Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012.09.22 Saturday

No UT game today.  Sad face.

Stockton still a bit timid around everybody.  He even wedged himself behind some plastic crates.

Helped my brother move some more of his stuff, the worst of which was his bed.  Beds are heavy.  Maybe I should get something not so heavy if I get a new one.

Attended a special event.  What is it?  Oh just my brother proposing to his girlfriend.  I guess the family will be getting a little bit bigger.  Everybody kept poking in my direction that it is my turn now.  First off, I understand asking once or twice, but it's not like I'm going to make a huge decision like that just because someone offhandedly asked about it.  Second, they are taking away from my brother's event by misdirecting the attention.  Everybody needs to chill.  Let things be as they may be.

Home, started to doze off and Kelc arrived.  Her sister got a new car.  It's about time....wait a minute...

2012.09.21 Friday

Had to hunt around for a bit to find stockton.  I could hear his bell jingling when I was going to bed last night.

Finished up the yard cutting after work, then cooked up a charcoal-grilled steak dinner with cucumber and edamame.  Yumz.

Kelc snoozed the whole time.  Bum.

2012.09.20 Thursday

Well, I had a hard time getting up today.  I'm going to blame it on the weird shift in diet yesterday (costco hotdogs and soda) and staying up only slightly late.  Worth it though.

Since I jumped into work late, things were already rolling so it felt like hitting the ground running.  Ran all the way to lunch at Donn's BBQ.

Kelc and I made a journey to Costco.  Picked up a clump of items in bulk, so a trunk full.

Finished Interview With The Vampire, and Stockton came over to hang out for a few days.

2012.09.19 Wednesday

The group decided to try out Costco for lunch.  Hotdogs for everybody.

Worked late at the office, again.

Leftover Costco for dinner.  Started Interview With The Vampire with Kelc.  Day was over rather quickly.

Friday, September 21, 2012

2012.09.18 Tuesday

No vb at work today, instead Popeye's day.

Once home, cut most of the yard.  Got dark before I could finish up the backyard.  Looks a little weird because I was trying to work in darkness.

Cooked up some fish and veggies.  Go paleo.

2012.09.17 Monday

Long day at work, split into two by a pleasant game of vball.

Fried up some bacon at home, then tried making some sweet potato fried with the leftover drippings.

Simple day, but enjoyable.

2012.09.16 Sunday

Slept in.  Of course.

Played a quick game of smash bros with Ray.  I always pick pikachu.  PIKA PIKA.

I let Kelc do the driving this time.  Her car still has some "woo-woo"ing going on from the back right side.  One guy said oh just a bent rim, and another said both cv axels need to be replaced, while another said just a tired that was out of balance and needed a patch, we fixed it.

Arrived home with some eager football fans waiting for us.  The Steeler's game was scheduled to come on CBS right at our arrival time, so we unpacked and set up the game simultaneously.  Somehow nobody else was hungry, but I ate an entire bag of bbq chips.

Game over, took a quick shower.

Drove over to the Hill Country Galleria to eat at Chisos Southwestern grill for dinner, with Kelc's dad and his new counterpart.  Food was great, and the meal wasn't really awkward like it could have been.  I guess we are all adults now.

Korey, Lyle, Kelc and I did a couple geocaches while we were in the area.  Lyle made the first find, which was super hard.

Home, snooze.  Can't believe the weekend went by that quickly, but at the same time a lot of things happened.

2012.09.15 Saturday

Technically we arrived Saturday morning.  Chatted a little bit before heading to bed.

Woke and enjoyed some coffee and breakfast tacos.  Then we headed out to try out some Geocaching.  After a few locations we stopped by the Village Cafe for lunch.  Then headed out to ... do some more Geocaching.  Cool with me.

About mid-afternoon we went back to clean up and relax a bit since it was getting hotter outside and making us sweaty.

Later we went to Fox & Hound to play pool and watch football.  UT played well against Ole Miss.  Only problem I had with the game is how much it said SEC all over the screen.  Hello... there are multiple conferences at this game...

After F&H, we tried to do a couple geocaches close by, but this time at night.  Not so easy.

Back to the house.  Up late with Mario Party.

2012.09.14 Friday

Ahh yes, another earned day off.  Feels great.

Kelc left for an appointment and I cleaned up the house a bit.  Rudy headed over, sorta.  There was a bomb-threat somewhere on UT campus, and it was decided to evacuate and send everybody home.  This caused quite a bit of traffic downtown.

I played some Ace Combat until Rudy and Christine came over.  And even after they arrived.  Tee hee.  Rudy did some work and Christine studied for the GRE.

After catching up some and relaxing for a chunk of the day we wanted to put some food in our stomachs.  We picked Kerbey Lane.  I got the S'mores pancakes, and they were about what you would expect.  Chocolate based pancakes with chocolate syrup, marshmallow cream topping, and graham cracker crumbs on top.  It was delicious, but completely anti-paleo and sugar-rush inducing.

Went back to my place to watch Inception.  I made a big batch of bacon popcorn for the movie.  Seems like it is well received.  I should start up a business.

After the movie, they left to head back to their hotel.  Kelc and I began the drive to Bryan late.

2012.09.13 Thursday

Interesting weather this morning.  Everything was cloudy and gloomy.  There must be a storm coming.  Luckily was able to sqeeze in some vball over lunch time.

At home, I wasn't sure what to expect for the evening.  I made a call and solidified some plans for tomorrow, but my evening was much more open.

Guess I'll do things around the house while the weather stays gloomy.  Later Kelc and I started watching Inception, then we went to bed somewhat early.

2012.09.12 Wednesday

Slept in a little today.  It was worth it until I had to sit in traffic on 183 and was cut off multiple times by raging drivers.  I feel like traffic wouldn't be so bad if people weren't so angry about driving and beating everybody else to their destination.

Had a frustrating but productive day.  The first half seemed like nothing was working, then after lunch everything started working just fine.  Neato.

Went home, then over to Hab+Tay's to let out the dogs.  Ended up setting off their alarm.  (Who sets an alarm when you there are people coming over that don't know the code?)  It's ok, I didn't need those eardrums anyways.

Back at home I ate some leftover bbq and did a couple things around the house.  My original intentions for this evening didn't happen.  Hopefully I have time tomorrow.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012.09.11 Tuesday

It just so happens that the method we use to count our earth's revolutions and orbitals around the star that gives us light every day has landed on the same day that 11 years ago two planes were misguided into two tall standing structures.  Ironic that an attack on everyday freedoms would cause a panic response to take away everyday freedoms.

Mostly normal day at work.  Also made a quick trip to popeyes, so that was fun.

After work, I decided it would be nice to go for a run.  Maybe that could counter some of the health choices I made over lunch.  I ran a little over a mile, which isn't bad considering I haven't really run much in a while.

Had a semi productive evening at home.  Cooked up some bbq leftovers.  I started playing around with the circuit breakers, ended up setting off my alarm somehow.  Not sure how that works, but I guess a power outage is alarm-worth...?  Finished up some wiring swap.

Haven't seen or heard from Kelc in a while...

2012.09.10 Monday

All was quiet on the work front.  The goobers that I chat with were both out today.  Guess I will have to keep myself entertained.

Played a fun game of vball over lunch.

I felt being productive at home, so I did some finance number crunching, dealt with paperwork, sent off overdue emails, etc.

Kelc and I watched So You Think You Can Dance.  It it really hard for me to believe these aren't scripted or planned from the beginning.

2012.09.09 Sunday

Cleaned the inside of my car today.  A fair amount of sand has accumulated, but not really too much if you consider how many times I've played.  I tried using a very light spritz of my vinegar-based homemade all purpose cleaner, and mostly water to wipe down everything.

Got a call from my sister saying they were going to be home, so I could bring over a truck load of boxes to their place.  Yay, finally get to see their house.  Pretty nice.

Back to my place.  Started putting together a list for some HEB groceries.  Headed over there with my car (which smells like new car by the way, very neat).  The parking lot was packed.  Sucks.

Watched SNF with Kelc and peeps.  Steelers lost.  Wayne pooped on my UT rug.  BLARG.

2012.09.08 Saturday

Helped my brother move another truck load.  Not too many more of these trips to make.

Cooked some bbq chicken and bacon.  This is trial #2 for bbq chicken.  I think I balanced the flavors better and the consistency was much better.

Went over to Julisa's to use her u-verse connection for the UT game.  Yeah, that's right.  Using people for their tv connections.

2012.09.07 Friday

Handful of people went over to Coco's for lunch.  Tasty but filling.

Once home, productive.  Kelc and I went for a walk around the neighborhood.

2012.09.06 Thursday

Productive day, but no vball.  Lunch meetings can be like that.

Not too much else happened today.  Pretty exhausted going into this week with a sprint pace.

2012.09.05 Wednesday

As expected, I would wake up a bit sluggish since I was being energetic last night.

Played vball today as well, except I got smacked in the face.  That woke me up, and eventually I was hitting some really good serves.  Maybe I should get hit in the face every day. (Later I notice that my sunglasses actually cut my nose bridge from that smack)

Cooked up a ground beef and vegetable stir fry for dinner.

Did some organizing of paperwork, cleaning, and laundry.

Kelc stopped by with her dad to show him the place and deliver some car loads of stuff. Bleh.

2012.09.04 Tuesday

I had that dream that I hear other people have.  The one where you start thinking you are still in school and forgot about a test or forgot some major assignment.  Somehow I was dreaming I forgot to write a huge paper for one of my last classes, and I was going to fail and not be able to graduate.  Silly me.  I don't know how to write papers.

Had breakfast with Mark.

After work I cut my yard as fast as possible, which ended up taking about 80-90 minutes.  Not bad, but there must be something deceptive because it really looks like the entire yard would only take about 60 minutes.

All that running around made me hungry and energetic.  Hard time falling asleep.

2012.09.03 Monday

Woke up late.  Ate some bacon breakfast, then went down to the lake to relax.

At some point in the morning, Korey drove out to the lakehouse with her boy, and her car died.  She tried calling everybody a "ton of times" to come help her, but nobody answered.

Jon and Lindsey took the Jet-ski out, and it ran out of gas when they were about a mile away.  So they had to get towed back.

Crazy day.

Cooked up a big chicken dinner with potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms and salad.

Drove home late.  Going to be a rough start for the week.  Feels like the 4-day weekend got crunched.

2012.09.02 Sunday

Fixed up a simple breakfast of coffee, bacon, and cantaloupe.

The group of people (Lindsey, Jon, Kelc) left to go shop and run errands.  I stayed behind to see if my brother needed anything.  In the meantime I cleaned house and did some laundry.

Drove out to the lakehouse.  Korey and Celeste arrived later and talked about makeup for a huge chunk of time, then left.

Played games. Cooked up a few bison steaks for everybody to try. Yumz.

2012.09.01 Saturday (UT Game)

Cooked up some BBQ chicken in the slow cooker.  Turned out pretty good even though I wasn't following any strict recipe or quantities.  I also cooked up some bacon and watched some other college games during the day.

Then later on, headed out to the UT Game (vs Wyoming).  Woo Woo.  Game was fun.  After the game was not.  We waited about 45 minutes to get out of the parking garage.  No joke.  Not fun.  Stopped by Whataburger for late night snack'ems.

Home to a pile of sleeping people in my living room.  They were completely zonked out.

2012.08.31 Friday

Quick trip over to Fry's to exchange an SSD.

Stopped at Oak Haven massage for a nicely priced first-timer massage.  I went with a deep-tissue specialist.

Spent the afternoon working on Kelc's laptop, and watching some Matrix commentary.  Word came my way that there may be some UT tickets heading my way.

2012.08.30 Thursday

Woke up, got ready pretty quickly, then took a nap on the carpool ride to work.  Good stuff.

Played vball today.  Super fun, but also hot.  The upcoming 4-day weekend has me already focusing on other things.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

2012.08.29 Wednesday

Late to bed, late to rise.  Rather sluggish to get out of bed this morning.

Worked a normal day, just shifted later on all parts.

Kelc and I unloaded her storage unit so they could stop paying monthly to have stuff just sit there.

2012.08.28 Tuesday

Running faster this morning.  Must be the better sleep.

Well, maybe I spoke too soon.  Everything was cruising along until the Popeye's special, 3 pieces today.  Oh boy.  Felt like walking through molasses.

Departed work early to head to a chiropractor.  I had to fill out a questionnaire that reminded me of a tanning salon.  That seemed a bit weird.  Then the appointment happened, which I felt like the doctor was just spouting out words that sounded great, but didn't have much weight. "Make sure to drink plenty of water" seems like something that gets tossed around a lot.  I don't know, maybe I'm just being really skeptical.  On the plus side, when I was backing out of the parking lot, I could turn my head around to see behind me better.  Neat.

Got home the same time the UPS guy did.  He had a present for me, a shiny new scanner.  I ended up spending the majority of my night working on scanning various things.

Kelcey got in late, brought her brother over to finally check out my place.  Then she left to drop him off and came back over.  Late....

2012.08.27 Monday

Woke up a bit energetic.  Maybe that extra sleep makes a difference.  Or maybe it's the bacon.

Vball over lunch.

Home, picked up the mail, then tried doing some Yoga.  Yeah that's right.  Me doing yoga.  Not great.

A girl stopped by to buy some stuff Kelc was selling on Craigslist, but Kelc was out of town (fault 1) and the piece in question needed some TLC to be even remotely sellable (fault 2).  Ended up being a fail.

Worked some more on Kelc's surprise, then cooked up dinner (tilapia, sauteed veggies, lentils and rice) and put some attention on the furniture to be sold.

Then did some cleanup around the house, and off to bed.

2012.08.26 Sunday

Woke up to do some yard work.  Takes me about 2 hours to do everything.

Fixed up some breakfast, then drove to pick up a mini surprise for Kelc.

Groceries from HEB, fried up bacon, watched Sunday Night Football (Panthers vs Jets), watched Matrix bonus material.

In bed early.  Go me.

2012.08.25 Saturday

Picked up some Rudy's breakfast tacos, then a quick skip over to my brother's place to help him load up stuff.

After we unloaded some, we stopped by Jersey Mike's subs for lunch.  Watched some of Matrix Revolutions while eating.

I drove out to Hill Country Galleria area to get a haircut while Kelc still works at a hair salon.  Then they closed up the store and we headed over to Tuesday Morning and Goodwill to shop around.

Then we met up with my family at Tony C's coal fired pizza for dinner.  Delicious, but super filling.

By the time I arrived at home, I was exhausted.

2012.08.24 Friday

Glad to be wrapping up this week.  Breakfast was large and non-paleo, but cheap.  Sounds like a conspiracy to me...

Quick work day, but more productive than most.

Over to Habs+Tays for movie night with intern.  Sort of a farewell / celebration / get-to-know-each-other better thing. We couldn't really decide on a movie most of the night anyways; everybody did well with just chatting.  Somehow we landed on Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon.  Kelc had to get up early, so we left a bit early.