Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012.12.15 Saturday

Cleaned up around the house.  Sweeped up lots of balls of brown hair.  *glare*

Went through a ton of old paperwork.  Split into two piles, recycle and burn.

Mark visited, and dropped off a guitar.

Super non-paleo day.  While things taste fine, I felt like crap the rest of the day.

2012.12.14 Friday

Enjoyed the pleasures of an eye appointment.  My prescription has gotten weaker.  Explain that one science.

Suffered with sunglasses on for most of the morning while my pupils were unnecessarily large.  Drove to work and went to play some flag football with the gang.

Quick day of work.  Once home, just changed and headed back out to attend an evening gift exchange party.  I was on course to have a ton of gifts at the end, but almost all were stolen away from me.  Silly games.

After that party, went over to a late night party, graduation celebration for a long time friend of Kelc.

2012.12.13 Thursday

What did I do this day?  Probably not much, because I didn't write anything notable down.  I'm sure this day happened though...

2012.12.12 Wednesday

Plain jane day, except we were able to get a group together to play some volleyball.

Mini dinner with Habs at Chik Fil A

Home, walk to walgreens with Kelc.

2012.12.11 Tuesday

Work, popeyes special tuesday.

Went for a 1 mile jog in the cold.  Don't like that feeling at all.

Cooked up some tilapia and mushrooms for dinner.  Dealt with some paperwork

Messed around with an emulator project.  Things are starting to click, like mouse buttons and keys on the keyboard.

2012.12.10 Monday

Long day at work.  Quick leftover dinner.

Cleaned up the office.  Read up some material about PE files.

2012.12.09 Sunday

Woke up and made a good bacony breakfast.

Watched Steelers at pluckers.  Not a good game.  Left early because it wasn't worth the pain.

Went to the Salt-Lick for a work party with Kelc's business.  Met some cool people, and got a chance to remember what it is like to be a somewhat small team that works for a big-name business.

Found out text messaging stopped working.  Someone decided it was a good idea to delete that feature of my plan without asking.

2012.12.08 Saturday

Happy half-b-day.

Worked on the blinds some more.  Eventually got to a satisfactory point for that, then sat around playing around with the emulator code.

Started working on that Resume... Yep.  Outlook for the future isn't so bright.  But hey, what can you do?  Continue doing as best of job you can, be proud with what you can do, and always look after #1.

Met up with Mark and Nadia to celebrate his b-day.  Went to some hole-in-the-wall authentic Korean bbq place.  Baby octopus, various beef cuts, and bacon.  It was pretty good, and very reasonably priced.

Back at their place, had some cake and played some guitar.

2012.12.07 Friday

Fixed up some breakfast, and somehow a ton of bacon was being made.  :-D

Met up with Mark and Habs at Verts.  They went on a baller bike ride, almost died.

Looked more into the emulator stuff.  I'm making some huge progress.

Decided to spend some time taking out the extra blinds that previous owners didn't feel like messing with.  More time consuming than I originally thought.

2012.12.06 Thursday

Foggy wet morning with more traffic than normal.  Ready for the weekend.

Kelc is leaving for Michigan soon.  What am I going to do with myself?

2012.12.05 Wednesday

Tele-cons, Meetings, Interruptions.  Frustrating, but part of the job.

Worked from home in the evening.  Also cooked up some fajita chicken. Watched some IASIP, looked at some emulator code, then went to bed confused.

2012.12.04 Tuesday

Lunch outing with work peeps, then home late.

Watched Rudolph synchronously with my family, but distributed around town.  I remember it being longer...

Cleaned up some dishes, talked with Kelc some, watched The Office.  This season isn't completely terrible.

2012.12.03 Monday

Work, full of meetings and not getting anything done.

My foot hurts.  Not sure what the problem is, but Mark thinks it is plantar fasciitis.  Power through?

Went out for trivia, did pretty well.

2012.12.02 Sunday

Errands day, some places I can't mention for about a month, Costco, Steelers game...

Did some tree decorating with Kelc, then off to bed.  Productive day, sucks that it went by so fast.

2012.12.01 Saturday

Cooked up some yummy breakfast.  Cleaned around the house.

Had people over to watch the UT game.  We lost.  Just great.

Watched a few episodes of the IT Crowd, then called it a night.

2012.11.30 Friday

Busy day at work.

Celebrated the end of an era with a lunch outing for my old boss at Pappadeaux.  Food was great.  Great seeing all the people.  I will definitely miss him.

Left a tad on the early side.  Wasn't really getting much work done after that lunch anyways.

2012.11.29 Thursday

Foggy morning.  Not much else going on this day.  (I didn't have much to say about this day.  It happens.)

2012.11.28 Wednesday

Midweek madness!  Split the day with Vball, then drove home, showered up, then over to Hasbro house to work from there.

Back home, cooked up dinner.  Less than impressed.

Read up some about windows kernel.


2012.11.27 Tuesday

Woke up about an hour before my alarm.  Too early to get started, to late to get more quality sleep.  Dumb.

Lots of interruptions today.

Home later than expected.  Kelc did a bit of work around the house, lights, decorations, a tree.

2012.11.26 Monday

Doesn't feel as cold outside as it should be.  It's supposed to be November...

La Cazuelas for lunch, then Matt's El Rancho for dinner.  Happy bday foo.  Followed up with Blazer Tag for fun.

Home, snoozer.

2012.11.25 Sunday

Beat Perfect Dark Zero (on the easiest setting).  Only 13 missions?  Feels like a letdown.  I didn't realize until the end that this game was a prequel to the legendary N64 game.  The story line left a lot to desire.

Started some laundry and dishes, then got a text to go watch a football game...

Met up with Kor and Shar at Fowler's to watch the Steelers lose.  It was really bad.  It was like a carwreck.

Back home, Kelc got off work. She played the Sims and I looked at some code.  Quick trip to home depot.   Then that wraps up the weekend.

2012.11.24 Saturday

Feels like it should be a monday or sunday already, but it's only saturday.  Score.

Played a bunch of Perfect Dark Zero.  The game just got much harder for no reason.  Kinda dumb.  I also don't like using thumbsticks for first person shooters, just feels wrong.

Monday, November 26, 2012

2012.11.23 Friday

Not sure what to do with myself today.  Hmm black friday? No thanks.

Met up with happy couple for a lunch at torchy's.  Always delicious.

Met up with Tyler and some of his family to play some sand volleyball and vennis.  Good times.

Home, showered up.  Amanda and Josh came over to hang out. We watched Dodgeball.

I played some Perfect Dark Zero.  Ray and Marisa came over to hang out and chat.  Late night.

2012.11.22 Thursday (Turkey Day)

Cooked up some food.  Kelc and I split ways.  To each their own (family).

Hung out with family and ate a ton of food.  As expected.

Watched the UT game with my pops.  Kinda depressing, but at least we got to chat most of the game.

Eventually headed home.  I feel a weird mix of energetic and exhausted.  I choose sleep.

2012.11.21 Wednesday

Minimal traffic, and a quiet day at work.  Intern showed up to work, and silly for him, asked for help on the day before thanksgiving.  I'll let it slide this time.

Left work a tiny bit early, just in case there were any potential for traffic.  Wrapped up the week from home, started relaxing a bit.

Tried to take a nap, but then before I knew it, time to head over to the Texas Stars game.  A lot more fun than I thought it was going to be.

2012.11.20 Tuesday

Semi quiet day at work.  Ran 1.6 miles after work.  Legs feel a bit weaker than usual.  Might be joint pain.

Cooked up some fish and veggies.  Watched Sportsnight, then bed.

2012.11.19 Monday

Grumpy day at work.  Home late too.  Cheer myself up with distraction, Trivia.

Played some Perfect Dark Zero on the 360, then bed.

2012.11.18 Sunday

Pulled apart some pipes.  The clog looked like a dead animal.  Hair + hair products + mouth discharge = andy nearly puking the entire time.

HEB trip for goodies.  Steelers game with Kelc and her mom and sis.  Cooked up some queso blanco that turned out pretty good, little bit of a kick.

2012.11.17 Saturday

Drilled some holes in the dvd cabinet.  Sounds easy in theory, but it was awkward angles and hinged work.

Cooked bison and eggs for breakfast.

Watched some college football.  Watched some more Sportsnight until Kelc fell asleep.  Then she left to go watch a movie.

I watched more sports, cooked up bacon, and looked at some source code.  Thinking about jumping onto an open source project to get some more exposure to coding styles.

2012.11.16 Friday

Football.  Yessss.

Left a tad early.  Very unusual for this week.  By the time Kelc came home, I was in my around-the-house comfortable clothing.

Started watching Sportsnight.  Looks old, shows are short, and grainy.

2012.11.15 Thursday

Today wasn't as quiet as yesterday, but still not a normal day by my standards.

I worked on a ton of documentation, and started using my stand-up workstation more.  I think my feet are getting used to standing for longer chunks of time again.  Didn't take long to adjust at all.

Swung by Hasbro House on the way home to drop of some things.  We went out to some asian place for a quick bite, then over to Hobby Lobby and Home Depot to look at what they have in stock.

Back home, and back to work remotely.

2012.11.14 Wednesday

A bit late getting started today.

All quiet on the work front.  Then worked later than I wanted to.

Cooked up a nice meal of ground bison, baked potatoes, and scrambled eggs.  Caught up on some tv shows with Kelc.

Worked a little from home, then called it a night.

2012.11.13 Tuesday

Day of meetings, when I really would rather be productive in other ways.

Late day at work.  Home, cooked up a meal, then didn't really do much, then bed.  I'm so boring.

2012.11.12 Monday

Long work day.  Cold weather.  Starting to feel like fall.

MNF at pluckers, go steelers.

2012.11.11 Sunday

Up early.  Go brain go!

Ihop for breakfast.  Back to the house to play some games.  Old school snes.

Drive home.  Watched some SNF, picked up some groceries and did some laundry, and this weekend is over.

2012.11.10 Saturday

Watched the game.  Did things around the house.  Left for BCS

Ate some Fuego.  Met up with Kevin.  What are the odds of that happening?

2012.11.09 Friday

Ahh a day off.  What should I do?  I still dont really know.  Tried to work remotely, but it's not working.  Thanks IT.

Made some coffee.  Cleaned up the kitchen.  Took care of some bills.

2012.11.08 Thursday

Ran a bit early this morning, but ended up getting on the road a bit late.  The accidents and resulting traffic wasn't pleasant, but wasn't terrible.  When are we going to get more highways?

Lunch at La Palapa.  First time for that.  Also the last time I might see some of these people.

Home late, sorta.  Dark outside so it felt really late.  Quick costco trip with Kelc.  Back home, cooked up some ground bison and mac+cheese.  Both very yummy. Then we finished Studio 60.  Half sad and half glad to be over.

2012.11.07 Wednesday

Decided to try Sonic for lunch.  Pretty quickly regretted that decision.  I have to be pretty hungry to find some of their items appetizing, and they couldn't get my order right, so I think I over paid.

Worked a late day.

Watched some Studio 60 plus some work at home.

2012.11.06 Tuesday

Late start, with a purpose.  Today is that magical day when tons of people go to and put their slice of opinion into a huge bucket, when most state's buckets are already pretty much decided.  Then we try to forget about it for 3 years.  Went and did my civic duty at the local elementary, ran into an old friend.  What are the odds?

Back to work, already busy.

Broke up the day with some vball.  Met up with people after work for Plucker's and discussion about who is going to win.

Watched some election results, fell asleep early.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012.11.05 Monday

Bloody Monday.  What a depressing day.

Stopped by HEB on the way home for some fruits.  Went for a 1.8 mile run.  Not bad, but I'm still sore from flag football on friday.  What gives?

Talked some politics with Kelc, then watched Studio 60.

I went to bed, Kelc went out for the late night.

2012.11.04 Sunday

More breakfast tacos for, well, breakfast.

Kelc ran errands, I did some more things around the house.  (Cleaned off some furniture, vacuumed, laid some stones, put up a flag pole bracket, hung some wall art, dishes.)

Went out to Serrano's for dinner with the parents.  Exciting times ahead for my dad, starting up a new job.

Home, goofed around with some coding while watching SNF.  My internal clock is all off.  Stupid daylight saving.

2012.11.03 Saturday

Cooked up breakfast and watched Studio 60.

Kelc ran errands, then out with friends.

I did yard work, stuff around the house.

Got some food at Torchy's

Watched the last chunk of the UT game

Ran errands, had to make some returns (Home Depot, Kohls, Target, Bed Bath Beyond, TJ Max, Ross)  Blah.

2012.11.02 Friday

Late start in the morning, had to rush to get packed up.

Flag football today.  It was very awesome, but very exhausting.

Mark planned a farewell event for Nick at the Flying Saucer.  He's not leaving forever, but he is going out of town for a while.  We will miss him.

Followed up some unhealthy food with some unhealthy frozen yogurt.  Back home late, passed out.

2012.11.01 Thursday

Slept in a bit today.  Hopefully that gives me enough juice to make it through the day.  Traffic sucked though.

Long day.  Lots of meetings. Which means, late day.

Home.  Bison steaks, a bit on the rare side.  Yum?

2012.10.31 Wednesday


Tedious day at work. Home, quick nap. Dressed up, tended to some scavengers.  Eventually just left the bowl outside.

Picked up Fred and met up at Coleman's.  There we played Pandemic for a bit, then decided to get some cheap burritos at Chipotle.

Back to Coleman's for some MiTD, then back home to get sleep for work.

2012.10.30 Tuesday

Pretty tired this morning.  Still need more sleep.

Vball day at work.  I had a pretty good day.  Lots of lucky hits.

Home late.  Decided to spend some time making pecan butter.  It went pretty well, but by the time I finished it was near bed time.  So much for multi-tasking.

2012.10.29 Monday

Slow getting up this morning.  I think I need more sleep.  The weekend wore me out.

Things at work got rolling quickly once the meetings started happening.

Home, did laundry. Cooked up a good mahi mahi dinner. Quick HEB run for some fresh fruit.

Finally updated some blog stuff (sorry, I've been getting behind on this).

2012.10.28 Sunday

Woke up early, loaded up the car and headed out.  Riding 4-deep to h-town.  Once in town, picked up the Uhaul, then right over to my Aunt's place.  Scoped out some of the goods, then rode over to Robert's place, then back to my Aunt's place.  Load 'er up.

Lunch at James Coney Island.  I started getting very sleepy after eating so much flour and corn product.

Over to my Aunt's storage place for some more goods.  The off we go to drive home.  Obviously a stop at Dairy Queen was going to happen.

Stopped at my place first to unload.
Stopped at parent's place to unload and load
Stopped at C+E's place to unload.

Home.  Tired and headache.

Tried to put together some furniture and move some things around.  Watched a bit of Studio60 then crashed hard.

2012.10.27 Saturday

Neighborhood garage sale.

So all that house cleaning, yeah scrap that plan.  Game viewing at my parent's house instead.  Silly fox sports net.

Ran some errands with Kelc (big lots, hobby lobby, michaels, target, kohls).  Holla holla, spend that dolla.

Texadelphia for dinner.  Bed.

2012.10.26 Friday

Chilly morning.

Ran some errands.  Cleaned house (mop, sweep, vacuum) in preparation for family to come over.

Wore myself out.

Monday, October 29, 2012

2012.10.25 Thursday

Was planning on playing some flag football today, but a lunch meeting came out of nowhere. *grumble grumble*

I'm excited that the week is wrapping up.  Lots of things happening over the weekend to prepare for.

2012.10.24 Wednesday

Fun wellness fair at work over lunch.  Thus no vball

Productive but long day.

Quick stop at home, then over to my parent's house to pick up some junk.  Lots of chatting.

Home, quick mini meal, bed.

2012.10.23 Tuesday

Vball.  Cranky afternoon.  I think my lentils lunch was not very satisfying and my body wants meat.

Cooked up fish dinner, mashed sweet potatoes.  Less cranky.

Watched The Office and Studio60 with Kelc.

2012.10.22 Monday

Got a late start to the day.  Fred knows what I'm talking about.

No vb for lunch.  I guess everybody was just too busy.

Late leaving.

Once home, did some prep work for dinner then decided to go for a jog.  Ended up going for 2.3 miles.  Score!  I haven't even run much lately, unless you count mini sprints during vball.

Cooked up dinner, watched the last presidential debate.  Found myself laughing more than anything.

In bed semi early.

2012.10.21 Sunday

More errands, I guess.  I went shopping on my own: home depot, kohls, michaels, target

Did some house work and yard work.  Cooked up some meat+pasta for lunch.

Showered with "no-poo".  What's that? you might ask.  Well, I'll tell you.  It's a "natural" way of cleansing the hair that (supposedly) tons of people have great results with.  Shampoo is a mixture of water and baking soda, and conditioner is a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar.  Supposedly it takes a little while for the scalp to adjust to not being stripped of oils, but seems fine to me from the first try, and my scalp didnt feel dry like it normally does after a shower.  I even asked Kelc to smell my hair after and she said it was weird because it had no smell at all.  Neat.  We'll see how it goes.

Football game with peeps over.  Wayne pooped everywhere.

2012.10.20 Saturday

Errands day.

Kelc's dad's house
My parent's house
Home, swap cars
Mark and Nadia's
Habs for the game
Home, games, snl, snooze

2012.10.19 Friday

Cool morning, almost cold

Intern is in town.  Breakfast and lunch?

Lunch at place that replaced benihanna.  Different, but similar and good.

Cut the yard in the evening

Hopped over to Habs to see how his lighting project was going.  Gave a little bit of a helping hand, then took a little trip to home depot and lowes.

Stayed up late doing some coding for work.  I may have found a way to get large chunks of code done...NO INTERRUPTIONS AND LOUD MUSIC.

2012.10.18 Thursday

Hungry. *grumble grumble* Health screening this morning.  It is suggested to "fast" before hand to get a more stable blood test sampling.  Results: Doing well. Blood pressure in optimal range, good cholesterol is high and bad cholesterol is low.  Bacon, it's what's for dinner.

Vball over lunch.  Late day.  Came home to a nice chunky cockroach climbing up the wall.  I sprayed it and the ***ker decided to start flying around.  Also fantastic that the brown of cockroach matches the brown of the hardword flooring.  WHY DOES RAID TAKE SO LONG TO KILL THINGS.

Eggs for dinner, whilst constantly looking over my shoulder.

Maybe I should sleep with earplugs and a gas mask.

2012.10.17 Wednesday

Gloomy morning.  Plain jane day

Dinner with Kelc, her mom and sister at Spin, a "Modern Thai Cuisine" restaurant.  Everything looked quite fancy.  Tasted great too.

Moved some things around the house while wreaking of curry seasoning.

2012.10.16 Tuesday

Dentist Appointment

Quick errands (groceries and stomach pains)

Back to work.

After work, ran an errand over to a friends to provide a work laptop while he takes care of his wife.  Intense.

Home.  Tried to start the truck and ... nothing.  Well something, but the battery was almost completely dead.  Habs came over and gave me a jump.

We then went to Lowe's to pick up some neat cabinet.  Habs almost died putting it in the truck.

Home, some cleaning, then bed.

2012.10.15 Monday

Slept in some.  Felt great.  Had an awesome dream that ended before I wanted it to.  I hate that.

Played vball.  Picked up a friend from the airport.  Worked late. Home late.  Cooked bacon and garlic.  Vacuumed.  Snoozed.

2012.10.14 Sunday (ACL2012 Day 3)

Decided to actually go to the festival today.  Weather looks great.  The ground was semi-muddy, but it is definitely not as bad as that one year...

Met up with people.  Saw some bands. (Two Door Cinema Club, Old 97s, Crystal Castles)

Home early. Weird how the festival was over but some band was still playing on stage.

Watched some Studio 60 before bed.

2012.10.13 Saturday (ACL2012 Day 2)

Watched the UT Game.  Ended up getting so upset about it that I just said "effit" to ACL.  Kelc and I watched some ACL via YouTube since we didn't even want to see that many bands today.  Yeah I know, it's kind of a waste of money.  ACL came up on me fast this year and I wasn't really that excited about anybody.  In my opinion, last year and the year before were much better.  Anyways, we watched Metric, Band of Skulls, The Shins, The Roots, and some Bassnectar.  It was rainy and gross all day, so we lucked out with skipping.

Went to eat at Vert's, free food!  HEB for groceries, then back home.

2012.10.12 Friday (ACL2012 Day 1)

Slept in some.

Cooked up some breakfast then headed out to the wonderful festival known as Austin City Limits.

Saw some bands. (Delta Spirit, Esperanza Spalding, Tegan and Sara, Weezer, Florence and the Machine, M83, Avicii, and The Black Key's)

Home, snooze pretty fast.

2012.10.11 Thursday

The day before what could be the last single-weekend ACL festival ever.

Normal day at work.  After work, went over to Kelc's mom's to watch some Thursday Night Football (Steelers).  During which, I get some text messages from my work friend saying he was with his wife in the emergency room.  An accident involving a person being pinned in between cars.

The rest of the night isn't much worth mentioning.

2012.10.10 Wednesday

Gloomy and wet weather this morning.  Doesn't help that I'm feeling a bit exhausted.  I feel like that happens by mid-week sometimes, just feeling drained before the end of the week.  Fooey.

2012.10.09 Tuesday

Good day at work.  Great day for vball.

Cooked up a smorgasbord dinner.

Kelc brought some friends over.  I played around with some code.

Played a smidgen of AC6 before bed.

2012.10.08 Monday

Decided to take a Ichiban lunch outing.  Thus, home medium-late.

Cooked up some mahi mahi.  Watched Studio 60.  Simple day.

2012.10.07 Sunday

Once I got some coffee, I was up and going. SUPER ENERGY TO THE MAX. Cleaned up some things leftover from the party.  Started cleaning up the office area.

Met up with Ray and Marisa for Torchy's Tacos.  A brat kid kicked over a chair and silenced the whole restaurant.  Awesome awkward brattiness.

Tried to clean up more, but started slowing down.  ENERGY SOURCE DEPLETED.

Kelc came home.  We watched some Curb, cooked some dinner, watched some South Park, watched some SNF.

Kelc went to bed and I played some AC6.

2012.10.06 Saturday

Made some coffee and felt super energized.  Therefore: cleaned up the house

Ran to HEB to pick up food for the game viewing.

Went over to Habs to attempt to fix a water faucet.  Had to make a trip over to Lowe's to get some pieces.  Everything went well.

Watched the game with friends, good game but we ended up losing. *grumble grumble*

Watched some Saturday Night Live.  Hung out.  Tired.

2012.10.05 Friday

Normal work day.

Spent the evening cutting the yard with Kelc.  She mowed, I edged and cleaned up.  Teamwork, yay!

Found out that an old friend and neighbor had died earlier in the week.  Not much information about it, just sad.  Lots of old memories coming back.  Feels bad man.

Kelc cooked up some salmon dinner.

2012.10.04 Thursday

Groggy getting up.  Sucks that I feel ready for the week to be over, but it's still another day away.


Monday, October 8, 2012

2012.10.03 Wednesday

The car ride to work was a bit fragmented.  All those jalapenos I ate...oh goodness.  All I can say is "cleaned out".

Fun change-up at work.  _-=Diversity lunch=-_  Took the leftovers to the ladies at the hotel after.

Quick dinner.

Cable drops with Hasbro.  Fingers hurting from hard plastic corners.

Lyle and Korey came over to study and get some tutoring help.  I gave Kelc a few looks like she should already know the answer, so I bet everybody was feeling like an idiot.  Go me for alienating people.

2012.10.02 Tuesday

Vball.  Yay.

Quiet day at work.  Late.

At home, cooked up some bbq chicken for the diversity luncheon we are having.  Also cooked up some bacon.

Played a little bit of AC6 then went to bed.

2012.10.01 Monday

We are now in the 4th quarter of the year.  The mighty 12-21-12 date is fast approaching.  Should we be scared? Probably not.

Lunch meeting, so no vball

Hooked up the PS2 to play some guitar hero.  Couldnt find the memory card though, so we had to use some cheat codes and played without saving.

Cooked up a mahi mahi dinner with asparagus and cucumber.

Played a little AC6, then off to bed.

2012.09.30 Sunday

Kelc got called into work.  Feels bad man.

I crawled around in the attic drilling holes to do some cable drops.  I lucked out and was able to get string for every drop I wanted.  I determined that a drop in the back bedroom would be too difficult and not even be located in a good spot.

Ran some errands with Kelc.  Goodwill, Plato's Closet and Half-Price Books.

2012.09.29 Saturday

Went to the dealership with Kelc to see if they would address the faulty part issue.  Nope.  She got a new wheel bearing for free, just had to pay a few hundies for installation.

Qdoba lunch was great.  Got to chat up with Kelc's mom as well.  Apparently there are some heated things going on at her company.  Interesting to hear about, probably not as interesting to experience first-hand.

The weather is gloomy and wet.  Habs came over to watch the game.  Kelc went to see a play or something with her mom.

2012.09.28 Friday

Did some things around the house.

Washed and waxed the car.  This took up a majority of my day.

I like having some Fridays off.

2012.09.27 Thursday

Good times.

Lunch meeting, no vball. :-(  But hey, at least the weekend is upon (some of) us.

I probably didn't do anything noteworthy this evening.

2012.09.26 Wednesday

Another plain jain day.  Took a nap after work.  I guess I just felt like my energy was zapped.

Scanned pictures and cooked myself a neat meal of ground beef and various leftovers.

2012.09.25 Tuesday

Plain jane day at work.  Lunch at my desk, rather boring.  Home, yelled at by Kelc for saying I will not be purchasing more apples.

Went to HEB.

Spent the evening scanning pictures and trying to organize the mess.  Then bedtime.

2012.09.24 Monday

Back to carpooling.  Encourages me to wake up earlier.

No vb at work.  Too many things going on and too many injuries.

Got home earlier than normal.  Jumped into working on the gate for my fence.  Kelc helped out on this one.  A job well done and likely to be well-enjoyed.

Kelc and I went for a walk, probably a bit later than we should have since OMG WEST NILE.  Cooked up a Mahi Mahi, quinoa, and steamed veggies dinner.  Yum, except for the steamed veggies.

Played the last couple levels in Ace Combat, then went to bed.

2012.09.23 Sunday

Over to parent's house to pick up stuff, then quick stop by Home Depot.  According to Kelc these are never quick.

Quick stop at home, then over to Plucker's to watch the game.

Back home for the evening.  Stockton packed up his belongings to head home.  He had a good stay.

Watched some SNF then snoozed.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012.09.22 Saturday

No UT game today.  Sad face.

Stockton still a bit timid around everybody.  He even wedged himself behind some plastic crates.

Helped my brother move some more of his stuff, the worst of which was his bed.  Beds are heavy.  Maybe I should get something not so heavy if I get a new one.

Attended a special event.  What is it?  Oh just my brother proposing to his girlfriend.  I guess the family will be getting a little bit bigger.  Everybody kept poking in my direction that it is my turn now.  First off, I understand asking once or twice, but it's not like I'm going to make a huge decision like that just because someone offhandedly asked about it.  Second, they are taking away from my brother's event by misdirecting the attention.  Everybody needs to chill.  Let things be as they may be.

Home, started to doze off and Kelc arrived.  Her sister got a new car.  It's about time....wait a minute...

2012.09.21 Friday

Had to hunt around for a bit to find stockton.  I could hear his bell jingling when I was going to bed last night.

Finished up the yard cutting after work, then cooked up a charcoal-grilled steak dinner with cucumber and edamame.  Yumz.

Kelc snoozed the whole time.  Bum.

2012.09.20 Thursday

Well, I had a hard time getting up today.  I'm going to blame it on the weird shift in diet yesterday (costco hotdogs and soda) and staying up only slightly late.  Worth it though.

Since I jumped into work late, things were already rolling so it felt like hitting the ground running.  Ran all the way to lunch at Donn's BBQ.

Kelc and I made a journey to Costco.  Picked up a clump of items in bulk, so a trunk full.

Finished Interview With The Vampire, and Stockton came over to hang out for a few days.

2012.09.19 Wednesday

The group decided to try out Costco for lunch.  Hotdogs for everybody.

Worked late at the office, again.

Leftover Costco for dinner.  Started Interview With The Vampire with Kelc.  Day was over rather quickly.

Friday, September 21, 2012

2012.09.18 Tuesday

No vb at work today, instead Popeye's day.

Once home, cut most of the yard.  Got dark before I could finish up the backyard.  Looks a little weird because I was trying to work in darkness.

Cooked up some fish and veggies.  Go paleo.

2012.09.17 Monday

Long day at work, split into two by a pleasant game of vball.

Fried up some bacon at home, then tried making some sweet potato fried with the leftover drippings.

Simple day, but enjoyable.

2012.09.16 Sunday

Slept in.  Of course.

Played a quick game of smash bros with Ray.  I always pick pikachu.  PIKA PIKA.

I let Kelc do the driving this time.  Her car still has some "woo-woo"ing going on from the back right side.  One guy said oh just a bent rim, and another said both cv axels need to be replaced, while another said just a tired that was out of balance and needed a patch, we fixed it.

Arrived home with some eager football fans waiting for us.  The Steeler's game was scheduled to come on CBS right at our arrival time, so we unpacked and set up the game simultaneously.  Somehow nobody else was hungry, but I ate an entire bag of bbq chips.

Game over, took a quick shower.

Drove over to the Hill Country Galleria to eat at Chisos Southwestern grill for dinner, with Kelc's dad and his new counterpart.  Food was great, and the meal wasn't really awkward like it could have been.  I guess we are all adults now.

Korey, Lyle, Kelc and I did a couple geocaches while we were in the area.  Lyle made the first find, which was super hard.

Home, snooze.  Can't believe the weekend went by that quickly, but at the same time a lot of things happened.

2012.09.15 Saturday

Technically we arrived Saturday morning.  Chatted a little bit before heading to bed.

Woke and enjoyed some coffee and breakfast tacos.  Then we headed out to try out some Geocaching.  After a few locations we stopped by the Village Cafe for lunch.  Then headed out to ... do some more Geocaching.  Cool with me.

About mid-afternoon we went back to clean up and relax a bit since it was getting hotter outside and making us sweaty.

Later we went to Fox & Hound to play pool and watch football.  UT played well against Ole Miss.  Only problem I had with the game is how much it said SEC all over the screen.  Hello... there are multiple conferences at this game...

After F&H, we tried to do a couple geocaches close by, but this time at night.  Not so easy.

Back to the house.  Up late with Mario Party.

2012.09.14 Friday

Ahh yes, another earned day off.  Feels great.

Kelc left for an appointment and I cleaned up the house a bit.  Rudy headed over, sorta.  There was a bomb-threat somewhere on UT campus, and it was decided to evacuate and send everybody home.  This caused quite a bit of traffic downtown.

I played some Ace Combat until Rudy and Christine came over.  And even after they arrived.  Tee hee.  Rudy did some work and Christine studied for the GRE.

After catching up some and relaxing for a chunk of the day we wanted to put some food in our stomachs.  We picked Kerbey Lane.  I got the S'mores pancakes, and they were about what you would expect.  Chocolate based pancakes with chocolate syrup, marshmallow cream topping, and graham cracker crumbs on top.  It was delicious, but completely anti-paleo and sugar-rush inducing.

Went back to my place to watch Inception.  I made a big batch of bacon popcorn for the movie.  Seems like it is well received.  I should start up a business.

After the movie, they left to head back to their hotel.  Kelc and I began the drive to Bryan late.

2012.09.13 Thursday

Interesting weather this morning.  Everything was cloudy and gloomy.  There must be a storm coming.  Luckily was able to sqeeze in some vball over lunch time.

At home, I wasn't sure what to expect for the evening.  I made a call and solidified some plans for tomorrow, but my evening was much more open.

Guess I'll do things around the house while the weather stays gloomy.  Later Kelc and I started watching Inception, then we went to bed somewhat early.

2012.09.12 Wednesday

Slept in a little today.  It was worth it until I had to sit in traffic on 183 and was cut off multiple times by raging drivers.  I feel like traffic wouldn't be so bad if people weren't so angry about driving and beating everybody else to their destination.

Had a frustrating but productive day.  The first half seemed like nothing was working, then after lunch everything started working just fine.  Neato.

Went home, then over to Hab+Tay's to let out the dogs.  Ended up setting off their alarm.  (Who sets an alarm when you there are people coming over that don't know the code?)  It's ok, I didn't need those eardrums anyways.

Back at home I ate some leftover bbq and did a couple things around the house.  My original intentions for this evening didn't happen.  Hopefully I have time tomorrow.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012.09.11 Tuesday

It just so happens that the method we use to count our earth's revolutions and orbitals around the star that gives us light every day has landed on the same day that 11 years ago two planes were misguided into two tall standing structures.  Ironic that an attack on everyday freedoms would cause a panic response to take away everyday freedoms.

Mostly normal day at work.  Also made a quick trip to popeyes, so that was fun.

After work, I decided it would be nice to go for a run.  Maybe that could counter some of the health choices I made over lunch.  I ran a little over a mile, which isn't bad considering I haven't really run much in a while.

Had a semi productive evening at home.  Cooked up some bbq leftovers.  I started playing around with the circuit breakers, ended up setting off my alarm somehow.  Not sure how that works, but I guess a power outage is alarm-worth...?  Finished up some wiring swap.

Haven't seen or heard from Kelc in a while...

2012.09.10 Monday

All was quiet on the work front.  The goobers that I chat with were both out today.  Guess I will have to keep myself entertained.

Played a fun game of vball over lunch.

I felt being productive at home, so I did some finance number crunching, dealt with paperwork, sent off overdue emails, etc.

Kelc and I watched So You Think You Can Dance.  It it really hard for me to believe these aren't scripted or planned from the beginning.

2012.09.09 Sunday

Cleaned the inside of my car today.  A fair amount of sand has accumulated, but not really too much if you consider how many times I've played.  I tried using a very light spritz of my vinegar-based homemade all purpose cleaner, and mostly water to wipe down everything.

Got a call from my sister saying they were going to be home, so I could bring over a truck load of boxes to their place.  Yay, finally get to see their house.  Pretty nice.

Back to my place.  Started putting together a list for some HEB groceries.  Headed over there with my car (which smells like new car by the way, very neat).  The parking lot was packed.  Sucks.

Watched SNF with Kelc and peeps.  Steelers lost.  Wayne pooped on my UT rug.  BLARG.

2012.09.08 Saturday

Helped my brother move another truck load.  Not too many more of these trips to make.

Cooked some bbq chicken and bacon.  This is trial #2 for bbq chicken.  I think I balanced the flavors better and the consistency was much better.

Went over to Julisa's to use her u-verse connection for the UT game.  Yeah, that's right.  Using people for their tv connections.

2012.09.07 Friday

Handful of people went over to Coco's for lunch.  Tasty but filling.

Once home, productive.  Kelc and I went for a walk around the neighborhood.

2012.09.06 Thursday

Productive day, but no vball.  Lunch meetings can be like that.

Not too much else happened today.  Pretty exhausted going into this week with a sprint pace.

2012.09.05 Wednesday

As expected, I would wake up a bit sluggish since I was being energetic last night.

Played vball today as well, except I got smacked in the face.  That woke me up, and eventually I was hitting some really good serves.  Maybe I should get hit in the face every day. (Later I notice that my sunglasses actually cut my nose bridge from that smack)

Cooked up a ground beef and vegetable stir fry for dinner.

Did some organizing of paperwork, cleaning, and laundry.

Kelc stopped by with her dad to show him the place and deliver some car loads of stuff. Bleh.

2012.09.04 Tuesday

I had that dream that I hear other people have.  The one where you start thinking you are still in school and forgot about a test or forgot some major assignment.  Somehow I was dreaming I forgot to write a huge paper for one of my last classes, and I was going to fail and not be able to graduate.  Silly me.  I don't know how to write papers.

Had breakfast with Mark.

After work I cut my yard as fast as possible, which ended up taking about 80-90 minutes.  Not bad, but there must be something deceptive because it really looks like the entire yard would only take about 60 minutes.

All that running around made me hungry and energetic.  Hard time falling asleep.

2012.09.03 Monday

Woke up late.  Ate some bacon breakfast, then went down to the lake to relax.

At some point in the morning, Korey drove out to the lakehouse with her boy, and her car died.  She tried calling everybody a "ton of times" to come help her, but nobody answered.

Jon and Lindsey took the Jet-ski out, and it ran out of gas when they were about a mile away.  So they had to get towed back.

Crazy day.

Cooked up a big chicken dinner with potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms and salad.

Drove home late.  Going to be a rough start for the week.  Feels like the 4-day weekend got crunched.

2012.09.02 Sunday

Fixed up a simple breakfast of coffee, bacon, and cantaloupe.

The group of people (Lindsey, Jon, Kelc) left to go shop and run errands.  I stayed behind to see if my brother needed anything.  In the meantime I cleaned house and did some laundry.

Drove out to the lakehouse.  Korey and Celeste arrived later and talked about makeup for a huge chunk of time, then left.

Played games. Cooked up a few bison steaks for everybody to try. Yumz.

2012.09.01 Saturday (UT Game)

Cooked up some BBQ chicken in the slow cooker.  Turned out pretty good even though I wasn't following any strict recipe or quantities.  I also cooked up some bacon and watched some other college games during the day.

Then later on, headed out to the UT Game (vs Wyoming).  Woo Woo.  Game was fun.  After the game was not.  We waited about 45 minutes to get out of the parking garage.  No joke.  Not fun.  Stopped by Whataburger for late night snack'ems.

Home to a pile of sleeping people in my living room.  They were completely zonked out.

2012.08.31 Friday

Quick trip over to Fry's to exchange an SSD.

Stopped at Oak Haven massage for a nicely priced first-timer massage.  I went with a deep-tissue specialist.

Spent the afternoon working on Kelc's laptop, and watching some Matrix commentary.  Word came my way that there may be some UT tickets heading my way.

2012.08.30 Thursday

Woke up, got ready pretty quickly, then took a nap on the carpool ride to work.  Good stuff.

Played vball today.  Super fun, but also hot.  The upcoming 4-day weekend has me already focusing on other things.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

2012.08.29 Wednesday

Late to bed, late to rise.  Rather sluggish to get out of bed this morning.

Worked a normal day, just shifted later on all parts.

Kelc and I unloaded her storage unit so they could stop paying monthly to have stuff just sit there.

2012.08.28 Tuesday

Running faster this morning.  Must be the better sleep.

Well, maybe I spoke too soon.  Everything was cruising along until the Popeye's special, 3 pieces today.  Oh boy.  Felt like walking through molasses.

Departed work early to head to a chiropractor.  I had to fill out a questionnaire that reminded me of a tanning salon.  That seemed a bit weird.  Then the appointment happened, which I felt like the doctor was just spouting out words that sounded great, but didn't have much weight. "Make sure to drink plenty of water" seems like something that gets tossed around a lot.  I don't know, maybe I'm just being really skeptical.  On the plus side, when I was backing out of the parking lot, I could turn my head around to see behind me better.  Neat.

Got home the same time the UPS guy did.  He had a present for me, a shiny new scanner.  I ended up spending the majority of my night working on scanning various things.

Kelcey got in late, brought her brother over to finally check out my place.  Then she left to drop him off and came back over.  Late....

2012.08.27 Monday

Woke up a bit energetic.  Maybe that extra sleep makes a difference.  Or maybe it's the bacon.

Vball over lunch.

Home, picked up the mail, then tried doing some Yoga.  Yeah that's right.  Me doing yoga.  Not great.

A girl stopped by to buy some stuff Kelc was selling on Craigslist, but Kelc was out of town (fault 1) and the piece in question needed some TLC to be even remotely sellable (fault 2).  Ended up being a fail.

Worked some more on Kelc's surprise, then cooked up dinner (tilapia, sauteed veggies, lentils and rice) and put some attention on the furniture to be sold.

Then did some cleanup around the house, and off to bed.

2012.08.26 Sunday

Woke up to do some yard work.  Takes me about 2 hours to do everything.

Fixed up some breakfast, then drove to pick up a mini surprise for Kelc.

Groceries from HEB, fried up bacon, watched Sunday Night Football (Panthers vs Jets), watched Matrix bonus material.

In bed early.  Go me.

2012.08.25 Saturday

Picked up some Rudy's breakfast tacos, then a quick skip over to my brother's place to help him load up stuff.

After we unloaded some, we stopped by Jersey Mike's subs for lunch.  Watched some of Matrix Revolutions while eating.

I drove out to Hill Country Galleria area to get a haircut while Kelc still works at a hair salon.  Then they closed up the store and we headed over to Tuesday Morning and Goodwill to shop around.

Then we met up with my family at Tony C's coal fired pizza for dinner.  Delicious, but super filling.

By the time I arrived at home, I was exhausted.

2012.08.24 Friday

Glad to be wrapping up this week.  Breakfast was large and non-paleo, but cheap.  Sounds like a conspiracy to me...

Quick work day, but more productive than most.

Over to Habs+Tays for movie night with intern.  Sort of a farewell / celebration / get-to-know-each-other better thing. We couldn't really decide on a movie most of the night anyways; everybody did well with just chatting.  Somehow we landed on Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon.  Kelc had to get up early, so we left a bit early.

Monday, August 27, 2012

2012.08.23 Thursday

Woke up with more energy today than other days.  I think I'm still not acclimated to how dark my house is in the morning.  I was used to a slight glow and hum coming from my computer being close to me.

Today we had a lunch outing for our beloved summer intern.  A quick trip down the road for BBQ.  By the time we got back, everybody was ready for a nap.  Nice.

I counted the number of grunts in a Cher Lloyd song... 18.  Good grief.

2012.08.22 Wednesday

Fruity breakfast.  Leftovers for lunch.

Productive evening at home.  Called up TWC to get a fix on my monthly bill.  Flipped the door on my dryer.  Leveled the washer and dryer (as much as I could).  Went for a run.  Cooked up a nice paleo dinner.

Finished Dear John with Kelc.  It was an ok movie with a blah ending.  I will say that I did actually want to finish it after watching the first half.

2012.08.21 Tuesday

Well my slow-cooker trial came out a tad over-done.  Bummer, but still smells and looks somewhat delicious.  I shall call it "slop" since it looks like chunky refried bean mess.  It has chicken breast, chicken stock, brown rice, lentils, garlic, bell peppers, onions, turnip, carrots and a touch of pepper.

Breakfast today was a banana.

Vball, quick drive over to the airport, popeyes for lunch.

Slurry slop for dinner.

Kelc's mom and sister+bf+doggy came over to watch the movie Bernie.  Also ordered in some Chinese food.  The movie was pretty funny, but I could see how it wouldn't be very funny to people that aren't from Texas.

2012.08.20 Monday

Those three-day weekends always seem to fly by.  Feels bad man.

Kelc and I went to Torchy's for dinner to celebrate her recent career changes.  Then over to HEB for a few items.  That led us into some slow cooker cooking.

Not many words here, but the day was pretty packed with being busy.

2012.08.19 Sunday

Cooked up an awesome bacon, fried egg, and banana breakfast.

Did things around the house.  Figured out how to get video streaming to work from my computer to TV, mostly

Went to Kelc's storage unit and loaded up.

Later on we watched the Steelers - Colts pre-season game.  Pretty awesome.  Over-the-air HD since I still don't have cable.  Should I even bother getting cable?

2012.08.18 Saturday

Picked up some breakfast tacos, then drove over to my brothers to move some stuff.  Things were more awkward than heavy, but also I was half-asleep still.

After we unloaded everything, I made some coffee and then really started to wake up.  I set up some of my brother's things, like TV and receiver.

Then it started raining.  Awesome.  That should bring some life back to the grass.

Went shopping with Kelc.  Had to run through the rain a bit with groceries.

Had some friends over. Played games and had fun.

2012.08.17 Friday

First objective for today: take advantage of Discount Tire's free tire rotation and balance check.  Things went swimmingly.

Next up: cutting the yard.  Sucks that it got so much hotter by the time I arrived at home.

Spent the remainder of the day around the house.  Ended up with a headache and took a nap.

2012.08.16 Thursday

Slept through my alarm completely.  It turned itself off.  Nice.  Traffic was a bit more mucky because of that.  At least it is the end of my work week.

Worked on changing my oil and learning lessons left and right.  Kelc brought home some P.Terry's, sweeeeet.

2012.08.15 Wednesday

Carpooled finally.  It's been a long time.

Mostly normal day, with some volleyball to top it off.  Always a good day when volleyball happens.

Pit stop by home, then over to Kelc's to drop off stuff, then out shopping to pick up more things.  Feels like all I have been doing lately is spending.  Feels great.

Watched the movie The Machinist with Kelc, then sleep.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012.08.14 Tuesday

I had an interesting mental state when I awoke.  It was one of those times where your brain is so far removed where you are delirious upon waking up, and everything seems so far-fetched and unreal.  Perfect opportunity to use the snooze button.

Worked a half-day, then went home to accept a delivery.  I felt super productive working from home without people bugging me.  I even made myself a tasty red bean and rice lunch.  Only problem was that after the coffee wore off, I needed a nap.

I got a phone call later on in the evening (9:30) saying they will be by soon with my delivery.  Guess I didn't need to take a half-day after all.  Great.

2012.08.13 Monday

Dr. Appointment.  Good news: not a hernia... weird news: lymph node irritated?  Neat.

Stopped by HEB for some groceries, then over to work.

Slightly rainy today.  Unbelievable.

Went through some old stuff I had stored away in containers.  Cooked myself up a beefy dinner.
Cleaned up desk stuff, then my computer started freaking out and I had to pull out a memory stick that was causing issues.  What the heck.  Time for sleep.

2012.08.12 Sunday

Went out to Deli Werks for breakfast/lunch with Kelc and her mom.

Back home for some more cleaning.  Decided to tackle the oven today.

Crystal and Erik made a surprise visit.

Kelc came over later, cooked up a bacon and friend egg dinner.  Played a game called What's My Word?

Vacuumed and mopped.  Long day, but accomplished.

2012.08.11 Saturday

Woke up to run some errands.  First up was taking those locks to get rekeyed.  Found a neat little key store not that far away.  Took about 10 minutes.

Hopped over to Target.  Crazy back-2-school going on.

Home.  Finished the lock swap.  Brother and dad came over.

Did a few more things then left.

Stopped by the previous owner's new place to drop off some mail.

Stopped by Target to swap a damaged item.

Out to the lakehouse.  Watched Misery with Kelc and Hab+Tay.

Played 21 and Loaded Questions.


2012.08.10 Friday

Had a hard time getting up today.  Just another day at work, except for my discomfort.

Feels like a lot of people are out today, and then lots of people also wanting to leave early.  I must admit that my level of care started waning.

Did stuff around the house, then convinced my dad to bring over the trunk to pick up a washing machine.  Then we stopped by Lowe's to shop for dryers and locks.  My wallet hurt after that one.

2012.08.09 Thursday

For some reason, today just went by incredibly slow.  On the plus side, that makes it seem like I'm getting a lot more done in less time.

We sort of celebrated the intern's last chunk of days.  For some reason the idea of 3 pizzas for 2 people made sense to somebody.  Maybe it was a $/intern value that they had to use across the board, and they went all-out at the other sites.  Goobers will be goobers.

Went my parent's house to grab some dinner.  Talked about mattresses and how expensive they can be.

Stopped by Home Depot prior to closing to grab a few things.

Back to my house to drop off the goods, then Kelc and her sister picked me up to go see the movie Killer Joe.

2012.08.08 Wednesday


Things at work at a mixture of hectic and flux.  Best solution: play vball over lunch to get away from it all.

Dinner for Kelc: Chisos's Southwest Grill at the Hill Country Galleria.  Pretty awesome food, and I cleared my entire plate somehow.

Habs and Taylor came over to check out my house.  Everything is a huge mess still, but I'm workin on it. Just doesn't look like it.  At least the yard looks somewhat tame.

2012.08.07 Tuesday

Back to work.  It looks like I can get to work in about 20-25 minutes, mostly highway driving.  Not bad.  Unfortunately, not bike-friendly, but still not bad.

Had some morning coffee.  I started using a bag of Dunkin Donuts beans.  A little while later it felt like I was getting a headache.  Not sure if those things are related.

Went out to Popeye's for a fantastically inexpensive meal.  Added a scoop of ice cream to finish off the meal.

Left work later than I wanted to, and got started on yard work.  The whole process takes a couple hours, but that was with rather tall grass.  It might go faster with a yard that is more tame.  Some spots look like they might be dying from the heat;  I'll have to keep an eye on them.

Kelc and I tried stopping by our neighborhood's National Night Out where people can meet up and get to know each other, and also learn about neighborhood safety tips.  I say "tried" because they were putting away the table when we arrive with Kelc's delicious home-baked cookies.  FINE, no cookies for you.

Stopped for dinner at Torchy's Tacos, then a quick delivery trip to Alin's to drop off the carpet cleaner.  Back home, cleaned up and prepared for sleep.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012.08.06 Monday (Post-SPI)

Everybody was slow to wake up (probably from the black-out curtains).  Then shortly after getting up and starting to pack, everybody was in a grumpy mood.

We packed up quickly and checked out.  I was elected to drive Kelc's mom's car back to Austin since I drive standard.  During the drive... not much happened.  Listened to some music for part of the journey, but sat in silence for the majority of the time.  Would have been nice to have someone to have a discussion with, or at least had my own music...

Ate dinner at my parents house while I waited for the other vehicle to arrive with the second half of my luggage.  Then went home and started preparing for the rest of the week.

2012.08.05 Sunday (SPI)

Didn't sleep in so much this day.  Stopped by Starbucks again, grabbed a cinnamon roll and vanilla cafe latte.  Every time I visit Starbucks I am reminded how nobody has the toasted marshmallow flavored syrup.

Went down to the beach for a bit, also chatted and relaxed near the pool.

The "adults" of the group decided to take a little walk southward on the beach.  I joined in because obviously I am an adult now... right? (lol) We stopped at a few places, including some condos that looked pretty sweet.  There are talks of having future SPI adventures at a new location, just to change things up, maybe get a better deal and a kitchen in the rooms.  That would be pretty sweet, because right now there isn't even a microwave so leftovers are mostly wasted.

Later on in the evening, the kids wanted to hit up the go-cart place across from Louie's.  I'm still a kid too...right? (lol)  Raced around for a short 5 minutes, got in a total of maybe 3 laps.  Kelc and her sister got stuck for a good couple minutes, wasting most of their time.  After it all, we celebrated with some ice cream, then went back to the hotel.

There we chatted around the pool and enjoyed the cooler temps, trying to make the most of the time we had remaining.

2012.08.04 Saturday (SPI)

Everybody decided to sleep in super late today.  Probably had something to do with the second night of intense snoring.

Pretty much another day of just goofing around with no real plans.

Dinner ended up being at Gabriella's near the hotel.  Absolutely amazing itallian food, considering the standard options on SPI.  Highly recommend going, but be prepared for long waits.

2012.08.03 Friday (SPI)

Slept in pretty well.

Played some tennis. Sat around the pool and chit-chatted with friends.

Out to Louie's for dinner.  Fireworks, crab legs, fish, stuffed.

2012.08.02 Thursday (Pre-SPI)

Took the day off to take care of appointments at home.  Exterminator and cable guy.  Both were pretty young looking, but also helpful and nice.

Of course when the cable guy called, the song "Call Me Maybe" was on the radio.  Well Andy, why was it on the radio? I'll tell you.  It's because Kelc mentioned a radio station that I should check out, and I have an old analog-tuner knob, so I was semi-guessing at what station I was dialed in to.  Couldn't tell because it was on commercial break, but later I noticed it was the top 40 station.  I was underneath my sink messing around with plumbing, so I didnt feel like getting up to fix it, and then the phone call happened.  A series of unfortunate events.

On the plus side, I fixed up the sink so it feels much more stable now.

Ran some errands with Kelc.  She bought a dvd cabinet.  I did laundry at home.

Began the drive down to south padre.  Kelc wanted a nap so I took over in the drivers seat.  The silence was very boring and I started getting rather droopy eyed. So I woke Kelc back up.

2012.08.01 Wednesday

Another long day at work. Got there around 10a, left around 11p.  Can't really explain much more than that.  Sleep was very welcome.

2012.07.31 Tuesday

Long day at work.  Left around 8:45p trying to finish a bunch of things.  Picked up chik-fil-a on the way home. It was (drum roll please)... less than satisfactory.  I'll cut them some slack because I picked it up so late, but seriously a crunchy stale bun with soggy pickle spots, only two small pickles, and non-fresh waffle fries.  Disappointed.

2012.07.30 Monday

Woke up a bit late again.  Just too easy to sleep in at my place.  On the plus side, for some reason it only takes me like 30-35 minutes to get out the door, instead of 45-50.  Still not sure how that happened.

Impromptu demonstration of some of the work I've been doing for the past few months.  Everything went swimmingly.  To top it off, still able to play some vball over lunch.

2012.07.29 Sunday (BCS)

Woke up with the house hustlin' and bustlin'.  The goal for today was to clean up some, then start the grill out.  We had tons of meats.  I went with a bison steak and some grilled veggies.

Watched some more olympics, then left in a time window so that we would get home in time to catch the evening showing.

Made it home on time, but Kelc decided to delay watching to later in the evening.  That worked for me because I had some things to take care of.

Watched the women's gymnastics qualifiers, started getting sleepy, then went to a-home to wash dishes and go to bed.

2012.07.28 Saturday (BCS)

I somehow planned to leave super early today so that I would have plenty of time in BCS, but somehow we slept in super late.

On the way out of town, we stopped by Dunkin Donuts to use up a $25 gift card that I had sitting around collecting dust.  Our total: $25.04  (WIN)

Drive to BCS went by quickly.  Got to hang out with some good old friends.  Went shopping for delicious foods to prepare.

Marisa cooked up a large cuban meal.  It was delicious.  The kitchen was packed with people.  Ray said we should take it to the next half-level tonight with wine.  After a handful of glasses, he was nodding off.  :-P  He took a mini nap then woke up to play some apples to apples with us.  We also watched some of the olympics at some point.  The night kind of blends together.

2012.07.27 Friday

It's rather difficult to wake up when there is a big empty house surrounding me that doesn't have any noisemakers.

Worked a long day, but got to enjoy a lunch out to CoCo's for the annual Doyo Ushi No Hi (or "Eat Eel Day"). What does that mean?  I have no idea.  I ended up getting some spicy chicken plate and eggrolls that were delicious.  Also tried some soup and bread thing.

Kelc texted me at some point in the afternoon saying she started working a new job.  Congrats?!

Went to p-home to eat food and pack up more junk.  Then stopped by Kelcs to watch some of the opening ceremony for the Olympics.  I haven't gotten excited about the olympics just yet.  Then went to a-home to unpack and settle in some more.  I washed some dishes and set up the study area some more.

Went to bed super late.

2012.07.26 Thursday

Rested up and went back to work later than normal.  Things got a bit crazy since I left.  I guess the goal now is to RUN AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

I worked efficiently, but still maintained the mindset of relaxed.  Stress is a killer, ya know?

(Still moving stuff)

2012.07.25 Wednesday (Post-Hawaii)

Well that didn't work out so well.  That felt like I didn't sleep at all.  Dang.

Caught a flight over to AUS.  My dad picked us up from the airport and took us home.  I unpacked a bit, then went out for food with my dad.

My mind was just completely wonked out for the remainder of the day.  I did some laundry, packing, and moving.

I guess I could go to work tomorrow?

2012.07.24 Tuesday (Hawaii)

Relaxing day, but also sucks that this is Kelc and my last day.

We finally got to do something I wanted to do the entire trip, play volleyball in Hawaii.  We played a few games amongst ourselves, which ended up being a few 2v3 games.  We rotated around the players to change things up.  After that, a group of younger girls asked if we wanted to play a few games with them.  Yes please.  Well, turns out they were part of a summer camp or something.  They kicked our butts, then we found out that a couple of them were like 12 or 13 years old.  Dang, I suck.

Went out to Goose McGillyCuddy's for lunch.  Interesting place, but seemed pretty slow.

Kelc and I then packed and relaxed while the rest of the kids began the journey to go watch the sunset from the top of the volcano.

Off to the airport for a red eye, Korey joined us for the flight home to get there a bit sooner.  Kelc and I prepared to fly coach and picked up quiznos for dinner, but we ended up in first class so I had to eat two dinners.  Plus the flight attendant kept pouring me wine so I was getting pretty slurred. Interestingly, I couldn't sleep very well...

2012.07.23 Monday (Hawaii)

Some went on the road to Hana again.  There were tons of stops along the way that we had to skip over so we could make it out to the seven pools.  Tons of hidden waterfalls and views.  I skipped out on that.

I remember this day being mostly laid back.  Kelc and I went out to Big Beach by ourselves to get some more sun time in, and watch the sunset.  I did some boogie boarding, then face planted into the sand and tweaked my shoulder.  Probably would have looked amazing on film.

Little bits of drama here and there, but that tends to happen when everybody is forced to be around each other for so long.  I found it entertaining.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012.07.22 Sunday (Hawaii)

Plan for today is "The Road to Hana" and the "Seven Sacred Pools of Oheo Gulch".  What is a gulch anyways?

Little did we know that the journey would be so long, the distance traveled kinda short, and the views absolutely breathtaking.  If ever in Maui for at least a fewe days, I highly recommend spending a day trip to go see the seven pools.  Plan on bringing a picnic lunch or some food to hold you over, because we had a terrible time finding a place to eat.  We ended up going to TuTu's, which was being run by one person, and was very mediocre for the price.  Hana bay looks like it was a booming destination at one point, but now looked more run down.

The drive back was a bit edgy. Half of the car was tired of being in the car, and the other half wanted to stop at the stands along the road for fresh fruit or confections.  We also had an audio cd that talks you through the drive out to Hana, but we didn't get to listen until we were driving back.

Finally home, time to relax and give each other some space.

2012.07.21 Saturday (Hawaii)

Day spa morning.  Slightly embarrassing how I had to take a massive duke, and we were the only people there (plus the toilet wasnt flushing...oh god).

Left there oily, relaxed, and fumigated.

Kihei Cafe for lunch.  Took longer than expected because they mixed up some orders.  I think they sent out our food for delivery by accident

The scooter booters came back from their morning journey, then returned the scooters.

Kelc and I cleaned up the oily from the spa while everybody else went out to the beaches.  We then put on swim gear and sunscreen about to head out when they were on their way back.  Good timing?

We went out and bought a volleyball and ice cream, then swam at the beach.

Five Palms restaurant with Kelc and her mom.  Expensive, but delicious.  I had Walu.  What is walu?  Some sort of fish.

Home, tired.

2012.07.20 Friday (Hawaii)

Cooked up a nice bacon and egg breakfast this morning.

The guys were wanting to rent some scooters and zip around the island.  Kelc helped find places that had bikes while also trying to look up some day spas that had some openings for us.  She found both but later we remembered that she never called to actually reserve the day spa slot, so we ended up not going.

We helped the guys and gals get to the moped place, watched them learn how to ride.

Went back to the condo to just sit around and relax.

Went out to a 50s diner for dinner.  They had an old time jukebox so we put some change in to play some old time hits.

2012.07.19 Thursday (Hawaii)

Drove out to Honolua Bay.  We did some snorkeling and lounging around.  The hike in to honolua is awesome. It's like some surreal jungle adventure.

Drove to another beach, Kelc and I took a nap.  I have no idea what beach it was, but they had a set of decent bathrooms really close to the beach, with a grassy knoll and palm trees for lounging.  My neck got a tad burned from lying there.

Went to Cool Cat Cafe for burgers and fries, and to shop around a bit.  I picked some spicy chicken sandwich and my face was on fire for quite a bit.  Seems like people are starting to want to split off on their own at this point too, instead of traveling as a group for everything and having to compromise on what to do.

Headed to Black Rock beach for a bit.  There they have this lazy river thing around a bar. I remember this place, and I think I've dreamed about it so I didn't remember if it was real or not.  The boy-car left early because they were getting annoyed with the group traveling pattern, so we left whenever we wanted to.

Drove home, more relaxation.

2012.07.18 Wednesday (Hawaii)

I woke up a couple times in the middle of the night.  Partially because I was being frozen by the air conditioner and fan, and partially because my sleep patterns aren't quite adjusted to the 5 hour difference yet.

Kelc's mom was already up, so we headed over to starbucks to get a little kickstarter juice.

Went to big beach.  Surprisingly, up over the cliff to the right is a nude beach.  As cool as it sounds, the view of old man-chicken was not cool.  I didn't go over there, although after we left I thought about how there aren't too many chances to be nude in public without consequences... maybe when I get older....

Drove through the lava flows.  Crazy that there is so much jagged lava rock that was once molten and flowing not that long ago.

Went to a place called Cheese Burger for late lunch.  We almost went to a place directly across from it, but a guy came out and was really pushy about getting us to eat there.  Once we were served food, we started thinking that maybe he was right in saying his food was better.  WE MAY NEVER KNOW FOR SURE.

Stopped by the grocery store and mostly relaxed for the remainder of the day.

Monday, July 30, 2012

2012.07.17 Tuesday (the long day)

Woke up super early to get a good start with the airport and security hoops to jump through.  As feared, a super long security line.  Right as we got through and put on shoes and belts, they were boarding the flight we were trying to catch.

Caught the planned flight to LAX.  Nice.

Once we got there, we noticed that the early flight out to Hawaii was delayed, so we tried to hop on that standby list to squeeze out earlier, but there were too many people on the list, plus some crowding at the gate.  Instead, we payed an airport premium for a small starbuck's "meal".  This airport is great!

Took our original planned flight to Kahului, left on time, and arriving on time.  Speaking of arrival... we were flying above clouds most of the trip, then closer to the islands we had to dip below what looked like a small cluster of rain.  This caused some jerkiness while descending, which caused a kid on the opposite side of the plane to regurgitate all the junk food that he was allowed during the 6.5 hour flight.  Good.

Stopped at the rental car place to correct some paperwork, then got yelled at by airport parking cop.  Good job at asserting authority just for the hell of it.

Went grocery shopping and stopped by Maui Tacos for a bite to eat.  Good huge taco salad.

Then finally go to the condo.  Felt like I've been awake for too long.  Sat around and relaxed for a bit.

Went out for a late dinner at Fabiani's Italian for Kevin's b-day.  It was a little awkward since he wasn't very enthusiastic about it, but to add to that Kelc and I had been up for a really long time and just wanted to sleep.  At the end, I think we were awake for about 23 hrs before falling asleep.

2012.07.16 Monday

My alarm was having a hard time waking me up this morning.  Went in slightly later than normal.  Some goobers had a multiple bumper-to-bumper accident.  Looked like 4 cars all cramped each other on the on-ramp to 183.  Good stuff.

Sooo, in the grand scheme of everything, I took off the day at work so that I could go on vacation with Kelc and her family and friends.  Well, turns out that Kelc had to work a little overlap with the vacation plans, so we both went to work instead.  I tried to crank out some more work and wrap up a few things before leaving.  I also was able to get a final 1 on 1 discussion with the coworker that is leaving.  I almost got choked up, someone must have been cutting onions or something.

I did some evening moving and packing.  Kelc picked me up to sleep at her place.  Hopefully I have everything I need.

2012.07.15 Sunday

Kelc left for work early.  I put together more furniture, then unpacked and cleaned some dishes.

Over to my parent's house, my dad had been cruising on craigslist for lawn mowers and found something that he liked.  Looks like a pretty good deal, only probably is how far away it is.

Stopped by Home Depot.  Electric trimmers look pretty crappy these days.  I am disappoint.  Borrowed my dad's trimmer, and took another load over to my house.  Cut the grass, then started trimming when Mark and Nadia showed up to check out the house.

Then a huge storm rolled in.  Guess I'll have to finish up later.

Picked up Kelc for dinner at Taco C.  Then we took a trip to Lowe's to spend a gift card that Habs and Taylor gave as a housewarming gift.  Hardest decision I had to make was which hammer to get.  Very important tool.

Then home, then parent's house to pack.  Saw a crazy show about mermaids.

2012.07.14 Saturday

Went home from Kelc's.

My parents help me take apart big furniture, move it, then reassemble it.  The desk was freaking heavy.  Moving that beast is exhausting.

Back to parent's house to pack/move/shuffle more.

Back to my house to unpack, move, shuffle.  Kelc came over to hang out.  I put together more furniture, then called it a night.

2012.07.13 Friday (the thirteenth)

Superstition?  No thanks.

Played vball with a slightly different set of people.  It was fun but hot and humid with no breeze.  We called it after just 2 games, but probably ended up being a wise choice. Because... a huge thunderstorm rolled through and dropped a ton of water and lightning.

Today a special outing was planned for a coworker that is leaving us.  I think he is a great guy, always spoke his mind and was open and honest.  The funny thing is that he is leaving without a big plan for what is going to happen next.  He sold his house, packed up everything in a uhaul, and is heading west.  We met up at the Flying Saucer in the triangle to share a few rounds.  I feel like these types of outings should happen more often.

Went home, packed up some more and unpacked.

2012.07.12 Thursday

Long yet productive day.  Still completely exhausted from pulling 18-20hr days this week.  Boom shaka laka.

Hasbro and I had a mini discussion about the tiny yellow dots that appear on some printouts from scanners/copiers.  No idea what I'm talking about?  It's called Printer Steganography according to wikipedia.  Tiny...tiny...tiny yellow dots, probably never notice them.  Yet, they could probably track that printout back to a specific printer at a specific time.  Woah.

Went over to Kelc's and we made an awesome, near-paleo dinner.  Tiliapia, spinach/avocado/pear/mint salad, cole slaw.

Then hopped over to my parent's to do laundry and try to figure out some stuff on my laptop.

2012.07.11 Wednesday

Oh lordy lordy, I am exhausted.  Definitely would not mind getting some extra sleep at some point.

Worked a normal day, then packed and moved more junk.  Not too much else to talk about.

Friday, July 13, 2012

2012.07.10 Tuesday

Pretty tired.  I ended up being up later than planned last night, and I'm feeling it today.  Just add caffeine and all will be better, right?

Morning was filled with meetings.  The coffee helped me out with that.  Spent most of the day cranking through some work, made some decent progress.

Back at home, I packed up my car with more junk.  Had a quick bite to eat, then headed over to my place.

Upon arriving, I had my first unwelcome visitor.  A roach was wanting to come inside through the garage to get out from all the rain we have been having.  I was not going to have any of it.  Went at him with a tennis racket.

Unloaded a bunch of stuff, plugged in some speakers, then got to work.  Vacuumed a bunch, then shampooed a bunch.  I think a little too much actually.  Around midnight I started seeing the carpet move in my peripheral vision (similar to the guitar hero effect).  I took that as a sign to wrap up and head home to rest.

I stopped by to check the mail on my way out, and creepily there was a guy walking around at like 1am.  That woke me up a bit.

2012.07.09 Monday

It's good that we are finally getting some rain, but dang...I may have to cut my yard a bunch.  And I don't even have a lawnmower.

Work went by quickly since VB broke up the day.  Later on I packed up a car load and delivered it to my place.  Also did some prep work for the carpet cleaning I am hoping to get done.

Picked up the carpet cleaner from a friend, then drove back home.  As I was about to start winding down for bed, I get a text from Kelc to see if her mom and sister can check out my place.  I pack up another car load, then head to the house.

Then back home, then sleep late.

2012.07.08 Sunday

Quick breakfast and shower, then off to brenham to attend my cousin's graduation party.

They served chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, pickles, and pasta salad.  It was awesome.  Plus everybody brought desserts and sides, and there was a huge cake.  Tons of food everywhere.

Unfortuantely, I had to drive back home.  No nap for me.

Later, my sister and brother-in-law came over.  Just got home to Austin today from their honeymoon.  Interesting stories, and came back to interesting problems.

Packed up my car with a load of "non-essentials".  Drove over to my house to show the married couple where I will be living, and where they may be requesting a room in the future.

2012.07.07 Saturday

Woke up on the floor.  Hardly any air left in the air mattress.  I guess I still didn't get enough sleep because I'm still not feeling very energetic.

Started the day by cleaning again, Kelc left to go grab some coffee.  My parents showed up with a breakfast taco and stuff from the storage unit.

Then we all continued cleaning.  I was cleaning various things, then got slowed down by the disgusting deposits left on the top of the kitchen cabinets.  I guess nobody ever sees that area, but it was pretty darn gross.  Layers of paint, dust, and grease mixed over the years.  I had to take a heavy duty solvent and a blade to scrape it up.

Later into the evening, Kelc and I went to Tyler's going-away party.  That involved croquet, swimming, vennis, sundaes, MitD, telephone pictionary, and various mini-games.

Kelc left early, I left late.  Slept at my parent's house where I have a real bed, real shower supplies, and all my clothes.

2012.07.06 Friday (Closing)

I woke up today feeling pretty out of it.  Just not energetic whatsoever.  I guess let's get this show on the road.

Met up at the house for a final walk-through with realtor.  The windows were a tad clunky feeling, but now they work, and lock.  Then we drove over to title company.  There we made some coffee and sat around waiting for the fun.  After a good chunk of time, a lady came to get us, then we went back into a conference room to sign papers.  The sellers had already come by and signed everything earlier, so it was just me and a pen and a large stack of paper.

When we finished up, I drove home.  Changed clothes and sat around.  Just about to take a mini nap and I get a phone call from the title company saying the transaction went through, so I can pick up the keys.  Back to title company..

Then over to my own house.  Achievement unlocked: Home owner.

Not too long after, my parents show up with vehicles loaded with preparation stuff. Kelc showed up.  Cleaning commenced.  Lots and lots of cleaning.  Then a dinner of saccone's pizza.  The first meal.

Left later to hang out at the lakehouse to celebrate Kevin's wakening from a coma. Back to the house for the "first night", sans champagne but sparkling wine instead.  Pretty good too.

2012.07.05 Thursday

Tried to sleep in but someone did dishes and a cat kept meowing at me.  Fine universe, I'll get up.

Took a morning trip to the bank to ask questions and pick up some funding, then over to work.

I was quite lonely at work, which could sound like a bad thing but I had a fun and productive day.  Actually much more productive than I expected.

Home, then didn't really do too much.  I guess a lot of waiting is ahead of me.

Kelc came over later, then I realized I was supposed to make an trip over to Andy's to borrow a carpet cleaner.  Dang, that's what I get for trying to plan everything out.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2012.07.04 Wednesday (ID4)

Slept in as much as possible, not bad.

Remote connected to do some work...on my day off.  Go me.

Played some Ace Combat as well.

Went over to Habs and watched This Old House, where they installed some not-so-old entertainment systems.

Quick ride over to Coleman's to shoot off fireworks.

Back home, snoozed.

2012.07.03 Tuesday

Much less motivated today.  Kelc is still out too.  Livened up the day with breakfast with coworkers.

Today, we had epic lunch time.  Stage 1: 99cent deal at popeyes.  Stage 2: Bacon Sundae at Burger King.  Stage 3: food coma.

Had a meeting at work that was kind of last minute since people are going to be out for the next chunk of days.   I thought the mood was quite fun though.  Wrapped up some work, headed home.  Kelc is supposed to be arriving at some point.

2012.07.02 Monday

Went over to Kelc's to let kitty out in the morning.  Feels weird to have to let a cat out.

Played some vball over lunch.  Awesome times.

After work, went to let kitty in, but she didnt show up.  Went back home and didn't really do much.

Back to kelc's later on in the night, kitty showed up, then korey showed up.  Wasn't expecting that second animal.

2012.07.01 Sunday

Ah yes.  The beginning of the second half of 2012.  Was the first half as good as hoped?  Is there more in store for the second half?  We shall see.

Tried sleeping in.  Had a really funky dream again, but again it started fading quickly.  I just remember thinking how the dream could have escalated, but once I started waking up, there was no going back.  I hate that.

Spent a good chunk of the day learning some python.  Also thought about what all I would need to do to move in.  Also watched some x-games.  Good stuff.

Helped put together a taco meal for lunch.

More tv, coding, surfing, lounging.

Went over to Kelc's house to hang out with kitty.  She wanted attention, then meowed at me and somehow I knew that was her asking to go out.  It's like I speak cat or something.

Back home, finished up watching x-games and winding down for the upcoming (awkward) work week.

2012.06.30 Saturday

Woke up early to show my mom the house I (hopefully) will be taking ownership of.  Habs also made an appearance to check it out.  He had a pretty good eye on some the current owners possibly going stingy on watering the grass.  Maybe they are trying to save a buck, or maybe they don't use the automated scheduling.  Either way, the grass is starting to look a little thirsty.  If I were no longer living somewhere, and there was already a contract to transfer ownership, would I spend more money?  Deep.

Went back home, still not quite awake.  Solution: more coffee.  Had some discussions about what all I should do upon moving in, and the optimal order.  I could go the easy route or the hard route.

Watched a bunch more x-games.

Did some remote connections and worked from home.  Yay for working over the weekend.

Picked up Kelc and headed over to the volleyball courts.  We played with Tyler, Brent, and a clump of silly young ones.  (I guess it was more of the silly old ones and the silly young ones meeting.)  Stopped in the middle to go grab some sonic, then back to more vball.

Home, more x-games.  Kelc left to begin her road trip across the US in the vertical direction.

2012.06.29 Friday

I had some weird and vivid dreams last night, but for some reason they faded quickly upon waking.  As soon as my alarm went off, my mother felt it necessary to ask me about the sellers of the house I'm purchasing.  Thanks mom.

Work, nice breakfast meeting.  Awesome game of vball with a couple of non-regulars to make it 3v3.  The weather was pretty awesome too, so we squeezed in some more games.  Totally awesome.

Worked late too.  Went home and enjoyed x-games.  My at-home productivity will be negatively impacted these next couple days.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012.06.28 Thursday

Late start to the day.  Loaded up MP3 player with new mega hits.  This caused me to be later than my usual arrival.  Otherwise a pretty normal day.

Cooked up a nice paleo dinner of ground beef lettuce wraps topped with pico.  Tasty and I didn't feel bloated after eating.

X-games started.  I'm pumped.  Probably not going to get much done in the next few days.

2012.06.27 Wednesday

Sluggish today.  Guess I'm just worn out from running in overdrive for so long.  No vb today.  Bummers.

Worked late to squeeze in some more hours.

Home, snooze.

2012.06.26 Tuesday

Mostly normal work day.  Played vball earlier to avoid the heat.  It was still about 102 when we played.  (Later reports were up to 106)

Met Kelc at Qdoba for free burrito day. Yum.

Home, played with Ms Betty and did some online searching.

2012.06.25 Monday

Finished up some wedding things.  That involved hanging out with the remaining wedding party / family, and moving equipment and various things around town.

Highland Lakes.

Worked from home for most of the rest of the day, as much as I could.

Went out to dinner at Flores with parents, Jay and Kelc.  Good stuff.

Back to work at home.  Then sleep.  Packed day.

2012.06.24 Sunday

Woke up to a phone call from my mom saying what I already knew: I needed to pick up an order of breakfast tacos from Rudys.  Thanks for waking me up 1.5 hrs early.

Brunch.  Tons of family at the house.  Bride and groom made an appearance, but had to head to San Antonio for the other side's brunch.

Hung out with Jay and my parent's most of the day.  Later went to Dairy Queen and talked with Jay.  He had a lot of good things to say.

Home, Holmes on Homes, homey.


2012.06.23 Saturday (The Big Day)

Woke up early to go golf.  Not what I would consider a typical start to a wedding day, but definitely helped get all the guy's mind distracted for a bit.  The girls were off getting nails, hair and makeup done.

After golf (which I did mediocre), we grabbed an early lunch at Freebirds, then headed to the event center to set up the Cupcake display.  Everything looked pretty sweet.  A couple family members stopped by to check it out, and we ended up standing around watching slideshows longer than I had wanted.  So by the time we were heading home, I get a text from the groom saying we need to be back in like an hour.  Yeah... not going to happen.

Home, fast shower

Drove Kelc and myself downtown (late of course) in my dad's vehicle.  Turns out my lateness was still early.  Girls are slow, and some of the ladies were getting panicky.  Lollers.

Went and took a bunch of pictures, started up a good sweat.

Then the ceremony happened.  We had lots of people looking down through windows, and I felt like that was a bit awkward.  Who is staying in a hotel room and is so bored that staring at a wedding is more entertaining?  Anyways, the ceremony was short and sweet.  Mike did an awesome job leading it, and the vows exchanged were funny and sweet.  Just about everybody was watery-eyed.

Then outside for more pictures, and more sweating.

Lots of conversing with people I haven't seen in a long time.  Dinner with people I just met, and people I haven't seen in years.

Dancing.  Lots of white-dancing done by me.

Sent off the bride and groom on a pedi-cab.  Very appropriate.

Back to the event room for cleanup/teardown.  Crazy how the tone of everything shifts so quickly.  I did a pretty good job at getting this part done, if I do say so myself.

Tried leading some relatives home, then unpacked all the junk that we had to get out.

Then showered and snoozed. What a day.

2012.06.22 Friday

Thought I might be able to sleep in.  Nope.  Woke up early to go grab a van to move stuff.  Then over to the storage unit to get the stuff.  Turns out we took too much, so we had to take it back.  Then took the stuff downtown.  Then back home to shower.  Good morning.

Family started showing up post-shower, so I packed up my junk as fast as I could and went over to Kelc's to hang out / get settled into my temporary home.  I'd rather not be around the constant craziness at my parent's house.

Dressed up, then headed downtown for the rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner.  The dinner was at Juan in a Million.  Food was delicious, drinks were fantastic, heat was dehydrating.

The plan was to allow everybody in the wedding party have an opportunity (if they wanted) to give a little speech about the bride and groom.  Some speeches were pretty good, some heart warming, some not.

Back home, snooze to prepare for the big day.

2012.06.21 Thursday

Felt pretty funky this morning.  My body didn't want to get up, but my mind was ready to go.  Then my stomach started feeling like knots.  What is going on?

Wrapped up the work week, and last minute-purchases for the upcoming craziness.

2012.06.20 Wednesday

Actually drove through some rain this morning.  I can hardly believe it.

The day was pretty plain.  So is this blog post.  Worked late, went to gym.

After work, went to Kelc's.

2012.06.19 Tuesday

Felt a bit energetic this morning, once I finished most of my morning routine.

Quick breakfast at the cafe.  Vball for lunch.  Slightly longer day at work, with meetings and talking with coworkers.

Once home, I ate a quick dinner then started helping out around the house a tiny bit.  I spent the evening reading through some newly acquired paperwork.  This chunk of papers is about the HOA that will be imposed on me.  Sounds too flexible and ambiguous for some sections, and then too specific in others.  I feel like the resulting spectrum of what an HOA could be is too wide.  That's probably why I hear horror stories about them.

Off to bed.

2012.06.18 Monday

I think that extra nap yesterday paid off and made me much more awake in the morning.

The day went by quickly.  Lunch was a meeting; no vball.  Stayed late trying to finish up some work and chatting with coworkers.  Then stopped by the gym for a quick workout.  Felt great.

Stopped by my hair place to get a haircut.  I still think it is awkward that they serve alcohol.  The lady that cuts my hair also gives a great massage.

Home, had dinner.

Kelc then picked me up, dinner #2 at Rudino's with her and Korey.

Home, finally fixed wireless on laptop.  Silly me for thinking I could just simply re-install ubuntu without any hassle.

In bed a bit early.

2012.06.17 Sunday

Woke up, cleaned up.

Went on a little trip with my parents to Academy, then Conn's.  I got to check out some prices on appliances and furniture and stuff at Conn's.  Holy crap... you could spend a pretty penny on a just washer and dryer.  Seriously?  I feel like the payoff period for the extra cost would never come to fruition.  Not to mention all the people that complain about front-end-loading washers and the new set of problems that come with those.

Early family lunch at Pappasito's.  I was pretty much full by the time my plate showed up.  Dang.  Guess I'll have a dinner for later.

Felt absolutely disgusting on the way home.  So much chips/carbs/cheese.

Took a nap.  Probably a terrible idea but I felt like going into a food coma.  Once I woke up, I still felt out of it, but managed to get some work done.

Then went over to Kelc's and spent the night there.

2012.06.16 Saturday

Spent a good chunk of the day cleaning.

Then I spent ... a good chunk of the day cleaning.  :-\ Yeah.  Things just need to be ready when we are hosting a brunch party.  Just doing my fair share.

Later, Kelc came over and we watched The Mighty Boosh, like old times.  That show is so.. crazy awesome.  I feel like it is a rare occurrence where people were given an incredible amount of freedom in creating a show.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2012.06.15 Friday

Mega tired this morning.  Didn't really start off this day enthusiastically.

Luckily that turned around pretty quickly.  Lots of fun meetings and things to do.  I cranked out some work so I could start working on another piece that was in my queue.

At home I started cleaning and helping out.  I started cooking myself a dinner when all of a sudden a wild Kelc appeared at the door.  She was expecting me to go to a party, I was not expecting to.  She left unhappily.  I got to eat my dinner.

Went over to spend the night with her.  Party sounded interesting.

2012.06.14 Thursday

Late to work.  Go me.  Played some vball over lunch.  Lifted after work.

Went directly to Kelc's after work.  From there we went to Mesa Rosa under the pretext that we were going to be picking what the other person ate (within reason).  I got to eat the chicken flameado (which was awesome) and Kelc had a combo enchilada with spinach and mushrooms (the spinach was funky).  Also found out that Kelc can tolerate black beans.

I installed 12.04 on my laptop, but that broke the wireless in ubuntu.  Why have I never had any luck with wireless.  How is it 2012 and I am STILL unable to just INSTALL and GO.  Ubuntu, come on.  Everybody says how awesome linux is for supporting old hardware, but this is junk.

Sleep grumpily.