Monday, October 13, 2008

2008.08.31 Sunday

Went shopping today. Got a new pair of shoes. They are actually the same style, different color scheme, so not completely new. Believe it or not, shoe shopping is one of the harder things a man can do in his life. Buying a pair of shoes is a commitment. Unlike women, when we get shoes, we stick by them. They have to last many miles of abuse, and always be ready for all conditions. They also have to not hurt after 5 minutes of wear. And they have to match just about everything in the guy's wardrobe (with a few exceptions). The style has to fit the man too; a balancing act in itself.
Kelc got a watch that looks really sweet, and it has hand-adjustable links so you can resize it as needed. Hand-customizable, waterproof, 11-year waranty AND it looks good... really good deal. Next time you see her, tell her she has good tastes.

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