one serving. Amazing.

After work, fixed myself some food, cleaned up my room a bit. Went home to pick up my pink chair and other things. On the way back from that, got to hang out at Taco C with Erik and Lacey; Joe met up with us after he was done watching movies with his lady friend whose bedtime was fast approaching. There was a guy who worked at Taco C who started telling us about how he met his gf who lives in Elgin; good story. Let Erik test drive my car; he did really well until he forgot that you have to clutch-in when coming to a stop.

Went to Walmart to return some bath stuff. I'm going to let Kelc decorate the place right. Not this mix and match junk that failmart has.

Oh, and happy 1-year to blogging. It's been good.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

2009.08.23 Sunday

Happy birthday to my brother. He's all grown up now, except for the watching cartoons part.

Helped Kelc pack up her car, had Rudy's for lunch, chilled for a bit. Everybody is heading back for school nowadays, another school year is upon us. Said my goodbyes and continued my task of moving all my junk.

Still working on my room and stuff. This might be one of those never-ending tasks.

And just like that, I have to get ready for another work week. *sigh*

2009.08.22 Saturday

Slept at Kelc's last night, seeing as how my bed doesn't really exist at the moment.

We remedied that situation by spending a good portion of the day moving and managing all my junk. We also installed a ceiling fan with Justin.

Evening rolled around a lot faster than expected. Ray, Scott, Kelc and I went to go see Inglorious Bastards at Cinemark Cedar Park. Totally hate that movie theater and its management. Boycott that theater at all costs. Actually if you can, boycott the whole movie theater industry. Now that that is out of the way, the movie rocked so hard. I'm going out on a limb here, but that movie was the best of the summer. Highly recommended (If you know me at all, saying this about a movie means a lot).

Afterwards our group changed a tad and we met up with Joe and Erik. Those guys also rock. Kerbey Queso also rocks. I had the tortilla soup. Somebody remind me to stop getting tortilla soup; it's not that I don't like it, but my stomach doesn't and makes me feel like burping all night.

2009.08.21 Friday

Ah yes, the weekend early for me.

Decided I wanted my car tinted today, so I made a few calls and picked a place, Sunshades Window Tint to be precise. They were very professional and had a very clean working environment. The results so far are very pleasing.

Afterwards, packed up a bunch of junk in my room, took my bed and desk stuff with the truck. So fun.

Later, Kelc and I went over to Taylor and Andrea's bday/housewarming party. Their new place is nice and secluded, and the people there were fun to hang out with. Some new faces, a handful of familiar ones, good times.

After that party, Kelc and I headed home, only to find some more familiar, and long missed faces. Hilarity ensued. A good night was had.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

2009.08.20 Thursday

Ah yes. A 'Virtual Friday', crawfish etoufee at little deli, benihanna. It's a beautiful day.

Work was over quickly.

Went out to dinner with Hasbro and his family and friends, then packed up a car of stuff and went over to the house. I started I totally dislike. Of course I lost.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009.08.19 Wednesday

And so the day begins. I woke up early to vacate my bladder, then went back to sleep and woke up late. Bummer. But at least I was ready to go in about 7 minutes, woo. On my way to work, I really started feeling like I'm getting this standard transmission down. The thing that I feel helps the most is dedicating to what you're trying to do instead of hesitating. Oh yeah, I also hit 4k miles; that went by fast.

Work today was full of meetings. The first was weird because the conference room that had been reserved for the past 3 months was occupied by some people that were surprised to see us. Thanks a lot. The second meeting was getting really hard to stay awake through because of how drawn out it was. The third was a repeat for me, but taught me some invaluable things about the company. The fourth was also hard to stay awake through, and should have been really informative but it was mostly annoying.

Glad to get home. After a quick meal of homemade chili, packed up my car and delivered a load. Looks like I have some planning to do still. Stopped at Sonic for some corn dog, Ched'r'Peppers, and a delectable peanut butter shake. PB shakes are really delicious, but I think they are trying to phase them out :-(

Ched'r'Peppers: 330 cals, 17 fat (1 trans), 36 carbs, 8 pro
Corn Dog: 210 cals, 11 fat (0 trans), 23 carbs, 6 pro
PB Shake: 1010 cals, 59 fat (1 trans), 111 carbs, 17 pro

LOL, pb shake.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009.08.18 Tuesday

Wake me up, before you go go. So this morning wasn't that great. Got a text from the sis, "Got let go today." on her first day back from vacation. Superb planning there. Went to the gym again. My legs are tore up.

Lunch today: Healthy Choice Chicken with Rice Soup

Difficulty of Cooking: 4 out of 10 Serving: 397g Calories: 180 Fat: 3g Sodium: 880mg (36%) Carbs: 26g Protein: 12g
--I started off thinking this was going to be some creamy, disgusting, mucus-looking soup...and the healthy part didn't help. Well it turns out that it was rather delicious. It tastes just like the regular chicken noodle soup, but I feel like it had more veggies and a more generous serving of rice (compared to noodles, which are kinda gross btw). It only takes 90 seconds to heat, 60 seconds to cool, and a few seconds to go into my belly. The drawback: this lunch costs a lot more for a lot less food; well maybe it has more weight, but that's mostly water weight. But it does have that fast aspect going for it. I'll probably try it a few more times.

I got home and ate dinner courtesy of my wonderful grandmother. She made some spaghetti and meatballs, black eyed peas, cake, and party mix, and sent that all home with my mother. That party mix shouldn't last very long :-P

My body is rather sore and tired, so I will not be enjoying the festivities with friends. G'night

Monday, August 17, 2009

2009.08.17 Monday

I don't know what it is, but something feels really "off" today. Like the world is out of balance or something big is going to happen. I really hope nothing happens though, because then I look guilty.

It was hard getting to sleep last night, and just as hard to convince myself to get out of bed this morning.

For lunch today, Nissin Chow Mein : Spicy Chicken Flavor.

Cook time: roughly 6+ minutes Difficulty of cooking: 5 out of 10 Meal size: ~114g Calories: 560 Fat: 30g (46% DV) Sodium: 1300mg (54% DV) Carbs: 62g (22% DV) Protein: 12g
--Overall, I liked the flavor and consistency of the noodles on this one. The dehydrated veggies didnt totally soften up, but then again, they never do with microwave meals. It takes 5 minutes to cook in the microwave because it actually brings water to boil to cook the noodles, very nice on actually cooking instead of reheating. The only downsides I can think of, lack of something that your body actually wants, and the long cook time. Sure it tastes good, but the high sodium, dehydrated tiny veggies, and low protein make this a desirable meal a maximum of 1-2 times a week. The pros, very inexpensive, tastes infinitely better than super-cheap ramen, actually has (tiny pieces of) meat in it, and only need to add water.
Good day, sir.

Once I got home, I started the process of washing my car. This involved a base wash, then wheel treatment, then clay treatment on the paint, then waxing, then rain-x on the windows, then polishing out the wax. Although it only takes a few seconds to read all that, it took a heck of a lot longer. And damn, my arms are tired. Picked the wrong day to gym+carwash.

Lunch update: Although the chow mein was awesome going in, it was not awesome coming out. Maybe its whatever is going on with my digestive track these days, but man was that uncomfortable. It's like you feel like death while sitting on the pot, then a few minutes later everything is ok. I think I'll gamble with the Spicy Chicken Flavor a few more times before retiring it.

I took some pics of the car, not very good shots since the sun was gone. Check it out:

2009.08.16 Sunday

Woke up and just chilled for a while. Jumped off the 2nd floor of the boat dock a couple times. Kelc hesitated and took about 15 minutes to decide to jump. Then a fish decided to become her friend and freaked her out.

Cleaned up some of the mess that my room is. Then left to see District 9 with the happy couple and family. That movie was a lot more action and comedy than I was expecting, but was still entertaining.

When I left the movie theater, I walked past a group of girls that all just got quiet as I walked by. Either I had something on my face, or they were really bad at being discrete at checking me out, or maybe they really liked my awesome "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" shirt. Anyways, sorry ladies, probably too old for you. And now I pursue slumber.

2009.08.15 Saturday

Another night with the bed to myself. Excellent. Headed out to the lakehouse. Lots of stuff going on.

I actually went to a dark room and slept some more. I slept enough to wake up to an empty house. Kinda creepy actually.

Food was served, drinks were delivered, games were initiated. The 2nd party night was now underway.

The parents left and more guests arrived. The night started off strong with a large game of waterfall/kings/pick-a-card-and-drink with accompanying music provided by various artists Lindsey and I picked out that Kelc likes. Unbeknownst to many guests, I was still recovering from some sort of stomach sickness. Going downtown on Friday was hard to manage while in the Texas heat and a severe urge to evacuate my stomach, and now we are in a poorly insulated lakehouse that still suffers from dated air conditioning design.

Once that game was finished, a ping pong tournament was underway. We all switched off being ball-boys and set up a winner and loser bracket system. Of course, I'm rather quick to switch into the losing bracket. Justin ended up being victor with a perfect record.

The pool table underneath was uncovered and provided a much more chill atmosphere. Drinks were served here and there; no tournament set up.

The tail-end of the meteor shower was still occurring. The view outside was unhindered by city lights and proved to be quite remarkable if you happened to see one.

Pictionary and other games were concurrently happening in the upper quarters of the house. A highly competitive and successful team was Hasbro and Kelc. I did not dare interfere with their operation. Hasbro was so consumed, he didn't even notice the crack of the "billiard balls" [1].

Hasbro and JeW+Jenny left around 3am, which ushered a movement for most to begin the search for prime sleep space. After careful deliberation, I think we were all asleep by 4 or 5. The floor always a good choice for some.

[1] Scott, 8-17-2009 11:30am Austin, Tx

Friday, August 14, 2009

2009.08.14 Friday

Even more tired this morning. This has to catch up to me at some point. If I start talking to you and then just snoring randomly, I apologize in advance.

Amazingly enough, even though there weren't as many people around, I managed to keep active enough to zoom through the day. I went to the gym by myself (oh snap!) to work out back-bi-thigh. For lunch, a hormel teriyaki chicken with over 50% of my recommended daily value of sodium! Gotta love microwave meals.

Once I made it home, I began working on a few prep things for this weekend, and then left for dinner. We ate at El Arroyo on 5th. Food was good but my stomach was all messed up and didnt want to eat at all. I ended up squeezing my abs really hard and pushed out some greasy soup. Ahhh much better.

Next, 6th street. Went to all the cool places. Got some free drinks (heck yeah). Apparently, it's possible to get kicked out of a bar for crouching. Oh well, we were tired of buying expensive-arsed drinks anyways. :-P

Thursday, August 13, 2009

2009.08.13 Thursday

I figured out that the morning after I go to the gym, I really don't feel like getting out of bed. My hypothesis is that there is some lactic acid creeping around in my circulatory system, causing my body to just want to stay motionless and not exert any energy. Maybe if i had some sort of heart pump to get things flowing in the morning...

Mostly uneventful day at work.

Went home, then to Kelc's to check out her new laptop and help transfer files. Taco C for dinner! Haven't had that in such a long time. The Steelers played tonight against the Cardinals, interesting matchup. Did some packing and chillin.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2009.08.12 Wednesday

Hump day upon me. That means a couple meetings in the morning. Oh wait...whoever planned the first meeting kinda messed up on that one. The second meeting was entertaining, but I'm sure I'll hear the same information at least one more time before the end of the month in another meeting.

Went to the gym. Man I'm weak.

After work, continued the process of moving out of my family house. Pretty sure my mom isn't ready for me to go. I think it's about time already.

So my question/thought of the day: How come California was hit the hardest by the recession, yet it seems like the entire country is leaning towards adopting similar ideals and policies from a very blue state. As far as I know, Texas wasn't hit that bad, and people are flocking here to start over. It's just frustrating that people want to change things based on idealistic dreams. Think about this, Russia under communism was a very idealistic and promised excellent lives for everybody; that dream never came. Sometimes it sucks, but you need to be realistic in the real world. Do your research, make up your own mind, and look out for yourself first (because although it might be nice to think the government has your back, they probably won't ever do that). And I apologize if this is coming off really conservative; the only time the end consumer wins is when the government forces competition in the market, not including itself in the market.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2009.08.11 Tuesday

Super Ugh Face. Did not want to get out of bed this morning. And work was abnormally quiet, as if the building was evacuated and nobody told me.

Work, for the most part, was uneventful. There was a printer guy that came by to answer questions and help teach my area about the features of the printer/copier. After some discussion, we find out that's all his job really is... just talking and helping people with printers on our site. Man is it awesome working for a big company.

After work, drove to the dealership to pick up my plates, then to the liquor store, then to Too Hotties to pick up my credit card, then to the store to pick up groceries, then home to eat dinner, then pack the car to start moving out.

Quote of the day:
"I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."
Thomas Jefferson

2009.08.10 Monday

Work started off really slow. Took forever for 9am to roll around. Then all of a sudden I'm through lunch and then almost out the door.

Went to get my hair cut at Too Hotties. Pretty cool place. They have a pool table, xbox 360, playstation 3, satellite tv, lots of fresh magazines, nice chairs, message chairs, shoe shine chairs, tanning booths, male eye waxing station, FREE PB&J bar, and standard cuts include a wash and after-cut-rinse and a blade shave. Jacob was there so I played some pool with him. He's pretty darn good.

Then I rushed home to get ready for the football game. Last one of the season. Going for that perfect record woo! Went to Doc's afterwards for the last chance at cheaper beer and fun appetizers.

Home late, quick shower and change. Fast asleep.

(I doubled up on the pic this week because I wasn't here last week to create one).

2009.08.09 Sunday

Chillin. Getting random things done. Trying to get used to Central Time.

Went out for Kelc's birthday dinner with the family and their respective significant others. Seems like restaurants are tightening up on portions and prices with the economy. Lame.

I'll be happy when shark week is over. I can't sleep and I have to go to work tomorrow.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

2009.08.08 Saturday

Well Happy Day of Birth Kelcey!

Slept in late. Swapped the CD Player out of the mustang; that car is going to be sold as soon as possible.

Matt and Ray were in town, so we grabbed a bite to eat, and a drink or two. Kelc got her first bar drink, and second at Anderson Mill Tavern. (This place rocks, and has awesome $2 anything on Tuesdays, might be a new favorite)

Then I took her to Trudy's to get a Mexican Martini. Those things last a long time, so I got myself a queso.

And that's all she wrote. 2 shots, a beer, and a mexican martini and Kelc was ready for bed. Not bad. I hardly remember drinking a Mexican Martini on my 21st.

2009.08.07 Friday - Hawaii

I didnt get to sleep much on the plane. Ugh.

We didnt catch the direct flight to Austin, or the one to Dallas. Well this isnt turning out well. Then luck struck, Kelc Kev and Gary got out on the next Dallas flight. Oh snap, there's another flight 15 minutes later... and we made it.

In DFW, we sat around. Flights were delayed and there were roughly hourly flights to AUS. Amazingly, we all got on the same flight to Austin.

Got home, unpacked some, talked some with the fam. Kelc's mom and Kelc made some fajitas for dinner so I went over there to eat. I'm so mentally and physically exhausted, yet I can't sleep. Mmm sleeping medication.

2009.08.06 Thursday - Hawaii

Today we went to Lava Tree park. Nobody really felt like checking it out, so I just ran through the park and snapped pictures and ran back to the car.

Then we went to this hot natural pool that has some cool young fish in it. Weird how the lava heats it from below the ground.

Then a quick stop at black sand beach to snap a few pics and check out the surfers.

Before I knew it, we started our drive to the Kona Airport to catch our flight home. Yay! We got the last seats on the 757. Leaving at 9:45ish, landing at 6ish in LA....

2009.08.05 Wednesday - Hawaii

Today was Volcano National Parks day. Lots to see.

First to Jagger Museum to see the crater that is still pumping out lots of smoke. Lots of heat there.

Then Volcano House for lunch and looking at a very old house.

Then to some fields of old lava flow and lava rocks and fissures. Crazy cool looking.

Then we drove down one side to check out the lava arch and looking that the many acres of lava flow destruction. Crazy to know that theres lava still flowing into the ocean, and the island is growing every day.

We went back at night to see the wonderful orange glow and steam of lava reaching the sea.

2009.08.04 Tuesday - Hawaii

Packin up, leaving to Hilo on the main island. The plane we flew on was a tiny one. It had dual propellers and seated maybe 40 people.

Hilo is mostly tropical, so its always on the verge of raining. The place we were staying was much more spacious, but not as fancy. No AC... what...

We got settled, grabbed a quick lunch, then headed to Saddle Road. It's very hilly and goes pretty high in elevation. Before I knew it, we were above all the tropical clouds and we almost to the top of the volcano. The air is much thinner up here.

Then we drove back and checked out some caves, a waterfall, and some hot natural pools.

Back home, then sleep.

2009.08.03 Monday - Hawaii

Well today was along day. Woke up super early to drive up an inactive volcano to watch the sunrise. It was spectacular.

Later, Kevin and I rented some surfboards and tried our best. It actually isn't that hard to get up and going of the waves are good. When the waves are too good, you get the crap beat out of you.

We mostly chilled for the rest of the day, the last full day on Maui.

Monday, August 3, 2009

2009.08.02 Sunday - Hawaii

Further south was the plan for today. Lots of beaches, lava rocks, huge waves, semi-sun.

For lunch we had Fat Daddy's BBQ; it was excellent. Reminds me of the food of Texas.

Went to another beach near Honolua Bay; dug myself a hole in the sand.

I need to get some sleep because we are going to drive up the mountain side tomorrow to watch the sun rise. I'll take some pics and post later.

2009.08.01 Saturday - Hawaii

Today we went to a bunch of beaches, then a drive up a mountain, then a long drive north to check out more of the island.

Later we went out to Cafe O Lei, which was really good food, kind of pricey. The waiter was also pushy, but funny.

I've been texting a friend back and forth to try and meet up, but I was so exhausted that I feel asleep at 9pm or so.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

2009.07.31 Friday - Hawaii

Today's goal was to see as much of the beaches as we can. The first bay we went to was the best. Coral and fishes everywhere.

The next place we went had sand, which is nice for getting in and out, but not as much to see in the water. Made a sand castle with rocks in it, hoping somebody will kick it over and find a surprise in the middle.

The next place was actually a hotel. The had some cliff jumping available, sea turtles bouncing around under water, and some awesome current on the shore.

Got some Carl's Jr(?) for dinner. Unimpressed.

2009.07.30 Thursday - Hawaii

Woke up "early" easily because of the time change. Chilled out for a bit then headed to the airport to catch a puddle jumper over to Maui.

We tried to pick up the rental car, but oh wow, the reservation didn't actually hold a car for us (Seinfeld reference). Luckily another place honored the same price.

Made it to the condo. Amazing view. Eventually calmed down enough to drive around and hang out on some beaches. Swam with the fishes, jumped from rocks, floated in the waves.

Later we went swimming at the hotel. There is a huge rock wall that makes a calm-watered port for boats. On the outside is huge waves. Of course we swam in them.

Went to a small nice Italian Restaurant. My food looked like barf, but tasted so good.

X-games started too, watched some of that and fell asleep.

2009.07.29 Wednesday - Hawaii

Got to the airport early, but sat around for hours waiting for a flight to the islands. Kev and Kelc got out early, but I was stuck behind with ShareBear.

By afternoon, Kelc and Kev landed in Maui and the next session of flights were picking up. Next thing I know, we have seats going to Lihue... yeah we'll take em!

Unfortunately, 5.5 hours later, we find out there are only a couple puddle jumper flights over to Maui, and they don't feel like selling us tickets. OH WELL, guess we will spend the night here. The time change is throwing me off too. *yawn*