Thursday, May 28, 2009

2009.05.28 Thursday

So I'm starting my trek to work, and something doesn't seem right. Yep, flat tire. Alright so pull the car around and get on some flat ground, get a pump out and see if the tire will hold air. Hmm, it wont get past 30psi on the meter, and when I turn off the pump I can hear air leaking out. Sweet. So time to jack up the car and pop the spare on. Then pump that up and head to discount tire co to patch it up. Oh wait, the gash is right at the edge of the treads, so new tire. Great, probably going to be about 150 bucks right? WRONG, I totally got the warranty last time, so cost? free. tag another warranty on the new tire? 16 bucks. Not bad. I could have had a really poopy morning, but things turned out pretty well. Thanks to my dad for the help. This was a good learning experience.

Crawfish etoufee day. Woo woo.

Then I did a bunch of chore stuff at home, and headed out to the lake house late.

2009.05.27 Wednesday

My body is adjusting to the 6am wake-up time. I don't know if I'm happy about that or disappointed. Although... I still can stay up pretty late without too much issue. I can partly like a rockstar with a rockstar.

Anywho, the sheedy-L is in town and hoarding Kelc's time. If I actually had free time, I would probably be upset about it. I spent the evening finishing up the last of We Got The Run's kickball season. To celebrate, we grilled and played some football. I'm going to miss these games. Hopefully we can plan something out and play some flag football or softball or something in the summer.

Co-worker Andy lost his keys, so we did some driving all over Austin for most of the night. Good stuff.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2009.05.26 Tuesday

Wow, it's weird already being a Tuesday and yet it's only the start of the week.

Today was mostly uneventful. I went to get my oil changed, and ended up throwing in a fuel injection clean and new air filter. All that still was only about 60 bucks, which I think is a good deal since oil changes themselves are 30. I also picked up a solder iron and solder for 7 bucks, lets hope that won't burn the house down.

Other than playing a little guitar hero, that's about all for my day. I'm just so interesting some days.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2009.05.25 Monday

Happy Memorial Day. Never again is Thanksgiving the only day we can be thankful for what we have. I can't think of anything more noble than standing up for what you believe in so much that you are willing to put your life on the line.

I woke up not long after going to bed. Thanks Kev. Kelc and I stopped to grab some food, and headed off to the lakehouse.

There, we waited around for the boat to swing by and pick us up. I just went cruising, others went tubing and knee-boarding.

After a nice meal, Kelc and I drove back and relaxed for a bit. Then Ray called us up to grab a goodbye meal at Kerbey Lane.

Another late night. Great extended weekend.

2009.05.24 Sunday

Caught up on some sleep. I woke up to some technical questions today, not exactly my forte. The goal is to get video from a VHS to the computer so it can be used in a slideshow/DVD-making program. The only idea so far is to use a VHS-to-DVD standalone box, then use a dvd-ripping tool to get the video off that, then use that in a slideshow, and eventually burn that back to DVD. I'm sure video-quality enthusiasts probably want to shoot me for that. Any other bright ideas?

Goofed around for a bit, then went home while Kelc went to shop for a new swimsuit. Yeah, I beat Super Mario World. Next up, Pilotwings or Sonic 3, I haven't fully decided yet. Your thoughts?

Before we knew it, it was time to go to Kelc's little sister's b-day dinner at Benihanna. Delicious. After that we stopped by Sarah's new appartment. She and Oscar just moved to Austin, very exciting. They have a place up on a hill and the place is rather new. Very cool.

After that, to Justin's for some (new) beers and chillaxin. Oh, and drinking-crap always kicks my a$$.

AndySk8inMan (05:14am): Goodnight everybody.

2009.05.23 Saturday

Ah sleep. Got a fair amount of that. Today Kelc and I assisted my family in moving some things around so that we can get new carpet put in upstairs. That was pretty exhausting.

I went and picked up food for everybody, and Taco C actually got the order wrong. That never happens when it's just my food. Well, actually I can't blame the entire establishment. The girl taking our order had to confirm with me 3 times what a "half-dozen" really means. (just one of those signs that our society is going down the pooper). Also, we just grabbed our order and ran out the door before confirming everything was correct. I thought the bag seemed a bit small for 4 meals-worth. Oh well, I drove back and one of the cooks put my missing piece first in his queue and apologized. I can't get mad at that.

After that, Kelc and I went off to hang out with Nick and celebrate the weekend with some grillin. It seems like we celebrated fire and all it's awesomeness more, but that was still fun. We also went to plucker's to watch some of the basketball game and get drinks/appetizers.

Then... we went over to Ashely's appartment and met some new people and enjoyed some cold beverages. There was an interesting flux of people coming and going. And surprise super-late visit by Boy Taylor and Andrea. Haven't really seen them since X-mas time. They're going on a adventure to other lands soon. Excited to hear about that.

And wow, it's like 4am... probably should go home now.

2009.05.22 Friday

So yeah, it's pretty obvious when you are working too hard. I was the first person to arrive in my area, then it turned out that I was one of three people to show up (one left about an hour after getting here), and then I was also the last person to leave. That's pretty ridiculous to me.

For the most part, I relaxed some once getting home. I was going to go out and celebrate the long weekend with a nice dinner, but that fell through.

Kelc and I ended up going to Ray's and enjoyed a nice hookah session. Everybody else had their hands full already.

Friday, May 22, 2009

2009.05.21 Thursday

The week is finally winding down. Well, at least for the work week it is. Things are starting to ramp up with people being done with school and new summer projects and whatnot.

I have to go through a lot of my stuff and start tossing things out, or consider packing them up for when I move out. When I do move out, I'm going to have a pretty hefty startup cost right off the bat. I probably won't have any basic furniture of my own. I guess it wont be that bad, I will have my computer and tv... ya know, the necessities :-P

This weekend should be interesting, I feel like there's a lot to do, but I can't really think what all to list off. I'll try to keep this updated.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

2009.05.20 Wednesday

Long day at work, but everything is wrapping up nicely. Another day of free lunch, woo.

After work, We Got The Runs went to play a 4-1 team at some kickball. We had a couple of mistakes that cost us a lot, but overall it doesn't really matter. I thought we played well and I had a great time. We all went to Doc's afterward to hang out and have fun.

Once I got home I was ready to just pass out.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2009.05.19 Tuesday

Well, happy b-day dad. You didn't even come home, but I'm sure you are off having fun somewhere.

Work is tiring, but I'm getting a lot done and learning a lot. Free food for lunch, woo! My coding abilities have exploded, all over the place.

After work, grabbed some Panda and then went home to finish the last 5 or 6 episodes of Death Note. Amazing series, and I don't usually watch anime. Highly recommend it if you have the time.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2009.05.18 Monday

Awesome, a guy from another city is coming in to help me at work. This week should be fun.

I was so exhausted from working and not sleeping that I went to bed kinda early after playing some guitar hero. Rockin the world, one song at a time.

Monday, May 18, 2009

2009.05.17 Sunday

We left College Station relatively early. Surprisingly didn't feel any 'after-effects' of drinking.

Good times.

Kelc's cousin was driving through Texas on his way to the west coast, all the way from the east coast. Crazy amount of driving. We had burgers and played pictionary.

I actually fell asleep sorta early... midnight.

2009.05.16 Saturday

Matt and Kelc fell asleep pretty early last night, Ray and I were up for adventures.

For the most part, we just chilled today. In the afternoon, it started storming right as we decided to go see a movie. Monsters vs Aliens in 3D. The comedy in the movie was actually not that bad. I preferred My Bloody Valentine in 3D better though.

Time for more excitement!

2009.05.15 Friday

I was estimating an early departure to college station, but lots of things came up. Rudy is still hanging around at school, so Kelc and I got lunch with him and his lady. Christine seemed rather cheerful, Rudy rather exhausted. I bet after that many years of school I would be exhausted too.

After that, we zoomed over to a snow-cone place on airport and 51st. I had strawberry cheesecake and kelcey had fudge bananas. So good, probably so unhealthy too.

Then we packed up and headed out.

2009.05.14 Thursday

Ahhh how good it feels to win at kickball.

Today is my 'Friday' and Kelc is coming home from school and it's a crawfish etoufee day. All pretty exciting.

I spent the evening with Kelc's family doing random things here and there. Some might say I'm a vagina because I didn't feel like going to buffalo billiards.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

2009.05.13 Wednesday

Woo, hump day. Went out for lunch today, then played kickball. Well guess what, we effin won baby
yeah! I made some mistakes, but squirt-of-the-game Taylor made an awesome play.
It's nice when things work out like that.

Kelc was busy studying for her last final and playing games; I bet she's excited to be done with this semester.

I really can't
believe it's been a whole semester already. Jeez.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2009.05.12 Tuesday

Work was somewhat better, but there were a ton of people making a ton of noise today, and somebody needs to turn off their damn ringtone at work.

I ran when I got home; hopefully that lets out the frustration. I ate a big pot of tortellini and **updated my edgefest post (sat)**

Guess I'll just do some random stuff now.

2009.05.11 Monday

Wow, this day feels like it took forever. Work started sucking hardcore because my eye started doing some internal twitching, driving me insane.

I got home and tried to relax, got some music software that im pretty excited about trying out. Then Justin called me up to hang out. I think thats really what I needed; music and hookah. Chillin.

Monday, May 11, 2009

2009.05.10 Sunday

Slept in pretty well today.

Watched a ton of death note. Had Golden Chick for lunch (meh) and Applebee's for dinner (meh++).

Time to drive home...

2009.05.09 Saturday

Edgefest 19. I'll update this later.

K so we got there not too long after the gates opened. We watched Drive A on the main stage, 10 Years, a couple of other bands on the side stage, then Anberlin and Taking Back Sunday and another band I already forgot the name of. Kelc can probably help me out with the ones I left out.

Lunch, we ate at Pizza Hut park. Talk about awesome, we got a nachos, personal pizza and a soda for 20 bucks. What a steal. To add to the awesome value that is edgefest, our 'assigned seats' had the view blocked to BOTH stages. So much for that crap.

We took the toll roads back home just in time to watch another one of Lindsey's dance ensemble performance. After that we grabbed some grub at Qdoba (2 very filling meals for about 13 bucks).

Over the course of the day, I started thinking about how much everything is such a ripoff. They're making a ton of money on concessions (and you cant bring in food or water for yourself), they advertise a ton, they have booths set up to buy stuff you dont need, the bands only play a handful of songs, had to pay for parking, had to pay for toll roads and gas... this shit is ridiculous.

I really want to just make my own music and collaborate with people. I think I just want to make it for fun too, stuff that people can enjoy listening to, and I enjoy making. Screw big businesses.

2009.05.08 Friday

Wrapped up the long week of work. Went out to celebrate for lunch. Zen.

Drove up to Arlington. Lindsey had a dance ensemble performance. It was pretty awesome. Sigur Ros was part of it, and some Final Fantasy music. Sucks that I forgot my camera.

Tomorrow should be interesting.

Friday, May 8, 2009

2009.05.07 Thursday

I think I waited too long to start writing this one.

Yesterday was productive and not. I ran when I got home, washed dishes, washed my hookah, went to the ATM (my bank is closing access to accounts to update the system this weekend), played some SMW to chill out, and moved some stuff around in my house. I also did some writing and listening, but I shouldnt go too in dept on that.

This coming weekend should be interesting, as well as the next.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

2009.05.06 Wednesday

So, I'm getting pretty tired of it. The media is no longer free speech, no longer fair and decent reporting. It's all just fear mongering and about getting readers to believe they are being informed. I wish more people felt like reporting on their own. The internet is a (mostly) free place for people to speak out, and find information easily.

Oh well. I stayed at work late so that I could go straight to the kickball game afterwards. Unfortunately, we lost. BUT we did have a good start, just had a few errors that gave up some points. Afterwards, we went to Doc's for some drinks and food. D-lish.

Got home to play some SMW and watch Mythbusters. Spent 17 hours away from home today, not bad.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2009.05.05 Tuesday


Today at work was severely uneventful. Home was better, played some SMW on SNES. My dad pulled out some old vinyls to look through them. Some hidden gems in there.

I'm pretty boring, huh.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2009.05.04 Monday

The morning started off interesting today. I couldn't fall asleep until about 4:30, then woke up at 6:20. This didn't exactly put me in the best of moods. On the way to work, I txt'd in to the morning show, and they read my txt on air, so that boosted my spirit.

Mostly typical day at work. Grilled Cheez for lunch.

Then some catch up stuff at home, and some errands to run...then off to bed.

Monday, May 4, 2009

2009.05.03 Sunday

Watched a lot more Death Note today. It's getting really complex and awesome. Love it.

Kelc and I went out to dinner at Pappasito's and had a really good time.

Then I drove home super late.

2009.05.02 Saturday

Hmm well, I don't really recall all of what happened today. I did forget to mention that I had to drive my brother back home yesterday; he was getting sick. I hate driving I35W and I had to do it 3 times already. ARG.

Kelc and I watched a bunch of Death Note. Amazing anime mini-series, great story and good art.

For dinner, we semi-dressed-up and went to Nizza Pizza.

2009.05.01 Friday

Late last night we went to Wendy's. This morning I went to Shipley's by myself. For a late lunch, we had Dino's Subs (they have To-Go Beer, amazing).

Later on, everybody wanted to celebrate the weekend that had begun (even though mine had already been going strong).

2009.04.30 Thursday

Oh yes, the end of the week. Such a good feeling.

Speaking of good feelings, etoufee for lunch. Jenny brought her baby to lunch; first time seeing her since forever ago.

Instead of beginning my weekend trek, I went home to see if my brother wanted to tag along and save gasoline. Late night driving is better anyways.

2009.04.29 Wednesday

Hump day, come and gone.

Meetings and things kept me on my toes today, but otherwise not much else happened.

Kickball was tonight, and we did awesome, yet still lost.