Monday, October 13, 2008

2008.09.16 Tuesday

Today is a pretty dark day for me. Lots of things to gripe about.
-- People need to learn how to drive --
There isnt too much to elaborate on this one. I'm sure if you drive around town during peak times, you know exactly what I mean. Our society should totally shift away from the 8-5 workday; a rather aged daily ritual.
-- Dentists --
Ok, so I had an appointment today. Last time I went, they complained about my gums bleeding a lot because I never floss. I work in the extra effort to start flossing (which 99% of people dont bother) and guess what, my gums still bleed a ton. I got priase for bleeding today; make up your mind dentist! Maybe the praises started coming in once I began mentioning that I could be switching insurances, and won't come back to their establishment. ...Interesting...
Oh and este un tiempo al bandcamp, LOLz

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