Friday, February 27, 2009

2009.02.26 Thursday

Work was rather uneventful, again.

After work I met up with Trey to grab some Wing Stop. Cajun and Lemon Pepper, delicious! I ordered 20 wings, an order of fries, a ranch and a drink expecting to take some home and have something for a late night snack. Somehow I finished the entire meal. I'm going to have to go back and try 25 or 30 pieces.

I got home and worked on some music stuff for most of the night, with occasional TV breaks (like How It's Made).

Sleep time had approached before I was ready for it.


Solutions to Rush Hour.

I decided that I'd like to express my ideas and opinions on random topics of life over this blog. These ideas and "off-topics" will be random, and mostly whenever I feel like ranting.

First off, I'd like to say a big Thank You to all the dick-hole drivers on the road today. If it were not for your darting lane-changing, tailgating, lane-cutting, and all-around recklessness, the severity of traffic might not be as bad as it is.


Can we all agree that Rush Hour consists mostly of people who get off of work around the same time of day during the typical work week? This is my first assumption, and intrinsically problem number one. Why do businesses refuse to shift around their schedules to dissolve the "rush". If one-fourth of all the companies pushed start time early by one hour, and one-fourth pushed start time back by an hour, then there could essentially be half as many cars on the road during the rush. Of course, there are many other variables at play here; not everybody has the same travel time to work, traffic hits certain areas worst.. etc. So maybe that idea is not all that great in solving the congestion. When you think about it, how many people actually thrive off the 8a-5p work schedule? Some people are genetically designed to be night owls. What if business itself was not just a day-time activity? What would it be like to have 24-hr business? If more businesses operated for 24 hrs a day instead of 8, that's 3 times the amount of work accomplished, and 3 times as many jobs. If staying open 24hrs was not profitable, why would there be any store or restaurant that stays open 24 hrs? Who knows, maybe this is how the economy will thrive in the future.

So again, if we come to the consensus that Rush Hour traffic consists mostly of people who are getting off work at the same time, can we assume that these same people know the way to their next destination? Most people are driving the same route every day, right? (Directly home or something very similar) I feel like that is a fair assumption. The part I do not understand is how people can change lanes at the last second when they knew miles before that a lane was ending. I think I know what it is... they're cutting in line. This action just makes traffic worse. I advise against this course of action. When somebody cuts into a lane, this typically causes a chain reaction. The driver being cut-off is having to slow down fit an entire vehicle length in front of them, and this causes everyone behind them to slow down, some even stop. This essentially boils down to a design flaw; civil engineers figured that if you are smart enough to get a drivers license, you are smart enough to grasp the concept of merging into a lane. Merging works best with ample room and consistent speeds. As soon as somebody squeezes in or flat out stops in the road to wait for a gap, the problems just build.

My last point is not much of a point at all. I honestly have a question for the readers that involves concepts of highway driving. For the most part, there are signs along highways and freeways that state "No Trucks Left Lane" (and by Trucks, this usually means large, multi-ton, 18-wheelers, etc.). This only makes half-sense to me. Let's consider for a moment, that you are about to jump on the entrance ramp to a freeway that has 2 lanes on your side. If there are no trucks in the left lane, they are now in the right lane... which is exactly where you have to merge. Had there been just cars and smaller trucks there, I think this process would have been much easier. Also something to think about: who is actually getting on and off the freeway/highway more often? I also like to think that this would be smaller vehicles who make smaller, in-city commutes. Why can't there be a sign saying "Trucks in Left Lane Only"? This would free up the remainder of lanes for drivers who need to shift around a lot more.
--The only reason I can see for the policy is that, no matter what vehicle you are driving, it is easier to peer over your left shoulder and see behind you on that side if you need to. A truck that is stuck in the left lane may have a hard time lane-changing to the right. Also, trucks in the left lane will probably move slower, which causes people to pass on the right...also more dangerous.

So, what do you think? It's time to question the system that has been in place for years. The only way to better ourselves is to rethink and evaluate the current state, and make adjustments accordingly. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"...bleh on whoever made that up.

Thanks for reading.

Kelc mentioned that "No Trucks in Left Lane" only occurs when there are 3 ore more lanes, allowing the trucks to be in at least 2 different lanes, and giving people the chance to pass on the left. I think I was mistaken in thinking this "NTiLL" can occur in other situations. This still begs the question why a vehicle that is designed and used to travel long distances at a constant speed...why they can't get a dedicated lane that is out of the way of passenger vehicles. I observe that these vehicles enter and exit the freeway much less while driving through cities.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

2009.02.25 Wednesday

Another slow day at work. Actually I ran a few errands and tried to change things up, but bleh.

At home, I worked on an on-going music project. I'm starting to get input from various sources, hopefully I can incorporate a lot of things and get the sound I want. The hardest part of music creation is getting the right sounds, the rest is just practice.

Wow, hump day over already? The new mythbusters was alright, lots of gun stuff and a reference to Kill Bill.

2009.02.24 Tuesday

Today was mostly uneventful. I think my Monday energy surge is causing me to run low now.

Last week I charged a few hours to personal time. Well, it turns out that I haven't been accruing anything since I started up full-time. Somebody messed up. Hopefully the paycheck works out.

I went to Rudy's for dinner, mmm protein. I received some packages in the mail, a Thrice DVD/CD set, the new Thursday CD, and some fillers (a spooky mazes book and a car lighting extension cord).

I spent most of the evening listening to music and watching the concert dvd.

2009.02.23 Monday

Today was my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday! Too bad I didn't really get to hang out with her because she had work and school all day.

I felt rather energetic at work today, never felt tired. Although not much happened...

My brother and I went to shop and get food. Later I met up with Ryan and we enjoyed a rather smooth hookah session.

Oh, and I made this, the coveted tricepceratops:

Monday, February 23, 2009

2009.02.22 Sunday

My body sprang to life around 6am. I drank some water and walked around a bit. I sat on the new couch and looked out the window at a sight I have not seen before, the sunrise in Arlington. Honestly, that's probably the nicest side of the town I have seen; a peaceful innocence, and a warming glow. I laid down and Turtle snuggled up next to me for warmth.

I kept waking up randomly in the morning. I think I had some weird nasal drainage going on. I went to wake up Kelc -- she had a headache so I let her go back to sleep.

We went to WaffleHouse for lunch. Sometime in the afternoon my mom called to see how things were going to inform me that my dad's uncle has passed away. He had a long life, and has probably been battling lots of problems these last couple of years. I'm sure lots of arrangements are still being made.

Everybody teamed up and went to Applebee's for dinner, Kelc's choice obviously. Soon after I left for home.

I then met up with Ray at Kerbey Lane. He asked me one of those big questions that you don't know to answer - hopefully my answer was the right one. Oh, and his gakken is awesome.

Sweet, in bed by 2:30

2009.02.21 Saturday

Today, Kelc and I were trying to find something to do, so we ended up cleaning parts of the apartment.

For lunch we went to Schlotzsky's. Yum. I also watched Hot Rod while the ladies played their mind control games.

The skittles experiment eventually dissolved and was ready for filtration. A coffee filter turned out to be less effective, so we used fresh paper towels. The flavors were filling the air as we worked. The froth that was being filtered, however, was quite bitter tasting. The bottles were filtered and placed in the freezer for temperature optimization.

Kelc and I then did some furniture moving and cleaned up the apartment a little more. Next thing I know, we are making various skittle syrup mixes. Nighty night.

2009.02.20 Friday

I like how yesterday felt like Friday... now the weekend just feels awesomely long.

Kelc left for school, and before I knew it, was back. We left to grab some taco B and bring it back to Linds. Then we kinda just sat around for a while.

Linds hadn't slept last night, and had just given a presentation, so when she came home, she crashed. Kelc and I left to do some shopping. We planned out a stir-fry meal and a skittles experiment. We woke up Linds for dinner; it was delicious.

The skittles experiment consisted of splitting a 1 lb bag of skittles into the respective colors, then mixing those into bottles of a specific amount of vodka, then shaking fiercely. The skittles needed to dissolve completely, so that had to sit overnight. The colors look pretty.

We also stopped by the movie store to rent Hot Rod and Psycho, but they didn't have psycho. I find that really hard to believe.

2009.02.19 Thursday

My work partner was out for the day. I hope I didn't get him sick somehow. Today is exciting because I get to leave hella-early AND it's crawfish etoufee. Yes, it was delicious. The recipe was a tad on the peppery side instead of spice, but always well worth the 8.95

I left early, and my dad helped me pack up some things, and then I headed out.

For dinner, Kelc Linds Kayla and I had El Chico. Mmm queso! Kayla's pup was cute too.

2009.02.18 Wednesday

Ah, almost like a Thursday, but it really feels like something between a Monday and Tuesday.

Met up with JeW later for some hookah. The smoke bounced between being really light and being harsh, but still pretty good. Got to catch up on things and discuss some aspects of music and life now that we are part of the working world.

Man does it feel weird to consider myself grown up.

2009.02.17 Tuesday

Today I had a check-up meeting to see how things are progressing. One of the things I dislike about work (and I'm sure this applies to most businesses not just mine) is how you can get excited to jump into a project and hit the ground running, but you end up being held back to a slow crawl.

I need to figure out what is going to happen this Thursday. I really need to leave work early, but I've never taken time off before so I have to figure that part out as well.

I'm starting to enjoy running after work every day. Odd.

2009.02.16 Monday

Not a whole lot going on. I'm excited about this week being short.

I got home and worked some on music. Things are progressing rather well, but I'm continually revamping things, so I have no idea when I'll be 'finished'.

Monday, February 16, 2009

2009.02.15 Sunday

Slept like a baby, woke up to a nice sun-shiny day.

We had to just mostly sit around because we were waiting on family to finish a marathon and other things. Kev and I went and built a good chunk of rock-pier.

Later we dug some holes for the see-saw / teeter-totter. It's gonna be X^treme.

Kelc's family cooked a delicious dinner. Then we ran off because Kelc needed to study for a test that is tomorrow. Yikes.

After she felt more comfortable with the material, we watched a movie called Hard Candy. There was so much of that movie that I did not like. The cast list was about 6 people. There's something about Ellen Page playing ridiculous roles, and not coming across realistic at all.

Ugh, goodnight.

2009.02.14 Saturday

V-day, for real this time.

Kelc and I spent the day relaxing and just being in each others presence. TacoC was for lunch; that's almost a given. We played various games and watched the Amazing Johnathan.

Later on, we set up the hookah and went outside to just sit back and relax.

Then we met up with some of Kelc's family and enjoyed a delicious, but large meal at Kerbey Lane Cafe, a true Austin original.

Then a late night trip to the lake house.

2009.02.13 Friday


Today at work was almost like a first day at school. I began working from a new location with new people on a new task. There are lots to learn. I ended up with a new computer too. Yay. For lunch, I met up with 'the gang' and we ate Panda Express. What's up with being served fatty meat?

I got off work slightly early because of how the schedule is. I quickly went home and changed into my new suit. Yeah baby. Then Kelc and I went to Sullivan's Steakhouse for dinner. The food was absolutely amazing.

After a slightly rushed and confusing dinner, we skipped over to the Austin Music Hall for the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular. The show was amazing, but also the music was amazing. I think they had a special digital copy extracted from vinyl. The only thing I did not like about the show was the very literal laser art. I didn't know this beforehand, but there are 3d glasses that could go along with the show, but weren't necessary (just added to the effects). Maybe next time...

After a quick run to tacoC/tacoB for some drinks, Kelc and I went home to exchange some gifts. I handed over my various art work, and she handed me a big box. Hmm, what's inside? Only a really awesome hookah. I can't wait to get started.

K, sleepy time.

2009.02.12 Thursday


Another bland day at work. They don't know if I can start working on this new project, so I get to sit around and wait until I get the thumbs up. I did, however, get a new laptop today. I'm still shocked at how fast I can do everything (especially browse web pages).

2009.02.11 Wednesday

Today after work, I decided to do sprinting instead of jogging. This turned out to be awesome, except for the popping feeling in the side of my ankle. I really feel like my body wants to do sprinting and hardcore/short-term exertion.

There's also some things I'm working on that probably won't be complete as I had expected. :-(

I'm totally looking forward to this weekend.

2009.02.10 Tuesday

Yet again, I fell behind on blogs and I'm just going to bust out a chunk all at once.

Today, I can't recall too much that happened. I'm starting to look forward to a nice run after work. I'm working on various tasks at home.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2009.02.09 Monday

Back in the grind.

The odd part of today was that I came in a bit early, and went straight to working hardcore for a good hour or two without feeling drowsy.

Other than that, just another typical Monday.

2009.02.08 Sunday

Happy half-birthday to Kelc!

We had some Shipley's for breakfast, I think. Then went shopping at walmart and such.

Later on, everybody went out to El Chico for dinner.

Then I had to drive home, bummer.

2009.02.07 Saturday

I can't really recall too much happening today.

I think we played some King's Quest VI. The game froze a handful of times.

We had Red Lobster for dinner. Mmm, chicken.

2009.02.06 Friday

Kelc had some school, and then we started on a mission. We wanted to donate some food to a local foodbank. To make a long story short -- monumental fail. Well, at least we got the food we wanted to donate.

Chipotle for lunch.

"He's Just Not That Into You" for dinner.

2009.02.05 Thursday

So yesterday wasn't that bad. Somehow, the greatness of the last day of the week spills over to the day before. Let's call that Thursday syndrome. (Similar to Sunday syndrome where sunday gets poisoned by Monday's dreadfulness)

I'm getting thrown into a new mix of projects and people at work. Exciting stuff. I could essentially be on the forefront of saving hundreds of thousands of dollars, and promote a huge facility to change over to electronic tracking instead of paper tracking... making the company have less impact on the environment.

I'm heading to Arlington for the weekend.

2009.02.04 Wednesday

so today i was driving to work on 183. this dude in a ford explorer comes speeding up behind me and has to slow down. (im in the left-most lane, which happens to be moving the fastest, but still not speeding, and there was a car in front of me). anyways, we are near the I35 exits, in which there is 2 lanes for 183 and 1 exit lane for I35. most people from the middle lane end up scooting over to the right lane for the exit, leaving that lane clear. well the ford explorer guy plans on taking advantage of this and speeds up to pass me and fly by in the middle lane. so he goes zooming by me, but then has to slam on his brakes because there were people in the middle lane that hadnt scooted over for the exit.... i have no idea how he didnt see those cars with my car being so short. so plan fail number 1 for speed guy. eventually he gets around those cars somehow and moves to pass me again from that middle lane. he goes flying by easily at about 85mph and begins to take the next exit, which happens to be 290. then the guy in front of me also decides to take the 290 exit, but all the way from the left lane. i was like "wtf is going on" because of him pulling across 3 lanes to exit. --well it turns out the car that was right in front of me was a cop. withing seconds of making the exit, he was mostly caught up to the ford explorer guy and had his lights flashing. hell yes, thats what you get for drivign like a dick. the thing i dont understand is how an unmarked police car can pull people over though. oh well.

true story.

2009.02.03 Tuesday

I'm writing this late; I apologize.

My life is beginning to become monochromatic on the weekdays, and spring to life on the weekends.

Nothing amazing happened today, just work and watching tv.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2009.02.02 Monday

The start of something short. A short week to be precise.

Work wasn't too bad. Things are approaching a wind-down stage for this project, but that can all change rather quickly.

After work, I decided to go for a jog. I set my goal not too big... but then I didnt finish it. It's not because my legs hurt, but because my throat was constricting. I felt like every breath was painful. This was awesome. I'm either really out of shape, or I've had asthma my whole life and never really noticed it.

I got home and stretched, then layed down. My eyes got really heavy, and I started drifting in and out of sleep. Wow, I'm lame.

I woke up and ate some odd pasta stuff that my brother made. Then I kinda sat around and watched TV.

2009.02.01 Sunday

Woah now, January is already over? Sheesh.

Woke up in college station and managed to pack my junk and head out on the road at a decent time. The happy couple had family coming over and I really just needed to get out of the way.

The drive home was a lot quicker, probably because you can go 70 in the day instead of 65 at night.

Kelc called me a few times, from the SUPER BOWL. How awesome. That must have been a really amazing experience.

I went over to Justin/Habibi/Travis's to watch the game. The commercials were only marginally entertaining this year. Congratulations Steelers, the official champions of the super bowl.

Then the "hour long" episode of the office came on. It felt like they stuck a lot more commercials in that episode.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

2009.01.31 Saturday

So we managed to wake up around 3pm. Fired up the grill and made some awesome burgers and bratwurst.

Ray and I went to go see My Bloody Valentine 3-D, and it was amazing. Some of the shots seemed to be exploiting the 3-D-ness, but really that's how it should be; it fit the story rather well.

The ladies left, and I crashed in C.S.

2009.01.30 Friday

Today was the first real Friday for my job. I'm completely ready for the weekend.

Kelc flew home so we could salvage some time left in the weekend. We were able to spend some time with Kipper, shop at walmart for some various things, grab a bite to eat at Applebee's, and take a pit stop at B&N's book store.

Eventually, I left for college station to spend time with the happy couple for the weekend. The ladies were out at Northgate, which turned out to be not as awesome as 6th street. Sorry, atx is just better.

We played some Apples2Apples and various Wii games, and then crashed around 6. Fantastic.