Friday, February 26, 2010

2010.02.26 Friday

I was able to go to bed early yesterday, and I ended up waking before my alarm. Isn't that just great?

Whilst at work, I hit album number 150 in my quest to listen to as much as possible. If we assume that each album has 12 songs, each 3 minutes long, that totals up to 5400 minutes, or 90 hours, or 3.75 days thus far. Remember that is just a conservative estimate.

Early on in the morning while I was listening, I was interrupted by something that struck me as abnormal. A lady not too far away was yelling obscenities on the phone to someone. Now normally, things are rather quiet here. The walls and carpeting really take down the noise levels of everything going on. This lady's office wasn't that close, and she was definitely yelling. Lots of F bombs, name calling, and repetition of the same insults. Now while that was entertaining to listen to, it was also slightly scary. And also, I think it's pretty awesome that I work at a place where other people will just completely ignore personal business and F-bombs even though they could clearly hear every bit of it. Yay for being adult? Well, I'm not really an adult since it excited me so much, but I get to pretend every day. Maybe I should call work the Neighborhood of Make Believe. Wow I didn't realize PBS did such awesome pixel-art.

Went to get Kelc and hit up the grocery store. Then back to my place for a fun night.

2010.02.25 Thursday

Well today was one of those days. Things just seemed off. I felt like productivity was lower than usual, but I still managed to learn some things and get stuff done.

I semi-missed an optional meeting, but still got free Rudy's BBQ, but it was cold.

After work I took care of a few things around the house, then actually went skateboarding! How exciting. I can still do an ollie, and 180 both frontside and backside. I'm really not as steady as I used to be, so flip tricks just won't work. Hopefully I can do this for a few minutes each day and build up some of those stabilizing muscles in my legs, and gain some more balance, and increase my vertical jump, and get fresh air/tan started. Win-win-win-win.

Cooked up a pizza for din din. Ate 5 of 8 pieces. Did my laundry, plus more. Played with MavDog.

Worked on some music too. I set up the condenser microphone that I got a few months back and started just playing some acoustic guitar. It's funny how I let a friend borrow it for a few days, and suddenly I miss it and want to play on it more. Surprisingly, my fingers lasted throughout the entire jam session.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010.02.24 Wednesday

Ah hump day already? Feels like this week is going by slowly. Conversely, if it were a 4-day week, I'd feel like its going by too fast.

In my journey to listen to all the music I can, I've completed over 130 albums so far. Not bad right? I think I need to pick up the pace a bit. Anyways, today I stumbled across a band, or a project, that is similar to Neon Indian, called Washed Out. I think this genre, "chillwave" is one of my favorites right now. Every song I have found just has a great feel to it. I'll have to look into this subculture that is brewing, but I'd like to learn where exactly it came from.

I worked late so I didn't have all the much time to work on music, but I DID IT ANYWAYS. Heh heh. Lack of sleep should make tomorrow fun.

I also went to the gym after work. Completely tore up my biceps and did a pretty interesting mix of exercises. I wish we could go back to ancient roman times when people would work hard to take care of their bodies, but also have pig-out days where they would go puke in the corner just so they could eat more food, oh and the sex...

Wait a tic. Has that much really changed since then? Seems like the peak of the roman empire isn't too terribly different from the current world. Should we expect a massive collapse soon? Probably :-P

2010.02.23 Tuesday

Happy b-day sister. Happy half-b-day brother.

Work was fun. Well, as fun as it gets.

Cooked some tortellini and wasted some time watching Lost. That episode was the worst one of the entire season. I think I'll go back to not watching this show.

Worked on some music and called it a day.

2010.02.22 Monday

Start of the week, fun.

Went to the gym and ripped up some muscles.

Made hamburger helper for dinner. I'll be needing to go to the grocery store soon.

2010.02.21 Sunday

Mostly uneventful day.

Worked on music, watched TV, prepared mentally for the week ahead of me.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010.02.20 Saturday

Woke up moderately late today. I decided to do some cleaning, and took apart my computer to clear out the caked dust.

I finished working on that one song, and started working on a few other projects that are still in the works.

Not that much happened today, until evening/nighttime. The happy couple came over and spiced up the night.

2010.02.19 Friday

Ah finally a day to just waste some time. Well, I decided to not go to Arlington this weekend. Kelc has a lot of stuff going on, and I'm feeling pretty un-optimistic about spending days there. Better to be grumpy by myself than grumpy with a bunch of people watching me right?

I most just sat around and played games or watched tv. Perfect veg-out. I beat Super Mario Bros. That means I've done all three. Number 2 was probably the most annoying, and number 1's controls take a while to adjust to. Should I go for the "Lost Levels"? I hear it's a real b**ch.

I worked on some music. I'm almost done with my next song. It's a pre-track to a song I wrote a long time ago. Progress with my music writing is getting better and faster. I'm wondering how long it might be until I have enough for an album.

I fell asleep around 7p and woke up about 10p and couldn't go back to sleep. Luckily JewBoy came home and we messed around with ancient guitar stuff. I still didn't end up going to sleep till super late.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010.02.18 Thursday

Yep. That sleep probably wasn't enough. I actually woke up before my alarm clock today because my bladder was full, but I chose to go back to sleep and sleep in some to make up for lost time.

It's that day again, crawfish etoufee. Nothing gets much better than this.

Ended up spending a little time at Dave and Busters after work, then went to bed early.

2010.02.17 Wednesday

These hump-days on weeks that I only work 4 days are odd. I don't feel correct calling it a hump day when the hump was somewhere in between Tuesday and Wednesday, but Wednesday is also the middle hump of the entire week. I guess it all depends on how you look at it.

Work was neutral. No abundance or absence of charge, just average.

After work I goofed around for a bit. Ate some of the delicious Beef Pot Roast that has been cooking for the past day or so. Yum.

Watched some of the Winter Olympics (go White!) and made some of my famous guacamole. It's more delicious-er than last time.

Went to sleep pretty late.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010.02.16 Tuesday

Finally got my butt back to the gym. Last week was crazy and I only went 1 or 2 days. If I keep flaking out, I'll lose some of this time I have invested.

Stayed at work later than I expected to. I may be done with this work week pretty soon if I keep that up.

Oh and people started asking what I was doing for tonight... and it took me a good while to figure out what they were talking about. It's Fat Tuesday. Crazy. It's already here. What are YOU giving up for lent? I have some ideas but I'll finalize that decision by the end of today.

I ate those leftovers from yesterday, and started the process of cooking a beef pot roast. I think I miscalculated a few things; the lid wouldn't fit on the crock pot once all the ingredients were in there. Woops. Well, eventually things settled down and the lid made a good seal. I'm really excited about this. I'm using almost 2x as much meat, and I'm using two different kinds of meat. A match made in crock pot heaven. Oh, and I used a lot more garlic this time, just for fun, but shh don't tell Kelc (she hates flavor).

After dealing with that for a couple hours, I started my chore of cleaning the kitchen. There is some stuff on the stove that I couldn't get off. I think that has been there since we moved in. It's almost non-food-like, some sort of clear acrylic paint that was splattered on. Only thing I didn't do because it was getting pretty late, was cleaning out the crumbs at the bottom of the oven. Those tend to make a nice amount of smoke.

2010.02.15 Monday

Back to the grind. And my usual Monday energy is present.

Was able to get a fair amount completed at work, but then found out I kinda went down the wrong path and have to do a little over again. Not a big deal, just a few repeated steps.

Made some Mac+Cheese, cleaned up some broccoli, and added a hot dog for dinner. Gotta have protein right? Saved some leftovers for tomorrow, so I can begin the process of cooking some super delicious food. Decided to pass on doing that tonight so I could save some for the weekend.

Worked on some music. Called it a day.

Monday, February 15, 2010

2010.02.14 Sunday

Valentine's day for real now. What are we going to do? No idea.

Watch some more Smallville, snack on food, goof around. Eventually went to Jason's Deli for lunch.

Picked myself up a movie at hollywood video for a few bucks, Kelc rented one that was filmed in Austin. We went back to her place to watch it; I mostly surfed on the internet for furniture and random craigslistings.

Then the cold-front blew in. Boo on you. Shopping at HEB is now much more uncomfortable. I like how grocery shopping consists of me hanging out in the produce area for at least half the time, then snatching a few things before checkout. Not that my diet is all the healthy...

Watched some more Smallville and ate Taco C. Then sleep.

2010.02.13 Saturday

Today is a bacon frying day. Yeah definitely a bacon day. Slight headache from the two beers last night (told you I was lightweight right?) so I want me some bacon.

Took care of some bidness, then picked Kelc up from the airport.

Sat around and watched some Smallville, goofed around. Not really much going on. We had dinner plans at Sullivan's Steakhouse. A very traditional place for us to go and celebrate special occasions as a couple. I'd have to say that the food this time was sub-par compared to all the other times we've gone. Not cooking my steak correctly and serving it more cool than warm is just not satisfactory for the type of place it is. The rest of the food was great, and dessert was a nice touch. At least I feel like we got a deal out of it since it was Vday weekend. On our way out of the restaurant I overheard a lady saying that they are an hour and half behind filling the reservations. So glad I picked the earlier time available. Maybe they were short staffed.

We stopped by Dave and Busters on the way back to play some games and just goof around. Pretty sure it's my new place to waste time and money. Maybe it is the similarity to Vegas, maybe because I'm a tech-nerd; who knows.

To wrap up the night, watched some TV and Smallville, then hit the sack.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010.02.12 Friday

Ah finally the end of the work week. Fridays are normally shorter, but I ended up working a normal "long" day. Lunch was leftover hamburger helper. I used to be able to eat an entire box, but lately I've been trying to focus my meal efforts on having leftovers; that way I don't waste money on going out for food every day. Every little bit helps right?

After work, ate a quick bite of some rather unhealthy food, then took a nap. By nap, I mean I was out for a good few hours. Stopped by chik-fil-a before going downtown for JuEw's concert.

Third Coast Renegades. They were really good. Everything was very clean sounding, like they knew exactly what they were doing, and have been doing it for a while now. Justin also nailed all the solos, the singer didn't have any trouble making it through the entire show, the drummer kept tempo and added energy, and the bassist rounded out everything without missing a note (as far as I could tell).

I must be turning into a pretty cheap drunk. After one glass I was feeling pretty good; then after the second glass I was getting tipsy and leaning on things.

Oh and some cougar was eying me down all night. Could have done without that, but I guess it's flattering...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010.02.11 Thursday

Ah yes. Thursday and it's wonderful foresight of the coming weekend. This is when things start to sway back in your favor, moods are lifted, and energy levels are starting to pick back up.

After very little sleep, I was back at work for another hefty day. Definitely made this a short day.

At home, worked on some music and went to be on the early side of the night.

2010.02.10 Wednesday

These long days are killin' me. Hump day is one huge hump. I arrived at work around 7:15am, and left work around 7:15pm. And my lunch was short since I had those leftovers. Good gracious, bo'dacious.

Didn't spend much time preparing a great dinner. Had some noodle package, a pb&j sandwich, and some old baby carrots. The noodle stuff has so much sodium, and just seems really unhealthy.

Worked on some music and made a huge stride. Before I knew it, it was past midnight and the brain was shutting down. Time to go catatonic.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2010.02.09 Tuesday

Woke up before my alarm today. Somebody thought it would be a brilliant idea to do some railroad construction early in the morning. I'm pretty sure there was also some really loud music involved since I could hear the bass. Pretty weird hearing everything rumble so early in the morning.

People were also driving like maniacs today. Luckily, I made it safe to work. Parked my car and hit 12k miles. Dang.

Long day at work. Got a lot of stuff done.

At home, had some Velveeta Shells and Cheese with some sauteed green beans. Had enough for leftovers for tomorrow too.

Watched some of Lost since I was cooking at the same time. Then worked on some music and went to bed.

2010.02.08 Monday

Back to the grindz.

Worked pretty well today. Totally cracked down on some of this project.

I'm starting to get a feeling like I need to spend money on something. I haven't had anything delivered to the house in at least a month, and I haven't treated myself to anything nice. I don't know if this is some indirect jealousy or just getting bored of the day-to-day sameness. I'm going to hold off a bit longer, or at least until I see something go on sale.

At home, I made a slightly large meal, but at a good portion of it. Now I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Also cleaned up the kitchen. I think that is supposed to be one of the chores that we rotate through... but I don't think anybody has really done any chores in a good while now. Wishful thinking...

2010.02.07 Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday. For some reason, it feels really un-epic this year. Maybe it's because I don't care for either team going, or maybe because Kelc isn't there. Don't know for sure.

Didn't really do that much today, so I'll spare the boring details.

Saints won.

2010.02.06 Saturday

Kelc and I put together the ingredients for a pot roast yesterday evening; today it looks juicy and scrumptious. I tried to pick the meat up and it just fell apart.

We packed up and headed over to my parent's house. My cousin came into town to hang out with us and just get away from home for a bit. My mom takes forever to get ready to go (anywhere).

We went out for an early dinner to Hula Hut. Pretty cool place. Got to walk around Mozart's too. Afterward, we went to Main Event and played some shuffleboard, bowling, and arcade games.

Then home for sleep.

Friday, February 5, 2010

2010.02.05 Friday

Woke up early today. And by early, I mean like 4am. Yeah that's right, 4 in the morning. I went to bed around 10. See normally I go to sleep around midnight (or later) and wake up at 6, so I essentially got the same amount of sleep.

Needless to say, I didn't stay up for long. I went back to sleep and woke up around 7:30 to let MavDog out.

I spent most of the morning beating Super Mario Bros 2, on SNES with the All-Stars cartridge. I don't know if I would enjoy the non-updated graphics of the original NES version.

Also cleaned up my room and got rid of some unnecessary items. I think slowly I'll be able to minimize the clutter in my living areas.

Kelc came over and we watched some Smallville, picked up a shelf from a craigslist ad, then played games with friends. Pretty relaxing evening.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010.02.04 Thursday

First thought of the day: "What... do I really have to get up right now?"

Slow getting out of bed, and then I realized something; I didn't remember to take a multivitamin before bed. I started doing that recently and found that I helps counteract the grogginess I deal with in the morning. I can only assume it has something to do with dehydrating and using up all those nutrients over the course of the night.

End of the work week is near...

Ate some hot dog and guac for dinner, then worked on music and fell asleep early. I'm lame like that.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010.02.03 Wednesday

Went to work a bit late this morning. Oh wait, HUMPday

Continued my expedition to listen to
all of my music. So far I'm about 26 albums in. My mp3 player holds 230ish, so I still have a while. PLUS, my mp3 player barely holds anything compared to my computer, so I have a long while to go.

Should I start listing the albums?

I also thought about playing random old SNES games and writing a small review of each one, just to keep track of the good ones and the terrible ones. Yes / no?

Spent a good portion of the evening preparing some guacamole. I'm pretty excited about it, even though I forgot the cilantro.

Worked on some music too.

2010.02.02 Tuesday

Two two Tuesday? Interesting for that little groundhog dude.

Well I started yesterday something new at work. My goal is to listen to all the music I have. For starters, I use the "Album of the Day" shortcut on my mp3 player (it's essentially just a random album picker), and I listen to whatever comes up. No skipping songs, no fast forwarding. After listening, I delete the album from my mp3 player so I doesn't come up when I use the shortcut again. There are about 230 albums on my player so this should be fun. After that, I'll dig into my computer and get more 'new music'. This is forcing me to listen to more songs and (somewhat) study various intricacies of music.

Skipped the gym as a 'recovery day'. Didn't really feel like I got enough sleep so I shouldn't make the problem worse.

At home, snacked on some food and started up working on music again. This new project has about 60% of the groundwork laid out. Things are moving quite fast, and I like it.

Watched Lost with some friends. All 3 hours...*sigh*. I wonder how long episodes would be without tons of extra commercials AND all the silent/suspense-building time in the episodes. I continually try to explain this to people, but they deny it.

Mmmm pizza. The new Domino's crust is delicious, probably fattening. I liked the old kind, never had any complaints from me.

Monday, February 1, 2010

2010.02.01 Monday

Well well well. Monday. We meet again.

Ugh? Yes.

At least I got in some gym time and churned through a good amount of code.

Went to the grocery store and spent a chunk of change. I'm hoping to make a baller pot roast, and a small revision on the guacamole that i made last time. Pretty exciting.

2010.01.31 Sunday

Wow, the first month of the year is already over.

Kelc left to go hang out with her mom. I played games and took care of some business at home.

Later I went over to Kelc's house to watch some Rugrats, the grammy's, and grab some Rudy's for dinner.

Then back home to wind down and rest up for the work week.

2010.01.30 Saturday

Went to Ihop for late breakfast. It was alright.

Ray and I split off from the girls. They went to check out the new doggy that Girl Taylor now has.

Later on the happy couple left, and Kelc and I took a pretty long nap. People around my house were leaving to go to Highball for a Sci-Fi night dance. By the time we got there (an hour after everybody else) they were already packed and we (again) did not want to be outside downtown. So we left to...

Dave and Busters, for some food and fun. The food, I liked my meal except for the super sweet sauce they put all over my chicken. And Kelc's looked pretty good minus the fatty drippings.

Oh well, we played a bunch of games and dominated The Lost World, Jurassic Park shooting game.

Afterwards, we just chilled and went to bed.

2010.01.29 Friday

Short work day. Win.

Got home and took a short nap. The happy couple showed up and treated Kelc and I to tickets to the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular. The 2 dollar glasses are totally worth it. It's silly that we didn't get them last time. Thanks again for taking us. We owe you.

We were going to go downtown, but it was so cold and windy that we just went home. We saw a really cool limo, called "DIRTY". Somebody was ridin' dirty, lol.

Back at home, Ray and I nursed a nice bottle of wine. Others had liquors. We played some poker until 4 in the morning or so.

2010.01.28 Thursday

Mostly uneventful day. My progress on music projects has come to a screeching halt. Not cool.

So tired too... :-(