Monday, October 13, 2008

2008.10.09 Thursday

Things got off to a rough start. I couldn't get myself to wake up when my alarm was going off. Then when I finally did get up, I went to run an errand that couldn't even be completed. Out-of-stock :-( I got to go shopping with Kelc and picked up some classy shirts and ties. I'm totally excited about looking sharp. You know what they say, girls go crazy for a sharp dressed man :-P
Later on, I went to Freebirds for dinner (amazing place). Then booked it on downtown to see none other than Shiny Toy Guns. Amazing show, but also a tad short. I think they wanted us to encourage an encore, but people started walking out when they went off stage. Supposedly, Blue October showed up for the show as well. Good times!

Concert - Delta Fiasco, Jonezetta, Shiny Toy Guns - The Parish

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