Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010.03.30 Tuesday

Well I went to bed last night all excited and pumped up because I was going to get more sleep, and had most of my shit together. Then I woke up today just drowsy as ever. Thanks universe for destroying my enthusiasm by something as simple as sleep.

The projects I'm working on at work took a nice spin and now I have a lot less stress on my plate.

The gym was a much shorter commitment today. Half of me is pretty dang sore, so I just did some lat pull-downs, some pull-ups, rows and bicep curls. Actually I pushed myself on the biceps curls and got about 35-40 for each arm. Not Bad!

Got home... and took a nice nap. Very nice. Decided to cook up some oven pizza. There's this garlic bread digiorno's pizza that ends up having a nice herby glaze around the crust. Not only that, but the pizza is square, so it seems like you get more since you aren't paying for a square that has a circle in it.

Did some file management on my computer, and took it easy most of the evening. Seems like this week is a lot more about me getting my shit together. My music inspiration levels have been at a low lately and I don't want to force anything.

Monday, March 29, 2010

2010.03.29 Monday

Took me a while to fall asleep last night. About 5-6 hours isn't bad right? RIGHT?!

Yeah it is kinda bad, but Monday wasn't that bad on such a low amount of sleep. Oh well, this week will probably fly by.

Worked out rather hardcore at the gym today. Coworker encouraged me to toss up some more weight. 135lbs on regular bench, then on decline I did 45lbs in each arm (normally I do 30 or 35). Then did 35lbs on incline, where I normally do 25-30. Not only am I going to feel this tomorrow, but I'm already feeling it. Uh oh...

Dinner consisted of some macaroni, broccoli, and asparagus. Somehow I can always finish these huge bundles of asparagus, and somehow the very next evacuation of my bladder always has a pungent smell.

I spent most of the evening organizing my paperwork, or getting rid of it.

2010.03.28 Sunday

Slept in again. Ran some errands with Kelc, ate at Schlotzsky's. I'm really not a fan of fountain drinks anymore. I feel like the flavors and sugar levels are destroying humanity.

Went back to my place to watch some Smallville, then Kelc left for Arlington. I goofed around some, cleaned up my room, and made a new mess.

Went to HEB for groceries. I like how years ago I would just blaze right by the produce section, and now I spend most of my time there. This week should be filled with fantastic food, I just have to remember to eat it before it goes bad.

2010.03.27 Saturday

Slept in a decent amount. Went out for more furniture shopping. Big Lots and furniture row didn't have anything that would fit my specifications unfortunately, so I'm going back to the first place we looked, ikea.

Also stopped by a card shop that I haven't been to in years. Cool sports stuff there.

Went home and built some furniture.

Went to the Austin Toros game with Hasbro, Taylor and Tdub. Their dance squad is pretty interesting.

Went back home to do some yahtzee and jenga whilst consuming alcoholic beverages. I thought I rocked yahtzee, but I got 3rd place. Totally rocked jenga, and was able to hold 23 aligned jenga bricks with my fingertips.

Friday, March 26, 2010

2010.03.26 Friday

What a morning.

Woke up at 5:45a and freaked out thinking I had 10-15 minutes to get ready. Started running around my room grabbing my shit, then realized that I still had over an hour to get ready. I usually am ready by 6:45ish after waking up at 6:15-6:20. Damn. What woke me up then? Well I know I heard my alarm clock, guess I imagined it. Oh wait, I really have to pee. Maybe that's it.

Go to tinkle, then decide I can still get like 30 minutes of sleep in by waking up at 6:20. Zzzzz. Wake up again.. oh shit it really is 6:45 this time. Run!

Still got to work on time :-D

Kelc came into town. We ended up checking out ikea for some new furniture for me. Some promising items, but I'll shop around some more before settling. Went to chik-fil-a for dinner. Been a while since I've had fast food.

2010.03.25 Thursday

Tired at work of course. Hard to believe this week went by so fast.

Went to work out at the gym again. This time around I went to the bench press and tossed up various weight amounts around 125lbs. After that I did a range of small sets at various angles, both incline and decline bench with 35lbs in each hand. Then toss in some skull crushers, butterfly curls, and some ab workouts... and I'll call it a day.

Hasbro showed me / reminded me of a cool weightlifting site. exrx.net I even has animated gif's for each exercise, and technique tips. I'm going to try and design some workout routines so I can add in some new stuff.

Got home today and played around some on the drumset. Then I just decided today would be a good day to go through with learning some linux. Grabbed Ubuntu 9.10, and installed it in such a way that I don't have to mess with partitions or changing any windows settings. Well, it didn't take long to notice that my wireless adapter wasn't working. Great. Years ago when I installed Ubuntu over Christmas break while I was stuck in bed sick...ubuntu had horrible support for wireless drivers. So that eventually became something I didn't want to work with. (Also, ubuntu did some crazy password management and ended up locking me out of my own account.) So I guess you could say I'm a bit frustrated that years later, I still don't have the technical support I need. I tried installing sound drivers just to see if I could play some music, then later found out drivers were already installed just set up completely incorrect so I couldn't hear anything. Back to the wireless, I tried many many different suggestions online, only to fail every time. Maybe my setup is just too different.

I don't feel like giving up yet, but I also don't feel like switching out wireless adapters whenever I switch operating systems is convenient by any means...considering that I get what I want from Windows (reliability, speed, programs).

That sums up most of the day. Hamburger Helper for dinner.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2010.03.24 Wednesday

Gloomy day outside, but hey it's already hump day!? Cray Zee Cool.

Didn't take the time for lunch or the gym today. Unfortunately I didn't go to the gym, but it's ok because my legs are pretty sore from changing up some workouts.

Took a nice nap when I got home. Nice to change things up. Finally worked on some music, though I'm in need of some inspiration. One thing I usually do when I write music is come up with a mental picture. I know that doesn't really make sense, but I like writing music that paints the image in my mind.

Had a pizza, pb&j, and protein shake for dinner. That's a lot of P.

I also had difficulty sleeping because my mind was busy thinking about all the creepy stuff I have seen online.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2010.03.23 Tuesday

Waking up was quite a bit more difficult today. Every time I push myself at the gym, it affects the next morning. I also had trouble falling asleep. All screwy.

I hit the 300 album mark in my music quest. Some statistics for you:
Started 02/02/2010
Days passed: 50
Album Count: 300
Tracks Listened: 3447
Average Number of Tracks per Album: 11.49
Average Year Album was Released: 2001.684
Time Listened: 241hrs 14mins 32secs
Days Listened: 10.05176 days
Digital Size of Music: 26.6GB

Did some laundry, cleaned up my room a bit, listened to vinyls. Mostly un-epic.

2010.03.22 Monday

Arg. A full week ahead. Yuckasaurus Rex.

Work actually wasn't terrible today as I made a fair amount of progress.

After work I tried working on music and just couldn't find the groove.

Had some pot roast for dinn dinn.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

2010.03.21 Sunday

Well, today is probably going to be rather un-productive. Don't really feel like getting out of bed. Wine can do that to you, but it's so darn good.

Funny how wine goes in a nice dark purple-y red, but comes out some funky forest green.

For lunch? Ramen. Yeah I'm lacking energy today.

Went home to spend time with the family and play some records. On the way home I saw a shooting star. What should I wish for? Hmmm

2010.03.20 Saturday

The work week lasted long, and luckily for me, this weekend has also felt really long. Slept in a good amount, then went to the Austin Record Convention, conveniently happening at the same time as SXSW.

For 'lunch', Torchy's tacos on the drag. Could it be a taco deli clone? Oh and they had dr pepper with real sugar, so I had to get it.

Played some new vinyls, then goofed around until the evening. Picked up a couple bottles of wine, cracked those open with a few cracked up friends.

Good times.

Totally didn't mention some cool adventures in the middle of the night. Partially because they all blur together and I can only recall some pieces.
-Vinyls sound better and better with more beverages in your system
-Supposedly, I called Kelc twice, while not having the phone up to my face.
-We explored some houses, Jew and I got stuck in an attic with the door/ladder closed
-A train came by and a rock I threw hit Hasbro by accident.
-Nothing is better than releasing fluids in nature.
-Shoes got really muddy

2010.03.19 Friday

Ahhh a day off. What to do? A feast, at least.

The Window Theater performed yesterday evening, and this afternoon, but I didn't purchase tickets and didn't get off my butt. I bet they rocked out.

I did however decide to go grab myself a new turntable. A Rega P1 to be precise. Just a mini jump in the right direction for my sound setup.

For dinner: jalapeno beef pot roast, green beans, french bread, potato salad, wine. Goodness gracious.

Enjoyed some vinyl, poker and socializing.

2010.03.18 Thursday

Last work day of the week. Kelc left to do her thing in Arlington.

I went out with the happy couple to Too Hotties to get a haircut. After that we went to Reale's for dinner. Mmmmmm. Great place, unfortunately I don't get the chance to go much because Kelc doesn't like Italian.

Went back home and played cards, listened to some vinyl and just had a relaxing evening.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010.03.17 Wednesday

Man w.t.f. is up with this week. It has to be this new time change. My energy levels and sleep quality is shot.

At least the work week is almost over. Spent the evening cooking up some pot roast.

2010.03.16 Tuesday

Today feels like Wednesday already, *sigh*. I've been so drained lately, don't know whats up. Maybe this stupid time change is throwing everything off.

At work today, got more frustrated with the current task. So I stepped up to my manager and said that I couldn't make the schedule that I originally estimated. It's cool how management is more about working with what you have instead of getting mad at what you don't. That's how it should be.

After work I went to get my haircut, unfortunately the place I go was completely closed "due to unexpected water outage". Guess I'll just get a 1/2-off my next appointment. Rock on.

Went home, cooked some asparagus and tortellini, watched more Smallville. Listened to some vinyls too.

Monday, March 15, 2010

2010.03.15 Monday

Really? Do I really have to wake up this early? Guess so. Thanks to whoever made up daylight saving.

Some of my meetings at work are starting to feed me doughnuts on a regular basis. Starting to get worried that I might be wearing them around my waist soon.

Juggling some new tasks, stress levels on the rise.

Got home, watched some Smallville. Cooked a quick box of Kraft Mac and Cheese for Kelc and me. Then joined up with Hasbro to go to Sprouts and HEB. Lots of good fresh food for not that much $$.

Sleepy time.

2010.03.14 Sunday

Today was a tad more toned down. Went out to a chinese buffet that was decent. After having that smoked chicken, it's really hard to treat other meat the same.

More gaming and chilling. We managed to beat bowser on Super Mario Bros. Wii.

The drive home felt shorter, but still longer than it needed to be. I like traveling when conversations run rapid and before you know it, the drive is over. Somebody should work on that.

Cleaned up my car from some bird dookie. Did you know that bird poo is one of the more damaging things to car paint? If possible, wipe that shit off. Even wiping it down with water dilutes whatever acids or bases are in there some. Also a good protection of wax keeps things shiny and smooth.

Watched some smallville, went to dinner with Kelc's mom, and called it a night.

Oh and happy PI day.

2010.03.13 Saturday

Rolled up to a skatepark today. It's been so long since I've been to one. Very intimidating. Ray and I cruised around and got some good exercise in.

The night was filled with experimentation. 4 types of wine, cheeses, crackers, hummus, a failed guacamole, and one of the best cooked chickens ever. Jerked and smoked. Mouth-watering goodness.

Mix in some music and games, and you got yourself one epic day.

2010.03.12 Friday

Finally the end of the week. Busy day ahead.

Made it through work. Good feelings come at the end of a work week.

Loaded up my MP3 player with some new albums to cruise through, packed up and headed off to Justin's second concert. The start of SXSW was today, so everything was crazy. Also, it's the start of spring break for most people. That makes me a sad panda.

Around midnight, left ATX for BCS. Super late-night shenanigans.

2010.03.11 Thursday

Writing this days after, but I remember a rather normal day at work and working on music.

I'm enjoying where this music is taking me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2010.03.10 Wednesday

These days are flying by. I swear it was just new year's day a couple weeks ago. Somehow we are in March, and its a hump day.

Got to work a tad early, and left a tad early. I skipped lunch so I could leave to get my car inspected. Surprisingly (or not-so-surprisingly if you recall that my appetite has been weird lately), I was not hungry.

Drove all the way to the inspection place, only to find out I forgot to put grab my new insurance card that was issued last month. Fantastic. Drove home to get that, then back to the place. This time there was no line, so they jumped right in my car and did their business. About 7 minutes later, I'm driving away with a fresh inspection sticker. Rock on. I was actually worried they wouldn't be able to drive my car, but I got a nice dude to do the inspection.

Went home and goofed around, napped, and worked on some music. I'm really liking this new song I'm working on. Hopefully I can get it to some presentable state by this weekend so I can share it with friends, and get some criticism.

At about 10pm, I decided to eat finally. Made some pasta, lightly seasoned.

Oh, what a hump day.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2010.03.09 Tuesday

Woke up before my alarm today. Woo hoo.

Finally made myself go back to the gym. Tried a new technique of cycling through various workouts so the sets overlap. Maybe that will adjust the development of muscles a tad. Next time, I think i should take the weight up a notch, and reps down a notch and try to really rip through.

Made some significant leaps at work. Good to finally figure out some things.

Came home, and took a sweet nap. Not very often that I get a chance to do that. Leftover pizza for dinner.

Went to a Karaoke bar with a moderate-sized group. It's Jenny's last night in the ATX. I picked High Voltage by Linkin Park to "sing" and rocked that shiz. I still haven't figured out what to think or feel about this. Still wish her the best of luck, and hopefully we can meet up at some point in the future.

Monday, March 8, 2010

2010.03.08 Monday

Early morning meetings, Mondays, bad weather, bleh.

Really though, today wasn't that bad. I can't really say that I hate any one day of the week more than others. I just really enjoy the freedom of the weekends.

Worked kinda late. Made a pizza for dinner. Worked on music.

Called it a Monday.

2010.03.07 Sunday

Woke up fashionably late. We watched a bunch more Smallville most of the day.

Went to Q'doba for lunch. I like getting the stuff I can't get in Austin.

Drove home later on in the evening. Got home right at midnight. Yikes, work week already here :-(

Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010.03.06 Saturday

Had a crazy dream last night, or this morning. From what I remember, there was a huge colony of people inside the side of a massive cliff. I was part of this colony of people. Somehow we lived in huge crevices with entire cities.

I also remember having the power to morph into a huge version of myself. I had a hovercraft that I could take across oceans, and it was powerful enough to drag my huge self.
Justin showed up as a large dude, and we had hover-boat races.

Went to Shipley's do-nuts for "breakfast" at noon. Schlotzsky's for lunch. Watched a bunch of Smallville, went on a walk.

Sonic for dinner, more smallville.

2010.03.05 Friday

Took care of some bid-ness today. Washed my car, closed some accounts...

Drove to Arlington. Probably the worst drive I've ever had. Just incredibly boring. And the random albums that came up weren't any help.

Went out to Applebee's for dinner. Kelc has to get what she wants, right?

Smoked some hookah and chilled around until wee hours in the morning.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

2010.03.04 Thursday

Alright ya'll. The week is wrapping up nicely. Or is it?

I had a crazy dream last night. I don't even understand what the point was. It was set in current times, so you have to imagine me as a guy with a full-time job and already done with college. Well in the dream, I signed up to go on a trip with my high school band. But then the snow/ice storm from a few weeks ago made them postpone the trip. Then I find out that they rescheduled the trip but forgot to tell me (because I don't attend high school every day) so I didn't have time to pack or even go home to get some stuff. Pissed me off hardcore. Then I think Hasbro got on the bus while listening to his CD walkman. That was the last straw, I had to wake up.

I think something is still
off with me. My appetite and energy levels are non-existent lately. At least crawfish etoufee was delicious today. That helps with the lack of appetite.

Lots of meetings, lots of fun. Work is so great.

Took care of things around the house, then went to hang out with the parents for a bit.

2010.03.03 Wednesday


Work today was alright. I think my body is out of whack. I'm rather drowsy through the day and no appetite.

For lunch, went out with a group from work to a place called Perry's, downtown on 7th. They were participating in the restaurant week specials, so I ended up getting way too much food for 15 bucks.

I received my last two packages. One vinyl and one battery.

Then dinner, went out to Kerbey Lane to spend some time with Jenny. After that we picked up some hookah tobacco and watched Dumb and Dumber. Good times.

I'm probably insomniac now.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010.03.02 Tuesday

Days seem slightly more productive (and hectic) whenever caffeine is involved.

I reached the 180-album mark in my quest. Some statistics for fun:
Album Count: 180
Total Number of Tracks Listened: 1883
Avg Number of Tracks/Album: 11.343
Avg Year Album was Released: 2001.278

This shows that I have a pretty heavy bias to newer music. Then again, older music is harder to find, or even stumble across on the radio. Please note that there is a margin of error with those statistics; I grabbed most of the data from the interwebs, and sometimes it is not correct. Also, there were albums I have that are not on any website so their data fields were blank. It's pretty interesting to have music that is rare.

Tonight was a Lost night, so I stayed in my room and explored some new artists. Later on, cooked up an awesome meal in about 20-25 minutes. Sliced some asparagus and stir fried that, chopped up some fresh broccoli, and cooked up tortellini. Dominated that kitchen.

Monday, March 1, 2010

2010.03.01 Monday

This week just started and it already feels really short. 4 days seems at least 3 times shorter than 5 days. I call it, the 3-4-5 rule. Dang, turns out there is something else that is called the 3-4-5 rule. Well... it does seem similar enough...

Worked a nice long day, then the evening felt incredibly short. Had a pizza and the night was over lickity split.

2010.02.28 Sunday

Wow February is already over. 2 months down, 10 to go. 1/6th of 2010 is done. 59 days since the ball dropped.

Just crazy.

Went out to Jason's Deli for lunch, Jenny met up with the group. Still hard to believe that she's moving on.

Went back to Kelc's to play games and do puzzles. Then another run to Taco C. This place is habit forming.

Couple more episodes of Smallville, and we'll call it a day.

2010.02.27 Saturday

Watched some Smallville today.

Then drove over to Hill Country Cinemark over near 620 and 71 to watch Shutter Island. Not terrible, but not all that great. Some of the way the movie was shot was pretty new-ish and interesting. But for the most part, the story wasn't all that engaging.

Afterward I walked over to Dick's Sporting goods to pick up a pair of sunglasses.

I really wanted to pick up some new records, so we stopped by half-priced books so I could pick up some cheaper vinyls. 5 records, 7.47. Kelc got a few books, total was around 12. Easy to see who got the better deal here.

Drove back to my house, but on the way home stopped for some Taco C. I feel like there is a rather large variance between locations. Some places are bad at keeping the salsa bar filled and clean; others are messing up orders at a much higher rate; more others are doing something weird with the tortilla recipes.

Later, lakehouse.