Sunday, October 19, 2008

2008.10.17 Friday

I didn't have much of a blog yesterday because most of my mental energy was spent on studying for the DSP test that I had. The test wasn't terrible, but out of the 4 problems, once I made it to the third, the professor said "you have 10 minutes remaining" so I started to scramble.

Kelc came to ATX today. Woo woo. In celebration, we went out to Applebee's and Barnes and Nobles, and went downtown Hookah'ing at Kasbah. I said some pretty interesting comments about how women are paid less than men in the workforce, and I pissed off a lady sitting behind me at Applebees. Kelc said she was about to get up and start bitching, but I guess she wasn't 'man' enough. :-P Ryachu and Jenkem got the Citrus Cooler, Kelc and I split the Banana hookah. Yum.

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