Thursday, July 31, 2014

2014.07.27 Sunday

Woke up early because my body is not used to going to sleep that early.

Cut the yard

Trimmed some bushes.

Cleaned up a bit

Home Depot for a few things



Watched The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, and Me and You and Everyone We Know.  Back and forth, forever.

2014.07.26 Saturday

Lake day with the family.  Got there a bit earlier than everybody else.

Had to fill up the boat with gas, find all the activity items, load them up, get the boat started, and lower it into the water. I ended up driving since nobody else really wanted to.  My brother and sister tried cruising a bit in the open waters just to get a feel for it.

We went around the bend in the lake to do some kneeboarding.

Went back to the dock for refreshments and lunch.

Went for another cruise down the lake.

The boys went out for some extreme riding.

Dad cut up some watermelon, ended up being a hugh-jazz watermelon.  Tons leftover.

Home.  Tired

Picked up some Wendy's and watched BSG.  Kelc went to sleep around 9p.  I stayed up until about 10:15 and crashed.  Getting old.

2014.07.25 Friday

Work from home today.  A/C guys coming to install a new system.  Took about half the day.  Around lunch time I was getting a bit uncomfortable and couldn't even work effectively.  I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must be in the attic.

New system on and blowing.  The outside unit is much quieter, the inside unit is also pretty quiet, but the air it is blowing is strong and loud.  Must be pumping a larger volume of air.

2014.07.24 Thursday

Worked another long day to try and make up hours.

Watched a BSG once Kelc arrived home.  Things are really starting to ramp up.  The odd part is that dialog actually decreased, and the portrayal of emotions definitely increased.  Feels like ABC's Lost now.

Played a bit of L4D2, then went to bed.

2014.07.23 Wednesday

First half of the day was another appointment.

Worked from mid-day to late late in the evening.

Picked up some TacoBell then went home and watched BSG when Kelc got home.

2014.07.22 Tuesday

Worked, left early to meet at home for an appointment

Going to be a few warm days this week.  Worked from home some.

Watched a BSG, then bedtime.

2014.07.21 Monday

Another typical work day, except that I left really late.  Went home, picked up Kelc, drove to Goodwill to pick up a couple things, then back home.

Heated up some leftovers and watched a BSG.  Played some L4D2 after, then bedtime.

2014.07.20 Sunday

Actually getting work done today.  Cut the yard and tried lubricating the sprinkler system a bit.

Patched a hole I cut in the sheetrock.  For a first time it's pretty darn good.

Cooked up veggies for dinner and watched Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior.

Cleaned up some cabling that I pulled down a few weeks back.  Cleaned up the kitchen and prepared a few meals for the week, then a bit of gaming before bedtime.

2014.07.19 Saturday

Back to the doctor's office to try again to give blood, and then sat around until I was able to provide a urine sample.

Picked up some Gatti's pizza for lunch.

Mostly lazy day again.

Watched Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, and played games.

2014.07.18 Friday

Kelc only went to work for a small chunk of the day, not exactly feeling too well.

I went to my doctor for a normal physical, but they started doing things out of order and I started getting queasy with how many times they were poking my arms.

Went home, ate some food, starting to feel better again.  Watched TV and sat around most of the day.  Picked up some prescriptions, didn't really do much else.

2014.07.17 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Feels good man.

2014.07.16 Wednesday


Late to trivia.  We did alright.  Kelc left early from stomach discomfort.

Home, sleep.

2014.07.15 Tuesday

Work, home late

Ate leftover fried rice.

Played What's My Word with Kelc, then bedtime.

2014.07.14 Monday

Back to work

Stopped by HEB on the way home for some goodies.

Cooked up some fried rice, watched some Whose Line Is It Anyway? and American Ninja Warrior.  Go girl.

Watched the Office and headed to bed.

2014.07.13 Sunday

Woke up naturally, cut the yard.  Feeling pretty tired.

Picked up some Freebirds for lunch.  Watched some more BSG, but started falling asleep.  Decided to clean up more of the house and get rid of some furniture.

Dairy Queen and more BSG.

Played a few minutes of L4D2, then off to bed.

2014.07.12 Saturday

Woke up early to the sound of cats getting into a fight.  Dumb cats

Spent all day finishing up the paint project and making most of the house not a complete mess

Showered up, picked up some flowers, then headed to the airport.  Didn't have to wait around for very long.

Drove home, hung out for a bit.

Picked up some whataburger (welcome back to America) and watched some Battlestar Galactica

2014.07.11 Friday


Cafe closed, Quiznos.  Not a huge fan of what Quiznos tasks like these days.

More work, finished a chunk of stuff

Home, continued working on paint project until late late

2014.07.10 Thursday


Worked on paint project at home

Went to bed on the couch, exhausted.

2014.07.09 Wednesday


Home Depot

Quick dinner

Paint into the night

2014.07.08 Tuesday

Worked a longer day

Home, random leftovers and worked more on the final exam.

Wrapped up the night with a few minutes of L4D2.

2014.07.07 Monday

In work a bit late, hard to readjust to work schedule.

Left late

Worked on Final Exam all evening and late into the night.

2014.07.06 Sunday

Not feeling that great today.  My legs and back are sore from multiple days of physical labor.  To add insult to injury, I also feel sick to my stomach.  Don't want to move around much.

Spent the afternoon and evening working on a final exam.

2014.07.05 Saturday

Spent the morning doing yard work.
Spent most of the day working on the cabling project.

The house looks like it has been turned upside down.

2014.07.04 Friday

Off Friday for two reasons. Holiday and work

Worked most of the day on cabling project

AC seemed to stay on all evening.  Not sure if I messed things up with a power-cycle last night, or it's just that hot in the house.

2014.07.03 Thursday

Work, lax day since I put in more hours this week.

Stopped by Home Depot
Stopped by Freebirds

Tried fixing up a part of the yard by putting down some topsoil.  Hopefully the grass will grab hold.

Started wiring project, when I got too exhausted from that, I went and started painting project.  I am crazy.

2014.07.02 Wednesday

Woke up super early.  Totally don't remember what this feels like.

Dressed, loaded up car, made breakfast and took off to the airport.  Dropped off Kelc for her trip around the world.

Drove to work.  Arrived super early.  Stayed kinda late.

No class.

Trivia.  4th place, not bad.  It was a difficult night.

Home, played a few minutes of L4D2 and started falling asleep.  Kitty was kinda annoyed that nobody had been around all day.

2014.07.01 Tuesday

Home late
Cooked up some rice
Shower, in bed early.

2014.06.30 Monday

Home semi-late.  Leftovers
Took care of some bills and paperwork.
Watched the first episode of season 4 of BSG.  Kelc went to bed early, while I played some L4D2.

2014.06.29 Sunday

Started the wiring project.  Climbed up in the attic.  Melted my face off.

Had to stop by about noon.  Just way too hot.

2014.06.28 Saturday

Kelc is out of town.  Time to have a productive day.

Cut and edged the grass, fixed the fence, polished the address, re-sealed some of the driveway, disassembled a desk, cleaned up a room.

Played some games, wasted time watching Dateline NBC.