Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2008.10.15 Wednesday

Another hump day. It felt like I woke up early, but in reality I woke up at a normal school-day time, I just did not ride the bus where I get an extra nap in normally. Cool thing about the buses, they have wi-fi now. I need to take advantage of that. I want something that could perform like a mobile browser like the iTouch, but I also don't want it to be apple. Got any ideas?

Lab today was interesting. The professor made us do something the hard way when the easy way is extremely straightforward and simple. The TA ended up helping my lab partner and I out a great deal on the first half, and then we wrapped up the second half pretty quickly. There are only 6 people (including me) in this lab, and I'm thankful that I have an awesome TA for it. M
y Government class on the other hand... the TA who grades my papers is awful. I'm probably going to have to put extra effort into that class. It all boils down to being a really difficult class because some Texas legislatures felt that every college student should take this course. The professors know this, and make the class that much more fun.

*rant rant rant*

I've been studying some more for the test I have Friday. I have a lot to work on still. :-( Also, I have a quiz monday, and a test Wednesday just announced. Add to that a concert monday night, and a possible meeting, and fun ensues.

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