Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014.12.22 Monday

At work when a good portion of people are not.  I like not having much traffic, and I like being able to get some work done without too many interruptions.

Left later than planned, but no big deal.  Stopped by Pappasito's on the way home for some holiday goodies, then over to my parent's to drop it off.  Hung out there for a bit, then back home.

Played a few games, at some veggies, then went to bed.

2014.12.21 Sunday

More stuff around the house today.  Kelc went to watch the Steeler's game and a movie with her mom.  I went to Sprouts for groceries to survive the upcoming work week.

2014.12.20 Saturday

Had to decide if I wanted to make the trek to Houston for relatives xmas.  Decided to be lazy all day.  Well that's not entirely true, I did do stuff around the house.  Got started with some long overdue cleanup.

More importantly, tried to unwind from the hectic last few weeks of work, school and social activities.

2014.12.19 Friday

Did random stuff around the house.  Ran a few errands involving shipping a package.  I find it odd that it's so easy to order things online and have a package at your door in no time, but shipping a package is always a hassle.

The rest of the day was somewhat leisure.  Cleaned myself up and dressed up for my work's holiday party.  Saw a fun side of some people, grumpertons from others.  Kelc and I killed a bunch of time by walking around the museum.

Stopped by Taco Cabana on the way home, then watched Mr. Bean's Holiday on netflix.

2014.12.18 Thursday

Worked late.  Drove past where happy hour had happened, couldn't find anywhere to park and people already left, so no happiness for me.

Stopped by HEB to pick up some random edibles.

2014.12.17 Wednesday

Busy day at work.  Lots of interruptions and meetings.  It happens.  End of year is when people start freaking out.

Maybe I just need to disconnect from it all.

Went to trivia late, contributed for a few questions.

2014.12.16 Tuesday

Another busy day at work.  Stayed late wrapping up school work, then headed over to Mark's to check out his new car and new place.

Home late, didn't do much then went to bed.

2014.12.15 Monday


Wrapping up coursework, up late.

2014.12.14 Sunday

Spent all day working on more school work.  Excited to be done, not sure what I will do with all that freedom.

In bed late.

2014.12.13 Saturday

Did some catch-up on paperwork and bills, then cranked through as much of class work as I could.

Dressed up and went out to a company holiday gathering.  It was like a wedding reception, but less open bar.

Home, tired.

2014.12.12 Friday

Long work day

Home, ate some leftovers and watched a Louis CK thing on Netflix.

Later played some L4D2, then bedtime.  This is probably the most I'll be relaxing this weekend.

2014.12.11 Thursday

Long day at work.  As expected, things are simultaneously slowing down and picking up at work.

Picked up some Indian food on my way home.

Kelc is experiencing the joy of long commutes and stupid drivers.  Feels great, don't it?

2014.12.10 Wednesday

Longer day at work.

Skipped trivia because too many people showed up.  Errands, picked up some sushi for dinner.  Watched some PBS, took care of some stuff around the house.

2014.12.09 Tuesday

Mostly normal day.  Late at work.

Cooked up a bit of food, hung out with Kelc, played some games.

2014.12.08 Monday

Work, spent a chunk of the day with an interview.  As predicted, I was pulled away to discuss some crap in the middle of the interview.

Quick leftover dinner, then on to homework late into the night.

Happy half b-day to me.

2014.12.07 Sunday

Cleaned up around the house.  Watched Steeler's game.

Cranked through a ton of lecture material for class.  Everything seems to make sense, BUT it doesn't seem applicable to the homework assignment.  This has happened every week.  I don't know why I'm surprised every time.  Incredibly frustrating.

HEB run for grub, cooked up some cabbage at home.  It was ok.

Prepped for the upcoming work week, then bedtime.

2014.12.06 Saturday

Spent a chunk of the day figuring out what to do for our Christmas card.  Finally got one decent picture, SHIP IT.

Ordered some pizza from Marco's.  Turned out to be better than expected.

Mark came over for a bit to catch up on life.

2014.12.05 Friday

Looks as though one of my heavy-hitter hard drives is failing.  I guess I was a bit complacent, because now I'm thinking about all the stuff on the drive that I don't have a copy elsewhere.  At least nothing was super-critical, just sad.  Spent most of the morning researching replacements, warranty stuff, and seeing if I could breathe some life into it.

Hung out with Kelc over lunch.  Took the quadcopter out to the park to get some fresh air.  Crashed a few times.

Cooked up some pulled beef.  Turned out quite delicious, albeit a bit greasy.

Fry's run for storage.

Kelc and I had a "camp out" in the living room.  Set up some blankets and pillows, cooked up some s'mores, jammed out to some music then watched Baseketball.  Kelc fell asleep about 2/3rds through.

2014.12.04 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Left late.  The nearby water fountain was on 1337 the entire weekend. Tee hee.

Went to pick up How Do You Roll for me, and Verts for Kelc.  Home to watch some Peter Pan Live.  Cool.......................................

2014.12.03 Wednesday

Work, left early to work from home and accept a package.  Always feels like I can get more done the further away I am.

Went to trivia from home, felt weird.

2014.12.02 Tuesday

Work, left for home late.

Enjoyed some leftovers, and worked on schoolwork.

Monday, December 8, 2014

2014.12.01 Monday

Holiday time seems to fly by so quickly.

Holiday leftovers for dinner with Kelc.  Played a bit of BioShock.  Mouse movement is still throwing me off.

2014.11.30 Sunday

Welp, there goes November.  Woke up with a mediocre headache that kept getting worse.

Worked on starting some homework, watched some football.

Steam sale had some good deals, just in time for finals time.

Picked up some How Do You Roll for dinner.  Watched a funny movie "In a world..."

2014.11.29 Saturday

Spent half of the day cleaning house, then the later half at the annual friendsgiving.

Up late, tired.

2014.11.28 Friday

Watched the second half of X-Men Days of Future Past.

Ate some yummy leftovers.

Spent a chunk of the day cleaning the house, some goofing around.

2014.11.27 Thursday (Thanksgiving)

Doesn't really feel like a holiday, but here I am enjoying it.

Went over to my parent's place after chopping up some veggies and making "tempties".  Watched a ton of football there, ate a ton of food, more football, and some quadcopter flights for fun.

Home late.  Watched about half of X-Men Days of Future Past.

2014.11.26 Wednesday

Worked a slightly shorted day because nobody really showed up to the office.  It was productive, but quiet.

Ready for some holiday time up in hurr.

2014.11.25 Tuesday

Work, mad, left

Picked up some Umiya for dinner, watched a couple episodes of X-Men.  Took care of some stuff around the house, played some L4D2 with online babes, then bedtime.

2014.11.24 Monday

Back to work, although a bit unsure if I should go in because of my throat.

Worked a normal length day, just really dark when driving home.

Quick dinner, then over to Glass Half Full to surprise a goober.

2014.11.23 Sunday

Does not feel like a Sunday to me, but here we are.

Spent a chunk of the day playing games, and relaxing with various shows.

Kelc cooked up a meatloaf dinner.  Korey is afraid of meatloaf.  Everybody headed out to watch the new Hunger Games movie.

I took care of things around the house, tried catching up to Hab's coding project, then played some more games.  Tired and feeling sick.

2014.11.22 Saturday

Big day today.  Weather is crazy, rainy.

Quick trip over to chicken express to feed the lady, then over to the church for a full wedding ceremony.

Back home for a nap, then up for the reception, up late partying.

2014.11.21 Friday

Took care of some bills and paperwork

Hung out some with Matt.

Watched The Wolverine, picked up Fuzzy's Tacos for dinner.  Watched some Whose Line and Portlandia.

2014.11.20 Thursday

Worked late

Friends came over late to catch up.  Big weekend ahead.


2014.11.19 Wednesday

Kelc seems more congested, I'm about on par with yesterday.

Worked most of the day from home.

Watched X-Men First Class, then some Portlandia, then cartoon X-Men, then went to bed.

2014.11.18 Tuesday

Stayed home with Kelc today since we were both feeling a bit under the weather.  I haven't been sick in almost 2 years, so I guess it's about time.

Worked some remotely, but also relaxed some.  For lunch I ate some leftovers and watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  It was interesting, but some parts had me saying "you can't do that".

Later in the evening, finished up and submitted homework assignment.  Then a quick run to Sonic for some dinner.  Watched a cartoon X-Men episode, then various Netflix items with Kelc.

2014.11.17 Monday

Work, felt a little off.  Cloudy headed, throat getting sore, just in time for the holidays.

Home late, cranked out some homework then bedtime.

2014.11.16 Sunday

Watched the recorded SNL, then X-Men 3 and some NFL

Went to HEB to grab a few things for the week

Cranked through some lecture material.  Not sure why I continue to put myself through the pain.

2014.11.15 Saturday

A bit lazy today.

Met up with B+J at PDQ for a free lunch.  It's a chicken place.

Tried to get started on homework.
Watched X-Men 1 and 2.

Cooked up pulled pork.  Took all day to slow cook and turned out to be pretty easy and delicious.

2014.11.14 Friday

Wanted to leave work earlier than I did, but still out at a reasonable time.

Picked up some chik fil a, watched Friends, then Mr. Nobody.  Long, but pretty decent movie with Jared Leto.  Not sure if I could re-watch it anytime soon, but I'd say it's worth a watch.

2014.11.13 Thursday

Another long day.

That package from yesterday was a fireplace insert.  I finished up the installation and tried out some fire.  Pretty neat.

2014.11.12 Wednesday

Worked late, no trivia. Opened a package.  Cryptic, I know.

2014.11.11 Tuesday

Dental appointment.  New flouride goop.  New dental hygenist.

Back to work. Made some last minute homework adjustments and turned that in.

Left work late, stopped by Umiya for food.  Picked up a ton of food for one person, oh well.  Only gripe was the quality of the chicken pieces, they were flavorful but were kinda fatty/tendony.

Goofed around, then went to bed.

2014.11.10 Monday

Worked a longer day, still not used to this daylight saving bs.  Why can't we just keep it so we have light later in the day?  Who is really needing sunlight in the morning?

Quick leftover dinner, and worked on school crap late into the night.

2014.11.09 Sunday

Watched some of the Pittsburgh game, they just never showed up to the game.

Spent a large chunk of my day doing work for class.  Quite draining.

Watched a show I discovered on the Netflix homepage, Video Game High School.  It was estimated to be a 5-star rating for me.  Challenge accepted.

2014.11.08 Saturday

Mowed the yard, probably for the last time this year.

Watched UT and West Virginia play, seems like UT never really let WV have a chance with the ball.  Saw that A&M had a clutch win, and LSU had a clutch loss (at the end of a very boring game).

Worked on some class work somewhere in there.  Played around with toy just a bit.

2014.11.07 Friday

Good day for takin' care of business. Qualtech for a coolant flush. HEB run.  Cooked up a Potroast.  Flew new toy around.

2014.11.06 Thursday

Worked late.

Glad to be done with another work week.

Watched part of Catching Fire with surprise guests.

2014.11.05 Wednesday

Worked late.  Went to trivia, got second, saw a fellow coworker there, answered a bonus question correctly.  Overall a good trivia night for me.

Home, ate some food and played with my new toy, then bedtime.

2014.11.04 Tuesday

Imagine that, our teacher extended the time frame for the project.  Maybe I shouldn't have stayed up all night for nothing...

Worked a long day, rain storm coming in.

Got a toy in the mail, played with that most of the evening.

2014.11.03 Monday

Worked late.

Spent most of the evening working on a class project, staying up quite late. Angry, tired.

2014.11.02 Sunday

More schoolwork attempts.

Football, grocery shopping, football.

2014.11.01 Saturday

Thought I was going to cut the yard, but it looks decent to me.

Showered up, cleaned the house.  Worked a little on school stuff.  Relaxed with Minecraft and got caught up on a few TV shows simultaneously.

Watched the UT game with family.

2014.10.31 Friday

Work late.  Home, kids + Trick-Treating.

Mixed in some Mac&Cheese and Dateline TV.

2014.10.30 Thursday

Rather productive day at work since I wasn't interrupted much.

Ran an errand on the way home.  Cooked up some veggies and a sandwich.  Watched a bit of TNF and took care of lots of small tasks.  Kelc's dad dropped off some candy since he didn't want to risk injuries at his house (under construction).

2014.10.29 Wednesday


Arrived at trivia late, didn't really engage in the quiz much at all.

Picked up some DQ on my way home, started Captain America movie from bed.