Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2008.10.20 Monday

Today was a long day. Didn't get enough sleep last night because my mom decided to come in my room at 4am and close the window (the weather was nice outside), then at 6am she was dropping pans in the kitchen and grinding ice cubes with the fridge. Payback will ensue...

I had a government quiz, and I feel like I did better than the last quiz we had. I hate how they give us the option of 2 question for each of the 3 sections we had studied... but in reality the 2 questions were the same thing just worded differently. Acoustics test is coming up, and none of the class seemed to care.

Then I drove up to Arlington for Kelc, oh and to see Dredg in concert at The Loft in Dallas. Amazing show to say the least. My ears were ringing for a while after the concert, but it was so worth it. The talent on their albums parallels their talent on stage, so I am a happy fan. The crowd was a mix of people getting too-in-to-it, to people just staring. I wonder how they will do in ATX tomorrow. Kinda want to go see them again :-P

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