Saturday, February 23, 2013

2013.02.19 Tuesday

Long work day. And of course, some Popeye's for lunch.  Habs drove all the way across town to enjoy the Tuesday special with us.

Went to Korey's to watch V For Vendetta with her and Lyle and Kelc.  Wayne peed on the carpet.  Home late and tired.

2013.02.18 Monday

Feeling like absolute crap this morning.  Not sure if it's something I ate or stomach flu or what.  I went through the normal routine of getting ready, but decided to hold off on driving because of the urgent need for a bucket.

Decided to call in to work to say I wouldn't be arriving.  I also called in to a meeting mid-morning, after which I logged in and started doing work from home.

In the afternoon, ran an errand to Walgreens to make a phone call with a rare and near-extinct "landline".  I was able to use their phone to upload some recordings for the heart people.  Maybe something good will come of this.

Worked most of the afternoon / evening.

2013.02.17 Sunday

Over to my parent's house for a birthday lunch for my sister.  Us kids getting old.  I started to not really feel great in the middle of the meal.  Not sure what is going on, but my appetite disappeared and now feel like puking.

Went home for a bit.  Tried to just sit around and feel better.

Later on, went to go hang out with Habs+Tay+Ash late into the evening.  Still feeling funky, but games are a nice distraction.

2013.02.16 Saturday

I spent late night getting things started with the light project, but stopped in the middle of it since Kelc was home and trying to sleep.  I was able to finish the light project without having to make any repeat trips to a home improvement store. Lucky me.

Kelc left in the afternoon for another evening shift.  I spent the time working on the grill project until the sunlight started going away.

Then I played some TF2 into the night.

2013.02.15 Friday

My mind hasn't grasped that today is not Saturday.  Everything about it feels like a Saturday.  Strange.

I cooked up some black beans and stir fry veggies for lunch.

Worked on cleaning up the back flower bed.  Gotta take it little by little.  No way I can tackle everything by myself in one day.

Ran over to Lowes' to pick up some goods.  Gear to get started on a grill project, plus light fixtures to replace.  Yay projects.

Habibi came over later on to play around with the Raspberry Pi that he picked up a while ago.  Surprisingly quick to boot up with archlinux, and automagically output at 1080p on the tv.

2013.02.14 Thursday

Woke up closer to on-time this morning.  Traffic seems to have gotten worse around 7am than I remember.

Mostly normal day of work.  Wrapping up the work week.

Evening time, I started falling asleep early.  Not sure what is going on, but my energy level is lacking.

Kelc arrived at home to see my valentines "gift".  (I already did the flowers thing a few days ago.)  This year, I decided to make a puzzle.  I hid clues all around the house that were each little riddles, then at the end the answers came together to create a secret message.  Pretty fun watching Kelc struggle with some of these, but she did pretty good.

Happy v-day everybody.

2013.02.13 Wednesday

Slept in again. Off to work.  Left early, Mark came over pre-game.

Had to cleaned up kitty pee.  Cooked up tilapia, a tad askew on flavor... :-(

Habs came over, we watched a Doctor Who episode with some popcorn.

Cleanup in the kitchen, then bed.

2013.02.12 Tuesday

Slept in today.  Lately I haven't been feeling like sleep is doing much for me.  Sucks.

Had the traditional Popeyes lunch special. Stayed kinda late just to avoid dealing with traffic.

Played games at home, then bed.

2013.02.11 Monday

Yep definitely sore from the shower job.  Legs and back didn't like those awkward poses.

Semi-long day at work split up by some JitB tacos for lunch.

Kelc gifted me an early v-day gift.  We cooked up some dinner, played What's My Word? and watched Six Feet Under.

Sleepy time.

2013.02.10 Sunday

Smoothies and breakfast tacos to start the day.  What could be better?

Kelc and I watched some of The Office and Six Feet Under.

Mostly played some TF2 and goofed around in the evening.  I'm starting to feel soreness from yesterday's job.

2013.02.09 Saturday

Quick breakfast.

Spent most of the day working on de-caulking the shower.  This is much more tedious than I originally planned.  The old caulking is tough to remove and gross.

Took a break for lunch.  Then a quick journey over to Home depot to get caulk that wasn't already dried out.  I guess the shelf life of an unused tube isn't that long.

Finally, all that prep-work done, time to re-caulked.  This took maybe 10 minutes.  Yeaaaaah.  About 300 minutes of preparation for a 10 minute task.  Maybe it would have been better just to slather some new stuff on top? I couldn't do that.

Logged in to do some work, watched some tv.  Tired.

2013.02.08 Friday

Another working Friday.  Once at home, chilled out with some TF2 and laundry.

Picked up Hasbro and went for a journey over to Costco.  There I snatched up some quality bacon, among other things.

Played some more TF2, watched some Doctor Who, then slumber.

Monday, February 11, 2013

2013.02.07 Thursday

Long day at work.  Some times you can't predict these things, but they work out better in the end.  I was quite productive and got to miss the evening traffic. At least the work day was split up by a work-provided bbq lunch.

Cooked up some sweet potato fries and fried banana for dinner.  Yum.  Heart-healthy...I think.

Played TF2.  Watched a little more Doctor Who.  See a pattern?

2013.02.06 Wednesday

More meetings at work.  I feel like days with more meetings is many times less productive than days without.  Just let me work.

Lunch outing to Little Deli to meet up with Hasbro; got to chat and see how things are going.

Home a bit late, Mark stopped by to pre-game..for soccer.

I played some games.  Installed a new hard drive.  Ahhh free space.

Finished up a Doctor Who episode, then wrapped up the night.

2013.02.05 Tuesday

Mark had jury duty.  My day was mostly uneventful.  I supposed one day in the future I will be assigned to jury duty.  That will be fun. The only time I've been summoned was when I was in college.  Exempt that.

Played vb over lunch. That's right folks, I pushed myself to doing something that would elevate the heart rate voluntarily.

Played a few games of TF2, tried watching some Doctor Who.  Exhausted, snoozy.

2013.02.04 Monday

I did not sleep well last night.  Going to be an interesting day.  Actually, first day without the Habs.  Definitely going to be an interesting day.

I ended up having to lead a meeting, went better than expected.

Fixed some food with Kelc, then watched 3 episodes of Six Feet Under.  (Finished with the first season now.)  While doing that, I tried installing the Steam Linux beta on my laptop.  The graphics card was too under-powered to play TF2, (and I kinda doubted Source engine would work), but CS starts up quick and is responsive, but I can't connect to any servers... hrmmph.

Also tried cooking up some olive oil popcorn.  Turned out quite nice.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

2013.02.03 Sunday

Watched some more Doctor Who.  Tee Hee.

Cleaned up in the kitchen.  I also watched The Two Towers on TV while I was being productive.  But then... at the end of the movie the channel decided to NOT PLAY THE NEXT MOVIE.  Holy crap.  Way to leave me hanging.

Fixed up some queso blanco, Andy style.  Quick trip over to future-sister-in-law's parent's house to watch the game with friends.  What I feared came true, Ravens won.  Not surprised, but not impressed.

2013.02.02 Saturday

While Kelc is at work, I decided to take it upon myself to do some overdue yard work.  I decided I wanted to rake up a bunch of leaves and clear out some decaying things from the flowerbed.  Turns out a garden rake is bad at just raking leaves.

Quick trip to home depot... then back to work in the yard.  Ended up with a pile that I couldn't fit into the garbage can.

Kelc arrived at home just as I got out of the shower.  We spent the evening watching Magnolia.  Terrible.  Three hours of an elongated story of intertwined characters that I never had much of a vested interest in.  After the movie, Kelc looked up some reviews; most were pretty divided, love or hate kind of thing.

I cooked up some auntie anne's pretzels during the movie.  Those were delicious and awesome.

2013.02.01 Friday

Did some things around the house.  Normal home-ownership stuff.

Mid-day run to grocery store, and already crazy hectic.  What gives?  People are supposed to be at work and school and stuff.

Kelc and I watched some Six Feet Under and ate some salad and leftovers.  Relaxing into the weekend...

2013.01.31 Thursday

Well, today is Hasbro's final day.  He had a good run, he will be missed.

To celebrate, a lunch outing to Pappadeaux's.  We had a pretty sizable group, and gifted a few good items to send him on his way.

After lunch, Hasbro and I went home.  I already had put in more than enough time for the week, and Hasbro no longer could get into the buildings at work, so no point in going back.  We both took naps and prepared for the evening events...

Flying Saucer at the triangle.  A different sizable group showed up to have drinks and chit chat through the night.  Guest of honor ended up leaving early on, and I was the one of the last 3 people to leave.  Fun day, fun night, fun memories.

2013.01.30 Wednesday

Getting slightly chilly outside.  The weather this year has been bizarre.

Lunch outing to Chik-fil-a.  Work getting a bit hectic.

Home tad later than expected.  Played some TF2.  Cooked up some ground buffalo meat, but most importantly, goofed around most of the evening.

Stayed up late to hang out with Kelc some.  Played with kitty and put her in a walking harness.  She wasn't a fan.  Took it off and she started running around more and playing, then puking.  Thanks kitty.

2013.01.29 Tuesday

Fun meetings today. Feels weird thinking that this is Hasbro's last week.

Lunch meeting provided me with more pizza.  I can't really complain about too much pizza.

Played a good chunk of TF2 while trying to fix a watch at the same time.  I don't think I have that patience that is necessary to work with tiny pieces that refuse to fit together. *grumble*

Dinner was small, just some leftovers.  Watched a couple episodes of Doctor Who, started getting tired.

2013.01.28 Monday

Normal day at work (minus VB, I don't think I'm ready for that just yet).  On the way home, quick pit-stop by Habs to pick up a few work-related things.

Home, cooked up some leftovers.  Played some TF2.  Worked remotely, watched the Doctor.  Quiet night. Quick day.

2013.01.27 Sunday

Played some more games.  I'm trying to de-stress my life.

Family came over to help swap out a light fixture.  Papa Murphy's pizza.  Watched the pilot of Breaking Bad.  Good to see everybody and have an excuse to get moving.

I finally put away some storage bins and cleaned up the house a bit.  I feel like I have to work to fill up the garbage can.

Watched a handful of Doctor Who episodes, and worked from home again.  Kelc arrived late.  I couldn't sleep.

2013.01.26 Saturday

Brother hung out for a little while.  Played games for a good chunk of the day.  Cooked up some soup.

Decided I could be productive and worked from home.  Also started getting into Doctor Who and watching random tv shows.

Both Kitty and I are getting restless.

2013.01.25 Friday

Got up at my own pace today.  Not really that enthusiastic about getting back to work, plus I don't really feel anywhere near 100%.  Arrived at work late.  Before I knew it, lunch time.

Afternoon meeting to take up most of my day.  Left on time.  Score one for Andy.

Home.  Kelc left for Michigan.  I relaxed around the house.