Monday, August 27, 2012

2012.08.23 Thursday

Woke up with more energy today than other days.  I think I'm still not acclimated to how dark my house is in the morning.  I was used to a slight glow and hum coming from my computer being close to me.

Today we had a lunch outing for our beloved summer intern.  A quick trip down the road for BBQ.  By the time we got back, everybody was ready for a nap.  Nice.

I counted the number of grunts in a Cher Lloyd song... 18.  Good grief.

2012.08.22 Wednesday

Fruity breakfast.  Leftovers for lunch.

Productive evening at home.  Called up TWC to get a fix on my monthly bill.  Flipped the door on my dryer.  Leveled the washer and dryer (as much as I could).  Went for a run.  Cooked up a nice paleo dinner.

Finished Dear John with Kelc.  It was an ok movie with a blah ending.  I will say that I did actually want to finish it after watching the first half.

2012.08.21 Tuesday

Well my slow-cooker trial came out a tad over-done.  Bummer, but still smells and looks somewhat delicious.  I shall call it "slop" since it looks like chunky refried bean mess.  It has chicken breast, chicken stock, brown rice, lentils, garlic, bell peppers, onions, turnip, carrots and a touch of pepper.

Breakfast today was a banana.

Vball, quick drive over to the airport, popeyes for lunch.

Slurry slop for dinner.

Kelc's mom and sister+bf+doggy came over to watch the movie Bernie.  Also ordered in some Chinese food.  The movie was pretty funny, but I could see how it wouldn't be very funny to people that aren't from Texas.

2012.08.20 Monday

Those three-day weekends always seem to fly by.  Feels bad man.

Kelc and I went to Torchy's for dinner to celebrate her recent career changes.  Then over to HEB for a few items.  That led us into some slow cooker cooking.

Not many words here, but the day was pretty packed with being busy.

2012.08.19 Sunday

Cooked up an awesome bacon, fried egg, and banana breakfast.

Did things around the house.  Figured out how to get video streaming to work from my computer to TV, mostly

Went to Kelc's storage unit and loaded up.

Later on we watched the Steelers - Colts pre-season game.  Pretty awesome.  Over-the-air HD since I still don't have cable.  Should I even bother getting cable?

2012.08.18 Saturday

Picked up some breakfast tacos, then drove over to my brothers to move some stuff.  Things were more awkward than heavy, but also I was half-asleep still.

After we unloaded everything, I made some coffee and then really started to wake up.  I set up some of my brother's things, like TV and receiver.

Then it started raining.  Awesome.  That should bring some life back to the grass.

Went shopping with Kelc.  Had to run through the rain a bit with groceries.

Had some friends over. Played games and had fun.

2012.08.17 Friday

First objective for today: take advantage of Discount Tire's free tire rotation and balance check.  Things went swimmingly.

Next up: cutting the yard.  Sucks that it got so much hotter by the time I arrived at home.

Spent the remainder of the day around the house.  Ended up with a headache and took a nap.

2012.08.16 Thursday

Slept through my alarm completely.  It turned itself off.  Nice.  Traffic was a bit more mucky because of that.  At least it is the end of my work week.

Worked on changing my oil and learning lessons left and right.  Kelc brought home some P.Terry's, sweeeeet.

2012.08.15 Wednesday

Carpooled finally.  It's been a long time.

Mostly normal day, with some volleyball to top it off.  Always a good day when volleyball happens.

Pit stop by home, then over to Kelc's to drop off stuff, then out shopping to pick up more things.  Feels like all I have been doing lately is spending.  Feels great.

Watched the movie The Machinist with Kelc, then sleep.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012.08.14 Tuesday

I had an interesting mental state when I awoke.  It was one of those times where your brain is so far removed where you are delirious upon waking up, and everything seems so far-fetched and unreal.  Perfect opportunity to use the snooze button.

Worked a half-day, then went home to accept a delivery.  I felt super productive working from home without people bugging me.  I even made myself a tasty red bean and rice lunch.  Only problem was that after the coffee wore off, I needed a nap.

I got a phone call later on in the evening (9:30) saying they will be by soon with my delivery.  Guess I didn't need to take a half-day after all.  Great.

2012.08.13 Monday

Dr. Appointment.  Good news: not a hernia... weird news: lymph node irritated?  Neat.

Stopped by HEB for some groceries, then over to work.

Slightly rainy today.  Unbelievable.

Went through some old stuff I had stored away in containers.  Cooked myself up a beefy dinner.
Cleaned up desk stuff, then my computer started freaking out and I had to pull out a memory stick that was causing issues.  What the heck.  Time for sleep.

2012.08.12 Sunday

Went out to Deli Werks for breakfast/lunch with Kelc and her mom.

Back home for some more cleaning.  Decided to tackle the oven today.

Crystal and Erik made a surprise visit.

Kelc came over later, cooked up a bacon and friend egg dinner.  Played a game called What's My Word?

Vacuumed and mopped.  Long day, but accomplished.

2012.08.11 Saturday

Woke up to run some errands.  First up was taking those locks to get rekeyed.  Found a neat little key store not that far away.  Took about 10 minutes.

Hopped over to Target.  Crazy back-2-school going on.

Home.  Finished the lock swap.  Brother and dad came over.

Did a few more things then left.

Stopped by the previous owner's new place to drop off some mail.

Stopped by Target to swap a damaged item.

Out to the lakehouse.  Watched Misery with Kelc and Hab+Tay.

Played 21 and Loaded Questions.


2012.08.10 Friday

Had a hard time getting up today.  Just another day at work, except for my discomfort.

Feels like a lot of people are out today, and then lots of people also wanting to leave early.  I must admit that my level of care started waning.

Did stuff around the house, then convinced my dad to bring over the trunk to pick up a washing machine.  Then we stopped by Lowe's to shop for dryers and locks.  My wallet hurt after that one.

2012.08.09 Thursday

For some reason, today just went by incredibly slow.  On the plus side, that makes it seem like I'm getting a lot more done in less time.

We sort of celebrated the intern's last chunk of days.  For some reason the idea of 3 pizzas for 2 people made sense to somebody.  Maybe it was a $/intern value that they had to use across the board, and they went all-out at the other sites.  Goobers will be goobers.

Went my parent's house to grab some dinner.  Talked about mattresses and how expensive they can be.

Stopped by Home Depot prior to closing to grab a few things.

Back to my house to drop off the goods, then Kelc and her sister picked me up to go see the movie Killer Joe.

2012.08.08 Wednesday


Things at work at a mixture of hectic and flux.  Best solution: play vball over lunch to get away from it all.

Dinner for Kelc: Chisos's Southwest Grill at the Hill Country Galleria.  Pretty awesome food, and I cleared my entire plate somehow.

Habs and Taylor came over to check out my house.  Everything is a huge mess still, but I'm workin on it. Just doesn't look like it.  At least the yard looks somewhat tame.

2012.08.07 Tuesday

Back to work.  It looks like I can get to work in about 20-25 minutes, mostly highway driving.  Not bad.  Unfortunately, not bike-friendly, but still not bad.

Had some morning coffee.  I started using a bag of Dunkin Donuts beans.  A little while later it felt like I was getting a headache.  Not sure if those things are related.

Went out to Popeye's for a fantastically inexpensive meal.  Added a scoop of ice cream to finish off the meal.

Left work later than I wanted to, and got started on yard work.  The whole process takes a couple hours, but that was with rather tall grass.  It might go faster with a yard that is more tame.  Some spots look like they might be dying from the heat;  I'll have to keep an eye on them.

Kelc and I tried stopping by our neighborhood's National Night Out where people can meet up and get to know each other, and also learn about neighborhood safety tips.  I say "tried" because they were putting away the table when we arrive with Kelc's delicious home-baked cookies.  FINE, no cookies for you.

Stopped for dinner at Torchy's Tacos, then a quick delivery trip to Alin's to drop off the carpet cleaner.  Back home, cleaned up and prepared for sleep.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012.08.06 Monday (Post-SPI)

Everybody was slow to wake up (probably from the black-out curtains).  Then shortly after getting up and starting to pack, everybody was in a grumpy mood.

We packed up quickly and checked out.  I was elected to drive Kelc's mom's car back to Austin since I drive standard.  During the drive... not much happened.  Listened to some music for part of the journey, but sat in silence for the majority of the time.  Would have been nice to have someone to have a discussion with, or at least had my own music...

Ate dinner at my parents house while I waited for the other vehicle to arrive with the second half of my luggage.  Then went home and started preparing for the rest of the week.

2012.08.05 Sunday (SPI)

Didn't sleep in so much this day.  Stopped by Starbucks again, grabbed a cinnamon roll and vanilla cafe latte.  Every time I visit Starbucks I am reminded how nobody has the toasted marshmallow flavored syrup.

Went down to the beach for a bit, also chatted and relaxed near the pool.

The "adults" of the group decided to take a little walk southward on the beach.  I joined in because obviously I am an adult now... right? (lol) We stopped at a few places, including some condos that looked pretty sweet.  There are talks of having future SPI adventures at a new location, just to change things up, maybe get a better deal and a kitchen in the rooms.  That would be pretty sweet, because right now there isn't even a microwave so leftovers are mostly wasted.

Later on in the evening, the kids wanted to hit up the go-cart place across from Louie's.  I'm still a kid too...right? (lol)  Raced around for a short 5 minutes, got in a total of maybe 3 laps.  Kelc and her sister got stuck for a good couple minutes, wasting most of their time.  After it all, we celebrated with some ice cream, then went back to the hotel.

There we chatted around the pool and enjoyed the cooler temps, trying to make the most of the time we had remaining.

2012.08.04 Saturday (SPI)

Everybody decided to sleep in super late today.  Probably had something to do with the second night of intense snoring.

Pretty much another day of just goofing around with no real plans.

Dinner ended up being at Gabriella's near the hotel.  Absolutely amazing itallian food, considering the standard options on SPI.  Highly recommend going, but be prepared for long waits.

2012.08.03 Friday (SPI)

Slept in pretty well.

Played some tennis. Sat around the pool and chit-chatted with friends.

Out to Louie's for dinner.  Fireworks, crab legs, fish, stuffed.

2012.08.02 Thursday (Pre-SPI)

Took the day off to take care of appointments at home.  Exterminator and cable guy.  Both were pretty young looking, but also helpful and nice.

Of course when the cable guy called, the song "Call Me Maybe" was on the radio.  Well Andy, why was it on the radio? I'll tell you.  It's because Kelc mentioned a radio station that I should check out, and I have an old analog-tuner knob, so I was semi-guessing at what station I was dialed in to.  Couldn't tell because it was on commercial break, but later I noticed it was the top 40 station.  I was underneath my sink messing around with plumbing, so I didnt feel like getting up to fix it, and then the phone call happened.  A series of unfortunate events.

On the plus side, I fixed up the sink so it feels much more stable now.

Ran some errands with Kelc.  She bought a dvd cabinet.  I did laundry at home.

Began the drive down to south padre.  Kelc wanted a nap so I took over in the drivers seat.  The silence was very boring and I started getting rather droopy eyed. So I woke Kelc back up.

2012.08.01 Wednesday

Another long day at work. Got there around 10a, left around 11p.  Can't really explain much more than that.  Sleep was very welcome.

2012.07.31 Tuesday

Long day at work.  Left around 8:45p trying to finish a bunch of things.  Picked up chik-fil-a on the way home. It was (drum roll please)... less than satisfactory.  I'll cut them some slack because I picked it up so late, but seriously a crunchy stale bun with soggy pickle spots, only two small pickles, and non-fresh waffle fries.  Disappointed.

2012.07.30 Monday

Woke up a bit late again.  Just too easy to sleep in at my place.  On the plus side, for some reason it only takes me like 30-35 minutes to get out the door, instead of 45-50.  Still not sure how that happened.

Impromptu demonstration of some of the work I've been doing for the past few months.  Everything went swimmingly.  To top it off, still able to play some vball over lunch.

2012.07.29 Sunday (BCS)

Woke up with the house hustlin' and bustlin'.  The goal for today was to clean up some, then start the grill out.  We had tons of meats.  I went with a bison steak and some grilled veggies.

Watched some more olympics, then left in a time window so that we would get home in time to catch the evening showing.

Made it home on time, but Kelc decided to delay watching to later in the evening.  That worked for me because I had some things to take care of.

Watched the women's gymnastics qualifiers, started getting sleepy, then went to a-home to wash dishes and go to bed.

2012.07.28 Saturday (BCS)

I somehow planned to leave super early today so that I would have plenty of time in BCS, but somehow we slept in super late.

On the way out of town, we stopped by Dunkin Donuts to use up a $25 gift card that I had sitting around collecting dust.  Our total: $25.04  (WIN)

Drive to BCS went by quickly.  Got to hang out with some good old friends.  Went shopping for delicious foods to prepare.

Marisa cooked up a large cuban meal.  It was delicious.  The kitchen was packed with people.  Ray said we should take it to the next half-level tonight with wine.  After a handful of glasses, he was nodding off.  :-P  He took a mini nap then woke up to play some apples to apples with us.  We also watched some of the olympics at some point.  The night kind of blends together.

2012.07.27 Friday

It's rather difficult to wake up when there is a big empty house surrounding me that doesn't have any noisemakers.

Worked a long day, but got to enjoy a lunch out to CoCo's for the annual Doyo Ushi No Hi (or "Eat Eel Day"). What does that mean?  I have no idea.  I ended up getting some spicy chicken plate and eggrolls that were delicious.  Also tried some soup and bread thing.

Kelc texted me at some point in the afternoon saying she started working a new job.  Congrats?!

Went to p-home to eat food and pack up more junk.  Then stopped by Kelcs to watch some of the opening ceremony for the Olympics.  I haven't gotten excited about the olympics just yet.  Then went to a-home to unpack and settle in some more.  I washed some dishes and set up the study area some more.

Went to bed super late.

2012.07.26 Thursday

Rested up and went back to work later than normal.  Things got a bit crazy since I left.  I guess the goal now is to RUN AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

I worked efficiently, but still maintained the mindset of relaxed.  Stress is a killer, ya know?

(Still moving stuff)

2012.07.25 Wednesday (Post-Hawaii)

Well that didn't work out so well.  That felt like I didn't sleep at all.  Dang.

Caught a flight over to AUS.  My dad picked us up from the airport and took us home.  I unpacked a bit, then went out for food with my dad.

My mind was just completely wonked out for the remainder of the day.  I did some laundry, packing, and moving.

I guess I could go to work tomorrow?

2012.07.24 Tuesday (Hawaii)

Relaxing day, but also sucks that this is Kelc and my last day.

We finally got to do something I wanted to do the entire trip, play volleyball in Hawaii.  We played a few games amongst ourselves, which ended up being a few 2v3 games.  We rotated around the players to change things up.  After that, a group of younger girls asked if we wanted to play a few games with them.  Yes please.  Well, turns out they were part of a summer camp or something.  They kicked our butts, then we found out that a couple of them were like 12 or 13 years old.  Dang, I suck.

Went out to Goose McGillyCuddy's for lunch.  Interesting place, but seemed pretty slow.

Kelc and I then packed and relaxed while the rest of the kids began the journey to go watch the sunset from the top of the volcano.

Off to the airport for a red eye, Korey joined us for the flight home to get there a bit sooner.  Kelc and I prepared to fly coach and picked up quiznos for dinner, but we ended up in first class so I had to eat two dinners.  Plus the flight attendant kept pouring me wine so I was getting pretty slurred. Interestingly, I couldn't sleep very well...

2012.07.23 Monday (Hawaii)

Some went on the road to Hana again.  There were tons of stops along the way that we had to skip over so we could make it out to the seven pools.  Tons of hidden waterfalls and views.  I skipped out on that.

I remember this day being mostly laid back.  Kelc and I went out to Big Beach by ourselves to get some more sun time in, and watch the sunset.  I did some boogie boarding, then face planted into the sand and tweaked my shoulder.  Probably would have looked amazing on film.

Little bits of drama here and there, but that tends to happen when everybody is forced to be around each other for so long.  I found it entertaining.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012.07.22 Sunday (Hawaii)

Plan for today is "The Road to Hana" and the "Seven Sacred Pools of Oheo Gulch".  What is a gulch anyways?

Little did we know that the journey would be so long, the distance traveled kinda short, and the views absolutely breathtaking.  If ever in Maui for at least a fewe days, I highly recommend spending a day trip to go see the seven pools.  Plan on bringing a picnic lunch or some food to hold you over, because we had a terrible time finding a place to eat.  We ended up going to TuTu's, which was being run by one person, and was very mediocre for the price.  Hana bay looks like it was a booming destination at one point, but now looked more run down.

The drive back was a bit edgy. Half of the car was tired of being in the car, and the other half wanted to stop at the stands along the road for fresh fruit or confections.  We also had an audio cd that talks you through the drive out to Hana, but we didn't get to listen until we were driving back.

Finally home, time to relax and give each other some space.

2012.07.21 Saturday (Hawaii)

Day spa morning.  Slightly embarrassing how I had to take a massive duke, and we were the only people there (plus the toilet wasnt flushing...oh god).

Left there oily, relaxed, and fumigated.

Kihei Cafe for lunch.  Took longer than expected because they mixed up some orders.  I think they sent out our food for delivery by accident

The scooter booters came back from their morning journey, then returned the scooters.

Kelc and I cleaned up the oily from the spa while everybody else went out to the beaches.  We then put on swim gear and sunscreen about to head out when they were on their way back.  Good timing?

We went out and bought a volleyball and ice cream, then swam at the beach.

Five Palms restaurant with Kelc and her mom.  Expensive, but delicious.  I had Walu.  What is walu?  Some sort of fish.

Home, tired.

2012.07.20 Friday (Hawaii)

Cooked up a nice bacon and egg breakfast this morning.

The guys were wanting to rent some scooters and zip around the island.  Kelc helped find places that had bikes while also trying to look up some day spas that had some openings for us.  She found both but later we remembered that she never called to actually reserve the day spa slot, so we ended up not going.

We helped the guys and gals get to the moped place, watched them learn how to ride.

Went back to the condo to just sit around and relax.

Went out to a 50s diner for dinner.  They had an old time jukebox so we put some change in to play some old time hits.

2012.07.19 Thursday (Hawaii)

Drove out to Honolua Bay.  We did some snorkeling and lounging around.  The hike in to honolua is awesome. It's like some surreal jungle adventure.

Drove to another beach, Kelc and I took a nap.  I have no idea what beach it was, but they had a set of decent bathrooms really close to the beach, with a grassy knoll and palm trees for lounging.  My neck got a tad burned from lying there.

Went to Cool Cat Cafe for burgers and fries, and to shop around a bit.  I picked some spicy chicken sandwich and my face was on fire for quite a bit.  Seems like people are starting to want to split off on their own at this point too, instead of traveling as a group for everything and having to compromise on what to do.

Headed to Black Rock beach for a bit.  There they have this lazy river thing around a bar. I remember this place, and I think I've dreamed about it so I didn't remember if it was real or not.  The boy-car left early because they were getting annoyed with the group traveling pattern, so we left whenever we wanted to.

Drove home, more relaxation.

2012.07.18 Wednesday (Hawaii)

I woke up a couple times in the middle of the night.  Partially because I was being frozen by the air conditioner and fan, and partially because my sleep patterns aren't quite adjusted to the 5 hour difference yet.

Kelc's mom was already up, so we headed over to starbucks to get a little kickstarter juice.

Went to big beach.  Surprisingly, up over the cliff to the right is a nude beach.  As cool as it sounds, the view of old man-chicken was not cool.  I didn't go over there, although after we left I thought about how there aren't too many chances to be nude in public without consequences... maybe when I get older....

Drove through the lava flows.  Crazy that there is so much jagged lava rock that was once molten and flowing not that long ago.

Went to a place called Cheese Burger for late lunch.  We almost went to a place directly across from it, but a guy came out and was really pushy about getting us to eat there.  Once we were served food, we started thinking that maybe he was right in saying his food was better.  WE MAY NEVER KNOW FOR SURE.

Stopped by the grocery store and mostly relaxed for the remainder of the day.