Friday, February 28, 2014

2014.02.25 Tuesday

Work, school, home (late), leftovers, Dexter, sleep.

2014.02.24 Monday

Back to work, then home a little late.

Over to Korey's to check out her place and grab a bite.  Saw some cool artwork

Home, watched Dexter.  My back starting to feel funky, like I pinched a nerve or something.  Not cool.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014.02.23 Sunday

Worked more on the midterm most of the morning.

Ran some errands, picked up lunch.

Finished up midterm, and submitted it online.

Worked on a project, then raked leaves with Kelc.  Started feeling exhausted again, so we finished up only a chunk.

Watched some final Olympics stuff, played some games, fixed up a leftovers dinner, watched some Dexter, then went to bed.

2014.02.22 Saturday

Cooked up some muffins for breakfast, watched a Dexter, then some olympics.

Got to work on the second half of my midterm.  spent a good chunk of the day just trying to figure out what the question was asking.

Had a pot roast cooking most of the day.  For some reason this crock pot sucks at cooking meat.

Watched some CICGC and worked on a fun project, played a bit of TF2, then went to bed.

2014.02.21 Friday

In work early, tried to watch some hockey during the day but that didn't work, then left work earlier than usual.

Went to HEB with Kelc to grab some grub. Watched Dexter and made some bison steaks.  It's nice to have a little more extravagant meal once in a while.

2014.02.20 Thursday

At work earlier, worked later.

Worked on second part of a midterm most of the evening.  Cooked up some chicken for dinner.

2014.02.19 Wednesday

Work (normal).

Trivia (got third).  Windy, but not terribly cold.

Home, watched an episode of Dexter, then off to bed.

2014.02.18 Tuesday

Went in to work early, and as a result left work a bit early.  Actually part of a plan...

Worked on a midterm exam for most of the evening.  Kelc made a meatloaf, which was very nice and much needed since I was focusing on an exam.  Watched a bit of the Office from bed before passing out.

2014.02.17 Monday

Kind of a productive day at work, but also non-productive.

Home late, tried doing some studying for the midterm, and it turns out some footage was not recorded like I had expected.  Bummer.

Cooked up some pasta for dinner, nothing fantastic.

Tried going to bed earlier, or at least winding down earlier to see if I could get better quality sleep.

2014.02.16 Sunday

Moved and cleaned up stuff around the house.  Finished a few extra steps on the vehicles.

Did some really hard things in KSP.  (Performing a rendezvous in space is kinda complicated.)

Went out for sushi with Kelc and Mark.  My sushi meal was chicken fried rice. Heh.

Back home, watched some olympics, little more KSP, winding down the weekend.

2014.02.15 Saturday

Washed cars, got exhausted, felt like passing out.

Watched olympics.  Mark made some crawfish etoufee, delicious.

2014.02.14 Friday (vday)

Made Kelc a sandwich for lunch.

Then surprised her by dropping off some flowers to the office. (Gotta make the other's slightly jealous, right?)

Prepared some dough for breadsticks, to add to a dinner of ravioli.

Hid some things for a clue-based hunt, then finished cooking up dinner.

Watched some Ali G and called it a night.

2014.02.13 Thursday

Wrapped up the work week.

Things are a bit hectic, yet not too hectic.  Glad to have a few days off to get shtuff done.

2014.02.12 Wednesday

Slightly longer work day.

Finished up Kelc's meal leftovers for lunch.  Mostly good, but I still don't have much faith in zero fat cheese.

Met up with the gang at trivia, also saw my sister/bro-in-law and their group for trivia.  There were a ton of teams that showed up, which made it harder for us.

Home, ate some snacks, worked on a vday gift, then went to bed.

2014.02.11 Tuesday

Got almost on the highway to work, then realized I didn't have my phone.  Decided to be later to work and have a phone instead of surviving the day without it.

Enjoyed some leftovers courtesy of Kelc's cooking adventure.  Actually pretty good.

Had class to split up the day. Went to a few minutes of a retirement celebration.

Home late.  Cooked up some eggs and guacamole.  Filed taxes.

2014.02.10 Monday

Back to work, nothing all too special happening lately.

Some on-site training that was scheduled this week got put on hold indefinitely, so that frees me up to do actual work.

Went home kinda late, Kelc made a interesting chicken parmesan dish that she ended up not liking.  I thought it was pretty good (except for fat free cheese, that doesn't even compute in my head).

I worked on homework into the late evening, then took a break with KSP, then tried doing taxes again.

2014.02.09 Sunday

Tried tackling taxes today, but that kinda fell apart as well.  Maybe I'm getting lazy, or looking at this the wrong way.  I think I'm clicking the wrong answers for some of these questions.

C+E came over to hang out and eat up all the leftovers.  That made up for the party thing.

Watched a bunch of Winter Olympics.  Changed Kelc's oil.  Updated my blog and music statistics.  I'm running low on things to listen to, so if anybody has ideas, that would be great.

2014.02.08 Saturday

Did some preparations for party.  Cleaned up my area.

With all the stuff set up, turns out that the party turned into a small gathering, then turned into just having Kelc's sister over.  Mark joined us in watching the game, and we still had fun and played bingo anyways.

Watched 10 Things I Hate About You after, which I somehow never had seen before.

2014.02.07 Friday

Felt pretty quiet at work all day.  Cold weather.  Almost nobody showed up for lunch.

Cooked up some bacon for tomorrow's celebration.  Didn't really do much else in the evening.

2014.02.06 Thursday

Worked a long day. Followed that by a trip to Costco to get some needed goodies.

Home, Kelc cooked a delicious Chicken Florentine meal. I cleaned up the dishes, and watched some Winter Olympics events. Spent some time doing taxes, then off to bed.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014.02.05 Wednesday

Fun day at work. Stayed a little later so I could cruise right over to trivia. We dominated trivia, earning ourselves a pretty penny. Home, worked on homework to get a headstart for next week.

2014.02.04 Tuesday

Got in to work early to make a meeting. Stayed late taking care of business. Home super late, chatted with Kelc and ate the meal she made.

2014.02.03 Monday

Back into the full swing of work. Felt like people didn't really show up until lunch. Left normal-ish time. Went home, cooked up a pizza, worked on homework until everybody was asleep.

2014.02.02 Sunday

Felt like everybody was doing something for the Super Bowl.  What am I going to do?  I have no idea.

I watched some Dexter in the morning.  I tried working on a project, but I had a annoying headache that made me feel like doing nothing.  I put some laundry in and laid down.

Eventually it was time to go watch the big game.

2014.02.01 Saturday

Today I forced myself to hunker down and get some school work out of the way.  It took a while to get started up, but I got a chunk done.

Kelc was on a mission to take care of some projects that she has put off for a while.  I ended up splitting my time between homework and assisting on some of those projects.

We left to go to the Texas Stars hockey game.  On our way, we stopped by her office to try and find a lost credit card, nope.  Turns out it was in her jacket pocket the entire time.

Arrived early to the game, got a nice bobble head, then some snack food from the concessions.  Great game with domination and fights.

Stopped by Texas Roadhouse on the way home for a delicious late dinner.

Watched some Dexter and called it a night.

2014.01.31 Friday

Day off work, time to get productive.  Vacuumed, mopped, placed a rug, cooked some lunch, cleaned the kitchen

Watched A Bug's Life with Kelc, then some Dexter episodes.

2014.01.30 Thursday

Productive day at work

Home late, ate an attempt at Sous Vide.  Turned out ... okay... kinda.  Cheap steaks go in, cheap steaks come out.  Can't really expect too much.

Watched a Dexter, bedtime

2014.01.29 Wednesday


Trivia, rocked it, froze my nuts off.

Home, played a bit of JC2MP then bedtime.

2014.01.28 Tuesday

Iced in this morning.  Still worked from home.

Went in around noon, worked until late 8.

Got home, ate some grub and watched a Katy Perry documentary on Netflix. Neat.

2014.01.27 Monday

Back to work

Lots of meetings, and mental task-switching, causing a less-productive-than-usual day.

Home, went straight into working on homework.  Still confused on a few things there, but this class seems less stressful than previous.

2014.01.26 Sunday

Worked on homework

Met up at Main Event with the family to bowl.  Went to Cheddar's for food after.

Quick grocery run, then back home for homework.  Watched a few plays of the Pro Bowl, and a few awards from the Grams.

In bed late.

2014.01.25 Saturday

Worked on my temperature box project, and tried working on some homework.  Not much else happened.

2014.01.24 Friday

Welp, guess I'm working from home today.  Ice everywhere.  News reports saying around 200 accidents just because of the ice, plus tons of abandoned vehicles because they got stuck.  Good job people.

Sufficiently productive most of the day.  The sun actually came out and started melting things a bit.

2014.01.23 Thursday

Worked a mostly normal day.  The weather started to change quite drastically, and people forgot how to drive.  I passed 4 accidents on my way home, plus a ton of very unusual driving actions.

Stayed home and enjoyed my evening.

2014.01.22 Wednesday

Worked normal day.

Came home to quiet and empty house.  Ate some leftovers and watched some Family Feud.  Washed some dishes and started working on homework.

Kelc and her mom showed up and we chatted for a while.

I went back to work on homework, then went to bed.

2014.01.21 Tuesday

Work, School, Work, Appointment, Thundercloud, Home, relax.

2014.01.20 Monday

You could say that this was a mostly normal day, but there was one thing that was kinda different.  I have now been a full-time employee for 5 years, meaning I've been in the "real world" longer than I have went to college as an undergrad.  Lucky for me, I have been able to continue my education through opportunities at work, so I still consider myself a student.  What's the point of growing up anyways?

The work day was semi-unproductive due to lots of meetings.  Went home late and worked on homework late into the evening, taking a break just to cook up some dinner.

2014.01.19 Sunday

Did a little bit more homework, then went on a shopping excursion with Kelc

Home, started a woodworking project.  Had to stop when it started getting windy and cooler

Over to Hab+Tay's for a brisket experiment.  Turned out quite tasty.  Watched the 49ers lose.

2014.01.18 Saturday

Spent most of the day working on homework.

Cooked up a pizza for dinner.  Kelc went to hang out with friends.

2014.01.17 Friday

Dealt with insurance companies most of the morning/day.

Hamburger Helper for lunch.

Spent a bit of time playing around with HTPC stuff.

2014.01.16 Thursday

Work.  Once home, nobody could decide on what food to get, quite the dinner debacle.  Settled on Smokey Mo's.

Watched some X-files while eating, then played around with WMC, then bed time.

2014.01.15 Wednesday

Picked up new frames, stylin'.

Worked late, then went over to Trivia.

Home, played around with HTPC for a bit before bed.

2014.01.14 Tuesday

Worked a longer later day to compensate for class time taken yesterday.

Got home and set up a tv tuner, ate some leftovers and watched x-files.

Played a little bit of JC2-MP, then called it.

2014.01.13 Monday

Worked a relatively normal day.

Got home and ate some leftovers and worked on homework late into the evening.  Not much else to say about that.