Monday, July 22, 2013

2013.07.17 Wednesday

Work. Heavy rain, decided to work a tad later to avoid the mess of cars.

At home, did a little cleanup, played some tf2.

cooked up various things for dinner.

A little more tf2, then bedtime.

2013.07.16 Tuesday

Work. Vb. Work.  Picture.

Work super late, missed trivia.   Decided I really wanted to play some TF2, and completely owned an entire server.  Kids must have been getting sleepy.

Bit of tv before falling asleep.

2013.07.15 Monday

Interesting day at work.  Somebody decided to make a half-comeback.  What a goober.

Tried to leave early, traffic from an accident.  I just can't catch any breaks. 

Updated my phone. Played some TF2. Watched some Doctor Who. Bed.

2013.07.14 Sunday

Watched Harry Potter 7. Picked up some Chipotle. Watched Harry Potter 8.

Thoughts on the Harry Potter movies: It's surprising how they don't feel as long as they actually are. I can't say I got very excited about wizards and witches, part of that is because it seems like they make up new things every movie to help out the story-line.  I did like how the movies did seem to fit into a grand arch, while having a mini arch of their own.  There are some parts where the movies lack what I can only assume the book fills in much better, for instance it seems like out of nowhere the characters have relationships with one another.  The final ending also has a few parts where it seems like the characters are dismissive about the major actions they are taking.  Overall, many times better than Twilight.

Played some TF2 into the late evening.  Watched some Doctor Who and had my mind completely blown.  Kelc went to trivia.

2013.07.13 Saturday

Watched 1 and a half Harry Potters

Went over to parent's house to hang out with my cousin and grab a bite.

Back home, finished up the half of Harry Potter we left.

2013.07.12 Friday

Already tired of the week, but eventually got energetic enough to get some things done.  Ended up staying later than I had expected.

At home, didnt really do much.  Kelc went out to see a movie with her family, I did some grocery shopping and games around the house, finishing up by watching some Doctor Who.

2013.07.11 Thursday

Tried to leave work at a more reasonable time, but those plans were foiled by accidents and traffic.

At home, cooked up a decent meal of meat and pasta.

Habs stopped by to pick up his workout equipment.

Played some TF2.

Watched a little bit of TV then bedtime.

2013.07.10 Wednesday

Late day of work.  Juggling multiple tasks as best I can.

Home, quick change of clothes and out to do yardwork with the remaining sunlight.

Cleaned up, made some food, played a little TF2, then off to bed.

2013.07.09 Tuesday

Stayed late at work so I could go straight to trivia. We got fourth out of ~23 teams.

Home, played a bit of TF2, then bed time.

2013.07.08 Monday

Back to the grind after a pleasant chunk of time off.

Stayed a bit late.

Home, cleaned up the front flower bed.

Cooked up a pesto tilapia dinner with mac and cheese.  Watched the remainder of Harry Potter 4.  Bed time.

2013.07.07 Sunday

Watched Harry Potter 3 and part of 4.

Went grocery shopping, ate pizza, watched doctor who, played tf2.

2013.07.06 Saturday

Kelc convinced me to watch the Harry Potter series, so we watched 1 and 2.

I did some reading on qt quick to try and learn a thing or two.

Played some late night tf2.

2013.07.05 Friday

Not much going on today.  Clean house, again.

Home depot run.

Home, played games.

2013.07.04 Thursday (Happy 4th)

Slight cleanup and party prep.

People arrived, started off by watching some Firefly.  Played some card games, did some food grilling, watched some movie (Babe), walked to go watch some fireworks, played some more games, then...


2013.07.03 Wednesday

Short day at work, went home early to be there for a package.  Very awesome package, sweet, but almost too big. *huge grin*

Texas Roadhouse for food with Kelc.

2013.07.02 Tuesday

Long day at work,  some of that time was spent on fun things though.

Home.  Decided to change things up a bit and do some stretching.  I want to get back into some strength training, but part of that is setting up a good stretch routine, right? (I am so lazy sometimes.)

Cooked myself a dinner.  Watched two awesome Doctor Who episodes, the last two of season 5.

Played a few minutes of TF2, then went to bed.

2013.07.01 Monday

Late to work.  Then kinda late getting home.

Went to the north fields to watch Habs and Tay kick balls at the kickball finals.

Watched a bit of Portlandia, then bed.

2013.06.30 Sunday

Cut the yard in the late morning, humid and hot.  Not my best idea so far.

Around mid day, went out to lakehouse for boat ride with Kelc and her siblings.  Crazy how low the lake is.

Back home, tired.  Pushed myself to go grocery shopping because I don't want to starve during the week.  Back home, watched some Doctor Who and cooked up some salsa.  Good times.

2013.06.29 Saturday

Woke up late (good for a Saturday, right?). Spent a chunk of the day cleaning up around the house.

Parents picked me up for a Round Rock Express game in the evening.  They won, but to do so, some lady got a baseball to the side of the head.  Not sure if she was conscious the entire time, but people were pretty quick to yell for MEDIC!

Late night Sonic run for snack'ems.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2013.06.28 Friday

Work.  Winding down the week.

Dinner at Kobe with Habs and family.

Over to Alamo Drafthouse to watch the Man of Steel movie with Nick and Susan.  I think we were all a bit underwhelmed by that.  Not sure why everybody keeps butchering Superman movies.

2013.06.27 Thursday

Work. Lunch meeting with vendor, neat 3d printing capabilities. Stayed a tad late.

Home, cleaned up my office area and listened to the new Puscifer album courtesy Ray.

Leftovers for late dinner

2013.06.26 Wednesday

Worked later (again)

Costco pitstop for some goodies. Home, quick dinner, then Kelc and I watched The Cabin In The Woods.   Pretty good movie

2013.06.25 Tuesday

Work (late). Straight to trivia, we did ok.  Filled up on gas, then home, bed.

2013.06.24 Monday

Ran outside to try and pull out the recycling bin, ended up locking myself out.  Good job Andy.  Thank you neighbor for letting me borrow your phone.

Otherwise, normal work day. Home later (again).  Ate leftovers for dinner, and watched a Portlandia, a So You Think You Can Dance, then sleep.

2013.06.23 Sunday

Low key Sunday.  Ray and I watched some more Doctor Who, played various games, watched various videos.

Drove back to ATX. Dropped off a package destined for Cali.  Made another stop to pick up a package of veggies from bremond tx.

Finally home, showered. Kelc was already back from her quick Spain trip.  She cooked up dinner.  We chatted some, then watched some Portlandia.


2013.06.22 Saturday

Mentally woke up before my body was ready.  Pretty exhausted from yesterday.

Packed up. Started the drive, feeling wonky in the car.  Arrived safely.

Later lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, watched Brazil beat Italy

Grocery shopping for our feast. Cooking from ~6:30 to ~9:30.

Finished up dinner, felt pretty tired from all the delicious food.  Played a few rounds of spades, watched the pilot of Cowboy Bebop, an episode of Doctor Who, then time for sleep.

2013.06.21 Friday

Mowed the yard

Washed Kelc's car, Clay barred, Waxed, Rain-x'ed

Put together the couch cushions
Did some laundry
Fried up 2 pounds of bacon
Washed the dishes
Vacuumed the house
Mopped the floors
Cleaned up the bedroom
Changed out the hvac air filter

Played some SSX Tricky, then late bed time

2013.06.20 Thursday

The work day was pretty ADD, but for some tasks it was more productive than others.  Context switching always comes with a tax.

Home late-ish. Picked up Kelc's spare key because she parked terribly in the garage... and took her car key with her to Spain. Stopped by Parent's place to chat.

Back home, played some games, watched some of the last game of the NBA finals.

Started a few things of my cleaning expedition.

2013.06.19 Wednesday

Another long work day. Thus, late home, dinner, games.

Went over to Matt's for more games with peeps.  Home late, quick to snooze.

2013.06.18 Tuesday

Long/Late work day. Home. Trivia. DQ. Little goofing around on computer, then bed.

2013.06.17 Monday

Mostly normal work day.  Felt like I had to think more than usual, so mentally exhausting.

Home late, fixed up some dinner, played games with Kelc, then bedtime.

2013.06.16 Sunday

Had a headache waking up.  What's the deal? Oh maybe it's the over-sleeping and over-saturation of pink in this room.

Cleaned up the lakehouse, left for home. Sat around some, then went over to parent's house to spend father's day, watched some sports.

Home, got ready for work, sleep.

2013.06.15 Saturday

Cleaned up a bit around the house.

Started cooking up some chicken soup, took a break in the middle of that to meet up with friends at Torchy's.

Back home to finish the soup, and play some games.

Packed up for the lakehouse, stopped for groceries along the way.  There Kelc and I put together some furniture while we waited for guests to arrive.  Soon, games were commencing.

Finished up the night by watching shooting stars in a semi-light polluted sky and chatting.  Best night I've had in a long time.

2013.06.14 Friday

An average work day.  Followed up by an average evening playing games.  I like simple.

2013.06.13 Thursday

Work day packed with activities again.  Left later that usual, again.

Home, quick snack and change, then out to the park to get some volleyball games going.  Ended up driving to another park.  Whatever works.

Sonic for a bite, and some cool-down.

Home for shower and sleep.

2013.06.12 Wednesday

Jam pack day of fun (meetings and work). Long day.

Game time at home.  Tired.

2013.06.11 Tuesday

Work. Pluckers. Home. Brick House trivia. Home. Sleep.

2013.06.10 Monday

Back to work.  Womp womp.  The day was pretty quiet.

Went grocery shopping in the evening. Watched a couple Arrested Developments, got sleepy.

2013.06.09 Sunday

Went looking at some furniture, but that venture ended quickly.

Out for a b-day packed dinner with family. Dropped Kelc off at trivia afterwards.

Worked on some sketchup, programming stuff, and tf2, then bed time for me.

2013.06.08 Saturday

Yay for getting older.  I opened some gifts from the gf.  POWER SAW! RAWWWWWWWWW.

Played some old school games with my brother.

Kelc and I left for shopping for bed stuff, drove all over town to get just the right set.  Happy b-day to me...

2013.06.07 Friday

Spent most of the first half of the day doing yard work.  I took my time and tried to pay attention to detail that I normally skip.  The effort level increases quite a bit when going slow.  Met the back neighbors during that process, seem like a really cool family.

Taco shack for lunch with Habs.

Grocery shopping at HEB for some goods, then relaxed the remainder of the day.

2013.06.06 Thursday

Short day, handful of meetings, quick ping pong game, left early.

Why did I leave early? Well I ordered myself a new toy, and the package arrived at home shortly after I did.  Got me some nice floorstanding speakers.  The guy delivering said he wouldn't have been able to leave them, probably because the boxes were huge.

Worked on sketchup-ing the house a little more. Kelc came home. Habs came over to play some games, then we went to get some froyo and cough medicine.

2013.06.05 Wednesday

Worked late.   Made some awesome progress.

Home, people watching movie, me playing games.

Cleaned up a bit, then went to bed.

2013.06.04 Tuesday

Another long work day.  Once at home I cooked up quick dinner, then headed over to Habs to check out his oil problem.  Thus, a quick trip over to Autozone, then back to his place to perform an oil change, do some cleanup, kill a roach, etc.

Home, shower, sleep.

2013.06.03 Monday

Groggy all day.  I did not enough sleep last night.

Home late from work, played some N64 games while waiting for people to arrive.

We played some Cards Against Humanity, Clue, then my favorite...sleep.