Monday, October 29, 2012

2012.10.25 Thursday

Was planning on playing some flag football today, but a lunch meeting came out of nowhere. *grumble grumble*

I'm excited that the week is wrapping up.  Lots of things happening over the weekend to prepare for.

2012.10.24 Wednesday

Fun wellness fair at work over lunch.  Thus no vball

Productive but long day.

Quick stop at home, then over to my parent's house to pick up some junk.  Lots of chatting.

Home, quick mini meal, bed.

2012.10.23 Tuesday

Vball.  Cranky afternoon.  I think my lentils lunch was not very satisfying and my body wants meat.

Cooked up fish dinner, mashed sweet potatoes.  Less cranky.

Watched The Office and Studio60 with Kelc.

2012.10.22 Monday

Got a late start to the day.  Fred knows what I'm talking about.

No vb for lunch.  I guess everybody was just too busy.

Late leaving.

Once home, did some prep work for dinner then decided to go for a jog.  Ended up going for 2.3 miles.  Score!  I haven't even run much lately, unless you count mini sprints during vball.

Cooked up dinner, watched the last presidential debate.  Found myself laughing more than anything.

In bed semi early.

2012.10.21 Sunday

More errands, I guess.  I went shopping on my own: home depot, kohls, michaels, target

Did some house work and yard work.  Cooked up some meat+pasta for lunch.

Showered with "no-poo".  What's that? you might ask.  Well, I'll tell you.  It's a "natural" way of cleansing the hair that (supposedly) tons of people have great results with.  Shampoo is a mixture of water and baking soda, and conditioner is a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar.  Supposedly it takes a little while for the scalp to adjust to not being stripped of oils, but seems fine to me from the first try, and my scalp didnt feel dry like it normally does after a shower.  I even asked Kelc to smell my hair after and she said it was weird because it had no smell at all.  Neat.  We'll see how it goes.

Football game with peeps over.  Wayne pooped everywhere.

2012.10.20 Saturday

Errands day.

Kelc's dad's house
My parent's house
Home, swap cars
Mark and Nadia's
Habs for the game
Home, games, snl, snooze

2012.10.19 Friday

Cool morning, almost cold

Intern is in town.  Breakfast and lunch?

Lunch at place that replaced benihanna.  Different, but similar and good.

Cut the yard in the evening

Hopped over to Habs to see how his lighting project was going.  Gave a little bit of a helping hand, then took a little trip to home depot and lowes.

Stayed up late doing some coding for work.  I may have found a way to get large chunks of code done...NO INTERRUPTIONS AND LOUD MUSIC.

2012.10.18 Thursday

Hungry. *grumble grumble* Health screening this morning.  It is suggested to "fast" before hand to get a more stable blood test sampling.  Results: Doing well. Blood pressure in optimal range, good cholesterol is high and bad cholesterol is low.  Bacon, it's what's for dinner.

Vball over lunch.  Late day.  Came home to a nice chunky cockroach climbing up the wall.  I sprayed it and the ***ker decided to start flying around.  Also fantastic that the brown of cockroach matches the brown of the hardword flooring.  WHY DOES RAID TAKE SO LONG TO KILL THINGS.

Eggs for dinner, whilst constantly looking over my shoulder.

Maybe I should sleep with earplugs and a gas mask.

2012.10.17 Wednesday

Gloomy morning.  Plain jane day

Dinner with Kelc, her mom and sister at Spin, a "Modern Thai Cuisine" restaurant.  Everything looked quite fancy.  Tasted great too.

Moved some things around the house while wreaking of curry seasoning.

2012.10.16 Tuesday

Dentist Appointment

Quick errands (groceries and stomach pains)

Back to work.

After work, ran an errand over to a friends to provide a work laptop while he takes care of his wife.  Intense.

Home.  Tried to start the truck and ... nothing.  Well something, but the battery was almost completely dead.  Habs came over and gave me a jump.

We then went to Lowe's to pick up some neat cabinet.  Habs almost died putting it in the truck.

Home, some cleaning, then bed.

2012.10.15 Monday

Slept in some.  Felt great.  Had an awesome dream that ended before I wanted it to.  I hate that.

Played vball.  Picked up a friend from the airport.  Worked late. Home late.  Cooked bacon and garlic.  Vacuumed.  Snoozed.

2012.10.14 Sunday (ACL2012 Day 3)

Decided to actually go to the festival today.  Weather looks great.  The ground was semi-muddy, but it is definitely not as bad as that one year...

Met up with people.  Saw some bands. (Two Door Cinema Club, Old 97s, Crystal Castles)

Home early. Weird how the festival was over but some band was still playing on stage.

Watched some Studio 60 before bed.

2012.10.13 Saturday (ACL2012 Day 2)

Watched the UT Game.  Ended up getting so upset about it that I just said "effit" to ACL.  Kelc and I watched some ACL via YouTube since we didn't even want to see that many bands today.  Yeah I know, it's kind of a waste of money.  ACL came up on me fast this year and I wasn't really that excited about anybody.  In my opinion, last year and the year before were much better.  Anyways, we watched Metric, Band of Skulls, The Shins, The Roots, and some Bassnectar.  It was rainy and gross all day, so we lucked out with skipping.

Went to eat at Vert's, free food!  HEB for groceries, then back home.

2012.10.12 Friday (ACL2012 Day 1)

Slept in some.

Cooked up some breakfast then headed out to the wonderful festival known as Austin City Limits.

Saw some bands. (Delta Spirit, Esperanza Spalding, Tegan and Sara, Weezer, Florence and the Machine, M83, Avicii, and The Black Key's)

Home, snooze pretty fast.

2012.10.11 Thursday

The day before what could be the last single-weekend ACL festival ever.

Normal day at work.  After work, went over to Kelc's mom's to watch some Thursday Night Football (Steelers).  During which, I get some text messages from my work friend saying he was with his wife in the emergency room.  An accident involving a person being pinned in between cars.

The rest of the night isn't much worth mentioning.

2012.10.10 Wednesday

Gloomy and wet weather this morning.  Doesn't help that I'm feeling a bit exhausted.  I feel like that happens by mid-week sometimes, just feeling drained before the end of the week.  Fooey.

2012.10.09 Tuesday

Good day at work.  Great day for vball.

Cooked up a smorgasbord dinner.

Kelc brought some friends over.  I played around with some code.

Played a smidgen of AC6 before bed.

2012.10.08 Monday

Decided to take a Ichiban lunch outing.  Thus, home medium-late.

Cooked up some mahi mahi.  Watched Studio 60.  Simple day.

2012.10.07 Sunday

Once I got some coffee, I was up and going. SUPER ENERGY TO THE MAX. Cleaned up some things leftover from the party.  Started cleaning up the office area.

Met up with Ray and Marisa for Torchy's Tacos.  A brat kid kicked over a chair and silenced the whole restaurant.  Awesome awkward brattiness.

Tried to clean up more, but started slowing down.  ENERGY SOURCE DEPLETED.

Kelc came home.  We watched some Curb, cooked some dinner, watched some South Park, watched some SNF.

Kelc went to bed and I played some AC6.

2012.10.06 Saturday

Made some coffee and felt super energized.  Therefore: cleaned up the house

Ran to HEB to pick up food for the game viewing.

Went over to Habs to attempt to fix a water faucet.  Had to make a trip over to Lowe's to get some pieces.  Everything went well.

Watched the game with friends, good game but we ended up losing. *grumble grumble*

Watched some Saturday Night Live.  Hung out.  Tired.

2012.10.05 Friday

Normal work day.

Spent the evening cutting the yard with Kelc.  She mowed, I edged and cleaned up.  Teamwork, yay!

Found out that an old friend and neighbor had died earlier in the week.  Not much information about it, just sad.  Lots of old memories coming back.  Feels bad man.

Kelc cooked up some salmon dinner.

2012.10.04 Thursday

Groggy getting up.  Sucks that I feel ready for the week to be over, but it's still another day away.


Monday, October 8, 2012

2012.10.03 Wednesday

The car ride to work was a bit fragmented.  All those jalapenos I ate...oh goodness.  All I can say is "cleaned out".

Fun change-up at work.  _-=Diversity lunch=-_  Took the leftovers to the ladies at the hotel after.

Quick dinner.

Cable drops with Hasbro.  Fingers hurting from hard plastic corners.

Lyle and Korey came over to study and get some tutoring help.  I gave Kelc a few looks like she should already know the answer, so I bet everybody was feeling like an idiot.  Go me for alienating people.

2012.10.02 Tuesday

Vball.  Yay.

Quiet day at work.  Late.

At home, cooked up some bbq chicken for the diversity luncheon we are having.  Also cooked up some bacon.

Played a little bit of AC6 then went to bed.

2012.10.01 Monday

We are now in the 4th quarter of the year.  The mighty 12-21-12 date is fast approaching.  Should we be scared? Probably not.

Lunch meeting, so no vball

Hooked up the PS2 to play some guitar hero.  Couldnt find the memory card though, so we had to use some cheat codes and played without saving.

Cooked up a mahi mahi dinner with asparagus and cucumber.

Played a little AC6, then off to bed.

2012.09.30 Sunday

Kelc got called into work.  Feels bad man.

I crawled around in the attic drilling holes to do some cable drops.  I lucked out and was able to get string for every drop I wanted.  I determined that a drop in the back bedroom would be too difficult and not even be located in a good spot.

Ran some errands with Kelc.  Goodwill, Plato's Closet and Half-Price Books.

2012.09.29 Saturday

Went to the dealership with Kelc to see if they would address the faulty part issue.  Nope.  She got a new wheel bearing for free, just had to pay a few hundies for installation.

Qdoba lunch was great.  Got to chat up with Kelc's mom as well.  Apparently there are some heated things going on at her company.  Interesting to hear about, probably not as interesting to experience first-hand.

The weather is gloomy and wet.  Habs came over to watch the game.  Kelc went to see a play or something with her mom.

2012.09.28 Friday

Did some things around the house.

Washed and waxed the car.  This took up a majority of my day.

I like having some Fridays off.

2012.09.27 Thursday

Good times.

Lunch meeting, no vball. :-(  But hey, at least the weekend is upon (some of) us.

I probably didn't do anything noteworthy this evening.

2012.09.26 Wednesday

Another plain jain day.  Took a nap after work.  I guess I just felt like my energy was zapped.

Scanned pictures and cooked myself a neat meal of ground beef and various leftovers.

2012.09.25 Tuesday

Plain jane day at work.  Lunch at my desk, rather boring.  Home, yelled at by Kelc for saying I will not be purchasing more apples.

Went to HEB.

Spent the evening scanning pictures and trying to organize the mess.  Then bedtime.

2012.09.24 Monday

Back to carpooling.  Encourages me to wake up earlier.

No vb at work.  Too many things going on and too many injuries.

Got home earlier than normal.  Jumped into working on the gate for my fence.  Kelc helped out on this one.  A job well done and likely to be well-enjoyed.

Kelc and I went for a walk, probably a bit later than we should have since OMG WEST NILE.  Cooked up a Mahi Mahi, quinoa, and steamed veggies dinner.  Yum, except for the steamed veggies.

Played the last couple levels in Ace Combat, then went to bed.

2012.09.23 Sunday

Over to parent's house to pick up stuff, then quick stop by Home Depot.  According to Kelc these are never quick.

Quick stop at home, then over to Plucker's to watch the game.

Back home for the evening.  Stockton packed up his belongings to head home.  He had a good stay.

Watched some SNF then snoozed.