Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012.02.29 Wednesday (Leap)

Days like this don't happen very often. Our neat calendar system puts in (and sometimes doesnt put in) an extra day at the end of Feb. I feel like we should be shrinking our winter months and expanding summer months since we seem to have blistering summers for much longer these days.

Class was cancelled today, so Habs lucked out. I still got coerced into staying late at work somehow.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012.02.28 Tuesday

Man, what happened last night. I started installing Linux Mint, then I wake up to my alarm going off, my lights, tv, computer are all on. I guess I passed out from exhaustion. This should make for a fun day.

Worked in the lab for a good portion of the day. By the time I got back to my desk, everybody had left on a lunch outing.

After work, carpooled back up north. Habs wanted to be a little adventurous and check out the abandoned house nearby. I was feeling a bit timid since it was broad daylight. We grabbed some face masks (in case the place was infested with mold) and a flashlight. I was unlucky in that I was still in my normal work clothing. Anyways, we checked out the front, the side, through a gate and into the backyard. From the back deck/patio we could see in through a sliding glass door (amazingly not broken/tampered, still locked and wedged close). It felt rather odd looking at everything inside. Since there hasn't been anybody in there, there isnt much dust or anything; just old and stale environment in which somebody was once living. Various things were in slight disarray, like a broom laying on the floor in front of the glass door, some papers strewn about, and a bed off to the side that didnt have sheets and looked to be falling off the frame. The front windows also had paper coverings, so you could see that daylight was outside, but nobody could see in from the front. Part of me felt like somebody was about to pop out from around a corner inside at any moment, but at the same time I didn't want to stop looking inside just in case they did see me (I'd want to see them too). So maybe there is someone camping there, but probably not. They wouldn't have any utilities of any kind, so I'd imagine it being quite boring, and eventually just inconvenient to have to leave to get anything (which also is risky for the camper).

At home, I did some in-home exercises and stretches instead of pushing myself with running again. (Don't want to push myself to complete exhaustion).

Spent most of the evening working on trying to set up a Linux server. I took a break to eat some food, and helped my mom with her own computer woes. Went back and got two things working. Wham Bam thank you ma'am. If I get everything working, I'll give out some remote access or something.


Monday, February 27, 2012

2012.02.27 Monday

Had difficulty falling asleep last night, so I tried to savor sleep as much as possible. It felt like I couldn't get into a deep sleep though. Maybe someone was making too much noise all night.

Mostly standard work day. I'm back to eating my normal peanut butter and honey sandwich for breakfast, then a sandwich for lunch.

Stopped by Lowe's on the way home with Hasbro to pick up lawn fertilizer. It's getting to be that time of year.

Once home, quickly changed and set out for a run. I wasn't able to go very far, but then again I haven't run in quite a while. Cooked up some grains, added some beef jerky, and finished it off with some gatorade.

Picked up Kelc for a trip to Costco. I want to check out a bike they have for sale, and pick up a few things. Turned out they didn't have the right size of bike, but close...

Stopped by Academy to check out some more bikes, but nothing looked that great.

Home, then started doing some work.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012.02.26 Sunday

Grabbed a quick breakfast, then started helping out with preparing a big meal of chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, bacon-wrapped green beans, and pound cake. Erik and Crystal brought along some creme brulee. A feast for sure.

Ben and Julissa, Erik and Crystal, Mom and Dad, and just myself. Oh and Erik and Crystal brought over their cat to meet Ally. Post-feast, we tried to introduce them to each other, and that didn't exactly turn out great. Lots of whining, and a little hissing.

After dessert, we played a game called HedBanz. It's a pretty simple game, you get a card that has some words written on it, and you wear it on your head facing away from you such that you never see what it says. You then get to ask Yes/No questions to the group to try and figure out what it says. You take turns based on a timer. I was one of the last to finish.

Then it was time for a food coma / nap. I started dreaming about work, so I figured that was a waste of dream, decided to get up and actually do work. Ate a quick dinner, then wrapped up the work. Then goof around time.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012.02.25 Saturday

Woke up at Kelc's, kind of. We slept in pretty well since there wasn't anybody around to bother us.

Went home to shower up. My brother was over and helped out with some painting. I helped install some closet racks. Although that sentence was short, the actual process took many hours.

Later, picked up Kelc and went out for a not-so-common Taco C run.

Back home, helped out some more with finishing things in the bathroom, and hung a mirror. I totally forgot about a party that was happening, but it was already late and I was medicated, so I wasn't going to able to party much.

Friday, February 24, 2012

2012.02.24 Friday

No carpooling today, so I slept in a bit. I woke to my alarm at normal time, but I instantly had a headache so I went back to sleep. Woke up later and still had the same condition. Today is going to be fun.

Got to work and was planning on grabbing a group breakfast, but was bombarded with people and emails needing to be sent. Within 10 minutes, I was ready to go back home.

Later on in the day I had a meeting. I was planning on wrapping up after this, then heading home at a decent time, but surprise... I had a meeting scheduled after the end of my day. Ok only 30 minutes? I can handle that... WRONG, over an hour.

Then I hit heavy traffic because of the meeting. Talk about frustrating.

Watched the rest of Gattaca with Kelc, then went to bed.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

2012.02.23 Thursday

Took a detour from normal schedule today. Had a meeting with the oral surgeon to check on how everything is healing up. Apparently everything is ok. He even asked if i wanted the leftover stitches removed, but I'll just let them fall out semi-naturally.

Back to work.

After work, went out with HT+KA to Chik-fil-a. Feels good man. Being able to eat food again... sorta. I had some stitches come out during the meal, and stuff got stuck, but whatevs.

Went back to Hab-Tay's and watched Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog since Kelc hadn't seen it. Feels bad man.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012.02.22 Wednesday

I guess you could say I was grumpy this morning. For some reason, I woke thinking about crawfish etoufee. You remember? The lunch of dreams... only happened once every other week... and now not at all. I miss that food. I miss "normal" food. Even after I eat a meal these days, I feel unsatisfied.

Today I was trying to go back to my normal morning routine. The brushing teeth part is still a little skewed, and I have an extra mouth rinse. Well during a mouth rinse, a clump of stitches came out. Oops.. I guess. Lately those things have been poking my tongue, making me think I have clumps of food in my mouth. Annoying. Goodbye.

Work was alright. I took a mid-day break with a few coworkers to attend a free webinar on oscilloscopes and probing techniques. Pretty good at skimming the surface of just about everything to do with an oscilloscope. Only slightly pushing their own product. I picked up a few tidbits of information, mostly new capabilities/technologies and the concept of different types of probes. I think during my colleges years, I normally dealt with a "normal" probe and on a rare occasion I was able to try out a hall-effect probe (which looked something like this) to measure current.

Class was alright, time flew by. Also had a few more stitches come out randomly.

At home, I went back to geeking by continuing to read about Version Control Systems. I finished up the section about Subversion (A centralized VCS) and jumped into learning about Distributed VCSs (like Git, Mercurial, etc). The book pointed out a link to Fallacies of Distributed Computing. I found that wikipedia article quite entertaining. What do you think?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012.02.21 Tuesday

Slept in a bit today, meaning I got into work a bit late.

Work seemed to drag on and on. Habs and Mark didn't come in today, so it was quite plain. I also (kinda) got locked out from a lab, so I was unable to continue working. I'll take that as a sign to go home.

Cooked up the other tilapia filet, and some delicious white cheddar and pasta. I ate the entire box (oops) and still felt unsatisfied. I would have to say that is the worst part about dealing with wisdom teeth removal, the cravings.

Decided to get a little nerdy. I pulled up a book about Version Control systems (here) and started reading. This inspired me to create a development linux box, and try creating a subversion repository from scratch.

Fell asleep to some Tosh.o

Monday, February 20, 2012

2012.02.20 Monday

Woke up on time, took a leak, then went right back to sleep. No thanks, I'm not getting to work on time today. Also, I'm starting to feel a scratchy throat. I wonder where that came from.

Eventually got myself out of bed and went to work. I tried to go with just advil instead of the prescription stuff, but I ended up calling it a day pretty early. My head is throbbing and I can't concentrate.

At home, I caught up on some reading and cooked a nice tilapia for dinner. Pleasant evening in comparison to the rest of the day.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012.02.19 Sunday

I fell asleep super late, but still woke up at a reasonable hour. Waffles and bacon were waiting for me downstairs, but I could barely eat the bacon. (A new definition of torture)

I tried to take care of some taxes, but I'm still waiting on a silly institution to get their crap together. Their system is down this entire weekend.

I goofed around on the computers for a little, and watched some Futurama.

I've still been on and off medications most of the weekend. In contradiction to what the bottle says, I operated some heavy machinery: a miter saw. I assisted my fah-jah with installing some cabinets in the upstairs bathroom.

Kelc came over to read and be sick near me.

2012.02.18 Saturday

Down and out.

My parents left for a trip to Houston today. I did not feel all that great. My sleep schedule is whacked out, my stomach is craving food, but doesn't want soup, and my face is just uncomfortable.

Not a lot happening today. Drugged out, in pain, uncomfortable, restless.

I can drink/eat tons of soup and water, and still remain unsatisfied.

Friday, February 17, 2012

2012.02.17 Friday

Definitely doesn't feel like a Friday. A couple days ago it felt like the weekend. Sweet, I guess.

I didn't do much today. Medications, sleeping, watching tv, goofing around on computer.

Later on in the evening, Kelc picked me up and we went to watch Gattaca on her DVR. I already new the plot of the movie, but I didn't remember a lot of the details. We made it about half-way through before she took me back home.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012.02.16 Thursday (Wisdom Teef)

Well I decided to get a head start on this blog entry. I've head people say that they don't remember much from the day they got their wisdom teeth removed. I'm going to jot down a few things here, then I'll report back later on how everything went.

I woke up to my normal alarm. I wanted to try and keep my morning routine un-adjusted, but I kept finding my brain thinking about the procedure and my routine was just off. For instance, I normally brush and floss then start my shower, but for some reason I brushed, then showered, then flossed. I also normally turn on a light when I'm waking up, but I forgot to do that. Mostly, it was just small things that varied. The weather is looking nice; me thinks I will wear some shorts instead of pants to be a bit more comfortable. Oh and I'm already hungry... at 6:30a. I remembered why I like to eat late at night, because waking up starving many times started to give me acid reflux or something that was painful. Stomach want food.

I was ready to go ahead of schedule, so I hopped on my computer to start this entry. I like thinking about what to write instead of waiting and thinking about the procedure. Sorta feel like I have writer's block though.

(The remainder of this entry was written after the removal, so some details could be incorrect)

Lead up:
I went downstairs and my dad was watching the morning news, only up a little earlier than normal. It was just about time to go, and I was already starving. We hopped in the car, didn't really hit any traffic, and just talked about miscellaneous things. I would say that helped get my mind off it quite a bit.

Arrived at the office, my dad went straight to the huge comfortable couch they had, said he was probably going to sleep (lucky). I had to fill out a document that had me confirm that I understand the risks and that there are no guarantees of recovery or results. Neat. Then they said to take a seat while the prep the room. (I was a little grumbly about this because that was the point of an appointment.) Eventually a lady came to invite me to the back, I started getting nervous and said "hello" twice. In the room, there was a normal reclining seat, plus lots of room on all sides. The decor was Texas-y. She hooked me up to a heart rate monitor on my chest, a blood pressure monitoring system to my left arm, and another clip-on heart rate monitor to my hand. She made some small talk during this time, which did actually calm me down (my heart rate was calm). She left and said she would "be right back", so I'm guessing she was going to get the surgeon. I felt like this part took forever. Listening to my heart rate swing up and down from my nervousness just added to the issue.

Eventually the surgeon and assistant showed back up. He made some small talk about my work, but he almost wanted to talk about school with me at first. He went over to my right side, reclined me and started tying off my arm to put in the IV catheter to one of the veins around my elbow. They had to wiggle it around a little, which is pretty uncomfortable (side story: almost nobody has gotten one of my veins on the first try). Once they got it, he untied my arm. I'm pretty sure at this point I just have a standard bag of fluid going into me. He then walked around and got a syringe with something, and I think he inject that into the IV stream near the bag. Within about 30-40 seconds, I tell them "Woah, I'm definitely feeling something. NEAT." The assistant then said "Yeah? Feels good, don't it?". Then things get really hazy, and I think I remember saying "Goodbye".


This is when things get pretty piece-wise in my memory. I don't remember leaving the operating room, I don't remember being in the waiting room, but I do remember being led to my dad's car while walking. I remember sitting without any issue, then putting on a seatbelt, then next thing I know my dad puts the car in park and we are at home. Guess I still passed out.

At home, I went straight for the rocking-chair to sit and relax. I probably just passed out again. I sorta remember my dad leaving to go pick up my prescriptions, but then I was woken up by my dad to nibble on some waffle that he made. I put in a tiny clump in my mouth, then lost it. Didn't realize that everything was still very numb. My tongue was very numb, my jaw, my lips, just everything. Had to fish out that food so it doesn't stick into a wound. Instead of eating, I did a mouth rinse with some fluid they gave. After a minute of standing, I started getting dizzy and nauseous, then dry-heaved a little. My dad laughed at me, and said to go sit down. I put some new gauze in, then went back to sitting and sleeping.

At some point in the morning, I started texting people. I dont really recall doing that. Thanks drugs.

I spent a majority of the day sitting in that rocking chair, watching tv, snoozing, and surfing the internet on the laptop. Eventually I felt capable enough to take some pain medication, which then quickly put me back to sleepy/drowsy.

Later, my mom prepared some soup for me. Thanks mom. My parents left to go to some meeting about time shares, and Kelc came over to watch a movie. We watched Austin Powers Goldmember. I think I still like Austin Powers 1+2 better.

Went to bed, thought it would be easy to sleep with the drugs, but I kept playing around on the computer.


I took some pictures pre-op and post-op. If you feel squeamish looking at surgical sites, I would suggest not looking at these pictures. I took the 'before' one Wednesday night, and 'after' one on Thursday night.

To describe what you are seeing. On my lower jaw, on my right (your left) is where my first wisdom tooth broke through the gums. Both of my lower teeth were "impacted", meaning they aren't going to align themselves upright. I probably have been living with it in this state since I was 19-20ish. Food would sometimes get stuck in there, so if you ever saw me making weird faces after meals, it was probably me trying to fish out something that got stuck.


The after pics aren't going to be that great, since it hurt to open my mouth. My jaw muscles are sore, my checks and chin feel bruised. The creepy part is how my right (your left) lower tooth looks like it left a huge hole. Neat?

After 1:

After 2:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012.02.15 Wednesday

Today I had much difficulty getting out of bed. Not that I was tired, I just couldn't find the motivation.

No lunch-time sports today. Around 11a it looked like the weather was going to be rainy and disgusting/muddy. By 12-12:30, everything was clearing up and the temperature was great. Sucks, but probably better that I worked instead of played around.

Work was something. You know that part in office space where Peter says it's like I have 4 bosses. When I do something wrong, I get to hear about it 4 times. Well I'm starting to feel like that. There are so many people involved and watching what I'm doing that I get interrupted from getting anything done. That's the part of management that I don't like: whenever something is taking longer than expected, the "solution" is to throw more people at watching the issue. Definitely won't go any faster like that.

I was late to class because of that very reason, and my chunk of lab time was obliterated. Oh well, today is my Friday.

Class was normal, except presentations took up most of the time. We had pizza again, which was delicious, but I held myself back from eating too much and ruining my evening.

Listened to some car talk on the way home. Talked a little more about the procedure, and felt a little nervous.

At home, I finished off the night with drinking water and watching tv/minecraft.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012.02.14 Tuesday

Woke up to static. Not sure why this is, but I can check my radio-alarm any time during the day and it gets great reception, then in the morning it can barely pick up the station.

Hectic day at work, but pushed a lot of paperwork.

Made sure to leave work early. I met up with Kelc to hand over a gift, then an evening walk around the neighborhood to chat and get outside.

Later we went to dinner at Applebee's. Eatin' terrible in the neighborhood.

Then went back to watch Pulp Fiction, but I fell asleep. Happy Vday.

Monday, February 13, 2012

2012.02.13 Monday

Kelc had to wake up early, so I ended up waking up early. I had a hard time falling back asleep, then a hard time getting up an hour later.

The weather has been gloomy lately. Lots of cold and rainy.

Work was a much longer day. Last minute meetings, lab time, interruptions... bah.

After work I slapped together a quick meal and started working on our group homework assignment. That took about an hour, but with distractions it was drawn out to about 1.5-2.

Cleaned up in the kitchen, then a few minutes of minecraft, then bedtime. I should try to not work on weekends; it messes up the week.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012.02.12 Sunday

Woke up early again. Cooked some bacon and fried eggs.

Habs wanted to try playing raquetball or tennis today, but it is balls cold outside. Maybe next time.

Instead, I worked most of the day on... well, work. This coming week is going to be short for me, and I need to get some things finalized.

Later into the afternoon, Kelc came over to play games and sit around. I finished up my work, then started playing games of my own.

I watched some of The Last Samurai while trying to go to sleep. I like that movie.

2012.02.11 Saturday

Woke up early with Kelc. She had to go to work, I just happened to be ok with waking up super early.

Went to the CP Farmer's Market. I picked up some XS eggs and a ciabatta loaf

Worked on a project for Kelc. It involves valentines, metalwork, sharp edges, dangerous tools, and safety glasses. I think it turned out nicely, but I'll have to wait a few days before posting too much information.

Mark and Nadia visited. I showed them some bathrooms we were working on, and a tour of the rest of the house.

Then I took some time and cleaned my bathroom with nothing but castille soap. Turned out better than using harsh chemicals.

Played some Minecraft, then later watched Bring It On with Kelc. I wanted to do work while she watched, but I couldn't connect. I feel like brain cells were killing themselves while watching the movie.

Friday, February 10, 2012

2012.02.10 Friday

Solo drive to work today.

Seems like a lot of people either took the day off, or were out for lunch for long periods of time. I guess everybody is ready for the week to be over. It does feel like it has been a long one.

I listened to some of Dave Ramsey and goofed around for a big.

Went over to Kelc's later to just hang out for a bit, then went to sleep early.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

2012.02.09 Thursday

Ran a tad later than normal today; that's what spicy pizza will do.

Normal work day, then went to get a haircut after work. Short, and colder.

Cooked up some Red Quinoa for dinner. Then took a little trip to Lowe's to pick up a shipment. So they left an automated message saying there was a delivery to pick up, but turns out it was only part of the shipment. What a waste of a trip. Now there is a sink and countertop without cabinets to sit on top of.

Ate some more food at home, then wound down for bedtime. Kelc and I finished the rest of Blue Valentine. It was ... ok.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012.02.08 Wednesday

Well I feel like the week should already be over so I could catch up on some rest, but nope.

Work for today was a bit exciting. At some point, the company signed up to have students from Leander ISD visit for "Cool Week". Oh hey, I remember that...

Back in my day, I said that I was interested in doing something IT or computer-related. As a result I was paired up with a guy to work at Texas Association of School Boards (TASB). We spent the entire week (Mon-Fri, 8a-5p) working. Well... kind of working. It's hard for a business to bring people up to speed on anything they are doing, so instead they made up some work to do. Our task was to research and propose ideas for redesigning a computer training room. We ended up having plenty of time, so it was good to just go around and talk to people to see what life is like.

Anyways, these kids are only visiting for a couple days, just to ask questions and sit in on meetings and discussions. I wish I could hire one of these kids on and show them the ropes, get them excited about the "real world" or get them excited about engineering. I just remember how the educational system was limiting on creativity and allowing students to explore areas of interest. Instead, we have a formulaic machine that pumps students out that have no idea what they want to do.

Post-work, I picked up some pizza for class. Silly me, forgot the receipt. Class was on par with normal.

Went home and played a little Mass Effect, then went to bed early. Don't know why, but really exhausted today.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012.02.07 Tuesday

I did not feel like getting out of the warm comfort of bed this morning. Would it be that bad if I just slept in? It would only throw off the schedule for the day.

At least I was able to play volleyball today. The rest of the day was cluttered with meetings and lab time.

After work, I grabbed a quick dinner then started up on a project for class. We were able to crank out the presentation slides pretty quickly, so I wasn't too bogged down.

Kelc and I started the movie Blue Valentine, didn't quite finish it.

Monday, February 6, 2012

2012.02.06 Monday

I woke up multiple times last night. It's pretty frustrating because when I do wake up, I cannot fully comprehend what the numbers on the clock really mean.

Habs and I stopped by Shipley's on the way to work. Conveniently unhealthy, but oh so good.

Work was hectic, yet unproductive.

With a chinese dinner, I got the following fortune: Hope for the best. But prepare for the worst. Kinda nice and morbid at the same time.

Spent the evening painting some doors, then catching up on work and school work. Not much time to spend on myself.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012.02.05 Sunday (Souper Bowl)

Woke up really groggy and with a slight headache. Ate a delicious breakfast while still being groggy, then my dad started painting with oil-based paint, and the headache intensified. I helped out with a couple remodeling tasks like electrical work, but nothing major.

Left the house for a bit to pick up BBQ to eat for lunch. The combination of advil, fresh air, and moving around finally started to relieve me of my headache.

I've been wanting to pick up some sort of coding work to do while I'm at home, but at the same time I don't want to make more work for myself. I thought about it for a while, and thought about picking up python scripting. I looked around online and found a python script someone else made that does the legwork of converting multiple tiers of folders from flac files to mp3 files. Unfortunately for me, the script was designed for Linux and it's convenient shell formatting. Also a slight problem, I'm using a newer version of python than the script was designed for, so I have two hurdles to jump. I tinkered around with this for a while, and tried some debugging. Next think I know, it's time to watch the super bowl.

Kelc picked me up and we stopped by HEB for some snacks. A quick drive over to Habs/Taylors. We arrived to see that the score was already 2-0. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED THAT? Srsly. The commercials were alright. The halftime show was alright. The end of the game was pretty alright (mostly happy that the Patriots did not win).

Back at home, apparently the word was out that MIA flipped the bird during the half-time show. There will probably be some more lawsuits about this. Seriously though, this is dumb. They are just instigating to generate a response, thus getting more publicity. I'm getting tired of pop culture and advertisements wherever I look. I'm getting tired of the media and television.

Also, I worked a bit more into the night and fixed up that python script. I now have a convenient multi-threaded script to convert files from flac to mp3, and clean up all the intermediate files. Maybe once I clean it up a bit I can post it here for everyone to enjoy.

2012.02.04 Saturday

The plan for today was to hang out with Kelc's mom since I haven't really seen her in a while. I would have expected that she would have things I could do around the house that would help her out. Turns out that she had other plans for the day, and now I had none.

My brother was over, and brought along some big news. Well maybe not that big, but bigger than I would have thought. I probably should let him tell you though, since it is his business. Sorry if that was ambiguous.

Listen to more audio book. Played some more Minecraft. Ate some more Pot Roast. Also helped out with some bathroom fixin'.

Took a little trip later to deposit a check and get out of the house. I don't know what the heck was up, but people were zippin' along and weaving through traffic. Chill the F out.

2012.02.03 Friday

I started off the day making a pot roast. My mom found some meat in the freezer from 2006...yeahhh. Well once that thawed, my dad made the judgement call that it was not going to taste good. I'll take his word on that. Instead we took a crown roast cut (it was a circular roast cut with ribs stuck on the sides) and went from there. Total ingredients: beef, half onion, 2 potatoes, 3 stalks of celery, 4 carrots and some seasoning. Easy, just set it and forget it.

Mmmm a day off. What shall I do.

Well originally I was planning on doing a few things contingent on the weather. The weather was not nice to me, and couldn't decide if it was going to be a rainy or just overcast day. I've been wanting to take one of my days off and fix up the volleyball court, but today will not be one of those days. My other option was to go get a haircut, but then I needed to stay home for the wall guys to finish up their painting.

I ended up not really doing much. I listened to some audio discs, played Minecraft, goofed around. Felt like a mini vacation.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012.02.02 Thursday

On one hand, we are supposed to have 6 more weeks of winter. On the other hand, we have had crazy tropical weather here in Texas. Comfortable for shorts and a t-shirt.

No volleyball today. :-( And I started breaking stuff at work. I need to go home.

Did some laundry. Met up with Kelc and we played some basketball in the dark.

Watched TV then fell asleep.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012.02.01 Wednesday

Work: mostly normal
Lunch: volleyball
Post Work: Class
Post Post Work: Listened to Audio Discs about financial freedom, whilst playing Minecraft.

Good times.