Monday, October 13, 2008

2008.09.21 Sunday

Went out on the lake today with Kelc's family. Water was smooth as ice... and just as cold. Left early to head to Plucker's to watch the football game on one of the hundred tv's that they have there. Also, the game wasn't being shown in our area, so satellite tv brought the goods to us. If you haven't already, try the scrumptious fried pickles (if you like pickles, of course).
Kelc ended up staying in ATX for most of the evening, stretching the time rather well. We also watched the Family Guy movie that is a parody of Star Wars. Interesting, but I would have to say that the normal tv episodes are better unless you are a huge Family Guy fan.
I came home late only to find out that I got my lab book wet from going to the lake... and if i didn't do something about it, I would lose a chunk of the $100+ book. Oh the ironing...

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