Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009.07.28 Tuesday - Hawaii

Today is it. All packed up, super exhausted from a full yesterday. I'm excited and sleepy at the same time, ready to explode.

Well, my ride showed up to work early, so I was off to the airport super early. Better that way though since it could have been really backed up with traffic on the roads or at security.

Snoozed a bit in the airport, but got on a plane to LAX no problem. People drive really crazy all over LA. Do not want. Time to get some sleep for the fun tomorrow.

Monday, July 27, 2009

2009.07.27 Monday

Short week has begun. Meetings and goodness at work. I also went to the gym and tore up some muscle. Nice and productive, woo hoo.

Got home, ate some of my secret green bean recipe, then started the process of packing. Eventually I had to leave to go play flag football, which only 6 people showed up, but hey we still rocked that shiz. Came home, packed some more, shopped, tacoB'd and went to sleep.

2009.07.26 Sunday

Woke up and watched some Arrested Development. Kinda just sat around for a while, not feeling like doing anything. Such a bum sometimes.

Eventually, grabbed some Rudy's BBQ for lunch, then off to the lakehouse for some fun in the sun. The new dock rocks, and the one to come in the future should be even better.

and the exhaustion kicks in. Short work week for me. :-D

2009.07.25 Saturday

Kelc and I did some quick 3d drawings in sketchup for a house-on-stilts design. Maybe something a small animal could nest in. Helped her design something simple and minimize materials and cuts.

Then she left while I gave my family a ride around in my very first car.

I went over to Kelc's house to help assemble this house idea. I managed to forget everything about the design and kept asking people what goes where and what needs to be cut. My brain must be chicken-fried or something.

Met up with Ray and his brother so see Moon. Low budget, but still an awesome movie. See, I'm the kind of guy that likes movies that put you in situations that encourage you to think about it. I also liked how they answered most of the questions from the trailer by mid-movie, instead of just having one major ending. Pretty sweet movie. One of the messages that I got from the movie is how easily we can all be sheep in society, and sometimes we need a huge slap in the face to wake up. People fall too easily into a comfort zone and just live a happy little life and just go with the flow. Our founding fathers never went with the flow.

Anyways, went to Spider House and Thundercloud Subs after that. Then over to Amanda's apartment. Very nice apartment.

And... exhausted.

2009.07.24 Friday - Bought a Car

Well, the goal today is to finish the car deal process. Last night I went and signed some papers so I could take the car home as a 'loaner' vehicle until we wrap up everything. Driving it home was a bit nerve wracking, but amazingly I never stalled. Then I went out with the boys to Ginger Man. Probably the last time I'll drive the Mustang.

Today I woke up to take the new car into the mechanic. Then I cleaned out the truck and gave it a decent washing, drove that to the dealership only to find that they were going to offer enough money for it. Drove that back and went home to grab dinner.

Later I drove back to the dealer to finish up the deal. It's funny that they told me a feature was going to be on the car, the ability to play MP3 CDs, but when I tried it out it clearly was not a feature. Checked out the appraisal for that feature alone... hmm just a FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS. First off, thats pretty ridiculous that something like that would cost so much. Second, I was told the car had it and it doesnt, so I'm not paying for it. Told the dealer to chops at least a couple hundred off the price and we're good. Of course, he showed some fake drama to make me feel like I was ruining his day or asking him to do something extremely hard. Whatevs man. Whatevs.

Signed a ton of papers, wrote a fat check and stalled my way right out of that parking lot. Yay, I finally own a car... wait no I don't. Yay, my bank owns a car that I'm making payments on. Yay years of slavery making payments.

Went home, tired as heck. Andy is growing up.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

2009.07.23 Thursday

I feel different every time I wake up. It's the hardest sensation to describe, but it's also something I wish I could live without. I've never been able to just wake up and feel refreshed. Even when I was young I had a hard time waking up for school and getting dressed. Probably sleep apnea.

Today is crawfish etoufee. HELL YEAH.

I keep getting reminded that, soon, I'll be in the middle of the Pacific, relaxing on a beach or something. Well at least this week was short so it doesn't feel like I've been stuck in an office all day.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2009.07.22 Wednesday

Happy Pi Approximation Day! 22/7!

Actually that approximation isn't all that great, but if the problem is designed well, you can get whole number answers! Now THAT'S EXCITING.

So car deal is flipping and flopping. Maybe it will happen, maybe not. It all is pending on some test driving and inspection.

Went to the Round Rock Express game. Of course it had to start raining right after we parked. The food was alright, worth the $10/ticket.

Home.. then bed.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2009.07.21 Tuesday

Well alrighty then. Yeah sure I'll be at work at almost two hours early. Why? So I can take Kelc to the airport. *yawn*

Yeah work was boring, as usual. A meeting or two, construction, gym time.

After work is when the excitement started. Hasbro and I went to the Roger Beasley Volvo dealership to check out a Mazda3 that looks to have just about everything I want. Well funny thing happened... they sent it off to a dealer car auction. They are trying to get rid of it right when I'm showing interest in it. VERY FUNNY YOU GUYS. Whatevs though. If they don't want my business, so be it. At least I'm getting a feel for how car dealerships work.

After that, went home and did laundry, cleaned my room some, wrote some music, and other various activities. And wow, in bed by midnight.

2009.07.20 Monday

Yep, not going to make it to work today. Better luck next time?

I did, however, make it to the flag football game. Stomach still all messed up. Went ahead and just purged my body of the demons.

2009.07.19 Sunday

Another relaxing day.

What's up with me getting sick by eating too much? This has never happened before. Food is trying to leave my body and I wanted to eat it. Had a "Firebird" sandwich. Actually went to bed early tonight because I didn't feel like moving.

2009.07.18 Saturday

Ah, a day to relax and forget about everything. Only thing that didn't make sense was going to see a movie...which some people thought was the best idea. How rude.

Played some volleyball and absorbed a ton of sunlight.

Good day.

Friday, July 17, 2009

2009.07.17 Friday

Oh, it's one of THOSE Fridays. Going into work.. and BAM there's construction in the room next to my cube area. Sweet. Get to hear banging and noise all day.

Need to rest up for my journey tonight.

and thanks to car dealerships for being super excited about somebody possibly buying a car.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

2009.07.16 Thursday

So I was told by Kelc yesterday that some of my blogs are different sizes than others. It turns out that when I save/publish the blog with firefox, it saves everything fine. When I use a Chrome browser, it saves the text a few sizes larger. What's up with that? Maybe I changed settings on a browser without realizing the implications.


Ran a bunch of errands after work, then tried writing some music. I started going into the trance genre.. kinda easy to get a beat going but hard to make a decent melody. Then I packed and crashed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009.07.15 Wednesday

My brother is gone to Las Vegas... and somehow I get better sleep and not randomly woken up before my alarm. Interesting.

Work is alright. Less stressful on my end, but frustrating in an all-encompasing perspective. I went out to lunch today with Kelc. Boston Market rocks.

After work, I ran a few errands. I couldn't find goggles at Walmart. OH MY GOSH, Walmart DOESN'T have everything. Guess I'll have to find some elsewhere.

Watched some Arrested Development again. Then Hasbro and I went to the Sucktones concert at Ego's. No I'm not mispelling Emo's. It's Ego's and it's South Congress. Cozy little venue. The concert rocked in a moderately sucky way.

After that, more A.D. and sleep.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009.07.14 Tuesday

Annnnnnd my finger hurts. Jammed it trying to catch a bullet. It's turning some awesome purpley and swelling up. I also can't straighten it or flex it all the way anymore. Feels like I'm falling apart these days.

Well, I heard through the grapevine something silly. Turns out this work that I've been getting lots of pressure to deliver has the potential to be actually used in maybe 2-3 weeks. They thought it might be put to use by today or tomorrow, WRONG. I've only been working more than 9.5hrs most days, thanks work.

Today was mostly a rest up day. I ran a quick errand to the bank to sign more paperwork on a pre-approved car loan so I can use that to bargain better rates from the dealership, or just avoid them altogether. They also went over some other deals they could offer me that the dealership will try to push after some numbers are already set. I'm learning so much through this process.

Kelc's sister has 2 baby chicks now. They squeak. And poop. We watched a bunch of Arrested Development, then went to try this new place called Berry Cool. They have like 12 flavors of frozen yogurt, then all the toppings you could think of, and you only get charged by weight. Only other location in the world is in California. After that, more A.D. Got all the way to the 3rd (and final) season. The show really picks up in the second half of the second season. It really sucks that ratings kept dropping because of how hard it was for new veiwers to catch on.

Monday, July 13, 2009

2009.07.13 Monday

Somehow my alarm didnt go off today. I started getting restless before the alarm was supposed to go off, but just rolled around in bed until then. So at least I woke up...

I don't know what it is, but I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with everything. There's a lot going on. Lot's of pressure and deadlines. Arg.
Oh well, I finished the project at work. We had 99% done, then tweaked a bit or two to get that last 1%. Yay.

Football was fun, until I started getting sick. I should have just blew chunks and got out on the field. That way the other team could smell my wretched puke. We did awesome, and got another L. Down by ~2 TD's (heh). Then we went to Doc's and got some greasy goodness.

What a long day. Left home at 6:30a, got home 11:30p-ish.

2009.07.12 Sunday

Woke up before everybody today. Thanks work for getting me used to a 6am wake-up time.

I ate too many cinamon rolls, sorry.

Played games and chillaxed for a good while, then drove home.

Not a whole lot going on. I really dred having a 5-day work week ahead of me.

2009.07.11 Saturday

Played games for a good portion of the day. We ran some errands to get some food for Marisa and her lab people. RAY ATE SOME FRIES, but shhh don't tell anybody, as they might be a germaphobe.

Later we went to go see Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. I think it's pretty much confirmed that the movie industry is all about selling out. I can't remember seeing anything relatively new that wasnt just some sort of remake. No originality. Much more sexual innuendos. Photoshop everything to give people the idea that it's natural to look that way. Product placement. Oh well. At least in College Station they only get $4 for my ticket.

Time to fire up the grill and get some drank on.

Friday, July 10, 2009

2009.07.10 Friday

Ahh sleeping in is good. I have a lot to figure out about moving forward with a car purchase...exciting. I went to the bank to talk about getting preapproved for a loan. Credit score is looking nice so I shouldnt have any issues there. I still think the idea of credit is somehow unfair, but at least it's not working against me.

I did some chores and things around the house, then left with Kelc to College Station.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

2009.07.09 Thursday

Goodness gracious... it's crawfish etoufee day. Can you believe it? I sure can't. I haven't had any since June 11th.

And it was oh so good.

Work was a lot more meetings and boringness. Things are kinda picking up though, so we'll see...

Went to Rudy's for dinner bbq, and then fell asleep to the movie 7 Pounds. Interesting, but I can see why audiences weren't too happy with it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2009.07.08 Wednesday

Wow, happy b-day to quite a few people today. Trey, the second-in-line guy that I would be gay for, if i was gay. And Andrew who I spent a good portion of my middle school and high school life hanging around; learned a ton and actually propelled me into an engineering career path. Then yesterday, XXXtina that worked on a senior design project with me; totally had a capacitor explode in Hamood's face.

And it's even more weird to think that I'm a month older than Trey and Andrew. I sure don't act like it.

To celebrate...more meetings today.

Went to football practice in the evening, worked some awesome zone defense. After that, went home and pretty much crashed right then and there.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2009.07.07 Tuesday

Dang, lots of stuff going on this morning. Free breakfast tacos, a mandatory meeting, conference call. Had to go out for lunch, got some Panda and Snow Cones (mmm spearmint).

I left work late, again. Getting pretty used to not having as much evening time, or sleep, or really anything. Went swimming with the gf, then out to dinner to try something new.


Monday, July 6, 2009

2009.07.06 Monday

Waking up at 6am is getting easier and easier. I don't know if I'm happy or mad about that; kinda mixed.

Today felt really long. I ended up staying late at work because I got into a discussion with a coworker. Then I ate dinner and prepped for the flag football game.

The game went alright. We learned a lot about our team and what the league is like. I think there are a lot of teams that play in the "super-social" league while they should be in the "social" or higher. These people were getting really pissy even though they won 34-6. Oh well, good job to our team for keeping it together even though we were receiving a beating.

Watched an Arrested Development, then sleep. Tired...

2009.07.05 Sunday

Drove home in the morning. Didn't have much going on for most of today. My family made some fajita chicken for lunch so we ate some of that. This caused Kelc to take a nap.

Later we went to go see The Proposal. It wasn't horrible, just completely predictable so a lot of the enjoyment there was lost.

That about wraps up the weekend; yay for work weeks.

2009.07.04 Saturday

Kelc and I slept in most of the morning, then goofed around till it was later in the afternoon. Then we drove back out to the lakehouse.

Since she was burnt and I was tired, we just sat around until everybody came back from out on the boat. Watched some fireworks, shot some too. Then we watched Role Models, and hit the hay.

2009.07.03 Friday

Woke up today to head out to the lakehouse. Kelc, Kev, Kirbs, France and I went out on the boat and got a pretty good workout. I drove around some and I'm starting to get better at it.

Dang, it's so hot outside. Kelc got burned because she made the awesome decision to not wear any sunscreen at all.

Later Kelc and I drove back into town to hang out with Ray and Marisa, then get dinner as a group with Hasbro and G-Taylor. Kerbey Queso is delectable.

What a long day. Time for sleep.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

2009.07.02 Thrusday

Today is a pseudo-Friday for me. Fun. Also sucks that I have less time to work on stuff at work, but oh well.

Not a whole lot happened today. A meeting in which they were showing us something, and it seemed like everybody at the meeting was speechless --Don't know if the information was applicable to anyone. It's also starting to seem like I'm getting in deeper than I wanted to in this project.

After work I just wasted time around the neighborhood. Not a whole lot going on, and I'm just exhausted from the work week.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2009.07.01 Wednesday

July is here, the 4th is near.

I had an early morning meeting that I totally forgot about. Pretty much pushing for something that may not be possible. We'll see how that goes.

Flag football practice today. It was probably one of the most organized and helpful ones. Of course I goofed around some.

Shower then sleep.

2009.06.30 Tuesday

Last day of June.

Got to work, everything was going fine. I work in an area that doesnt have any windows so I dont always know what the weather is doing outside. WELL, it started raining and I had my windows cracked because of how how it has been getting lately. Thanks weather.

Went out to Chili's for dinner. Pretty good and filling. Then goofed around at Kelc's until bedtime.