Saturday, November 16, 2013

2013.11.13 Wednesday

Work, stayed late working on homework, then hopped over to trivia.  Contributed absolutely nothing, then left.

Got some sleep in.

2013.11.12 Tuesday

Another regular work day.  Left a tad late, ate leftovers and worked on homework.  Typical Tuesday.

2013.11.11 Monday

Back to work, had a weird meeting today, but made up for that by leaving at a reasonable time.

Ate some leftovers and quinoa, and worked on homework.

Played a few mintues of Just Cause 2, then bed time.

2013.11.10 Sunday

Watched some lectures for class.  Watched some more football.

Finished cleaning the rest of the windows.

HEB run.  More football, Pizza dinner, and more Homework.

2013.11.09 Saturday

Watched some football.  Gloomy day.

Cleaned the seal and exterior of almost all the windows, started getting pretty dark early on.  Still not adjusted to this daylight saving junk.

2013.11.08 Friday

Slow to get up today.

Over to the mall to get a set of safety glasses, with a bit of mixup on where I actually needed to go.

Back home, made a batch of chili.  Pretty mild, but loaded with seasonings.

Picked up the frames.

Back home, watched half of Firefly

Ran over to OReily's for a battery.

Stayed up late to meet Sharon for a battery swap.  Somehow that took two fleshy chunks out of my finger.  Oh well, success!

2013.11.07 Thursday

Finished up the homework assignment and enjoyed the momentary bliss before the next one is assigned.  That's all the bliss I get in one week, maybe an hour or two.

Stopped by HEB on the way home for some goodies.

2013.11.06 Wednesday

Work, Homework, Trivia, Home, Snooze

2013.11.05 Tuesday

I had meetings strewn about the day, and somehow they all canceled.  Ended up being quite productive.

Attended "class", felt like I learned a few things.  By the time I got home, those things no longer seemed useful for the homework assignment.

Cooked up some pseudo chicken adobo and quinoa, then worked on homework.

2013.11.04 Monday

Normal work day mostly.

Home, cooked up some pizza and worked on homework into the evening.

2013.11.03 Sunday

Quick breakfast, then tried working on a wood project that I've been thinking about for the past few weeks.  Didn't turn out as expected, but I made a nice mess.

Showered, watched a bit of the Pittsburgh game, decided going to HEB would be better.

Back home, snacked.

Not really enjoying this time change.

2013.11.02 Saturday

Cooked up some eggs for breakfast.  Started a soup.

Cleaned house.  Ate soup for break. Showered up.

Went over to Habs to watch some of the UT game.  Started falling asleep.

Back home.  Empty house, worked on some schoolwork.

Watched some SNL, then bedtime.

2013.11.01 Friday

Wrapping up the work week.

Stopped by Fry's, then home, then over to the CP v Vista Ridge game.  CP won, and the bands look ready for state competition mostly.

Picked up some grub at Whataburger, then home to watch Jeepers Creepers.

Then bed.

2013.10.31 Thursday

Work.  Stopped by Best Buy on the way home to pick up another cable modem.  Talked with TWC to get the new device connected.

Ate pizza and played Cards Against Humanity with Korey and Lyle while trick-or-treaters stopped by for sugar.

2013.10.30 Wednesday

Another long day at work. Went home, did more homework.

Storm coming through.

2013.10.29 Tuesday

Started off my day with a dentist appointment.  The dental hygienist was a bit aggressive, so now I have a headache and sore gums.  I looked at my gums in a mirror late on in the day and they looked like they had been sliced through pretty good.  What gives lady?  And the comment about flossing more... I floss about 9 out of 10 days, which affects the gums between the teeth, instead of the gums on the sides which you stabbed with your barbaric dagger tools.

Worked late.  Stopped by Chipotle for grub, home late, doing homework late, to bed late.

2013.10.28 Monday

Work.  Late getting home.

Worked on school into the late evening, watched the tail end of MNF, then bed time.

2013.10.27 Sunday

Spent a chunk of the day doing class stuff.  Took a break from that to watch the Steelers game at Fowlers, then back home to do more schoolwork.

Had SNF on in the background, then sleep time.

2013.10.26 Saturday (BCS)

Slow to get up.  Spent a chunk of the morning watching some X-files episodes on Netflix that were related to Breaking Bad.

Breakfast was chocolate fondue.  Can't really complain there.

Went to the park to kick a soccer ball around and enjoy the weather.

At that point, Kelc and I ended our trip to BCS and started the drive home.  I had schoolwork to still do and Kelc has her own projects to work on.  Stopped by Sonic for grub on the way.

2013.10.25 Friday (BCS shhhhhh)

Ran some errands.  Hung out with my bro and new sister in law, freshly home from their honeymoon.

More errands, Costco.

Packed up, waited for Kelc, then off to BCS for a surprise. (Shhhhhh)

It was sort of a surprise, sort of a scare, and sort of already compromised.  Drinks, snacks, fondue and music into the night.

2013.10.24 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Late afternoon meetings are fun on the last day of the week.

Played some games at home.

2013.10.23 Wednesday

Another typical work day.  Worked on homework in the evening.  Ended up making up answers because we don't have enough information to complete the problems.  I feel like that is almost worth more points, being all creative.  The grader will disagree.

2013.10.22 Tuesday

A slightly shorter day of work due to class discussion occurring mid-afternoon.  Sometimes it seems like the material and the homework assignment are completely disjoint.  Luckily we live in the era of google, and the right words will point you in the direction of more material to work from.

Stopped by HEB on the way home for fuel for the car and fuel for the body.

Ate some leftovers and worked on homework all evening.  Then off to bed.  Limited free time for me these days.

2013.10.21 Monday

Another lengthy day at the office.  Nothing too unusual happening.

Stopped by the house to pick up Kelc, then over to my parent's house for food and socializing.

Back home, did a bit of work on homework, then off to bed.

2013.10.20 Sunday

Baked up some blueberry muffins for breakfast.  Yum.

Cut the yard, trimmed back some overgrown plants. Showered up.

Cooked up some food then went to a Texas Stars game with Kelc.  Go Stars.

Back home, watched a bit of SNF and more Modern Family before calling it.

2013.10.19 Saturday

Watched some Modern Family, and the typical Saturday football.

Watched some lectures for school.  I don't think the professor realizes that the lectures don't match up well with the homework assignments, or if he does know that, then he is just being a jerk.

Went over to Hab+Tay's to play some games later on.

2013.10.18 Friday

Ready for this work week to be wrapped up.  Sometimes productivity just starts drifting away after such long weeks.

Left late, ran a few errands on the journey home.

Packed up the car and went to the Cedar Park v Rouse game at Bible Stadium.  CP dominated their homecoming, poor fellas.  Thankfully it didn't rain.

Home, tired, hungry.

2013.10.17 Thursday

Didn't bring a lunch to eat, and an expected long day at work.  It's a recipe for fun.

Once home, did a few things around the house, played some KSP, then bed time.