Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Week 14 (29-04)

Homework, Errands, Little bit of yardwork.

Long work day. Finished up last bits of homework.

Long work day.

Long work day.

Long work day.

Long work day.

Did stuff around the house, watched most of As Good As It Gets, per recommendation from a co-worker.  Had some friends over to play games and hang out.

2015 Week 13 (22-28)

Worked on homework.

Work, and finished up some homework

At this point in the work week I realized why my hours seemed so low... because I totally wasn't here on Friday.  I tried compensating by extending my work days a bit.

Long work day, no trivia for me.

Worked a really long day, glad to put a bow on the end of this week.

Glad to have a day off.  Got a haircut and did various chore things around the house.

Pulled some weeds in the backyard, then decided to do some oil changes on the mowers and bag the rest of the growth.  Ended up mowing the whole yard and crunching through leaves.

Went to Baskin & Robins for dessert.  Watched some Arrested Development, then bed.

Went for a bike ride with Kelc to try out biking to work.  It went...okay.  Saw Ryan on the way back, HEY RYAN.  Hadn't seen him in such a long time, good to know he is doing alright.  Chatted with my neighbor for a bit too.  Good to know he is alright as well.

2015 Week 12 (15-21)

Grumpy getting up, but everybody else was already awake.
Breakfast at diner, then on the road home, tires sounding pretty worn.

Home, homework, veggie dinner, more homework.
Topped off the night with some entertainment, then bedtime.

Tire shop, then work, then homework, then home (late).

Long work day.

Long work day.

Worked a really long day, partially because I had stuff to do, and partially because I didn't want to use my vacation time tomorrow.  It is nice working at a place that has that kind of flexibility.

Did stuff around the house, packed up, then headed off to Murchison.  Lindsey and Jon are getting married today.

The drive on I-35 sucked, the other half was super smooth.

Storm is definitely rolling in.  Had to roll with plan B during the wedding.  The celebration was very similar to the previous wedding I had attended, just a bit smaller.

Woke up late, quick breakfast at the hotel, then on the road back home.  Again, traffic on I-35 sucked.

2015 Week 11 (08-14)

House starting to smell better.

Kelc arrived home earlier than expected.  I spent most of the day cranking through the midterm.  I don't think the professor tried working through the exam prior to assigning it, because there a few places where not enough information was provided.  Maybe I am expecting too much of grad school.

Worked a mostly normal day, except stopping a bit early to finish up some loose ends on the exam.  Yeah so the professor decides to give more information the day the exam is due and thinks everything is ok.  I guess that sucks for anybody who started early and didn't get all the necessary information.  Procrastination pays off every time.

Worked a long day.  Chatted with Kelc at home about stupid work things.

Worked another long day.  No trivia for me

Worked another long day.

Woke up late. Worked on my off Friday to clean up some messes

Home late, packed up the car and clothes

Up at a reasonable hour, finished packing and breakfasting, then on the road

Made it to conroe in good time. Chilled for a bit, then over to the Wedding.

Back late, tired.

2015 Week 10 (01-07)

Worked on HW most of the day.  Ordered some pizza for dinner because I didn't feel like going to HEB or cooking anything

Worked long day.  Trying out a time tracker on my phone, just so I can quantify time spent on things.

Finished up HW assignment late into the evening.

Worked long day

Worked long day.  Cold front and possibility of ice coming through.  Picked up taco bell for dinner, then bed time.

Tried working from home in the morning, but had trouble connecting.

Eventually went in.  Doesn't seem terribly cold out, or icy, or wet.  Not sure what the fuss is all about, but it was enough to keep kids home.

Another work day, left late.

Home, relaxing some while I can.

Spent most of the day cleaning the house because it still smelled like smoke from the potato fire.  I think I may have to just replace the microwave altogether.  Wiped down cabinets, mopped, washed curtains, tried aroma tablets in the humidifier, and lots of airflow.

Started working on my midterm and played some L4D2 to get a break.

2015 Week 9 (22-28)

Brunch with family, worked on hw most of the day

Work, finished up hw, taco bell, home late

Had to wrap up the pipes outside since we are hitting freezing temps again.  Played a bit of L4D2 before going to bed.

Work.  Grocery store, goober suprised me there.
Cooked veggies and played a game with Kelc, then bedtime.

Work.  Actually went to trivia, did mediocre.
Ate a few leftovers, then played a little, then bed.

Woke up with a grumpy tummy. In work later than usual.

Ran a few errands.

Cooked up some chicken wings and mac+cheese for dinner.  Wings didn't come out as great as I imagined, but they were still edible.

Watched some Bill Burr on Netflix

Performed a somewhat large Netflix marathon of The Office.  Took care of random stuff around the house, like putting up and ironing curtains, fixing up a cast iron pan, vacuuming.