Monday, October 13, 2008

2008.09.01 Monday (Labor Day)

Part of Kelc's family took me out on the boat today. The water wasn't too bad in parts. I got to go tubing and fell off and pulled myself back on while flying across the water at 30+ mph. Also managed to smack my unmentionables with said tube. Ouch. We were also able to kneeboard where it was really smooth water. Kelc pulled her first complete 360 (third time's a charm). KevCharzard flew a 360 off the wake lip, and landed without the rope. Gare-bear did some moderate cruising with a 360 or two as well. Wish I had brought my camera to show off the backflips I was pulling off the wake. Actually, I got pretty thrown around on the kneeboard and I feel all bruised up. Good times!

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