Monday, September 16, 2013

2013.09.05 Thursday

Work.  Ran a few errands to get some party supplies.

Home, cooked blueberry muffins, played a bit of TF2 and GTA4, then bedtime.

2013.09.04 Wednesday

Work. Gym. No haircut today, will try again tomorrow.

Cooked up a simple dinner. Played a little TF2, went to bed early.

2013.09.03 Tuesday

Work, grumpy. First day of class, over fast.

Back to work. Over to Trivia, then quick to bed.

2013.09.02 Monday

Tried cooking some pancakes for breakfast, turned out mediocre.  Almond milk doesn't really work in place of normal milk for this.

Played games most of the day.

Surprise visit by the parents.

Up late.  Holiday utilization in the upper 80%.

2013.09.01 Sunday

Fried up 3 lbs of bacon.  Tried another recipe of some fried dough.

Played some games.  Cleaned up the mess of painting.

Kelc arrived home "safe and sound".  "safe and sound".  beee baaaah bah bah bah beee baaaah

2013.08.31 Saturday

Made a Home Depot run to get more paint.

Kelc left for Arlington.

Watched some College Football and painted the room all day.  Finished up late.  Watched the tail end of SNL.

Decided to watch the movie Kaboom.  Pretty sure this movie had me saying "WTF" more than any other movie I have seen.  Half of me wants to recommend this movie, and the other half wants to say don't waste your time.  It's "wtf".

2013.08.30 Friday

Friday off.  Yay.

Finished prepping the bedroom for paint.

Kelc went to Applebees for dinner.

Started painting the ceiling, ran out of paint and it looks like I'll need another coat anyways.  My arms are sore.

2013.08.29 Thursday

Work. Split up by VB.

Totally ready for the 4-day weekend.

2013.08.28 Wednesday

Another normal work day.  Should I just stop mentioning work?  Seems more unusual when I don't go to work, rather then when I do.

Home, cooked up some pesto pasta and eggs for dinner.  Kinda unusual combination.

Create a cool render in sketchup.  Sketchup and ketchup are too close in spelling.

2013.08.27 Tuesday

Worked later.

Trivia, got 2nd place! And surprise, an old friend also in attendance.


2013.08.26 Monday

Normal work day.

Grilled some chicken and corn for dinner

Got caught up on Breaking Bad

Played a bit of TF2


2013.08.25 Sunday

Got up to cut the yard.  Also trimmed up some plants in the flowerbed.

Had a lingering headache from being outside and probably dehydrated.

Went over to parent's house to pick up supplies, but more importantly to hear about the exciting adventures across the globe.

Back home to drop off some things, then to HEB to load up for the week.

2013.08.24 Saturday

Prepped a room for painting.

Did various things around the house.  Finished the first season of Da Vinci's Demons.

Went to a wedding reception / ring ceremony.  I knew nobody there, it was an interesting experience.

Watched some old SNL on netflix, then bed time.

2013.08.23 Friday

Happy bday bruddah. 

Work, no vb, grumpy me.

Spent the evening building a drawer for a potential garage solution. Verts for dinner, watched some Portlandia with Kelc.

2013.08.22 Thursday

Work, gym after. Home, cooked up some dinner, watched Breaking Bad with Kelc, played a few games.

In bed early, worn out.

2013.08.21 Wednesday

Work, split up by a nice game of VB.  Ended up working a little late to make up the time.

Home, GTA4, finished up leftovers, bedtime

2013.08.20 Tuesday

Mostly normal day of work, ran a few errands after.

Quick hop over to trivia with some new faces on the team.  Time flew by and then home for sleep.

2013.08.19 Monday

Back to work. Lunch had a few elements missing, but I made it work. The day was filled with overlapping meetings, kinda defeating any substaintial progress potential, yet some minor successes were achieved.

Went to the gym after work, then over to Korey's to watch the game. Then home, sleep.