Monday, June 29, 2009

2009.06.29 Monday

Sure were a lot of cops out trying to get tickets. Hmmm lets see... its really close to the end of the month... yeah "we don't have quotas" doesn't sound true at all. Silly cops. If nobody broke any law, would there be a need for you?

Back at work...not sure where I left off with the project. *yawn*

Got home, cooked some of my famous green beans and seasoned macaroni, then cranked out some last minute details on a song. I would say that it's revision A of the song, not sure if i like the arrangement all the way through yet. The levels need readjusting too.

2009.06.28 Sunday

Out of all the fun I had this weekend, bad news still manages to pop up. Billy Mays passed on early this morning. His charming smile and energetic voice will be missed. Seems like 50 is the magic number. If I was to guess, I would say it has something to do with America's lack of concern for healthy food options. Just throwing that out there.

Anywho, Ray and Marisa picked me up and we went out on the lake with Ray's dad. Their boat is just a bit longer. We went into a cove and just swam around and had a good time with food and friends.

Once I got home, I was so exhausted. Oh yeah, Kelc left to Wichita Falls State University to check out the campus and assist her sister through orientation. I kinda sat around and rested, absorbing the awesomeness that was the weekend, dreading the work days coming up. Took care of some chores.

2009.06.27 Saturday

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died. Not the greatest of news.

I woke up with not that bad of a hangover. I did a good job of winding down before going to bed. Others might not have been as lucky :-P

I said my farewells and began the fun process of cleaning the house that I am very grateful to have been allowed to borrow for a party. Before we knew it, it was already near dinner time. Lindsey Josh Kelc and I went out to Chuy's for dinner, then stopped by Sarah and Oscar's apartment to hang out. Their complex is really nice and has nice amenities.

So now it was later and everybody wanted something to do. I suggested karaoke and before I knew it, we had a group together and were making reservations. Awesome. Korey Josh Josh Lindsey Kelc and I crammed a ton of songs in just a couple of hours. Oh, and it was my third night in a row to drink. Sweet.

2009.06.26 Friday

Ah yes, sleeping in on a Friday because of 9/80 scheduling. So nice. I spent the morning just packing up stuff for the party tonight.

Lindsey and Josh made it in around 1 so we grabbed some thundercloud for lunch, then headed out to the lakehouse. There we set up some stuff and then napped and lounged around.

The night was filled with craziness and hilarity ensued. I think the jolly-rancher vodka was a hit. Big thanks to everybody who made it out; I know it was really far out of the way, but it's so nice to get away from the city and just let loose once in a while. Enjoyed sharing the experience with everybody. Oh, and thanks for singing happy birthday to me while I was trying to take care of business.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

2009.06.25 Thursday

Wow, extremely tired this morning. Liz's last day is today. Oh and more meetings, yay. At least we had a software people meeting with food. Wish I could have eaten more but silly secretary lady decided to clean up the food in the middle of the meeting. John saved the day by getting an ice cream party delivered. Excellent.

Later I went out to Karaoke with a bunch of work friends. It was my first time, and I really enjoyed it. Sang until my voice was just about gone.

Kelc is still out of town, so it's another night alone for big pappa.

2009.06.24 Wednesday

Ah hump day. Normally you are pretty good to me. Today was a different story. I had two meetings, both of which lasted longer than they needed to, and accomplished close to nothing. On top of that, I'm getting assignments to implement features that encourage poor programming habits. Oh well.

At least I got an Ice Cream Sundae, although it's going to be the last one from work.

After work we had flag football practice. That was fun, get some energy out. After that I pretty much showered up and fell asleep. This week has been long; putting in a lot of hours.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2009.06.23 Tuesday

Today was a long day at work. Roughly 7am to 6pm. Upper management is pushing for all this 'stuff' to be 'done', but some of it doesn't even make sense and there are other sectors of business that should be working alongside us... the whole thing is just starting to get annoying.

I went out to Taco C with Kelc. Forgot how good that can be sometimes. Then we went shopping for groceries. Silly checkout lady forgot to push things down the checkout belt. I went back a few minutes later and she stashed the merchandise below her counter. Something smells sketchy here.

After a few episodes of Arrested Development, it was time to crash. Oh, and Texas won game 2 of cws.

Monday, June 22, 2009

2009.06.22 Monday

Waking up was weird this morning; my body just knew somehow to wake me up. So many parts of me are achy or bruised or something, I have no idea what's wrong. Oh well, go extreme or go home right?

I made it through the day with probably a minor concussion.

Texas played a hell of a game, but lost the first of the College World Series Finals. I had some awesome garlic+jalapeno pizza for dinner.

2009.06.21 Sunday

Happy Father's Day!

Actually I spent very little time with my own father today, but I had a fun time out on the lake with Kelc's family. We did some knee boarding, wake boarding, skiing and tubing. Wake boarding and skiing were new to most of us though. It took me three tries to get up on the wake board, and I still face-planted soon after. Skiing, I lucked out and got up on the first try, but I was completely unbalanced the whole time and my muscles were hating me.

The lake is so dang low right now. Almost all of the public ramps are closed or closing. We borrowed the neighbor's ramp, but that was only in about 2 feet of water, then dropped down 8-10 inches. So we had to launch the boat off by force, and load it up by more force. There wont be any way to go out on the lake in a couple days, unless a hurricane comes through to bring some water. Bummer.

I got home, did laundry, showered up, and shopped for some groceries in record time. Watched a little bit of Mighty Boosh, and then crashed.

2009.06.20 Saturday

Spent the morning at Kelc's, not really much to do. Went home and worked on a music project I got going with the new midi keyboard. Things really pick up quickly with the ease of midi.

Later on, we all went to Rob's party. Funny how it seems like everybody there brought their kids and let them tromp around while the parents got to chat and eat and drink. So where does that mean I fit in? Kinda in the middle. I almost went on the moon-walk thing they had.

After that, we made a quick run to planet-k to get some coals, and a peach flavor, then to my house to pack up some stuff, and then off to the lakehouse. The peach wasn't that great in my opinion.

Friday, June 19, 2009

2009.06.19 Friday

Sometime last night, I elbowed Kelc in the nose. Proof that I toss and turn in bed in result of encroachment on my zones. :-P

Work on these rare Fridays is usually pretty fun. There was actually 2 people here today instead of just me and one other guy. Being able to leave early and not worrying about someone breathing down your neck is really relieving, almost feels like I get more work done this way. Well, turns out I had a lot going on today and left late. So my work day started at 7am and ended at 6:15pm. Go work!

My family had some food cooked once I got home. Delicious! Then I spent the evening chatting and hanging out with them. Later on Justin hit me up on the celly, so we went to go hookah for a bit. Things are crazy busy on his end. Also, I think it's weird that we were both really tired that we didnt feel like doing all that much on a Friday night.

So much for being young still.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

2009.06.18 Thursday

Had a meeting this morning about work. Fun stuff. Nice that we actually do have meetings every now and then, just to change up the rhythm.

Worked out at lunch again. This time I went with Andy and we totally tore up chest muscles. I'm positive I'll be sore tomorrow and the next few days. Gotta shock the body right?

I worked some more on music. All this past week it felt like I would be creating something and it didn't have much of an effect on the whole picture. Well at the end of my session today, things started to get this weird feeling like it was all coming together and just mutated into something new altogether. Music magic? One can only hope.

Next up... sleep.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2009.06.17 Wednesday

Ah yes. The middle of the week comes and goes. The wind down is beginning.

I ate my leftovers from last night for lunch. Excellent choice. Now all I smell is garlic. At work, it feels like my meetings get canceled more than they actually occur. Oh well. Not like I have much to put on the table.

Well football practice went well. Lin pulled something, so he was fighting the pain for most of practice. He also did some awesome blocking.

Later... mythbusters. Actually, fell asleep to it :-(

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2009.06.16 Tuesday

So sleeping at Kelc's last night was less than spectacular. Kitty kept jumping on us throughout the night, and unlike my house, it gets progressively colder through the night. Oh and Kelc likes to kick things off the bed.

At work, I went to work out for the first time. The gym is pretty awesome. By awesome, I mean its really limited and old. Oh well, still does that job right? *squeak squeak squeak* Yep. My muscles afterward felt all weak and tremble-y since they haven't been worked that hard in such a long time. Go me.

I went to get my hair trimmed up a bit, mostly get the dead ends and add some shape. Kelc took me out to Macaroni Grill. The food was delicious. We watched some more Arrested Development and fell asleep. Oh and the Horns beat Arizona St.

Monday, June 15, 2009

2009.06.15 Monday

5 day work weeks. Let's do some math on this.

Optimistic: 5 days x 8 hrs/day = 40 hrs
7 days x 24 hrs/day = 168 hrs
40/168 = 23.81%

So here, work is only taking up about a
quarter of your life once you start a "full-time" position. That does not sound so bad.

Pessimistic: 8 hrs (work) + 1 hr (commutes) + 0.5 hrs (lunch) + 0.2 hrs (work-related-errands)
= 9.7 hrs/day
5 days * 9.7 hrs/day = 48.5 hrs

48.5/168 = 28.87%
So that's closer to a
third of your life in a full-time job.

Now let's assume you get the amount of sleep the same as people who live the longest...
6.5 hrs x 7 days = 45.5 hrs
and some time for breakfast and dinner
1.5 hrs x 7 days = 10.5 hrs

48.5 + 45.5 + 10.5 = 104.5 hrs
104.5/168 = 62.20%

That only leaves
63 hrs in an entire week to do something besides work-driven. I didn't include anything except the base of an average work week. This was all based on averages I found online. That 63 hrs might sound like a lot... until you start including errands and chores and just watching your favorite TV shows.


Anyways, it's a Monday. Work was normal for the most part. After work i went for a tan/swim session with Kelc. That was fun. Then I met up with Justin to check out a house...potentially a new home for me. Exciting stuff. Then I went to sonic and got the best corn dog ever... from that location. They must have used some older grease in the deep fryer or something. AND the center wasnt cold at all. A+ for once.

2009.06.14 Sunday

It's probably best that I chose not to go out last night. I ended up feeling sorta sick and not sleeping all that great.

Kelc and I watched more arrested development, then she had to go take care of some VBS stuff. This week should be pretty exciting and packed. I took care of some things around the house. Watched some mythbusters; they had a marathon on and it was awesome. Who knew that it was possible to ski/wakeboard behind a cruise ship?

Then I went on a trip to Walmart to get VBS stuff. And taco c for food...that's about all.

2009.06.13 Saturday

Yay another day of not doing much.

I went out to my car today, and I could just feel something was different. The seat was leaned more forward, the cabin light was on, the door was slightly adjar, and the hood was popped (but not unlatched). So I'm guessing somebody was checking out the car...? If they were trying to steal or do anything, they seriously failed. I need a car with a real security system anyways.

Today was mostly a recovery day. Eating food and drinking liquids to combat a potentially impairing headache.

In the evening Kelc and I went to Rudino's to watch The Fastest Kids Alive and The Window Theater. Fun show. I can't believe they played Death By Cash Register. I don't know if I should be ashamed or thankful.

Later we went to hang out with Ray. His little brother can solve the 3x3x3 rubik's cube in under 2 minutes, and the 4x4x4 in about 3. Yikes.

2009.06.12 Friday

Ah yes. A day off. Today I mostly goofed around. Played some Sims 3 finally, watched some arrested development. Slept in some.

Later, Habibi cooked up some burgers and hosted a party for Ash. She's moving away. Oh and that facebook URL thing happened. I couldn't decide on a name that I would want to live with "forever", and I don't totally see much use in this yet, so I'm holding off.

Crazy night.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2009.06.11 Thursday

-Yawnz- Not a great morning for me, still tired from yesterday. I need just like one day to sleep a ton, and run errands/do chores. Of course, if I had one of those days, I'd probably just waste it on sleeping and goofing around.

I always feel like these short weeks don't get as much done as the rest. In actuality, it's probably the same amount each week, just one is shorter.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2009.06.10 Wednesday

Oh glory to everyone, it is hump day. This is technically my Thursday since I have Friday off. Glory indeed.

This morning started off with a meeting and some wake-up material that I'd rather not disgust you with. One of the guys at the meeting said something about 'girls' in general, I wonder if that could be considered harassment since it was directed at a specific sex. Oh well, it wasn't being rude.

Lunch was a brown-bag, brought in some Wendy's. That means I successfully ate out for lunch this entire week. Tomorrow is crawfish etoufee day. PUMPED. Wednesdays are also ice cream sundae - day. I'm totally going on a health streak, huh?

Football practice was fun. I never felt like I was pushing 100%, but at least I got outside and got my heart rate up some. I went home, showered, then goofed for a few minutes before going to sleep. Exhausting day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2009.06.09 Tuesday

I woke up rather groggy and with a headache today. And that sucks even more because I didn't even drink at all last night. What the crap. Wasted the b-day benefits.

Work was mostly uneventful. Went to TacoB for lunch.

I got home and did laundry, cleaned my room, discovered some new music, and went to run a few errands. Yay for feeling accomplished. If only I added a workout to the mix...

Monday, June 8, 2009

2009.06.08 Monday

Celebration to me. 23 down, infinity to go...

My partner in crime for work was out again. I hope he's doing alright. I bet that jury duty really sucks the life out of you.

I hope my tire stays inflated today. It's really frustrating that there are roofers that just leave nails and screws on the road for people to run over. I think they should be held accountable for their littering.

I got home and washed my car. Been a long while since that had been done. My family wanted to take me out for dinner but wanted to super-early. So instead, I kinda told them we could go some other time and went out with Kelc later to Sullivan's Steakhouse. Food was delicious of course. Thanks everybody for the gifts and wishes.

2009.06.07 Sunday

So yeah, technically woke up in the middle of the night on the floor. Thanks air mattress. Went over to the couch to get some more shuteye.

I didn't really get much quality sleep. Oh well. Eventually Kelc Kev and I went home to prepare for their VBS lessons and stuff. I helped out some, then went to Panda Express for munchies. I left to go print off some boarding passes, and they went to set up their classroom and attend a meeting. Turns Out... they were wrong. VBS is not this coming week, it's the one after. Lolz, rushing for nothing.

Whilst at home, I found a MIDI keyboard on my bed. YESSS. New toys. I hardly hesitated to set that up.

Then Kelc Kev and I went back out to the lakehouse to hang out with peoples. Food and fun was still there. We also went swimming and scavenged for new treasures. The fish were nibbling more than normal.. eeks.

2009.06.06 Saturday

I woke up fashionably late, 11am. That's actually earlier than I wanted to; my family tends to make a lot of noise once they get up. I guess I'll deal with that just about everywhere I live though.

Today is Kelc's little sister, Korey's, graduation party. My family was invited and actually decided to show up. That's a shock right there. They were hosting the party at the lakehouse, and had lots of food and festivities for everyone. The water was a bit more choppy than usual, so kneeboarding was on the painful side.

I stayed around late to go fishing and hang out with the extended family that was in town. I'm still mad that nobody caught a single fish (besides the minows we were using for bait).

Oh, and sleeping on an air matress that you can audibly hear leaking is awesome.

Friday, June 5, 2009

2009.06.05 Friday

Still trying out the new wakeup routine. It doesn't seem like that terrible of a schedule shift.

Work today was the pinnacle of boring. I think out of all the people in the area, 1 person came in to print off a few things. I sat in quietness for 8 hours, by myself, with a computer. Luckily I has internetz.

Then out of nowhere, the guy that has been out all week comes in. He had jury duty. Which sucks. He said the most profound thing right before leaving. "...not something you want to do every week of your life is send someone to prison for the rest of theirs."

Pretty intense. Sort of ties into the themes my brother and I were talking about yesterday, about how royally screwed over you can be if it's a cop's word against yours. I am now an advocate of having video cameras placed on policemen. Honestly, the technology exists, and would clean up some of the judicial system with open and shut cases.

Kelc's family came in from the airport and all of us met up at Mesa Rosa for a fun festive TexMex dinner. I got the chicken taquitos.

Well Kelc spent the day with her family, and I spent the evening wrapping up some chores and then hanging out with Ash, Ray and Marisa amongst other friends. Fun fun.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

2009.06.04 Thursday

I'm trying new things with my morning and night routines, seeing if I can optimize any of that. Only thing that kinda sucks about it is having to wake up 10-15 minutes earlier, but it ends up saving time elsewhere.

Lunch at work was a potluck of sorts. Got to try out tons of food choices, but couldn't actually settle on anything. It's a good thing I didn't purchase a vote.

Ran when I got home, then later on I was taken out to the lakehouse for a dinner. Then we played pictionary and then I came back home. Mostly unaccomplished today, yet I'm really tired. Interesting.

Oh yeah, poison ivy sucks

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2009.06.03 Wednesday

Started off the day on a funny note. Kelc: "So i came home, laid down in bed and almost screamed when i saw a huge roach on my ceiling. I called dad in and it flew away. Thinking it was scared into hiding i got back in bed but right before i fell asleep i heard it scurrying around. Dad tried one more time then i decided to sleep on the couch. I wanted my cell so i could text you the story but of course it was in the bug room. So i went in, armed with bug spray and after about 3 minutes of chasing him around the room, keeping up a continuous spray stream, he died. The end. Im now wide awake so im gonna read some then get to work."

I hate roaches too. One came in my office from the ceiling once, crashed onto the floor and disappeared for 30 minutes. Then later crawled up my desk to say hello. I was pretty much crying at that point.

Oh well, hump day. Yippy skippy. The morning went by pretty fast because I had multiple meetings. After work I went running with Kevin. I'm so out of shape. I had an oven pizza that took forever to cook, for dinner. Oh and Sonic had free root beer floats, yum.

And that about wraps up my day.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2009.06.02 Tuesday

So I woke up from a crazy dream. I'm guess it was semi futuristic. Somehow we discovered these things out in space called "time-slits" or "time-cuts", and it allows you to jump across vast distances of space without requiring the time normally needed. It's almost like shortcuts across the universe. Well, some other universal beings decided to hang out with us and let us see their home planet. Surprisingly it was very similar, and their technological advances were near to our own. For instance, they had multi-story buildings where they lived and collected their belongings. Hanging out on their planet was pretty cool, it was mostly the same, just everything looked slightly different. I can't remember all that happened, but i do remember waking up to my alarm, bleh.

Work was mostly uneventful. I think this is becoming a recurring pattern. Why do people spend their lives like this?

I delivered some equipment, then went out to dinner with some buds. Then fell asleep to Donnie Darko. Good movie.

2009.06.01 Monday

The start of June. Less than spectacular.

Work was nom-nominally boring. I ran with Kelc after work, then ran errands and went out to her favorite restaurant.

We were going to watch Donnie Darko once we got home, but it was late so we just slept instead. Maybe tomorrow night.

Monday, June 1, 2009

2009.05.31 Sunday

Wow, May is already over. Where does the time go.

I woke up to people asking me to perform manual labor. Not the best awakening. At least we had strength in numbers. The rest of the day we kinda sat around and didn't do much. My phone is awesome and shuts itself off now, so I really have no idea if people are trying to contact me. I turned it on later to 2 voicemails and 10 txt messages. Most of that was tweets though. (Find me on twitter: AndySk8inMan)

Kelc's mom took Kelc Linds and I out to True Grits for some authentic country-style cooking. They also had some live music. Yum.

Then home to get ready for a work week...

2009.05.30 Saturday

Well, this is it. Months of planning and calling and coordinating comes down to one evening. I ran errands most of the early part of the day.

Surprise. Happy B-day mom and dad. (+70 friends/family) I'll probably put together some slide show or something to help describe this night, I can't think of the right words.

Kelc left the party early to attend another party. I drove out to join after I was done with everything, but she was also done with that party, so we headed to the lake house once again.

2009.05.29 Friday

Kevin and Josh showed up at the lake house early morning; Kelc Linds and I woke up and got ready. We spent a good portion of the day out on the boat. We did some crazy tubing and knee boarding, and then I tried body surfing. That didn't work out too well.

We prepared a nice fajita dinner and started to relax some. Then Josh-Linds-Kevin left for some place on the guadalupe river; they were going to be floating down it tomorrow.

Tomorrow should be a pretty big day.