Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013.04.23 Tuesday

Started the day with a dentist appointment.  I was a bit nervous about it, just because I have mixed feelings about these appointments, not because I expected anything bad.  The results came back clear.  Guess I'll be back in about 6 months to repeat.

Took my car in for state inspection while I was free.  Then back to work, and worked late into the day.

Stopped by Home depot on the way home to get a PVC cap.  Quick dinner, TF2, falling asleep to Doctor Who.

2013.04.22 Monday

Back to a regular work day.  After work, decided to cut the yard.. and had my very first casualty.  There is a PVC access pipe that is normally capped off.  I think it's the main drain pipe.  Well my mower chopped that cap without a hiccup.  Guess I need to buy a new one.

Ate a bunch of food, then watched Doctor Who.  Played a little bit of TF2, worked some more on HyperSpin, then off to bed.

2013.04.21 Sunday

Woke up and cleaned up the flower bed.  Kelc and I were able to watch some men's ncaa gymnastics, and root for Michigan.  Congrats kiddos.

Started setting up HyperSpin on the HTPC.  Looks like it's pretty awesome, but takes a lot of time to configure.

Over to Hab+Tay's for Game of Thrones, hang out, eat pulled pork.

Back home for Arrested Development, then snooze.

2013.04.20 Saturday

Worked on some computer stuff, the played some TF2.

Brother cleaned up some things in his room, now we have a sizeable Goodwill pile started.  Priced out some old comic books, which was a tad more depressing than I was hoping.  I have a batman comic that is in a series that started many many years ago.  My edition is worth maybe 5 bucks, but the first edition is worth about $250k.  Woah.

Watched Doctor Who, SNL, and snoozed.

2013.04.19 Friday

Semi-normal working Friday

Had to leave on time to be around for a delivery...which is...a new mattress.  Neato!

Met up with Habs for dinner at How Do You Roll.  That's right, I went and ate some sushi.  It was decent, but the pieces are not bite-size for me.

Watched Hunger Games with Kelc and Kor.

2013.04.18 Thursday

Like yesterday, late getting up, late getting home.

Cooked up some eggs and chips for dinner, then played TF2 and continued working on preparing the HTPC.

Once I got tired of that, I watched some Doctor Who and went back to working remotely.  Kelcey arrived, then bed time.

2013.04.17 Wednesday

Late start to the work day.  Late finish to the work day.

Ran by the mall on my way home.  Things always seem different there, but in a really familiar way... like nothing changed but everything did.

Fed myself, then played Tf2 into the evening.  Kelc home late, had some chat.

2013.04.16 Tuesday

Woke up a tad late, which set me up for a late lunch, but I ended up leaving a bit early.  Pretty cool that I can do that with all the extra hours put in over the weekend.

My reason for leaving early was to trim bushes in the front of the house that were getting a bit tall.

Made some dinner. then started working again.  Once that was wrapped up, played a bit of TF2 to unwind before hitting the sack.

2013.04.15 Monday

Actually woke up on time today.  The day is full of meetings and interaction, so not really sure how much actual work will be done.

Home late, ate some leftovers.

Watched the Office with Kelc, then went shopping at HEB, then watched 1.5 Breaking Bads and went to bed late.

2013.04.14 Sunday

Found a neat command-line tool for synchronizing folders.  I'll have to see about putting this to full use on my home network.

Spent most of the day cleaning the car.  Hopefully that will bring some rain.  I washed, clay barred, waxed, rain-xed and vacuumed.  Entire ordeal took about 6 hours.

Cooked up some potatoes, cleaned up the house.

Over to Hasbro's to watch Game Of Thrones with the group.  Wrapped up the weekend, which felt almost like it didn't exist.

2013.04.13 Saturday

Woke up and had another work day ahead.

Went to Sushi Niichi for lunch.  I never noticed this place when I lived on campus, and when I lived in west campus.

Wrapped up work in the evening, then headed home.  Played some games and relaxed.

2013.04.12 Friday

Day off started with some mowing of the yard. Kelc helped clear out some weeds that were growing in the back.

Showered up, then picked up Chik Fil A for lunch, then headed in to work for the evening.  So much for day off...

Monday, April 15, 2013

2013.04.11 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Or am I?  Work may want some extra hours out of me this weekend, and next week may also be crazy.

Stayed later than expected, then treated myself to some Torchy's Tacos on my way home.  Saw Ryan there, and invited him over to catch up on life, but he had to head home.

Watched Doctor Who and started falling asleep.

2013.04.10 Wednesday (Sigur Ros concert)

Got to work late, and left a bit early.  Backwards from the last few weeks.  Felt great.

Home, cooked up a nice dinner for me and the female.

Headed to the Sigur Ros concert.  It was awesome.  Felt like they didn't play that many songs, but the ones they played were awesome.  Probably because their songs are so long.  The Cedar Park Center is nice since it is a bit smaller than other venues (seats don't really get high enough to be called nosebleed), but the seating is not really that great for concerts.  The stage is set off to the side, and all the seats face the middle (like for a hockey game).  It was a bit uncomfortable for my neck, but otherwise everything was good.  Oddly enough, there was a line for the men's restroom.

2013.04.09 Tuesday

Ride 2 Recovery stopped by campus today to say hello and let us cheer them on.

The weekly Pluckers meeting is now down to ~4 people.

Played some Tf2 to unwind, then watched an episode of the Office to get caught up.

2013.04.08 Monday

Normal day at work.

Went over to Crystal and Erik's after work to grab a bite and watch the game.  First half of the game was great, second half felt sluggish.

Did some late night grocery shopping at HEB, then went home and finally changed out of my work clothes.

2013.04.07 Sunday

Up early.  Guess my body doesn't like sleeping in much.

Debugging computer issues with my old system.  Reminder to self: the reset switch on the green case is faulty, it causes random rebooting.  That was a pain in the behind to track down.

Watched a documentary on Bill Hicks with my brother.  He then played some xb360 since he was craving it.  I played Tf2 and moved some files around.

Cleaned house, then headed over to Hasbro's to watch Game Of Thrones.  Ended up disappointed with the content of this episode, or lack thereof.


2013.04.06 Saturday (ut game)

Went to the UT Men's Baseball game, in a suite.  Very sweet suite.  We beat OU, but they beat us yesterday.

After the game, ran some errands with Hasbro.  He's starting up an earth moving project, while I'm barely getting off the ground with my yearly tomato plants.

Played around with the computer stuff some more.  Watched a bit of SNL and crashed.

2013.04.05 Friday

One of those yucky work Fridays.

Tried to meet up for Rudy's BBQ with Kelc and her brother, but traffic held me back.

We met up at my place and decided to watch... Traffic.  HOW IRONIC.

Stopped by the Frozen Yogurt place to see Lyle, then dropped Kevin off at UT to hang out with friends.  Surprise, the place we dropped him off was incredibly close to yellow house.  Drove back up north and stopped at the Frozen Yogurt place again to get more than just samples.

Home, snoozer.

2013.04.04 Thursday

Work day...Left early (finally)

Package finally arrived, although the enthusiasm has waned.

Finally getting things connected and powered up, Kelc and I then left to go mattress and furniture shopping.

Home in the late evening, cooked up some tilapia and watched Breaking Bad before bed.

2013.04.03 Wednesday

Funky day at work, felt like I accomplished nothing, but stayed busy the entire time.

I wanted to leave early/on-time, but that didn't happen.

Had an easy dinner of salad and hot dog, then played some TF2 most of the evening.

Watched a bit of TV before going to bed.

2013.04.02 Tuesday

Survived fool's day without anything major happening.

Work, tried to leave early, massive storm with possible hail.  Stayed at work late instead. :-(

Watched some Doctor Who.  Played TF2.  It's the simple things really.

2013.04.01 Monday

Decided to give up blogging.  This will be my last year.

Normal work day.  Home, went for a walk.  Ate leftovers, watched Breaking Bad, then snooze.

2013.03.31 Sunday (Easter)


Went over to my parents' for a family meal, was surprised to start off with an Easter Egg hunt.  After the meal we played some games and chatted.

Drove back home, then back to the parent's neighborhood to watch the Game of Thrones premier at Kelc's dad's house.  Something about the show seems a bit off to me; I can't quite put my finger on it.

2013.03.30 Saturday

Did some chores around the house, ran errands.  Mostly plain day.

2013.03.29 Friday

Today's agenda: A wondrous golf outing with my brother and dad.  We drove out to Highland Lakes golf course.  I guess winter and spring have been wet enough that the grass isn't crunchy and brown, so that's nice.  I par'd the first hole, which to me is quite surprising since my first few swings usually are garbage.  Overall I did pretty well, made some solid hits the entire 18 holes.  I tried focusing on just easy swings, being calm, and not trying to kill the ball.

Followed up the golf with lunch at tortilla factory.  Reminded me a lot of Taco C, but bigger and better presentation.

Back home, tired.

Late outing to Kerbey Lane with friends. Then back home for a quick round of Cards Against Humanity.

2013.03.28 Thursday

Feeling like crap all day, decided to skip a team meeting lunch.  Left work later than I wanted to.

Home.  The usual.

2013.03.27 Wednesday

Arrived at work early so I could attend an early training meeting...but they ran out of space.  All that good sleep opportunity...wasted.  Otherwise, a pretty normal day.

Stopped by Academy on the way home to pick up some sport gear.  I'm ready for Friday.

Home late.  Felt really exhausted, so I laid down on the couch to watch whatever Kelc was watching and doze off.

2013.03.26 Tuesday


Terrible traffic leaving, decided to try a new way home from work.  Not bad, but still traffic.

Hung out at Pluckers for majority of evening.  Kalen survived the 25 wing fire-in-the-hole challenge to make it up on the wall of flame.  Well done buddy.  An honorable achievement.

Home.  A bit of TF2, then bed.