Friday, December 13, 2013

2013.12.08 Sunday

Happy b-day to Mark.

Kelcey arrived at home safely from Michigan, we watched the Steelers with her family.  The last play was an amazing effort, but made a mistake.

Played some JC2, and mostly took it easy today.  Not really feeling so great.

2013.12.07 Saturday

Performed some winterization of the house.  Put insulating pieces in the external outlets and switches, added weather strip on the doors, and tried caulking up some gaps in siding.

Watched some football here and there, then went to another "friendsgiving", this time hosted by my sister and brother in law.

Drove home late with icy roads.

2013.12.06 Friday

Enjoying the day off.  Ran some errands.

Watched Zero Dark Thirty by myself late into the night.  Different than what I expected, but pretty darn good.

2013.12.05 Thursday

Another work day, like any other.  Wrapped up with some ping pong.

Home, took some holiday pictures, ate some more leftovers, played some JC2, then bedtime.

2013.12.04 Wednesday

Worked later than needed. Worked on a project for fun. Went to trivia.

Home, little bit of JC2 (I'm about 30% through the game), then sleep. 

2013.12.03 Tuesday

Worked later than I really should have.

Cooked up a stir-fry at home, Kelc went out to a movie.

Tried to work on a project, played a little JC2, then called it a night.

2013.12.02 Monday

Not ready for work, and work is not ready for me.

Left at a reasonable time.

Ate leftovers at home, got caught up on some music processing. 

2013.12.01 Sunday

Hard to believe it is already December.

Cleaned up various things around the house. JC2 and football.

Ate leftovers (the gift of Thanksgiving keeps on giving).

Set up xmas stuff outside, ran some errands, more JC2 and football.

Watched another episode of Ghost In The Shell.  The show doesn't have as much of a hook as the movie, but still neat.

2013.11.30 Saturday

Little football here and there.  JC2.  Friendsgiving at Habs.

2013.11.29 Friday

Not sure what to do with myself now that I'm done with school and the holiday is over.  At least there are more holiday events coming up to look forward to.

Played some games, did a few things around the house.  Tried to stay productive.

2013.11.28 Thursday (Thanksgiving)

Packed up the car and headed over to the parents' house.  First to show up.  Snacked and helped get some food together.

The day consisted of football, games, naps, snacking, football, meal, napping, and football.

Back home, watched the Ravens and Steelers, snacked.

Watched Friends With Benefits with Kelc.  Movie ended as one might expect.

2013.11.27 Wednesday

Work...very quiet.  Almost creepy quiet.  Funny though, as today I was quite productive.  Which then led to me being home slightly earlier since I was able to work consistently.

Prepared for tomorrow's feast. Cooked up a pumpkin pie (much harder than I was expecting) and chopped up some veggies.

2013.11.26 Tuesday

Welp, I submitted my attempt at the Final Exam.  Let's hope for the best and expect the worst.

Worked slightly later than usual. Ran over to Pappasitos for chips and salsa, and made some pie dough in preparation for Thanksgiving events.

Finished watching Serenity with Kelc.

2013.11.25 Monday

Worked a longer day doing a bunch of unnecessary paperwork.

Stopped by HEB for some holiday grub.

Home, ate some leftovers and worked on my final exam.

Wound down with some Just Cause 2 before getting some sleep.

2013.11.24 Sunday

Worked some more on the final.

Watched some Steelers beat the Browns.  Helped Korey with a craft project for school.

Snuck over to Habs for a surprise.  Watched the Cowboys beat the Giants.

Worked on the final, and watched the Patriots barely beat the Broncos.  If only there were a way for both teams to lose...

2013.11.23 Saturday

Watched some college football and played some JC2 today.  The cold weather came on too suddenly.

Spent a chunk of the day working on a final exam.

2013.11.22 Friday

It's kinda cold these days...

Utilized my day off by going in for a haircut. Played some JC2 and cooked up a big pot of soup.

Worked some on the final exam

Watched half of Serenity with Kelc.  She couldn't stay awake.

2013.11.21 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Submitted all that I could do on the homework assignment, and waited around for the final exam to be released. Fun fun.

Went home, Kelc is working a late shift tonight.

I enjoyed some JC2 and worked a little on the final exam.  Storm is supposed to be coming in...

2013.11.20 Wednesday

Work, meetings, another lunch journey for a leaving coworker.

Tack Shack dinner, home late, worked on homework.

Finished up enough, watched some Ted Talks, then played a little JC2 before going to bed.

2013.11.19 Tuesday

Mostly normal Tuesday.  Our class discussion time turned into a mini lecture that seemed to drag on without helping much on the homework, so still mostly normal.

Stopped by Chipotle on the way home for dinner.  Somehow I was supposed to know to ask Kelc if she wanted any, because Pluckers happens every other week.

Worked on homework late into the night.

2013.11.18 Monday

Back to work, things were a bit hectic somehow, so I didn't feel like I could get much work done.

Watched a little of MNF, while cooking up some mac and cheese, and attempting to work on homework.

When I got tired of that, I decided to play a little bit of JC2, then go to bed.

2013.11.17 Sunday

NFL sunday, woo hoo.

Played some JC2 and worked through some homework.

C+E stopped by to drop off the tower and field that they had for their pre-season party.  I guess our football season is over, LOLZ.

Watched some more Firefly, only one more episode to go.

2013.11.16 Saturday

Got some stuff accomplished (like updating this blog thing).

Installed Lubuntu on a laptop to see what it is like.  The wireless wasn't as difficult to install as normal.  QUITE SURPRISED.  Still frustrating that it doesn't work out-of-the-box.

Watched UT lose.  Got through a chunk of school stuff.

Watched some Firefly, then SNL. then bed.

2013.11.15 Friday

Got to work a little earlier than average.  I felt like it was oddly quiet all day.  Ate a late lunch and played a few games of ping pong with a few coworkers.

Stopped by HEB on the way home for some steaks.  Cooked up some nice medium steaks using an early Christmas gift.  Also made some garlic mashed potatoes.

Watched a few episodes of Firefly and did laundry.  Easing into the weekend.

2013.11.14 Thursday

Worked and finished up some homework, arrived at home slightly earlier than usual.

Cooked up a pizza and watched Ghost In The Shell with Kelc.

Played some JC2, bed time.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

2013.11.13 Wednesday

Work, stayed late working on homework, then hopped over to trivia.  Contributed absolutely nothing, then left.

Got some sleep in.

2013.11.12 Tuesday

Another regular work day.  Left a tad late, ate leftovers and worked on homework.  Typical Tuesday.

2013.11.11 Monday

Back to work, had a weird meeting today, but made up for that by leaving at a reasonable time.

Ate some leftovers and quinoa, and worked on homework.

Played a few mintues of Just Cause 2, then bed time.

2013.11.10 Sunday

Watched some lectures for class.  Watched some more football.

Finished cleaning the rest of the windows.

HEB run.  More football, Pizza dinner, and more Homework.

2013.11.09 Saturday

Watched some football.  Gloomy day.

Cleaned the seal and exterior of almost all the windows, started getting pretty dark early on.  Still not adjusted to this daylight saving junk.

2013.11.08 Friday

Slow to get up today.

Over to the mall to get a set of safety glasses, with a bit of mixup on where I actually needed to go.

Back home, made a batch of chili.  Pretty mild, but loaded with seasonings.

Picked up the frames.

Back home, watched half of Firefly

Ran over to OReily's for a battery.

Stayed up late to meet Sharon for a battery swap.  Somehow that took two fleshy chunks out of my finger.  Oh well, success!

2013.11.07 Thursday

Finished up the homework assignment and enjoyed the momentary bliss before the next one is assigned.  That's all the bliss I get in one week, maybe an hour or two.

Stopped by HEB on the way home for some goodies.

2013.11.06 Wednesday

Work, Homework, Trivia, Home, Snooze

2013.11.05 Tuesday

I had meetings strewn about the day, and somehow they all canceled.  Ended up being quite productive.

Attended "class", felt like I learned a few things.  By the time I got home, those things no longer seemed useful for the homework assignment.

Cooked up some pseudo chicken adobo and quinoa, then worked on homework.

2013.11.04 Monday

Normal work day mostly.

Home, cooked up some pizza and worked on homework into the evening.

2013.11.03 Sunday

Quick breakfast, then tried working on a wood project that I've been thinking about for the past few weeks.  Didn't turn out as expected, but I made a nice mess.

Showered, watched a bit of the Pittsburgh game, decided going to HEB would be better.

Back home, snacked.

Not really enjoying this time change.

2013.11.02 Saturday

Cooked up some eggs for breakfast.  Started a soup.

Cleaned house.  Ate soup for break. Showered up.

Went over to Habs to watch some of the UT game.  Started falling asleep.

Back home.  Empty house, worked on some schoolwork.

Watched some SNL, then bedtime.

2013.11.01 Friday

Wrapping up the work week.

Stopped by Fry's, then home, then over to the CP v Vista Ridge game.  CP won, and the bands look ready for state competition mostly.

Picked up some grub at Whataburger, then home to watch Jeepers Creepers.

Then bed.

2013.10.31 Thursday

Work.  Stopped by Best Buy on the way home to pick up another cable modem.  Talked with TWC to get the new device connected.

Ate pizza and played Cards Against Humanity with Korey and Lyle while trick-or-treaters stopped by for sugar.

2013.10.30 Wednesday

Another long day at work. Went home, did more homework.

Storm coming through.

2013.10.29 Tuesday

Started off my day with a dentist appointment.  The dental hygienist was a bit aggressive, so now I have a headache and sore gums.  I looked at my gums in a mirror late on in the day and they looked like they had been sliced through pretty good.  What gives lady?  And the comment about flossing more... I floss about 9 out of 10 days, which affects the gums between the teeth, instead of the gums on the sides which you stabbed with your barbaric dagger tools.

Worked late.  Stopped by Chipotle for grub, home late, doing homework late, to bed late.

2013.10.28 Monday

Work.  Late getting home.

Worked on school into the late evening, watched the tail end of MNF, then bed time.

2013.10.27 Sunday

Spent a chunk of the day doing class stuff.  Took a break from that to watch the Steelers game at Fowlers, then back home to do more schoolwork.

Had SNF on in the background, then sleep time.

2013.10.26 Saturday (BCS)

Slow to get up.  Spent a chunk of the morning watching some X-files episodes on Netflix that were related to Breaking Bad.

Breakfast was chocolate fondue.  Can't really complain there.

Went to the park to kick a soccer ball around and enjoy the weather.

At that point, Kelc and I ended our trip to BCS and started the drive home.  I had schoolwork to still do and Kelc has her own projects to work on.  Stopped by Sonic for grub on the way.

2013.10.25 Friday (BCS shhhhhh)

Ran some errands.  Hung out with my bro and new sister in law, freshly home from their honeymoon.

More errands, Costco.

Packed up, waited for Kelc, then off to BCS for a surprise. (Shhhhhh)

It was sort of a surprise, sort of a scare, and sort of already compromised.  Drinks, snacks, fondue and music into the night.

2013.10.24 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Late afternoon meetings are fun on the last day of the week.

Played some games at home.

2013.10.23 Wednesday

Another typical work day.  Worked on homework in the evening.  Ended up making up answers because we don't have enough information to complete the problems.  I feel like that is almost worth more points, being all creative.  The grader will disagree.

2013.10.22 Tuesday

A slightly shorter day of work due to class discussion occurring mid-afternoon.  Sometimes it seems like the material and the homework assignment are completely disjoint.  Luckily we live in the era of google, and the right words will point you in the direction of more material to work from.

Stopped by HEB on the way home for fuel for the car and fuel for the body.

Ate some leftovers and worked on homework all evening.  Then off to bed.  Limited free time for me these days.

2013.10.21 Monday

Another lengthy day at the office.  Nothing too unusual happening.

Stopped by the house to pick up Kelc, then over to my parent's house for food and socializing.

Back home, did a bit of work on homework, then off to bed.

2013.10.20 Sunday

Baked up some blueberry muffins for breakfast.  Yum.

Cut the yard, trimmed back some overgrown plants. Showered up.

Cooked up some food then went to a Texas Stars game with Kelc.  Go Stars.

Back home, watched a bit of SNF and more Modern Family before calling it.

2013.10.19 Saturday

Watched some Modern Family, and the typical Saturday football.

Watched some lectures for school.  I don't think the professor realizes that the lectures don't match up well with the homework assignments, or if he does know that, then he is just being a jerk.

Went over to Hab+Tay's to play some games later on.

2013.10.18 Friday

Ready for this work week to be wrapped up.  Sometimes productivity just starts drifting away after such long weeks.

Left late, ran a few errands on the journey home.

Packed up the car and went to the Cedar Park v Rouse game at Bible Stadium.  CP dominated their homecoming, poor fellas.  Thankfully it didn't rain.

Home, tired, hungry.

2013.10.17 Thursday

Didn't bring a lunch to eat, and an expected long day at work.  It's a recipe for fun.

Once home, did a few things around the house, played some KSP, then bed time.

Monday, October 21, 2013

2013.10.16 Wednesday

Attempted to get to work early and attend an early meeting, but the weather and traffic had a different plan for me.  Upon arriving late, it turns out that I couldn't attend the meeting because I couldn't access the room it was being held in.  Wasting tons of time this morning.

Long day at work.

Headed to Third Base after to do some trivia.  (First time in what feels like months.)

Home, snacked on some food then went to bed.

2013.10.15 Tuesday

Back to work.  'Twas nice having yesterday off to worry about other things.

Surprise visitor for lunch.

Home late.  Worked on midterm until late in the evening.

Played a few minutes of KSP.  Then crawled to bed for slumber.

2013.10.14 Monday

Took the day off.  I needed a little extra sleep, but I also went over to my parent's house for a brunch gathering.

Ran an errand to OfficeMax to try and print off some pages for Kelc, but apparently nobody knows how to print PNG files without scaling.  According to Kelc, everybody uses the same crappy software too, yet prices vary wildly.

Went home, worked on a midterm and snacked on food.  Took breaks here and there, helped Kelc stuff some DVD cases.

Late into the evening, decided I wanted to fly to the mun.  Opened up Kerbal Space Program and built an awesome rocket that indeed made it into lunar orbit.  Yay, I didn't crash into the mun.  After some time, I decided it was time to head back home, but unfortunately I got stuck in Kerbal orbit without fuel.  Uh oh.  Poor fella.  Maybe I can rescue him later.

Bed time.

2013.10.13 Sunday (Big day)

Had some family come over to see my house, finally.  I've been living there for over a year now, so it's about time.

Ironed some clothes, showered up, did my hair, and headed out to the venue once again.

Waiting, some pictures, waiting, some more pictures, waiting, ceremony, pictures, waiting.  Then things really started to pick up.  Sat down for food, finished a light plate and went back for seconds, but they started taking up dishes and pushing us on to the next events.  (I guess at this point, the rain delays had crunched things down a bit.)  Went to see the first dances, the cake cutting, danced around, socialized, took some pictures at the photo booth, then next thing I know... we are sending off the married couple with sparklers.  Everybody split up after that.

Went home, pretty much straight to bed.

2013.10.12 Saturday

Went to the wedding venue to see what everything was going to be like.  Did a little bit of practicing even though we were missing a few people.

Went to Fast Eddies to watch the UT vs OU game.  Played some pool, ate some grub, played darts, and somehow UT came out on top.  I don't understand it, but UT actually looked like a team.

Home for a little bit, the out to Pappasito's for the "rehearsal dinner".  Too much food.

2013.10.11 Friday

Ran a few errands.  Preparing for the big weekend.

Spent the leftover time on a freaking midterm.  Great timing.

Got a package in, bump bump bump!

Cooked up a nice dinner, watched some more sports.

2013.10.10 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week with meetings and status reports and whatnot.  Probably stayed later than I needed to.

At home, didn't feel like eating anything around the house so I took a little drive to Freebirds.

Watched some IT Crowd, watched some sports, relaxed a bit.

2013.10.09 Wednesday

Mostly normal workday.

Thought I would be enjoying some evening trivia, but instead... homework.

Got frustrated enough to give up on parts of it.  That happens when the information provided doesn't match the performance expected.  Decided I deserved some free time to play a game.  Feels like forever since I did that.

2013.10.08 Tuesday

Another normal work day.

Home later, went for a bike ride, worked on homework into the night.  I barely even have time to be healthy.  This class is trying to kill me.

2013.10.07 Monday

Back to work.  Tried out munching on Lucky Charms this morning instead of my normal Cheerios.  Man, these things have a ton of sweet packed in.  As a kid I would love this, but this is just too much now.  Give me bland or give me death.

A few meetings, worked into the evening.

Got home, Kelc made some sloppy joes.  Tasty.

I got through about half of my probability homework.  Maybe I'll actually go to trivia this week *crosses fingers*.

Decided to treat myself to watching the last few minutes of MNF.

2013.10.06 Sunday

Finished up gymnastics viewing.  Took care of some bills and paperwork. Watched some football, did some schoolwork.

Went to HEB

Cooked up dinner, more football.


2013.10.05 Saturday

Watched some gymnastics with Kelc.  Almost like watching the Olympics.

Changed my oil and checked tire pressure.  All is well so far.

Errands: Dropped off a garage opener.  Deposited a check.  Picked up goods at target, 0.47 cents spent.

Watched some college football, parent's stopped by while running errands of their own.

Took a nap. More football, laundry, food, sleep.  Reasonably productive day.

2013.10.04 Friday

Work. Left at a reasonable time (this feels so weird).

Cut the yard while Kelc went out for Chuy's.

Mark and I picked up some Verts because Torchy's line was too long.  Watched some IT Crowd.

Thought about HS football a little too late. Maybe next week.

2013.10.03 Thursday

Went in to work a tad later than normal.  The amount of free time and sleep in my life is getting too low.

Met up with Kelc on my way home to grab some dinner at Taco Shack.

Watched some of the UT v Iowa State game.  We barely squeaked out a win.  I guess that is better than losing.

Off to bed at a reasonable time, hard time getting to sleep.

2013.10.02 Wednesday

Another work day.  Went for a dinner run to Quiznos to supply fuel for the evening.  Spent the evening working on homework at work.  Ended up not finishing and leaving super late.

Home quickly (yay no traffic), snooze.

2013.10.01 Tuesday

We enter the final quarter of the year.  What excitement is in store?  What will break next?

Spent the morning replacing the valves to the washing machine, since one was leaky and stuck open.   Mark helped with the muscles.  We replaced the valves and hoses, so I feel more confident with the setup now.

Got in to work later, as expected.  Work consisted of contacting people and reading up documentation.

Attended a discussion section for class.  These always seem helpful, but then when you actually look back at the homework assignment, everything doesn't make sense again.  I don't think the professor likes having students.

Stayed up a little late working on that, then bedtime.

2013.09.30 Monday

Back to the grind.  Actually got to work reasonably early today too.  Spent a chunk of hours in the lab.

Home, delivered a mini gift to a neighbor.

Prepared some pesto, cooked up some simple dinner.

Tried to do some homework.  This class is getting increasingly frustrating.  I am not a full-time student, and I am getting to the point where all my time away from work is spent dealing with this class.  Totally not worth it.

Took a break from that stress to finish up Breaking Bad with Kelc and Mark.  Overall, pretty awesome TV series.

2012.09.29 Sunday

Lunch provided by Sharon.  Haven't had asian food in a while.

Watched the Steelers fall to 0-4 for the season.  Not looking so great right now.

Watched some more football and showed Korey how to tape a wart.

Went over to Hab+Tay's for ribs and football and games, witnessed some beer brewing.  Played some games.

2013.09.28 Saturday

Watched some college football.  By some I mean quite a bit.

Spent a chunk of time watching some school lectures.  Was it useful?  Maybe.

Late night Chik Fil A run, more football, then sleepy.

2013.09.27 Friday

Met up with the guys at a mid-day Costco run. Split up from there to run some more errands, getting a new UPS battery, actually getting some new clothes, etc.

Exhausted, played games.  Ready for some rest.

2013.09.26 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week, and wrapping up the homework assignment.  Overall, not a very pleasant day.  Noticing a trend though...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2013.09.25 Wednesday

Oh cool, didn't realize there was an early meeting scheduled until it was too late to show up.  Really neat.

Split up the day with a good game of vball.

Spent the later part of the day in a frustrating meeting, then going into a lab and having nothing working.

Went home and continued the streak of frustration with homework.

2013.09.24 Tuesday

Plain work day.  Followed up by plain discussion section for school.

Went home with an enthusiastic attitude to finish the homework, didn't get as far as I had hoped, but made a large dent in it.

Went to bed late.

2013.09.23 Monday

Back to the grind

Played a good game of VB!

Tried to do some homework at home.  Went to bed grumpy.

2013.09.22 Sunday

Lazy Sunday.  Hung out with Lindsey and Jon a little more before they took off back to Arlington.

Cut the yard, found a snake!

Cleaned house (again), then showered.

Then I tried to get caught up with schoolwork, watched some SNF, called it a weekend.

2013.09.21 Saturday (Kelc's Murder Mystery)

A little more decorating, and a day of food preparations.

Then the party.  I was supposed to be the head honcho for "Margaritaland", so I had to give a welcoming speech to get the party started.  I would have to say that the amount of fluids consumed definitely hurt the general populous' ability to make a decent guess at who the murderer was.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Up late, games, grub, goodies.


2013.09.20 Friday

I took the day off to prep things for tomorrow's party.  It was a rainy day (which we desperately needed), which means I couldn't cut the yard like I had planned.  Instead I did a ton of cleaning, wiping down things, decorating, mopping... you name it.

Pretty exhausted from all that, but hopefully that will pave the way for an easy day tomorrow.

2013.09.19 Thursday

Worked from home today while a local guy came by and upgraded my garage.  Pretty nice guy, pretty darn close.

Wrapped up work, and homework. Felt great to be done, although it will be looming over my head soon again.

2013.09.18 Wednesday

Kelc forgot to wake me up when she got up so I could see what all I could do about the garage door.  Ended up finding a neighbor that was awake pretty early and he helped me lift up the door.  He kinda bench-pressed the entire thing for a little bit.

Cars are now free, time for work, I guess.

Otherwise a normal day.  Got home and spent the evening doing homework.

2013.09.17 Tuesday

Work.  "Class". Home.

Worked on schoolwork, meaning I had to skip Pluckers and trivia yet again.

Loud bang at 1am.  Oh cool, my garage door spring is broken.  I guess I'm trapped at home tonight.

2013.09.16 Monday

Back to work, and nothing special to comment about.

Tried to get a head start on homework and lectures for this week, keyword: tried.

Cooked up some beef for dinner.

2013.09.15 Sunday

Took a look at my fantasy team and watched some football.  Enjoyed a BBQ lunch from a place just up the road.

Watched some lectures online, trying to get caught up with schoolwork.  This class is slowly killing me.

Parents stopped by for a chat and to drop off some food. Played some bball with Habs Tay and Mark.

Home, exhausted, showered up and watched a late SNF game.

2013.09.14 Saturday

Packed up computer for lan party day.  Yay fun.

Played a bunch of CS:GO, some GTA4, watched the UT game and grilled up some man meat.

Played some more games until it was late and felt funky.  Packed up again and headed home.

2013.09.13 Friday

Costco trip, bought some training gear.

Mark and I cooked up some chicken adobo and quinoa. (He did the hard stuff.)  Habs came over to enjoy some as well, then we got ready to play some racquetball.

Home to shower, watched some SNL with peeps, played bananagrams, and bought CS:GO.

2013.09.12 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week. Went to Taco bell for lunch, probably not the best choice.  About 10 minutes after completing the meal, the gross feeling took over.

Home. Mark arrived with bbq to eat.  Yummy.

2013.09.11 Wednesday

Tried to wake up earlier, rough.

Dear crazy female driver:  You almost hit me because you were raging on the road, trying to weave through traffic faster than the rest of us.  Showing me that you can extend one finger while making a fist with the rest does not impress me.  Please refrain from driving while others are on the road because you might kill somebody.

Otherwise normal day of work, skipped lunch, went to meetings.

Went home late to spend the rest of my time doing homework.  Not having fun staying up this late.

2013.09.10 Tuesday

Work, class, work.

Watched some lectures, did a chunk of homework.

Kelc and peeps got 1st place at trivia without me, congrats!

2013.09.09 Monday

Back to work.  Went to the gym after.

Home late.  Tried doing homework, really confused.  Stress levels increasing.

2013.09.08 Sunday

Up semi early, cut the yard.  Afterwards, did a mini audit on my sprinkler system, I see why a few things aren't working too well.  Grass had grown over a head and caused water to not spread, which then caused the grass that had grown over to get more water.  Smart grass... I'm watching you.

Met up at Third Base to watch the remainder of the Steeler's game.  Also not doing so hot this season.

Went over to my parent's to deliver some supplies and see how the hunting trip went.

2013.09.07 Saturday

Up early, thanks brain.  I tried to sleep in, but no.

Spent the morning lounging around and playing GTA4.

Left to meet up with family and attend a bowling competition put on by PEC.  We are the "alley cats".  And we got 3rd!

Back home after, more games and football viewing.

Watered some yard by hand, picked up Torchy's for dinner, over to Hasbros to watch the UT game.  We are terribad this year.

2013.09.06 Friday

Work, thought it was going to be a quick day, but ended up lasting too long.  At least I went out to lunch with some buddies... mm good ol' bbq.

Home, game time.

Then finished up the week by going to bed early.

Monday, September 16, 2013

2013.09.05 Thursday

Work.  Ran a few errands to get some party supplies.

Home, cooked blueberry muffins, played a bit of TF2 and GTA4, then bedtime.

2013.09.04 Wednesday

Work. Gym. No haircut today, will try again tomorrow.

Cooked up a simple dinner. Played a little TF2, went to bed early.

2013.09.03 Tuesday

Work, grumpy. First day of class, over fast.

Back to work. Over to Trivia, then quick to bed.

2013.09.02 Monday

Tried cooking some pancakes for breakfast, turned out mediocre.  Almond milk doesn't really work in place of normal milk for this.

Played games most of the day.

Surprise visit by the parents.

Up late.  Holiday utilization in the upper 80%.

2013.09.01 Sunday

Fried up 3 lbs of bacon.  Tried another recipe of some fried dough.

Played some games.  Cleaned up the mess of painting.

Kelc arrived home "safe and sound".  "safe and sound".  beee baaaah bah bah bah beee baaaah

2013.08.31 Saturday

Made a Home Depot run to get more paint.

Kelc left for Arlington.

Watched some College Football and painted the room all day.  Finished up late.  Watched the tail end of SNL.

Decided to watch the movie Kaboom.  Pretty sure this movie had me saying "WTF" more than any other movie I have seen.  Half of me wants to recommend this movie, and the other half wants to say don't waste your time.  It's "wtf".

2013.08.30 Friday

Friday off.  Yay.

Finished prepping the bedroom for paint.

Kelc went to Applebees for dinner.

Started painting the ceiling, ran out of paint and it looks like I'll need another coat anyways.  My arms are sore.

2013.08.29 Thursday

Work. Split up by VB.

Totally ready for the 4-day weekend.

2013.08.28 Wednesday

Another normal work day.  Should I just stop mentioning work?  Seems more unusual when I don't go to work, rather then when I do.

Home, cooked up some pesto pasta and eggs for dinner.  Kinda unusual combination.

Create a cool render in sketchup.  Sketchup and ketchup are too close in spelling.

2013.08.27 Tuesday

Worked later.

Trivia, got 2nd place! And surprise, an old friend also in attendance.


2013.08.26 Monday

Normal work day.

Grilled some chicken and corn for dinner

Got caught up on Breaking Bad

Played a bit of TF2


2013.08.25 Sunday

Got up to cut the yard.  Also trimmed up some plants in the flowerbed.

Had a lingering headache from being outside and probably dehydrated.

Went over to parent's house to pick up supplies, but more importantly to hear about the exciting adventures across the globe.

Back home to drop off some things, then to HEB to load up for the week.

2013.08.24 Saturday

Prepped a room for painting.

Did various things around the house.  Finished the first season of Da Vinci's Demons.

Went to a wedding reception / ring ceremony.  I knew nobody there, it was an interesting experience.

Watched some old SNL on netflix, then bed time.

2013.08.23 Friday

Happy bday bruddah. 

Work, no vb, grumpy me.

Spent the evening building a drawer for a potential garage solution. Verts for dinner, watched some Portlandia with Kelc.

2013.08.22 Thursday

Work, gym after. Home, cooked up some dinner, watched Breaking Bad with Kelc, played a few games.

In bed early, worn out.

2013.08.21 Wednesday

Work, split up by a nice game of VB.  Ended up working a little late to make up the time.

Home, GTA4, finished up leftovers, bedtime

2013.08.20 Tuesday

Mostly normal day of work, ran a few errands after.

Quick hop over to trivia with some new faces on the team.  Time flew by and then home for sleep.

2013.08.19 Monday

Back to work. Lunch had a few elements missing, but I made it work. The day was filled with overlapping meetings, kinda defeating any substaintial progress potential, yet some minor successes were achieved.

Went to the gym after work, then over to Korey's to watch the game. Then home, sleep.

Monday, August 26, 2013

2013.08.18 Sunday

Cleaned up my desk area some, along with things around the house.

Played a chunk of GTA4. Quick trip over to brother's new place to help out with some wiring.  Turned out more complicated than I expected.

Back home, back to games.  Watched some Breaking Bad, just about caught up now.

2013.08.17 Saturday

Breaking Bad and Da Vinci's Demons.  Ran some errands.

UT Tailgate party afternoon to evening, watching some historic victories.

Home late, tired.  Breaking Bad, then bed.

2013.08.16 Friday

Cut the yard, cleaned up the house, laundry.

Packed up the UT Tower for tomorrow's celebration.
Quick trip to Home Depot to get some staples.  Finished up the picture frames for Kelc
Moved some furniture around

Watched some Da Vinvi's Demons.

Went to Hab+Tay's to play some games. BANANAS.

2013.08.15 Thursday

Work, skipped lunch.

Left late as problems were rolling in at the end of the day

Home, happy to be able to relax a bit

Cooked up some bacon and a stew.

2013.08.14 Wednesday

Work,VB!, work.

Costco, home, bit of Madmen, couple episodes of Breaking Bad, TF2, sleep.

2013.08.13 Tuesday

Long work day, right into trivia.

Home, late snack, bed.

2013.08.12 Monday

Work, late

Moved a few things around, cooked up a pizza, watched more breaking bad.

Bed time.

2013.08.11 Sunday

Bro moving day.  :-( Helped load up,

Missed the unloading, but helped out with some unpacking and furniture assembling.

Worked on stuff around the house.

Kelc arrived at home in late afternoon.

Watched some Breaking Bad (trying to catch up now), then bed time.

2013.08.10 Saturday

Spent most of the day in the garage measuring, cutting, and gluing wood.  Only took breaks to re-hydrate and eat.

Got a few things staged for tomorrow's haul.  Overall, pretty tiring and exhausting day.

2013.08.09 Friday

Work.  Came home to cut the yard.

Over to Hasbro's to witness the completion of a head unit install.  A job well done.  Car interior jobs always having weird "gotchas" and take much longer than expected.

2013.08.08 Thursday

Just another day, right?

Work, vb, work

Ran some errands on the way home, arrived at home, played some games, ate food, went to sleep.

2013.08.07 Wednesday

Kelc leaving sometime today for a trip northeast to visit family.

Work, with a side ofVB!

Home, leftovers, GTA4, sleep

2013.08.06 Tuesday

Had to get up early to take father to airport.  He is beginning the journey to our roots, all the way over in Poland.

Made it in to work early, feels weird.

Stayed later so I just had to go straight to trivia after.  We did alright at trivia, just barely under a winning place.  If only Kelc had understood the rules to round 2, we could have won something...

Home, tired, sleep.

2013.08.05 Monday

Jury duty was fun.  Had no idea where to go or what to do, and lots of people skipped out on duty.  I ended up not being selected anyways.

Stopped back at home to pack a lunch

Stopped by Kelc's work to say hi and see what it is like working there.

Went in to work right before lunch time.  Started getting phone calls and lost enthusiasm to work pretty quickly.  Frustrated that nothing is working, went home.

Cooked up an awesome grilled meal, complete with chicken, zuccini and pesto pasta

2013.08.04 Sunday

Wrapping up the weekend.  Started off by cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry.  Brother started getting some things packed up.

Midday trip to get some frozen yogurt and groceries.

Watched some Mad Men and SNL.  Played more GTA4

2013.08.03 Saturday

Day mostly to myself.  Most of the family went to have a wedding shower in the Houston area.

I worked on various things around the house.  Started playing some GTA4.

2013.08.02 Friday

Final day of training.  Had lunch with an old work friend, now traitor.  Good to see him.

Training finished up early, so I was home much earlier than previous days.  That sorta makes up for the fact that I should have been off today.

Started working on a wood project of making frames to attach canvas to.  Hot, gross, wood dust, and mosquitoes.

2013.08.01 Thursday

August is here.  My, the time does fly.

Training again.  At least we are ahead quite a bit.  I also enjoy getting home earlier and actually having time to do something.

Ran some errands, cooked up some grub.

2013.07.31 Wednesday

Training again. Home early, cut the yard while it was nice and hot outside.

Watched some more Da Vinci's Demons.

2013.07.30 Tuesday

Training again.

Home early, ate some leftovers, didn't feel very energetic for trivia, stayed at home and watched some Whose Line, Doctor Who and Da Vinci's Demons.

2013.07.29 Monday

At training this week.  Originally nervous about it, but ended up being quite alright.

Home early, cooked some food for dinner.

2013.07.28 Sunday

Surprise breakfast.  Breakfast tacos, doughnuts, juices, ladies.

Packed up, headed home

Lazy day, taking it easy.  Ended up going out to get a tv.

2013.07.27 Saturday

Lazy day.  Little bit of ping pong, went out for a swim, chillin.  We were supposed to get some watercraft, but the universe had other plans for us.

Cooked up a massive meal of steaks, corn, potato salad, baked potatoes.  Ready for a food coma.

More swimming, some games, a bit more toned-down than last night. Snooze.

2013.07.26 Friday

Up early, ready to.. golf.  Had a nice amount of decent drives and chips  Sunk the back-9 winning putt.  I had one really awesome drive, and one fairway hit that make me grin when I think about how awesome they were.

Back home to shower.  Ran a few errands, then out to the lakehouse.

Holy moly, the lakehouse is crazy awesome.  Cannot describe.

Played some poker.  Storm came through.  Played some table tennis.  Overall an awesome day, but exhausting.

2013.07.25 Thursday

Left a bit early from work today.  Had some errands to run and things to prepare for the big weekend.

Costco, picked up some snacks and some slabs of beef.

Bank to deposit a few things.

Home, cooked up some bacon and prepped some pesto for the weekend.

Had a visitor stop by to drop of a shiny cylinder of alcoholic beverage.

2013.07.24 Wednesday

Pretty normal day at work.

Home at a more reasonable time.  Scrounged around for food.  Did some paperwork and various office work, then played a bit of TF2 and KSP.  Simple days.

2013.07.23 Tuesday

Work. Felt shitty. Home.  Cooked up some food and played around with Sketchup

2013.07.22 Monday

Back to work.  I didn't pack a lunch so I ended up getting cafeteria food (womp womp), and burnt the crap out of my tongue on inedible soup.  It's ok, I didn't want to taste flavor anyways.

Home in the evening.  Played some Kerbal Space Program, and TF2, and Sketchup.

Went grocery shopping with Kelc.

Bed time.

2013.07.21 Sunday

Wasted most of the day playing around in Sketchup.  Mixed in some TF2 at various times during the day.

I lied, Sketchup is not a waste.

2013.07.20 Saturday

Yardwork in the morning. Fertilized a few areas of the yard, and hand watered.

Downloaded a demo game, Kerbal Space Program.  Sounds right up my alley.  I watched a few tutorial videos, and still had a difficult time doing some of the basics.  Maybe I'll stick to the demo until I get the hang of this.

A nice evening rain.  Good timing with the yard cutting.

Over to Habs later to play some games and hang out.  BANANAS.

2013.07.19 Friday

Got up.  Cleaned out my trunk.  Jacked up the car and took off a wheel to inspect the brake pads.  They still look like they have like 40% life on them.  Checked all the tire pressure and bumped everything up a few PSI.

Trimmed up various plants in both the front and back yard.  Stuff grows fast when we are getting consistent rain.

Exhausted already, and it's only mid point in the day.  Decided it would be best to pick up some Taco Shack for lunch.

Cooked up burgers, hot dogs and corn for dinner.  Yum.

2013.07.18 Thursday

Late day of work, mostly in the lab.

Kelc went to a trivia night at a different location to try it out.

I goofed around at home.

Monday, July 22, 2013

2013.07.17 Wednesday

Work. Heavy rain, decided to work a tad later to avoid the mess of cars.

At home, did a little cleanup, played some tf2.

cooked up various things for dinner.

A little more tf2, then bedtime.

2013.07.16 Tuesday

Work. Vb. Work.  Picture.

Work super late, missed trivia.   Decided I really wanted to play some TF2, and completely owned an entire server.  Kids must have been getting sleepy.

Bit of tv before falling asleep.

2013.07.15 Monday

Interesting day at work.  Somebody decided to make a half-comeback.  What a goober.

Tried to leave early, traffic from an accident.  I just can't catch any breaks. 

Updated my phone. Played some TF2. Watched some Doctor Who. Bed.

2013.07.14 Sunday

Watched Harry Potter 7. Picked up some Chipotle. Watched Harry Potter 8.

Thoughts on the Harry Potter movies: It's surprising how they don't feel as long as they actually are. I can't say I got very excited about wizards and witches, part of that is because it seems like they make up new things every movie to help out the story-line.  I did like how the movies did seem to fit into a grand arch, while having a mini arch of their own.  There are some parts where the movies lack what I can only assume the book fills in much better, for instance it seems like out of nowhere the characters have relationships with one another.  The final ending also has a few parts where it seems like the characters are dismissive about the major actions they are taking.  Overall, many times better than Twilight.

Played some TF2 into the late evening.  Watched some Doctor Who and had my mind completely blown.  Kelc went to trivia.

2013.07.13 Saturday

Watched 1 and a half Harry Potters

Went over to parent's house to hang out with my cousin and grab a bite.

Back home, finished up the half of Harry Potter we left.

2013.07.12 Friday

Already tired of the week, but eventually got energetic enough to get some things done.  Ended up staying later than I had expected.

At home, didnt really do much.  Kelc went out to see a movie with her family, I did some grocery shopping and games around the house, finishing up by watching some Doctor Who.

2013.07.11 Thursday

Tried to leave work at a more reasonable time, but those plans were foiled by accidents and traffic.

At home, cooked up a decent meal of meat and pasta.

Habs stopped by to pick up his workout equipment.

Played some TF2.

Watched a little bit of TV then bedtime.

2013.07.10 Wednesday

Late day of work.  Juggling multiple tasks as best I can.

Home, quick change of clothes and out to do yardwork with the remaining sunlight.

Cleaned up, made some food, played a little TF2, then off to bed.

2013.07.09 Tuesday

Stayed late at work so I could go straight to trivia. We got fourth out of ~23 teams.

Home, played a bit of TF2, then bed time.

2013.07.08 Monday

Back to the grind after a pleasant chunk of time off.

Stayed a bit late.

Home, cleaned up the front flower bed.

Cooked up a pesto tilapia dinner with mac and cheese.  Watched the remainder of Harry Potter 4.  Bed time.

2013.07.07 Sunday

Watched Harry Potter 3 and part of 4.

Went grocery shopping, ate pizza, watched doctor who, played tf2.

2013.07.06 Saturday

Kelc convinced me to watch the Harry Potter series, so we watched 1 and 2.

I did some reading on qt quick to try and learn a thing or two.

Played some late night tf2.

2013.07.05 Friday

Not much going on today.  Clean house, again.

Home depot run.

Home, played games.

2013.07.04 Thursday (Happy 4th)

Slight cleanup and party prep.

People arrived, started off by watching some Firefly.  Played some card games, did some food grilling, watched some movie (Babe), walked to go watch some fireworks, played some more games, then...


2013.07.03 Wednesday

Short day at work, went home early to be there for a package.  Very awesome package, sweet, but almost too big. *huge grin*

Texas Roadhouse for food with Kelc.

2013.07.02 Tuesday

Long day at work,  some of that time was spent on fun things though.

Home.  Decided to change things up a bit and do some stretching.  I want to get back into some strength training, but part of that is setting up a good stretch routine, right? (I am so lazy sometimes.)

Cooked myself a dinner.  Watched two awesome Doctor Who episodes, the last two of season 5.

Played a few minutes of TF2, then went to bed.

2013.07.01 Monday

Late to work.  Then kinda late getting home.

Went to the north fields to watch Habs and Tay kick balls at the kickball finals.

Watched a bit of Portlandia, then bed.

2013.06.30 Sunday

Cut the yard in the late morning, humid and hot.  Not my best idea so far.

Around mid day, went out to lakehouse for boat ride with Kelc and her siblings.  Crazy how low the lake is.

Back home, tired.  Pushed myself to go grocery shopping because I don't want to starve during the week.  Back home, watched some Doctor Who and cooked up some salsa.  Good times.

2013.06.29 Saturday

Woke up late (good for a Saturday, right?). Spent a chunk of the day cleaning up around the house.

Parents picked me up for a Round Rock Express game in the evening.  They won, but to do so, some lady got a baseball to the side of the head.  Not sure if she was conscious the entire time, but people were pretty quick to yell for MEDIC!

Late night Sonic run for snack'ems.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2013.06.28 Friday

Work.  Winding down the week.

Dinner at Kobe with Habs and family.

Over to Alamo Drafthouse to watch the Man of Steel movie with Nick and Susan.  I think we were all a bit underwhelmed by that.  Not sure why everybody keeps butchering Superman movies.

2013.06.27 Thursday

Work. Lunch meeting with vendor, neat 3d printing capabilities. Stayed a tad late.

Home, cleaned up my office area and listened to the new Puscifer album courtesy Ray.

Leftovers for late dinner

2013.06.26 Wednesday

Worked later (again)

Costco pitstop for some goodies. Home, quick dinner, then Kelc and I watched The Cabin In The Woods.   Pretty good movie

2013.06.25 Tuesday

Work (late). Straight to trivia, we did ok.  Filled up on gas, then home, bed.

2013.06.24 Monday

Ran outside to try and pull out the recycling bin, ended up locking myself out.  Good job Andy.  Thank you neighbor for letting me borrow your phone.

Otherwise, normal work day. Home later (again).  Ate leftovers for dinner, and watched a Portlandia, a So You Think You Can Dance, then sleep.

2013.06.23 Sunday

Low key Sunday.  Ray and I watched some more Doctor Who, played various games, watched various videos.

Drove back to ATX. Dropped off a package destined for Cali.  Made another stop to pick up a package of veggies from bremond tx.

Finally home, showered. Kelc was already back from her quick Spain trip.  She cooked up dinner.  We chatted some, then watched some Portlandia.


2013.06.22 Saturday

Mentally woke up before my body was ready.  Pretty exhausted from yesterday.

Packed up. Started the drive, feeling wonky in the car.  Arrived safely.

Later lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, watched Brazil beat Italy

Grocery shopping for our feast. Cooking from ~6:30 to ~9:30.

Finished up dinner, felt pretty tired from all the delicious food.  Played a few rounds of spades, watched the pilot of Cowboy Bebop, an episode of Doctor Who, then time for sleep.

2013.06.21 Friday

Mowed the yard

Washed Kelc's car, Clay barred, Waxed, Rain-x'ed

Put together the couch cushions
Did some laundry
Fried up 2 pounds of bacon
Washed the dishes
Vacuumed the house
Mopped the floors
Cleaned up the bedroom
Changed out the hvac air filter

Played some SSX Tricky, then late bed time

2013.06.20 Thursday

The work day was pretty ADD, but for some tasks it was more productive than others.  Context switching always comes with a tax.

Home late-ish. Picked up Kelc's spare key because she parked terribly in the garage... and took her car key with her to Spain. Stopped by Parent's place to chat.

Back home, played some games, watched some of the last game of the NBA finals.

Started a few things of my cleaning expedition.

2013.06.19 Wednesday

Another long work day. Thus, late home, dinner, games.

Went over to Matt's for more games with peeps.  Home late, quick to snooze.

2013.06.18 Tuesday

Long/Late work day. Home. Trivia. DQ. Little goofing around on computer, then bed.

2013.06.17 Monday

Mostly normal work day.  Felt like I had to think more than usual, so mentally exhausting.

Home late, fixed up some dinner, played games with Kelc, then bedtime.

2013.06.16 Sunday

Had a headache waking up.  What's the deal? Oh maybe it's the over-sleeping and over-saturation of pink in this room.

Cleaned up the lakehouse, left for home. Sat around some, then went over to parent's house to spend father's day, watched some sports.

Home, got ready for work, sleep.

2013.06.15 Saturday

Cleaned up a bit around the house.

Started cooking up some chicken soup, took a break in the middle of that to meet up with friends at Torchy's.

Back home to finish the soup, and play some games.

Packed up for the lakehouse, stopped for groceries along the way.  There Kelc and I put together some furniture while we waited for guests to arrive.  Soon, games were commencing.

Finished up the night by watching shooting stars in a semi-light polluted sky and chatting.  Best night I've had in a long time.

2013.06.14 Friday

An average work day.  Followed up by an average evening playing games.  I like simple.

2013.06.13 Thursday

Work day packed with activities again.  Left later that usual, again.

Home, quick snack and change, then out to the park to get some volleyball games going.  Ended up driving to another park.  Whatever works.

Sonic for a bite, and some cool-down.

Home for shower and sleep.

2013.06.12 Wednesday

Jam pack day of fun (meetings and work). Long day.

Game time at home.  Tired.

2013.06.11 Tuesday

Work. Pluckers. Home. Brick House trivia. Home. Sleep.

2013.06.10 Monday

Back to work.  Womp womp.  The day was pretty quiet.

Went grocery shopping in the evening. Watched a couple Arrested Developments, got sleepy.

2013.06.09 Sunday

Went looking at some furniture, but that venture ended quickly.

Out for a b-day packed dinner with family. Dropped Kelc off at trivia afterwards.

Worked on some sketchup, programming stuff, and tf2, then bed time for me.

2013.06.08 Saturday

Yay for getting older.  I opened some gifts from the gf.  POWER SAW! RAWWWWWWWWW.

Played some old school games with my brother.

Kelc and I left for shopping for bed stuff, drove all over town to get just the right set.  Happy b-day to me...

2013.06.07 Friday

Spent most of the first half of the day doing yard work.  I took my time and tried to pay attention to detail that I normally skip.  The effort level increases quite a bit when going slow.  Met the back neighbors during that process, seem like a really cool family.

Taco shack for lunch with Habs.

Grocery shopping at HEB for some goods, then relaxed the remainder of the day.

2013.06.06 Thursday

Short day, handful of meetings, quick ping pong game, left early.

Why did I leave early? Well I ordered myself a new toy, and the package arrived at home shortly after I did.  Got me some nice floorstanding speakers.  The guy delivering said he wouldn't have been able to leave them, probably because the boxes were huge.

Worked on sketchup-ing the house a little more. Kelc came home. Habs came over to play some games, then we went to get some froyo and cough medicine.

2013.06.05 Wednesday

Worked late.   Made some awesome progress.

Home, people watching movie, me playing games.

Cleaned up a bit, then went to bed.

2013.06.04 Tuesday

Another long work day.  Once at home I cooked up quick dinner, then headed over to Habs to check out his oil problem.  Thus, a quick trip over to Autozone, then back to his place to perform an oil change, do some cleanup, kill a roach, etc.

Home, shower, sleep.

2013.06.03 Monday

Groggy all day.  I did not enough sleep last night.

Home late from work, played some N64 games while waiting for people to arrive.

We played some Cards Against Humanity, Clue, then my favorite...sleep.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2013.06.02 Sunday

Watched Hunchback of Notre Dame, while cooking bacon / breakfast.

Worked with Kelc to plan out some things to do with the house.

Ran a few errands

Back home, did some work while watching Mulan

Over to Hab's to watch the second-to-last Game of Thrones for this season

Over to Fred's to play games while people are in town.  Up late and tired.

2013.06.01 Saturday

Spent the majority of the day attending a couple's shower.  Somehow fire was involved, and we hung out for much longer than expected.

Kelc and I went over to Matt's to play Carcass game.  By then it was pretty late.

2013.05.31 Friday


Home...Main Event...Home for games


2013.05.30 Thursday

Stayed later at work because I was actually getting stuff done.

Home, cut the yard.  Productive day all around.

Ate some dinner, then played a little TF2, then bed time.

2013.05.29 Wednesday

Longer day at work, got a lot done.

Went for a walk with Kelc in the evening.

Ate some avocados and played some tf2.  Before I knew it, bed time.

2013.05.28 Tuesday

Back to work.  Yay.

Went to Trivia at Brick House, we did mediocre.

Back home, tired.

2013.05.27 Monday (Memorial Day)

Slept in.  Spent most of the day around the house.  Worked on HyperSpin and various computer things, while taking breaks to play games and watch shows.  A well-rounded relaxing day.

2013.05.26 Sunday

Sat around most of the day.

Went over to my parent's to attend part of the grilling festivities.

Went to Travis's to watch the new Arrested Development episodes.  Quick trip to Whole Foods for ... food.  Watched some more episodes, then called it a night.

2013.05.25 Saturday

Stayed at home most of the day.  Played some games and goofed around with the htpc.

Tried to fix some laptops, but for some reason windows would crap out mid-install.

Did some much needed grocery shopping, then cooked up a big pot of beef soup.

2013.05.24 Friday

A day off.  Made a phone call to set up a vet appointment for kitty, but that wasn't going to happen until later, so I took a little Costco trip to start off the day.

Got home, felt pretty tired.  Before I knew it, time to go and a storm was hitting.  Kitty did not like either of those things.

The vet was interesting, and a quick way of spending 40 bucks for something both kitty and myself did not like.

Rainy most of the evening, watched some Breaking Bad.

Friday, May 31, 2013

2013.05.23 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week with... *drum roll* ... meetings. Not very productive overall, but not bad.

Everybody leaving early, I left about normal time.  Trying to squeeze in some extra extension on their weekend.

Went to Highland Lanes to bowl for fun.  My arm was feeling pretty tired after just 1 game.  WEAK.

Taco Cabana after.  Yum.  Went home and watched some cat videos, then Breaking Bad.  Good times.

2013.05.22 Wednesday

Fun meetings all day. Worked late.

Cooked up some dinner, played a tad TF2

Watched some Breaking Bad. Tired.

2013.05.21 Tuesday

Short day of work.  Things were pretty quiet lunch table; I guess everybody was out on travel or busy or something.

Arrived at home "on time".  Started cutting the yard, started raining. Stopped cutting the yard, stopped raining.  Started cutting the yard, started raining. Stopped cutting the yard, stopped raining.

Broke the cycle by playing some tf2, then finished cutting the yard just before it got too dark.

2013.05.20 Monday

Shorter day of work, made shorter by semi-wasteful meetings.

Cooked up some fish for dinner.  Since traditional Sunday plans were postponed, we were able to resume them tonight... so we watched Game of Thrones, then after played Game of Thrones.  The show is infinitely better than the game.

2013.05.19 Sunday

Brunch outing to Luby's to celebrate my dad's birthday.  My brother wasn't feeling to great so he left early, ended up going to the hospital to get checked out.  Sounds serious, but I think he had been feeling crappy for a few days and nothing else is really open on Sundays.  Luby's food looked great while being served, but once at the table it looked lifeless.  At least I think it was somewhat healthy and hearty, instead of over-salted trash food.  If only they cooked the bacon a little better...

Headed back to my place, where Erik and I played some N64 games while Kelc and Crystal went to some garage sale stuff.  I knew that was a bad idea from the start.

Did some remote work.  Watched some Breaking Bad. Went for a walk.  Watched The Fellowship of the Ring.  Snoozer.

2013.05.18 Saturday

Worked outside some.  It's hot a muggy outside, gross.  Felt like I was about to pass out, and it was only morning.

Relaxed some by playing Tf2.

Did some work from home to "catch up".

2013.05.17 Friday

Worked from home for parts of the day.  I had a follow-up doctor's visit scheduled to just quickly chat about lab results.  All the levels are pretty normal, just some are on the edge.  What does it mean?  I have no idea.  Is it a problem?  Probably not, everybody is different.

Later in the afternoon, ran some errands with Habs to HD.  Fixed up his mower a bit.

Kelc and I watched the final chunks of The Office.  Sad to see it go, but it was about time.

2013.05.16 Thursday

Mostly normal work day.  I ended up going halvsies on some pizza for a meeting, then hosting a meeting of my own.

Can't think of anything else about this day.

2013.05.15 Wednesday

Worked on the later side.

Dinner consisted of leftover bbq, which is always nice.  Played a little Tf2, then worked on some Hyperspin configuration before bed.

2013.05.14 Tuesday

Normal work day, then met up at Pluckers after.

The appointment yesterday made me realize that I don't really know too much about my family history, so I ended up talking with with family about what problems run in our genes, if any.  Nothing really looks to be a pattern, but it's just more information to work with.

Took care of the paperwork piles that never stop growing, played a little Tf2, then went to bed.

2013.05.13 Monday

Basic doctor's appointment in the morning.  A routine physical.  It's been a while...

Treated myself to some Jimmy John's for lunch, then headed in to work.

Once home, cooked up some fish, prepped a salad, grilled some veggies, and whipped up some guacamole. Good dinner.

Kelc and I watched some Breaking Bad, then took a detour to Dairy Queen for dessert.

Started a movie, fell asleep rather quickly.  Tired.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013.05.12 Sunday (Mother's Day)

Mother's day brunch at C+E's.  I took all my goodies to share.  Met some cool people and had a fun time.

Went with the guys over to Men's warehouse to pick out some suits and get things lined up for my bro's wedding.

Then spent a good chunk of time being lazy at home.  Felt exhausted.

Watched some Game of Thrones, played some Scattergories, enjoyed some Sleep

2013.05.11 Saturday

Did some more cleanup around the house.

I stayed home instead of going to Taylor's b-day celebration (sorry Taylor).  Didn't feel up to dealing with the environment and waiting and stuff.  It's not fun to have a downer around.

Whilst at home... fried up some bacon for tomorrow's brunch, chopped up a ton of veggies, and cooked up some neat little snacks my mom calls "tempties"

Played TF2 and watched Mythbusters to finish up the day

2013.05.10 Friday

Goodwill trip to drop off the pile of donations.  Home Depot to grab a plant container.  Chipotle to get some lunch.

Cut the yard


Played some games


2013.05.09 Thursday

Pretty good work day.  Skipped the happy hour in the evening.  Lazed around the house.

2013.05.08 Wednesday

Still feeling a bit funky.  Supplemented that with a fun day of work doing some testing.

Left late, went straight to my parent's house to grab a bite and hang out.  Mom makes a good stuffed bell pepper.

Stopped by HEB on the way home

Played a bit of TF2 before getting some shuteye.

2013.05.07 Tuesday

Late to work

Late leaving work, no Pluckers for me.

Thought about going to trivia, but passed because we didn't have enough support.   Played some games, watched some parts of Magic Mike, worked some on emulator stuff

Went to bed feeling funky

2013.05.06 Monday

Kelc starts her new job today.  Hooray.

My job stays the same mostly.  Red tape and hoops to jump through. (normal)

Went for a haircut, then cooked up some dinner and watched Arrested Development episodes with Kelc.

Played some TF2, then worked a bit more on HyperSpin

2013.05.05 Sunday

Slept in a bit again.  Probably throwing me out of whack.

Grilled up some chicken, with the grill.  Yay for functioning grill.

TF2.  HyperSpin. Game of Thrones. Sleep.

2013.05.04 Saturday

Woke up a bit on the late side.  Went to Lyle's graduation ceremony.  He finally got to walk the stage even though he had been done with school for a while now.

I went back home to do house stuff. Kelc went out.  Later I was coerced to go play some card games at Matt's.  Fun, but late.

2013.05.03 Friday

Normal work day, but ran late (common these days).

Picked up some chik-fil-a for dinner.  Yum treat.

Watched some Doctor Who, played games, did laundry, and snoozed.

2013.05.02 Thursday

Kelc's last day of work is a morning shift, so I couldn't stop by anyways.

Mostly normal day for me.

2013.05.01 Wednesday

Already May.  Where does the time go?

Late to work, late to leave.  Stopped by Kelc's work on the way home.  Probably my last chance to do that until her new job.

Cooked up a quick dinner and played some tf2.

2013.04.30 Tuesday

Left work more on time than I have been lately.

Went to trivia with Kelc and Seth at Brick House.  For a 3-person team we did pretty well, not placing, but still pretty good.

2013.04.29 Monday

Late day at work.  Played a little Tf2 at home.  Simple, short.

2013.04.28 Sunday

Watched some Doctor Who for breakfast.  Good way to start the day.

Cleaned house a little.  Then cleaned my desk area.

Picked up pizza for the Game of Thrones viewing.  Afterwards we played some Cards Against Humanity.


2013.04.27 Saturday

Drove Kelc to work because we forgot to pick up her car on the way home.  Oops.

I went grocery shopping since I was up early and didn't really plan out my day yet.  Decided to do a beef pot roast.

Ran a few errands with Habs, replaced his cabin air filter and serpentine belt.  (Man stuff)

Ate the pot roast. I think the slow cooker I'm using cooks too hot.

Watched Breaking Bad and Arrested Development

Played TF2, Korey and Lyle came over to hang out.  Watched half of Rain Man, then left.

2013.04.26 Friday (San Antonio)

Technically, checked in to the hotel "last night", but really it was part of Friday already.  Apparently San Antonio has an event called "Fiesta San Antonio" that is going on right now.  I have no idea what that is, never even heard of it and we don't really live that far away.

Spent late night walking around by the Alamo and Riverwalk.  Cool stuff, surprising amount of people out partying on a "work night".

Headed back to the hotel for some sleep.

Woke up, sort of.  Kelc fed the car meter while I spent a good hour being groggy.  Started the drive towards the first destination, ended up zig-zagging around town because of the parade and festivities of Fiesta San Antonio.

Zoo parking was completely packed.  Spent a chunk of time at the Japanese / Chinese ? garden nearby.  Saw some cool little ducklings and nice variety of plants.

The Zoo parking opened up a bit, we snagged a spot then started the trek in.  Pretty sure we saw all the animals.

Left in the evening, decided that it was too late to do some of the other destinations that we had planned.  Tried stopping by the San Marcos outlets for fun, but we were too exhausted to really care about buying anything.

Headed home.

2013.04.25 Thursday

Interesting day.  Ended up working pretty late.

Went home, packed, cleaned, played a few games, then waited until kitty decided to show back up at home.

Drove to hotel to pick up Kelc, then drove to San Antonio to start the adventure...

2013.04.24 Wednesday

In work early. Late lunch. Late leaving.

Cooked up a nice dinner of chicken, asparagus and salad.  Spent the evening watching a little Doctor Who, playing a little bit of TF2, configuring some HyperSpin, little more Doctor Who, then...


Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013.04.23 Tuesday

Started the day with a dentist appointment.  I was a bit nervous about it, just because I have mixed feelings about these appointments, not because I expected anything bad.  The results came back clear.  Guess I'll be back in about 6 months to repeat.

Took my car in for state inspection while I was free.  Then back to work, and worked late into the day.

Stopped by Home depot on the way home to get a PVC cap.  Quick dinner, TF2, falling asleep to Doctor Who.

2013.04.22 Monday

Back to a regular work day.  After work, decided to cut the yard.. and had my very first casualty.  There is a PVC access pipe that is normally capped off.  I think it's the main drain pipe.  Well my mower chopped that cap without a hiccup.  Guess I need to buy a new one.

Ate a bunch of food, then watched Doctor Who.  Played a little bit of TF2, worked some more on HyperSpin, then off to bed.

2013.04.21 Sunday

Woke up and cleaned up the flower bed.  Kelc and I were able to watch some men's ncaa gymnastics, and root for Michigan.  Congrats kiddos.

Started setting up HyperSpin on the HTPC.  Looks like it's pretty awesome, but takes a lot of time to configure.

Over to Hab+Tay's for Game of Thrones, hang out, eat pulled pork.

Back home for Arrested Development, then snooze.

2013.04.20 Saturday

Worked on some computer stuff, the played some TF2.

Brother cleaned up some things in his room, now we have a sizeable Goodwill pile started.  Priced out some old comic books, which was a tad more depressing than I was hoping.  I have a batman comic that is in a series that started many many years ago.  My edition is worth maybe 5 bucks, but the first edition is worth about $250k.  Woah.

Watched Doctor Who, SNL, and snoozed.

2013.04.19 Friday

Semi-normal working Friday

Had to leave on time to be around for a delivery...which is...a new mattress.  Neato!

Met up with Habs for dinner at How Do You Roll.  That's right, I went and ate some sushi.  It was decent, but the pieces are not bite-size for me.

Watched Hunger Games with Kelc and Kor.

2013.04.18 Thursday

Like yesterday, late getting up, late getting home.

Cooked up some eggs and chips for dinner, then played TF2 and continued working on preparing the HTPC.

Once I got tired of that, I watched some Doctor Who and went back to working remotely.  Kelcey arrived, then bed time.

2013.04.17 Wednesday

Late start to the work day.  Late finish to the work day.

Ran by the mall on my way home.  Things always seem different there, but in a really familiar way... like nothing changed but everything did.

Fed myself, then played Tf2 into the evening.  Kelc home late, had some chat.

2013.04.16 Tuesday

Woke up a tad late, which set me up for a late lunch, but I ended up leaving a bit early.  Pretty cool that I can do that with all the extra hours put in over the weekend.

My reason for leaving early was to trim bushes in the front of the house that were getting a bit tall.

Made some dinner. then started working again.  Once that was wrapped up, played a bit of TF2 to unwind before hitting the sack.

2013.04.15 Monday

Actually woke up on time today.  The day is full of meetings and interaction, so not really sure how much actual work will be done.

Home late, ate some leftovers.

Watched the Office with Kelc, then went shopping at HEB, then watched 1.5 Breaking Bads and went to bed late.

2013.04.14 Sunday

Found a neat command-line tool for synchronizing folders.  I'll have to see about putting this to full use on my home network.

Spent most of the day cleaning the car.  Hopefully that will bring some rain.  I washed, clay barred, waxed, rain-xed and vacuumed.  Entire ordeal took about 6 hours.

Cooked up some potatoes, cleaned up the house.

Over to Hasbro's to watch Game Of Thrones with the group.  Wrapped up the weekend, which felt almost like it didn't exist.

2013.04.13 Saturday

Woke up and had another work day ahead.

Went to Sushi Niichi for lunch.  I never noticed this place when I lived on campus, and when I lived in west campus.

Wrapped up work in the evening, then headed home.  Played some games and relaxed.

2013.04.12 Friday

Day off started with some mowing of the yard. Kelc helped clear out some weeds that were growing in the back.

Showered up, then picked up Chik Fil A for lunch, then headed in to work for the evening.  So much for day off...

Monday, April 15, 2013

2013.04.11 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Or am I?  Work may want some extra hours out of me this weekend, and next week may also be crazy.

Stayed later than expected, then treated myself to some Torchy's Tacos on my way home.  Saw Ryan there, and invited him over to catch up on life, but he had to head home.

Watched Doctor Who and started falling asleep.

2013.04.10 Wednesday (Sigur Ros concert)

Got to work late, and left a bit early.  Backwards from the last few weeks.  Felt great.

Home, cooked up a nice dinner for me and the female.

Headed to the Sigur Ros concert.  It was awesome.  Felt like they didn't play that many songs, but the ones they played were awesome.  Probably because their songs are so long.  The Cedar Park Center is nice since it is a bit smaller than other venues (seats don't really get high enough to be called nosebleed), but the seating is not really that great for concerts.  The stage is set off to the side, and all the seats face the middle (like for a hockey game).  It was a bit uncomfortable for my neck, but otherwise everything was good.  Oddly enough, there was a line for the men's restroom.

2013.04.09 Tuesday

Ride 2 Recovery stopped by campus today to say hello and let us cheer them on.

The weekly Pluckers meeting is now down to ~4 people.

Played some Tf2 to unwind, then watched an episode of the Office to get caught up.

2013.04.08 Monday

Normal day at work.

Went over to Crystal and Erik's after work to grab a bite and watch the game.  First half of the game was great, second half felt sluggish.

Did some late night grocery shopping at HEB, then went home and finally changed out of my work clothes.

2013.04.07 Sunday

Up early.  Guess my body doesn't like sleeping in much.

Debugging computer issues with my old system.  Reminder to self: the reset switch on the green case is faulty, it causes random rebooting.  That was a pain in the behind to track down.

Watched a documentary on Bill Hicks with my brother.  He then played some xb360 since he was craving it.  I played Tf2 and moved some files around.

Cleaned house, then headed over to Hasbro's to watch Game Of Thrones.  Ended up disappointed with the content of this episode, or lack thereof.


2013.04.06 Saturday (ut game)

Went to the UT Men's Baseball game, in a suite.  Very sweet suite.  We beat OU, but they beat us yesterday.

After the game, ran some errands with Hasbro.  He's starting up an earth moving project, while I'm barely getting off the ground with my yearly tomato plants.

Played around with the computer stuff some more.  Watched a bit of SNL and crashed.

2013.04.05 Friday

One of those yucky work Fridays.

Tried to meet up for Rudy's BBQ with Kelc and her brother, but traffic held me back.

We met up at my place and decided to watch... Traffic.  HOW IRONIC.

Stopped by the Frozen Yogurt place to see Lyle, then dropped Kevin off at UT to hang out with friends.  Surprise, the place we dropped him off was incredibly close to yellow house.  Drove back up north and stopped at the Frozen Yogurt place again to get more than just samples.

Home, snoozer.

2013.04.04 Thursday

Work day...Left early (finally)

Package finally arrived, although the enthusiasm has waned.

Finally getting things connected and powered up, Kelc and I then left to go mattress and furniture shopping.

Home in the late evening, cooked up some tilapia and watched Breaking Bad before bed.

2013.04.03 Wednesday

Funky day at work, felt like I accomplished nothing, but stayed busy the entire time.

I wanted to leave early/on-time, but that didn't happen.

Had an easy dinner of salad and hot dog, then played some TF2 most of the evening.

Watched a bit of TV before going to bed.

2013.04.02 Tuesday

Survived fool's day without anything major happening.

Work, tried to leave early, massive storm with possible hail.  Stayed at work late instead. :-(

Watched some Doctor Who.  Played TF2.  It's the simple things really.

2013.04.01 Monday

Decided to give up blogging.  This will be my last year.

Normal work day.  Home, went for a walk.  Ate leftovers, watched Breaking Bad, then snooze.

2013.03.31 Sunday (Easter)


Went over to my parents' for a family meal, was surprised to start off with an Easter Egg hunt.  After the meal we played some games and chatted.

Drove back home, then back to the parent's neighborhood to watch the Game of Thrones premier at Kelc's dad's house.  Something about the show seems a bit off to me; I can't quite put my finger on it.

2013.03.30 Saturday

Did some chores around the house, ran errands.  Mostly plain day.

2013.03.29 Friday

Today's agenda: A wondrous golf outing with my brother and dad.  We drove out to Highland Lakes golf course.  I guess winter and spring have been wet enough that the grass isn't crunchy and brown, so that's nice.  I par'd the first hole, which to me is quite surprising since my first few swings usually are garbage.  Overall I did pretty well, made some solid hits the entire 18 holes.  I tried focusing on just easy swings, being calm, and not trying to kill the ball.

Followed up the golf with lunch at tortilla factory.  Reminded me a lot of Taco C, but bigger and better presentation.

Back home, tired.

Late outing to Kerbey Lane with friends. Then back home for a quick round of Cards Against Humanity.

2013.03.28 Thursday

Feeling like crap all day, decided to skip a team meeting lunch.  Left work later than I wanted to.

Home.  The usual.

2013.03.27 Wednesday

Arrived at work early so I could attend an early training meeting...but they ran out of space.  All that good sleep opportunity...wasted.  Otherwise, a pretty normal day.

Stopped by Academy on the way home to pick up some sport gear.  I'm ready for Friday.

Home late.  Felt really exhausted, so I laid down on the couch to watch whatever Kelc was watching and doze off.

2013.03.26 Tuesday


Terrible traffic leaving, decided to try a new way home from work.  Not bad, but still traffic.

Hung out at Pluckers for majority of evening.  Kalen survived the 25 wing fire-in-the-hole challenge to make it up on the wall of flame.  Well done buddy.  An honorable achievement.

Home.  A bit of TF2, then bed.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013.03.25 Monday

Another typical work day, but stayed a bit late again.

Worked on some fun stuff at home.  Kelc worked on some home movie stuff.  Also played some Tf2.  My days are pretty simple.

2013.03.24 Sunday

Slept in, because you know... weekend. Cooked up some breakfast for the broski.

I spent some of the morning playing some games, while still trying to ignore the fact that my next computer is somewhere out in the world not getting the proper amount of attention.

Cleaned up the kitchen area, then logged in to get ahead on some work.  Also able to watch some Doctor Who while doing that.  Eventually got tired of that, and switched over to some PBS channel, and they were playing a series of NASA related shows.  VERY AWESOME.  Kelc tried to get me to go to trivia.  Hmmm... feel stupid and not contribute to the team for trivia, or watch awesome footage from when we went to the moon.  Tough choice.

Kelc came back home from trivia, and I convinced her to do a late night grocery run.

2013.03.23 Saturday

Played games and picked up around the house while Kelc slept in some from her overnight shift.

Went for a walk to talk to neighbors and confirm that nobody had received my package by mistake.  Nope.

Kelc was up, we watched some Breaking Bad and cooked up some picante chicken.

Brothers came over to hang out.  We watched some ncaa basketball and chatted.  Went to dinner at Jersey mike's subs, which is delicious.

A friend/acquaintance I haven't seen in a long time, Will, came over to hang since he was in town.  We played some Cards Against Humanity, eventually Crystal came over and joined in.

Wrapped things up, bed time.

2013.03.22 Friday

Work.  Lunch outing to Donn's bbq. Yum.

Ended up working semi late, but that wrapped up a good week

I get home, feeling pretty good and ... no package.  Check the UPS tracking..."delivered".  I beg to differ, UPS.  Ended up walking around the neighborhood looking for it.  Nope.  Ended up having to file a claim for a lost package.  My mood turned pretty grumpy for the rest of the day.  Knowing that a business can just decline the claim, and I lose all that money.

Tried to play some tf2 and not think about it too much.

Watched some breaking bad with kelc before she went in for a night shift.

2013.03.21 Thursday

Slept in a bit today. Felt great.  Doesn't feel great that this isn't the end of the week though.

I worked a normal day.  Kelc worked a normal evening.  Not much different than other days for me, just games and Doctor Who in the evening.

2013.03.20 Wednesday

Hail woke me up in the middle of the night.  First of all, that sucks.  Second, what in the heck? It's like 50-60s in temperature, and late March, and we are getting hail.  COME ON NATURE.

Besides the broken sleep causing drowsiness, the work day was pretty quiet.  Not sure if everybody is gone because of the storm last night or what.

Did some general pick-up around the house.  Picked up the mail.  Swapped out the receiver and speakers in the living room. Cooked up some chicken. Watched Doctor Who.

Wrapped up the evening playing some TF2, felt rusty.

2013.03.19 Tuesday

Normal work day.

Met up at Pluckers with the guys.  This is Sir Kalen's second-to-last time to go, for a long time.  Next time will be the wall of flame challenge.

Went over to Brick House to join in some Geeks who Drink trivia with Habs and Seth and Sam+1.

2013.03.18 Monday

Normal work.  Home earlier than usual. Yay.

Trees are dropping leaves like no other. Raked some up, again.

Goofed around a bit, then went to HEB for groceries.  While I was walking in, a guy was walking out quickly with a basket packed full of beer.  An HEB employee ran up to him and grabbed the basket.  He kept walking and didn't break eye-contact with the horizon, then once he was around the corner, took off running.  Everything happened so fast, but I realized that he was trying to make a beer run.  Man, that's just wrong.  I actually thought about running after him, but it's not like he got away with anything, he just tried to be a dick.

Back home, watched a Doctor Who episode, then bed time.

2013.03.17 Sunday

Spent today with Kelc.  Started off with some errands (bank, petsmart).  Picked up a cat-tree that just barely fit in my car.  Had to drive with a window down.

Headed out to the lake house to pick up family tapes so Kelc could start a project that she had been putting off for a while too.  Picked up some Subway along the way, got to hang out with Kevin (surprise, he was in town).

Back home, watched some Breaking Bad, then met up with everybody at Mesa Rosa to celebrate Celeste's and the waitress's b-days.

Finished up Breaking Bad, then snooze.

2013.03.16 Saturday

Woke up and did some more yard work.  Winter was not kind to me, and let a good chunk of stuff invade.  Some visitors stopped by for a bit.  Then more yard work.

Watched a couple Doctor Who episodes, and started Vim Tutor, an electronic walkthrough to get started with Vim.  Vim is a text-editor.  It has a steep learning curve.

Decided to spend my evening working on the LED project that I had been putting off for a while.  Made a lot of good progress, but ran out of materials.  Also decided that I should really make the time tearing apart the car a bit more effective by putting the sound deadening material at the same time.  Now I need to shop for that.

2013.03.15 Friday

Triple Breaking Bad this morning.  Score.

Consumed the pot roast that had cooked over night.  It is delicious.

Kelc and I decided to let Kitty outside unsupervised.  I was pretty nervous about this, especially since Kelc was leaving for work, and I saw Kitty jump up the fence.  Luckily, she came back.

Took a little trip to Home Depot for some gear.  I found some galvanized metal that I cludged together to fix the feet of the grill that I have been working on.  I think I can now finally call it finished.

Spent a little time clearing out some weeds in the yard.  Then went inside to relax the remainder of the day.  Decided to buy a computer, finally.

2013.03.14 Thursday

Already wrapping up the work week, feels great.  Good to know I accomplished a good chunk of work, and also didn't have to take much vacation time from the vacation trip over the previous weekend.

Goofed around at home.  Insomniac Ray came over to hang out.

Started up a slow-cooker beef pot roast, just onions, potatoes, carrots, beef, and a smidgen of salt, pepper and water.

Watched some Breaking Bad with Kelc and called it.

2013.03.13 Wednesday

Back to work like normal.  Stayed late.

Once at home, up a little late with Kelc watching Six Feet Under, Korey stopped by to take a shower since her place had no running water.  Not a whole lot going on today.

2013.03.12 Tuesday

Slept in a bit.  So glad I took off an extra day around the trip.

Eventually logged in to work from home, able to get a chunk of work done (except for the cat pee and cleaning I had to do).

Evening rolled around, and it was time to header over to Pluckers to hang out with friends.

Back home, Kelc and I watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad.

2013.03.11 Monday (New Mexico)

Woke up nervous, but less so than Saturday.  Invited out to breakfast but I declined because I wasn't feeling well.  We made a quick trip to Frontier instead.

We were ahead of schedule, but the car was blocked into the parking spot by a big truck doing something with sewage that smelled pretty bad.  This made me a little more nervous, but not terribly so. Instead we spent some time at the library/bookstore on campus.

Dropped off the rental car, shuttled over to airport, went through security, then arrived at the gate... to wait.  We had a chunk of extra time.  And this time around we were much higher up in the boarding line.

Flew to Houston, which felt substantially longer than the other flights.

With our layover in Hobby, we stopped by an airport restaurant to see an old acquaintance, Oscar.  Lots has happened since the last time we hung out.

Waited around a while, then flew to Austin.  Hopped of the plane right next to Ruta Maya... there we said hi to Ruth for the people we met in Albuquerque.  Crazy world.

And of course, we had to enjoy some good Austin eats, Thunder Cloud for dinner.

Kelc and I went to go pick up our bags and ... nothing.  Cool.  We had to talk to a Southwest luggage agent to track them down, and schedule a drop-off at home.  The layover in Houston should have been plenty of time to load it up, but when we thought about it, that plane pulled in, unloaded people as fast as possible, then reloaded people, then took off.  Guess the luggage is sitting elsewhere.

Shuttled over to the hotel, then a quick drive home.  We vegged out with a couple episodes of Breaking Bad, then bed time.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

2013.03.10 Sunday (New Mexico)

Woke up for the tail end of breakfast.  Mmm waffles.

Watched TV most of the day, just sat around, relaxed.  I watched a couple of tv-movies and Kelc just read.

Into the afternoon, we noticed the time... got dressed quickly, headed over to the hotel where the wedding was held (we think).  The area we were heading to was in like a downtown area, but didn't seem like parking lots were full, streets weren't busy, and nobody walking around.

Once we got our bearings, we arrived right on time.  Short and sweet wedding.  The amount of people there was smaller than I imagined in my head, but it made sense to me when I started thinking about it.

Cocktail hour.  I sipped on some vodka tonic and nibbled on some finger foods.  At some point, the young ones found some swords and started running around battling everything.

We sat down for dinner with the pastor and his family.  Somehow I got skipped for soup.  (The wait staff was a tad askew.)  For the speeches and introductions, Nick's dad came out in a Darth Vader costume and the imperial march.  Pretty funny.

Wrapped up dinner, then headed out to the dance floor to get things rollin'.  Kelc and I had to pull people out onto the floor.  If you know either of us, that should sound weird to you.  Some dude threw a glass onto the dance floor and put a break in the partying.  The open bar was pretty nice touch too.

Tired, bed time for Kelc and I.  Road trip time for most of the wedding party.  Yeah... they limited their energy exertion so they could start the journey home.  Crazy.

2013.03.09 Saturday (New Mexico)

Most of the preparations for the journey were done last night, but I still had some last-minute things to do.  And of course, I woke up before my alarm and was a bit worked up about getting everywhere on time.

Kelc drive us to the hotel, I didn't feel good most of this morning.  From the hotel, we caught the shuttle to airport.  We took the new security line they opened up, which was very short, but off in the corner.

We were early for our flight by a fair margin, which is good and not good at the same time.  Kelc ate some breakfast, I sat there feeling crappy.

Quick zoom over to Dallas Lovefield airport, Southwest's major hub.  Wasn't there for very long, then zoom over to ABQ.  The pilot actually had to try twice to land here, because there were sheer winds throwing off his approach.  I could tell people around me were getting nervous, I was already there the entire time yo.

Picked up our rental car, quick few-minute drive over to the hotel.  The room was nice, but didn't have a fridge or microwave.  I'm spoiled.

We spent the afternoong in "old town", a kind of touristy market place.  There we stopped by a few stores, then to our main goal, the rattlesnake museum.  There they had all kinds of poisonous creatures.  Some were cool, some not.

Headed back to the hotel to relax a bit, then get dressed for our upcoming dinner plans...

A Murder Mystery Dinner!  It was pretty fun, but more like a semi-interactive play while being served a meal.  The setting for the play was in a restaurant, and obviously one of the characters die, so the audience gets a paper to write their guess down, potentially winning a prize.  The meal they served was pretty good, and the people we sat with were very cool.

Back to the hotel, tired, watched some SNL.

2013.03.08 Friday

Woke up fashionably late.  I decided to check and see if I could remote-connect to work, but I'm still having to do it a cludgy way since IT broke something.  Grrrr.  Used some time to clear up a bunch of messages and get things organized.

Next on the agenda is cleaning the house some.  Within a week, we have hair clumps floating about.  Maybe a roomba wouldnt be a terrible idea... maybe.  The house isn't that big/unmanageable.

Next, washing dishes that have piled up.  Then shower.  Then HEB for some groceries.

Back home, played some games with Hasbro.

Kelc arrived at home, we made a quick trip over to Hasbro's to drop off something, then I went to go get a much needed haircut.

Back home, preparing for the trip and updating my blog.

2013.03.07 Thursday

Hit a sweet spot in traffic this morning, got to cruise near the speed limit the entire time and hit most green lights.

I was able to hit some milestones at work that I didn't think would have been possible.  It might not be pretty, but it gets the job done.

Home late, Kelc also home late, watched some Breaking Bad again.  After which, I went to go play games while she went to sleep.  Weekend baby yeah!

Friday, March 8, 2013

2013.03.06 Wednesday

Slept in a tad this morning.  Feeling a little funky again.  I'd really like to know why, but everything looks fine.

Long day again.  I enjoyed some leftover Jason Deli for dinner.  Played some TF2 while eating, and into the night.

Kelc arrived, we watched some Breaking Bad, then sleepy time.

2013.03.05 Tuesday

Got in to work on time for a change...then left work later than I wanted to.

On the way home, I felt like complete crap.  Picked up chik-fil-a for Habs and I, and just laid there while the food was getting cold because my body is not happy.  We watched some Tosh.0 on his sweet new cable setup, that helped get my mind off things.

Played TF2 for a bit.

Cooked up Kelc some dinner. Watched Breaking Bad.

Late bed time.

2013.03.04 Monday

Started the week strong by being disconnected from all of my work.  IT, you will pay for this...but probably not.

Worked a longer than usual day; just felt like getting stuff done.

Home, simple dinner, played some games then went to bed.

2013.03.03 Sunday

This morning was focused on a house cleanup.  The animal living among us is very good at creating and releasing hair.  Somehow that hair ends up in my face at random times throughout the day.  Bleh.

Did some laundry, watched tons of Dr Who, and did some work that I know will be needed and loved in the near future.

Kelc came home, we watched most of Pitch Perfect.  The Blu-Ray that Netflix sent had an almost crack going through most of a radius.  I didn't notice until we were halfway through the movie and it was just frozen completely.  We ended up skipping a handful of chapters and watching the ending.  There are a ton of one-liners from the movie... that I suspect the general population would not pick up as a reference.  Other than that, just another happy-funny-competition movie.

2013.03.02 Saturday

Slept in some, then went over to Lowe's.  Picked up some more things for the grill, and a florescent light fixture for the garage.  The first thing I did when I went back home was installing the light fixture.  The part that made it more complicated than it should have been was the electrical junction box being the wrong direction by about 90 degrees.  I ended up using the toggle bolts I picked up as a "just-in-case" solution.  Go me.  The first hard part was trying to figure out where to drill some holes for the toggle bolts.  I ended up have to use a stud finder to mark where the joists were, with the goal of just avoiding hitting one, then I eyeballed it...while up on a ladder trying to hold the fixture up.  Whatever, it's a garage fixture, right?   Drew some marks, then drilled some holes, move along.  Unfortunately the toggle bolts were kinda crappy, so after you punch them through the hole, only one leg would pop up. Go me.  Anyways, once the base of the fixture was secured to the ceiling, the rest of the installation was a snap.  (Pay no attention to the dents and scratches.)

Spent a little bit of the later afternoon finishing up what I could with the grill.  I picked up a couple bolts that needed replacing.  Now I just get to wait for the remaining parts to arrive.

Spent a good chunk of the evening doing a computer case swap.  If you have never done one, it's tedious, and pretty much a complete disassemble and reassemble with the hopes that everything still works perfect after you completely broke it.  I had to take notes for some of the cabling I did, but everything worked after pushing the power button.  Hooray.

Time to play some games and relax the remainder of the evening.

2013.03.01 Friday

Another one of those glorious off Fridays.

I spent the morning putting together all the paperwork and plugging numbers into a website to file my taxes.  Everything is so complicated, but not, but is.

Left later than expecting, but met up with the guys at Texadelphia.  It didn't really feel like it, but this would be the last time I see Mark before his big journey across the ocean, hopefully coming back in a few months.  I expect we will keep in touch, thought not as much as when we were at work together.

Spent the afternoon and evening working on the grill.  Made some leaps and bounds in progress.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013.02.28 Thursday

Slept in a bit, then ran a quick errand to send off this heart monitor that I had been living with for the past month.

Work, late, home, snooze.

2013.02.27 Wednesday

The started with a Dr Appointment.  Felt like I was mostly wasting time, since all the results sounded inconclusive of anything.

Off to work, the over to a lunchtime gathering.

Arrived at home somewhat early.  The computer case I ordered had arrived.  Should be fun.

A couple visitors came over to hangout, might be a while before that happens again.  Watched some Breaking Bad with Kelc, then sleep.

2013.02.26 Tuesday

Another lengthy day. Stopped by the hotel on the way home to see how things were going.

Watched some newish Doctor Who that was on tv.  Almost like a spoiler for me, but not really.

Started a Breaking Bad episode with Kelc, but couldn't stay awake.

2013.02.25 Monday

Wow, I could not sleep last night.  I kept looking over at the clock just watching potential sleep time go away.  Feeling funky this morning, but I decided to shower up last night so all I had to focus on was packing up and driving.  The day begins...

Not much different than any other day.  I started feeling better throughout the day.

The rest of the day ended up being pretty typical.

2013.02.24 Sunday

Watched an episode and half of Breaking Bad with Kelc, then she had to go in to work.

I spent the afternoon/evening working on the grill again.

Once I started wrapping up that effort, I started getting phone calls to take.

Spent later evening frying up some bacon.  While that was cooking, I powered up the laptop to fix the wireless with Linux Mint.  Success.

Watched some Doctor Who to wind down a bit, then Kelc arrived.  Switched gears to Breaking Bad.

Trouble sleeping... :-(