Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 Week 2 (04-10)

Playoffs are less exciting now.  Played some L4D2 later.

Ah yes, back to this...grind.  Worked a semi-long day.

Home, quick leftover consumption.  Some researching into music, a few games, then off to bed.

More work.

Errands, more music research, a little more gaming, then bed.

Worked a longer day.

Trivia, smaller team than usual.  I helped out a tad.  We made it to the bonus/tie-breaker round.

Home, sleep.


Costco trip

Home, leftovers and recorded tv shows

Worked a longer day, but luckily working for next week.

Home, Umiya for sushi dinner.

Back home and watched the tale-end of a documentary about a crazy mom who likely killed the father, then herself and the child.  Go go legal system failure.

Weekend! Mostly just watched Football

2015 Week 1 (01-03)

Decided I'm going to try out something a bit different this year.  Instead of having ~365 posts throughout the year with nothing all that exciting to say, I'm switching to week-sized bursts.  Maybe I'll be more consistent with weekly distribution, but maybe not.  We'll see.   I expect the word-count per post to be a little higher.

Weird to have a New Year start on a Thursday.  My brain kept mixing up what day it actually was.  Didn't really do all that much today, but glad I didn't have to go in to work.

Kelc had to go back to work.  Tee Hee.

We met up for lunch at Taco Shack.  Been a while since I've been able to eat there since they stopped being open for dinner.

Went over to Korey and Lyle's later to watch first round of college playoffs.  Apparently this is such a momentous occasion that I will be telling my grand-kids about how "back in my day we didn't have playoffs"... ok ...

Got a computer and printer talking.

Watched some football at Korey and Lyle's place with the Steeler gang.  Kelc was unusually grumpy with me for no reason.  That's fine, guess I don't really need to watch the game anyways.

Home late.

2014.12.31 Wednesday

Finishing up the year with some work.  Weather seems like it's going to be getting cold tonight, maybe even icy.

Went over to C+E's to hang and bring in the new year.

2014.12.30 Tuesday

Worked a longer day.  Tried to stay on target for a full work day, but it's a challenge.

Home, put away dishes.

Gave my work keyboard and mouse a bath.

Worked on a puzzle and jammed out to some tunes.

2014.12.29 Monday

Slept in, got in to work late.

Left normal-ish time.

Home, ate some leftover soup.

Put together an F-22 model.

Watched the UT vs. Arkansas game, poor UT. Oh well, bowl is better than no bowl... right? ... right?

Worked on a puzzle with Kelc, then played some Contagion with peeps online, in bed late.

2014.12.28 Sunday

Watched random NFL games throughout the day.

Finished up the Millennium Falcon model.

Grocery shopping with Kelc.

Steelers vs Bengals with the ladies.

Played some Contagion online, not sure what is going on yet.  The game has a much darker feel and also has a clumsiness to make things realistic/difficult.

2014.12.27 Saturday

Watched some X-Games and Red Bull stuff that was on tv.  People are crazy, riding down mountains.

Took pictures of some furniture I'd like to sell.

Started working on a tiny millennium falcon model and jammed out to some JT.

2014.12.26 Friday

Drove around to a bunch of stores to see what was available at a "discount" from the holiday. Picked up a few things, but mostly underwhelmed.  Maybe the stores aren't really discounting much because they expect people to be doing this...especially since tons of people are doing returns anyways.

Fixed up things around the house.

Had Kelc's friends over to celebrate the holidays and play games.

2014.12.25 Thursday

Spent most of the day out at the lakehouse.  Opened a few gifts, watched gifts being opened.

Played more games and ate some food.

Watched some Mean Girls, then drove home to make sure kitty was alright.  She was a bit grumpy.

2014.12.24 Wednesday

Worked from home.  Not too many people were at work anyways.

Waited for kitty to come home.  Got a package late in the evening. Cool.

Drove out to the lakehouse to play games and hang with Kelc's family.

2014.12.23 Tuesday

Worked. Left later than I wanted to considering today is kinda like Christmas.

Stopped by home to grab a few things, the over to the parent's place to celebrate our family gift exchange.  Mom and Pop had a few tricks up their sleeves with surprises, plus so much food it was overwhelming.