Friday, October 29, 2010

2010.10.29 Friday

Kelc went out to the lakehouse to deal with a few things, and I stayed at home taking care of stuff. Some of that stuff happened to be Minecrafting.

When Kelc came back, we went errand running for last-minute halloween costume stuff. Picked up some fabric paint and an air compressor for my car tires. I have quite a bit of fabric painting to do still... and the party is tomorrow!

We watched the remainder of The Game while I painted. For dinner we picked up some Freebirds.

2010.10.28 Thursday

Relaxing end of the work week. Well not completely relaxing, but it's good to know that things went well this week. I finished the week strong, enough that it might be a problem. Sometimes it's hard to figure out where I am actually needed next. Management is mostly about predicting the future... sounds easy right?

At home, I treated myself to some minecraft.

Kelc came over and we watched The Game. Well technically, I watched the whole movie, where as Kelc only watched half of it. The drive to ATX really can take a toll.

2010.10.27 Wednesday

Another busy day at work. I'd have to say that jumping head first into a project has been fun and exciting. Every day is something new, and different things to learn. My grandma and my aunt have always said "never stop learning". Although I might have been a little too young to understand that at the time, I try to follow their advice.

After work, went to our last kickball game of the season, and last of the year. I think they don't start up kickball until the spring... see you guys in 2011? We ended up winning our last game just barely. I was 3rd-base coaching and told James to run it home for the last run of the game.

Went to Docs to celebrate. In some ways, I think it's weird that I won't see these people until next kickball game. Maybe I can change that. I'm thinking a Thanksgiving feast....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2010.10.26 Tuesday

Today was a rather long day. At work, things were definitely picking up the pace. We even went so far as to start things ahead of schedule, which meant my mid-term was being pushed behind its schedule. Oops. I can't really think of any time that academics were pushed around for other activities.

Took the mid-term, just a tad late. Overall I think the test was pretty well planned out. Sure some of the questions were confusing or more difficult, but I think everybody finished right in the allotted time.

Went home, crafted those mines.

2010.10.25 Monday

This week should be interesting. I have a mid term coming up on Tuesday, and work is just about at the peak of activity.

Once I arrived home from work, I went into procrastination mode. I cleaned up the kitchen and my work area in my room, did laundry, cooked dinner, watched MNF. The football game was exactly what I needed for my fantasy football team. I beat one of the top dogs in the league.

Eventually, I played some minecraft... er I mean studied.

Monday, October 25, 2010

2010.10.24 Sunday

Got up and showered. Felt like I sweat a bunch during the night. Very gross feeling to wake up to.

Took the remainders of my guac and stew over to my parents house to enjoy some lunch together. I ate a rather large amount of food for lunch and promptly went into a food coma.

Later on we ate some Wendy's for dinner. I left to pick up a few things at Walmart, then home to sleep.

2010.10.23 Saturday

Recovering today. Woke up and watched the Matrix Revolutions.

Texas played rather shitty today, to put it lightly.

During the game, they aired a lot of avocado commercials. Not only was that just odd, but it made me go out and buy some. Made some guacamole and a mexican stew in the slow cooker.

Mark came over. The gang went bowling and we had an awesome jam session.

Friday, October 22, 2010

2010.10.22 Friday

Feeling about the same as yesterday. At least I've reached a level where it isn't getting worse. It's also nice that I got some sleep instead of staying up all night on medication that made my heart race.

Work's schedule is still pretty tight right now, but I pulled through.

Able to finally get of work closer to my normal departure time. Played a bunch of minecraft and watched the Matrix Reloaded. Taking it easy...

2010.10.21 Thursday

Still recovering from being sick. I probably shouldn't have gone in to work, but the schedule is so tight right now that I feel obliged to do my part.

After work, I played a little minecraft (it's been a while). Then I tried mic'ing up some drums and seeing how that sounded. I'm finding it difficult to get a good bass drum sound. Either I peak out the microphone, or I don't hear it. I'll play around with it later... time to rest and recover.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010.10.20 Wednesday

Work. Getting sick. :-( My nose was flooding all over my desk.

Kickball game, lost in the last inning. Poop. One cool thing that happened, Hasbro said "hey Andy, kick her home!" meaning to bat one of the runners in... and I actually did just that, plus some. Heck yeah.

Got home and really was starting to feel the symptoms. I think I only pushed myself to the point where my body wants to exert more energy, or something, because I had a hard time falling asleep.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010.10.19 Tuesday

Work. Class. Home.

Today's class is the last before our mid-term. I feel half-confident and half-confused. I feel like we have done well with our projects, yet I don't feel like I've learned a substantial amount of material to test over.

My throat is starting to feel a tad askew.

Monday, October 18, 2010

2010.10.18 Monday

The work week begins. Over lunch, worked with classmates on some homework.

Once home, did a few things, then left to go pick up food and watch the MLB game with Paul. Also found out that eating enough Rudy's bbq will put you into a food coma. But hey, Rangers won. History is being made.

Home, then sleep.

2010.10.17 Sunday

Woke up more grumpy than normal. Some people just don't know how to be considerate of others.

NFL day, went to Pluckers in Arlington to watch the Steelers games, amongst others.

Watched more NFL at home and took a nap / food coma. Fried food really knocks me out.

Went shopping for some halloween costumes, but nothing really... jumped out.. at us.

Headed home. The work week is soon approaching.

2010.10.16 Satuday

Kelc took GRE. I did homework. College football was off to a decent start. We went during half-time to Dino's Subs to pick up some late lunch. Excellent local place to try out if you are in the area. Back to the UT game, they actually played like a football team today.

After the game, we finished the movie The Man With Two Brains. I would describe the movie as "weird, but entertaining".

Later, shopped for groceries, then watched Minority Report. I cooked some tortellini and ate nutella. By the way, nutella sounds like it should be healthy (called a hazelnut spread) but it is just like a chocolate paste. Consider yourself warned.

2010.10.15 Friday

Went to the skatepark this morning. Mark decided to show up for a bit and try skating around too. Considering that he never gets to ride around and get comfortable on the board, he did very well. I didn't have near as much energy this time around, although the skatepark was nearly empty the whole time I was there.

Went home, packed up some things and prepared for a departure to... Arlington. The time went by faster than I thought it would because my Mp3 player randomly picked awesome albums. Love it when that happens; it's like the universe is on my side.

Upon arrival to Arlington I was greeted by Lindsey's new male acquaintance, John. Seems like a decent guy. I wonder how much longer until he wises up...

John and Lindsey, along with the help of John's brother Jason, cooked a fabulous meal: ribs, steaks, mashed potatoes, sautéed veggies, cheddar biscuits and a salad.

Went home, barely able to stay awake. Started watching The Man With Two Brains.

Friday, October 15, 2010

2010.10.14 Thursday

Oh there you are, end of the work week. A 3-day weekend is upon me and the only plans I have is going to the skatepark. This should be good.

After work, I realized I do in fact have things I would li
ke to do this weekend. Like washing my car, stopping by home to get mail, mowing the yard, go get groceries... only thing to do is try to tackle things one at a time.

I went out to the garage to start pulling out the mower. On the way past the car, I found this little buddy:

Yep. We ended up setting this thing on fire. I mean look at it; it has hundreds of babies feeding off it. And those disgusting black beady eyes *puke*

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010.10.13 Wednesday

Hump dizzle. Work went mostly smoothly. I still feel like I learn more about the business every day. And I also found out that a coworker pretty regularly trades and sells things in the stock market. Time to poke and prod to learn more about that so I can invest more effectively for the future.

After work, I spent some time cleaning the bearings of my skateboard. Here's a series of pictures oh what that is like for 1 set (there are 8 on a typical skateboard).

After that, went off to play kickball against Pitch Please. Both teams had a few mistakes, but ours just gave up more runs. Maybe next week will be different. Also, I felt like I had a ton of energy this evening/night. Ran around playing football and having fun. Feeling like a kid again.

2010.10.12 Tuesday

Awesome. I stayed up later than I should have and didn't really eat well, so today I am super groggy.

Work was fun. Lots of misdirection and running in circles.

After work I had class. Today I was assigned to give a presentation. The whole week before I wasn't worried about it at all, but when people start telling me everything at the last minute I start to panic. Also, waiting for other people to finish their presentation is nerve-wrecking for me. I'd rather just walk in and get it done.

In the middle of class, the professor decided to assign impromptu presentations also. Meaning I had to give 2 presentations today. The second one I had to pull lot's of junk out of my trunk.

Arrived and home and that's when I really got down to business. I hacked up one of my tomato plants that wasn't producing much, but kept the other one alive. The other one has around 4 bulbous growths that look like it could one day be a tomato. I also watered my pepper plants.

Next up, vacuuming. I did the downstairs, the stairs, and the upstairs area. I was a bit adventurous with the vacuum and went in crevices and nooks, some crannies. The windows had lots of dead bugs and dust, the corners behind the couches had webs with dead bugs, the stairs have collected random artifacts from days long past, and hair from animals and humans alike. I did a small amount of dusting with the vacuum, but that turned out to be less effective than a damp cloth so I switched. I cleaned up the common areas a tad, like the kitchen table, coffee table, and TV stand. I also cleaned up the vacant room a tad.

Then I mopped the downstairs. Hopefully this picks up the dust that I just started pushing around from vacuuming. The goal here is to try and clean up surfaces so that there is less particulate in the air. Maybe this will affect allergy symptoms in a good way, maybe in a bad way, maybe not at all.

Before I knew it, it was time for bed. Productive day.

Monday, October 11, 2010

2010.10.11 Monday

Went to work super drowsy.

Skateboarding after work was fun, until I started hitting my shin on the edge of the board. I forgot how often that could happen. Many years ago my shins used to be pretty tough about that, now I have to take a breather to accept the pain. I'm becoming *gasp* weak.

Finally got caught up some stuff around the house. More specifically, my room. Vacuuming, cleaning, organizing. Not a lot to talk about. And I finally calculated some music statistics.
Started 02/02/2010
Album Count: 1290
Tracks Listened: 14,789

Average Number of Tracks per Album: 11.464
Average Year Album was Released: 2000.761
Time Listened: 1020hrs 51mins 50secs
Days Listened: 42.536 days
Digital Size of Music: ~112GB

2010.10.10 Sunday - ACL Day 3

Last day of ACL. Oh and it's also 10-10-10 day, and if you wanted you could celebrate 10:10:10 twice during the day. 101010 is binary for decimal 42. CRAZY.

Today I arrived already burnt by the sun, so we started off in the sports tent watching some NFL and Texas Rangers MLB.

Today we saw:
White Rabbits
Devendra Banhart and the Grogs
The Constellations
The Flaming Lips
The National (plus a mini encore)
The Eagles

After ACL, traffic all over the place. Oh and they shut down a major highway to drill some holes in the road. Thanks for planning that one Austin. Didn't go out for food afterward this time. Overall, I think this day was less enjoyable than the rest, but still had some very strong performances from The Flaming Lips and The National. With all said and done, ACL was amazing. I'm exhausted.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

2010.10.09 Saturday - ACL Day 2

Day 2 of ACL festival 2010.

Today felt hotter, but it might just be that we started earlier.

We saw:
The Very Best
Bear In Heaven
Two-Door Cinema Club
Manchester Orchestra
Broken Bells
The Temper Trap
Monsters Of Folk

Went to Taco Cabana after ACL today. This time, no high schoolers. My legs were definitely burnt from today. Also, I think we arrived much earlier, the sun was a tad stronger, and we sat around more. A good day, can't decide if yesterday was better/worse/equivalent.

2010.10.08 Friday - ACL Day 1

First day of ACL festival 2010.

Exhausting, but exciting.

The Jellydots
The Verve Pipe
Blues Traveler
Miike Snow
Kings Go Forth
The Black Keys
Vampire Weekend
The Strokes

I'm mostly speechless. Great first day. My legs and neck are slightly sunburned, but overall a good day. Went to Whataburger after it all. Today I learned that high-schoolers like to hang out at Whataburger after football games because they probably can't bring their friends home. Man, I totally forgot what it was like to live like that. I should hang out with more high schoolers (or not).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

2010.10.07 Thursday

Woah. Groggy. Not only do I have a full day of work, but I also have class afterwards. Nifty.

Class wasn't too bad afterall, but next time I will be presenting our homework assignment. The key is to not freak out. Easier said than done.

Spent the night trying to do homework and plan out the rest of my ACL schedule with Kelc, and then went to Kerbey Lane in the late night with some friends.

ACL is here. Too excited to sleep.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2010.10.06 Wednesday

Hump dizzle, 4xShizzle. Actually I'm taking off Friday this week, so that's even better. ACL is coming up; I'm getting pumped.

Played a kickball game in the early evening against Corazon Y Pelotas. We played them in a previous season; last time they had an unfair advantage with a not-so-super-social pitcher. This time around, we held them to only 3 runs, while we slipped 6 by them. Yay team.

Went home, minecrafted and figuring out ACL stuff.

2010.10.05 Tuesday

Long day ahead.

For lunch, a group of us went out to Ichiban for some delicious sushi. I ordered chicken fried rice. Yep.

After work, only 3 hours of class to sit through. Hooray systems engineering.

Back at home, I made a nice microwave hot dog for dinner, with some chips on the side. Super fancy, right? Watched some TV, which is sucking more and more every day. I swear Discovery Channel and Science Channel and History Channel used to show good things. Now we get swamp loggers, reality fishing, pawn stars... seriously? I'm starting to feel exhausted with The Office too. Makes me sad. To address this unhappiness, Minecraft for hours.

Monday, October 4, 2010

2010.10.04 Monday

Work, less than exciting.

Sprouts after work. Picked up some hummus, pita chips, and Dr Brommer's soap. I'm most excited about the soap.

Went home, did laundry, skateboarded, and caught up on some of my music listening experience. I'll try to compile the data soon to display another checkpoint of how much further I have gotten.

Probably should have gone to bed earlier, but it's just so difficult.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

2010.10.03 Sunday

NFL day, at R/C Fowlers to watch the Steelers. And... :-( Steelers also didn't do so great. Next week is a bye-week...but it's also ACL weekend. Jeeeez, that is coming up fast.

Went to DQ after to grab a blizzard. The lady who served mine didn't flip my blizzard upside down. Maybe they don't do that anymore, but that was a sign that they are serving you fresh and cold product.

Back home, nap. Greasy and fatty foods easily put me in a food coma.

Kelc headed home, I played minecraft...watched more NFL. The weekend went by so fast.

2010.10.02 Saturday

Today, we had some friends over for the UT vs OU game / Red River Rivalry. I went into the game with low expectations, which was probably a good idea. There were a few glimmers of hope, especially near the end where we were getting the ball with a few minutes left, and had to get a 2-point conversion to tie. But just as I think the game could turn around, we dropped a punt and set the remainder of the game in stone.

I had snacked most of the game, plus ate pluckers. I haven't exactly been healthy lately. Tossed around the football, hung out some more, then headed out to the lakehouse.

Why go out to the lakehouse? Oh just making a movie/video for a Halloween party. What kind of movie? Well, it's somewhere between a trailer of a scary movie and a spoof of aforementioned. One thing I noticed was that the directors of the idea were coming in planning on "winging-it", so I was able to have a fair amount of creative input on what was happening. I also realized that I am slightly camera-shy, and I should have shaved. The feeling of being camera-shy reminds me of how I used to be microphone-shy.

Since we went out to the lakehouse, that means we missed Justin's show at the Dizzy Rooster. Instead, by the time we were at home, we were both practically asleep.

2010.10.01 Friday

Woke up at a reasonable time. Actually, got a fair amount of sleep in, and it was much appreciated. Spent some time waking up, looking up directions, then booked it over to Mable Davis Park.

Kelc and I were expecting to meet an old friend, but he didn't show up. Later we find out that he was up too late the night before and slept through everything. Habs showed up with his DSLR camera and took some sweet action shots of me. (Makes me wonder how much a fish eye lens is, and how difficult they are to work with) I landed a few heelflips, did some nice ollies, carved up the bowl, and manual'd a lowbox. Overall, I have a lot of room to improve, but considering that I only started up a few weeks ago I'm doing pretty well. It doesn't help that landing a trick just makes me want to skate more.

We made it home, cooked a pizza, watched some Smallville, then I took a generous nap.

Had to wake up to head on over to UT to see Tosh Tour 2010. Good show, but the event staff suck. They are so concerned about keeping everybody herding like sheep that it's rather distracting. I feel like years ago, they didn't have a bunch of staff standing around to watch you watch a show.

Went home, sleep.